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Sven O Kullander


Scientific publications dealing with cichlids and new cichlid taxa 1999

Publications 1999

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New taxa 1999

  1. Chromidotilapia elongata Lamboj, 1999: 147, fig. 2 (Congo, Mpoulou. Holotype MRAC 91-68-P-2391)
  2. Chromidotilapia mamonekenei Lamboj, 1999: 151, fig. 4 (Congo, Loubomo. Holotype AMNH 227331)
  3. Copadichromis geertsi Konings, 1999: 70, fig. p. 68 (Gome, Malawi, (S 13° 30.445", E 34° 52.003". Holotype MRAC 99-07-P-13)
  4. Copadichromis ilesi Konings, 1999: 74, fig. p. 74 (Gome, Malawi, (S 13° 30.445", E 34° 52.003". Holotype MRAC 99-07-P-17)
  5. Copadichromis trewavasae Konings, 1999: 64, fig. p. 62 (Likoma Island (Membe Point). Holotype MRAC 99-07-P-1)
  6. Haplotaxodon trifasciatus Takahashi & Nakaya, 1999: 101, fig. 2 (Nkumbula Island, Zambia. Holotype HUMZ 123129)
  7. Oreochromis (Alcolapia) ndalalani Seegers & Tichy, 1999: 121, fig. 16 (Tanzania: Lake Natron: Olomotony, spring-fed creek, southern affluent of Southern Lagoon, north of Ol Donyo Lengai volcano, 3.7 km NE of Engare Sero River, Ndalalani, from the bridge on track from Arusha or Manyara to Engare Sero Village or Loliondo; 2°35'55"S 35°54'42"E. Holotype ZMB 32.883)
  8. Oreochromis (Alcolapia) latilabris Seegers & Tichy, 1999: 128, fig. 24 (Tanzania: Lake Natron: Olomotony, spring-fed creek, southern affluent of Southern Lagoon, north of Ol Donyo Lengai volcano, 3.7 km NE of Engare Sero River, Ndalalani, from the bridge on track from Arusha or Manyara to Engare Sero Village or Loliondo; 2°35'55"S 35°54'42"E. Holotype ZMB 32.888)
  9. Oreochromis (Oreochromis) harrisae Murray & Stewart, 1999: 296, fig. 6 (Beidareem Member, Sagantole Formation, Middle Awash, Ethiopia, Site SAG-VP-9. Holotype National Museum of Ethiopia, SAG-VP-09/007)
  10. Paretroplus maromandia Sparks & Reinthal, 1999: 5, fig. 1 (Madagascar, Region of Maromandia, Antahala Province, Maintsomalaza River [...], immediately south of the village of Maromandia (S: 14°12", E: 48°04"). Holotype UMMZ 234790)