Guide to the South American Cichlidae Astronotus ocellatus, from Spix and Agassiz, 1831, Pl. LXVIII, greatly reduced


Sven O Kullander

Department of Vertebrate
Zoology — Swedish Museum of Natural History

The Guide to the South American Cichlidae is a non-commercial, technical source of information about the systematics, taxonomy and geographical distribution of South American cichlids.

Acknowledgements: Willem Heijns, Alf Stalsberg, Frank Warzel, Rainer Stawikowski, Oliver Lucanus, Uwe Werner and Anita Kullander kindly permitted use of their fish photos on this and other Guide pages.

Disclaimer: This document is not to be considered as published in the sense of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, and statements made herein are not made available for nomenclatural purposes from this document.

Copyright © Sven O Kullander and Swedish Museum of Natural History, 1995-2004

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Cichlasoma scitulum. Photo © Sven O Kullander
'Cichlasoma' scitulum Rican & Kullander. Photo: Sven O Kullander

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