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Sven O Kullander


Scientific publications dealing with cichlids and new cichlid taxa 2004

Publications 2004

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New taxa 2004

  1. Apistogramma alacrina Kullander, 2004: 41, fig. 1 (Colombia: Departamento Meta: Río Guaviare drainage, Río Ariari, roadside pond on E side of road from Vista Hermosa to San Martín, 4.9 km N of Campo Alegre and 6.2 km N of Vista Hermosa. Holotype UF 33670)
  2. Apistogramma baenschi Römer et al., 2004: 16, fig. 1 (Peru, Departamento San Martin, kleiner Urwaldzufluss des unteren Shanushi südlich der Ortschaft Yurimaguas, unteres Rio Hualaga-System (etwa 77°52'W/06°03'S). Holotype MTD F 26 965)
  3. Apistogramma eremnopyge Ready & Kullander, 2004: 2, fig. 1 (Peru, Province Loreto: Río Itaya drainage, Río Pintuyacu, 48 km on road from Iquitos to Nauta. Holotype MUSM 21214)
  4. Geophagus abalios López-Fernández & Taphorn, 2004: 11, fig. 6 (Venezuela: Apure: Río Cinaruco: Laguna Larga (6.5339°N 67.4150°W). Holotype MCNG 47600)
  5. Geophagus dicrozoster López-Fernández & Taphorn, 2004: 6, fig. 3 (Venezuela: Apure: Río Cinaruco: Laguna Larga (6.5339°N 67.4150°W). Holotype MCNG 40996)
  6. Geophagus winemilleri López-Fernández & Taphorn, 2004: 17, fig. 10 (Venezuela: Amazonas: Río Siapa: Laguna Yocuta (2.1347°N 66.374°W). Holotype MCNG 35486)
  7. Haplochromis ampullarostratus Schraml, 2004: 31, fig. p. 32 (Lake Kachira, Uganda, Lulagala, 0°36.360'S; 31°05.545'E. Holotype ZSM 29758)
  8. Haplochromis commutabilis Schraml, 2004: 36, fig. p. 37 [as '35'] (Lake Kachira, Uganda, Lulagala, 0°36.360'S; 31°05.545'E. Holotype ZSM 29760)
  9. Haplochromis exspectatus Schraml, 2004: 20, fig. p. 20 (Lake Kijanebalola, Uganda, südlich von Rakai, 0° 41.195'S; 31° 24.291' E. Holotype ZSM 29756)
  10. Lamprologus teugelsi Schelly & Stiassny, 2004: 29, fig. 24 (Kinshasa region, 04°06'9S, 15°15'E // 04°20'S, 15°23'E. Holotype AMNH 233611)
  11. Lamprologus tigripictilis Schelly & Stiassny, 2004: 33, fig. 28 (Congo River mainstream a few kilometers northeast of Kinganga, 5°16'S, 13°47'E. Holotype AMNH 23360)
  12. Nannacara quadrispinae Staeck & Schindler, 2004: 156, fig. 1 (Venezuela, Estado Monagas, río Amana, a tributary of río Guanipa. Holotype MTD F 27890)
  13. Ptychochromoides itasy Sparks, 2004: 4, fig. 2 (Madagascar. Holotype UMMZ 243393)