Uaru is a genus of the subfamily Cichlasomatinae, tribe Heroini.





Sven O Kullander


Uaru Heckel


Uaru Heckel, 1840. Annln wien. Mus. Natges. 2, p. 330 (type by monotypy Uaru amphiacanthoides Heckel). Masculine.
Uarus Cope, 1872. Proc. Acad. nat. Sci. Philad. 23, p. 254 (unjustified emendation of spelling of Uaru). Masculine.

ua_amphi.jpg 400x234
Uaru amphiacanthoides, adult male, ca 200 mm SL, from the market in Maués, Brazil, photographed 1998. Photo © S.O. Kullander.


Uaru includes only two species, which are similar in body shape, being farily compressed and deepbodied. MORE

Included species

Uaru amphiacanthoides Heckel, 1840
Uaru amphiacanthoides Heckel, 1840. Annln wien. Mus. Natges. 2, p. 331, pl. XXIX, fig. 13 (Rio-negro oberhalb Airao).
Pomotis? fasciatus Jardine, 1843. Nat. Libr. Ichthyol. 5, p. 169, pl. 17 (Rios Padauiri and Negro).
Uaru obscurum Günther, 1862. Catal. Fish. Br. Mus. 4, p. 302 (River Cupai).
Acara (Heros) imperialis Steindachner, 1879. Sber. k. Akad. Wiss. Wien Math.-natw. Cl. 80, p. 161 (Ausstände des Amazonenstromes zunächst der Mündung des Rio negro).
Uaru fernandezyepezi Stawikowski, 1989
Uaru fernandezyepezi Stawikowski, 1989. Bonn. zool. Beitr. 40: 21, fig. 1 (Seitenarm des Rio Atabapo, fünf Kilometer oberhalb dessen Mündung in den Rio Orinoco).


Uaru is from MORE.
Uarus is MORE.

Geographical distribution

Cis-Andean tropical South America, including the upper Orinoco (U. fernandezyepezi, and the Amazon basin along the mainstream Rio Amazonas-Solimões from Tefé to Santarém, and in the Rio Negro and Rio Branco (U. amphiacanthoides.

Natural history

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Local names

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