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Sven O Kullander


Scientific publications dealing with cichlids and new cichlid taxa 2003

Publications 2003

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New taxa 2003

  1. Apistogramma acrensis Staeck, 2003: 10, fig. p. 11. (See im Einzugsgebiet des Rio Acre etwa 25 km von der Stadt Rio Branco entfernt im brasilianischen Bundesstaat Acre. Holotype MTD F 27040)
  2. Apistogramma inornata Staeck, 2003: 46, fig. p. 46 (Restwassertümpel im Enzugsgebiet des Rio Maniapure im venezolanischen Bundesstaat Bolivar. Holotype MTD F 27042)
  3. Apistogramma martini Römer et al., 2003: 15, Abb. 1 (Peru, Departamento Loreto, Province Maynas, District Santa Maria, in der Nähe von Alvarenga (früher Puerto Alianza); kleiner Zufluss des Rio Nanay (etwa 74°25'40''W / 03°31'10"S. Holotype MTD F 26 949)
  4. Apistogramma similis Staeck, 2003: 76, fig. p. 77 (Urwaldbach in der bolivianischen Provinz Beni an der Laguna La Brava im Fluss-System des Rio Yata. Holotype MTF F 27083)
  5. Apistogramma tucurui Staeck, 2003: 112, fig. p. 112 (Bach im Fluss-System des Rio Tocantins an der Bundesstrasse 150 ca. 10 km südlich der Stadt Jacundá im brasilianischen Bundesstaat Pará. Holotype MTD F 27046)
  6. Apistogramma velifera Staeck, 2003: 116, fig. p. 116 (Rio Rueda etwa 20 km südlich der Stadt Puerto Ayacucho im venezolanischen Territorio Amazonas. Holotype MTD F 27044)
  7. 'Cichlasoma' scitulum Rican & Kullander, 2003: 795, fig. 1 (Uruguay, Departamento Colonia, Río de La Plat badin, Río Rosario drainage, Arroyo Colla, 500 m upstream from mouth into Río Rosario, upstream Paso Arballo (34°19'17"S 59°20'13"W. Holotype NRM 36647)
  8. Benthochromini Takahashi, 2003: 377. Type genus Benthochromis Poll, 1986. Should correctly be: Benthochromidini
  9. Boulengerochromini Takahashi, 2003: 377. Type genus Boulengerochromis Pellegrin, 1904. Should correctly be: Boulengerochromidini
  10. Chromidotilapia melaniae Lamboj, 2003: 2, fig. 1 (Gabon: Small creek on route Tchibanga-Mayumbe east of the village Malounga, Yola system. Holotype AMNH 232533)
  11. Chromidotilapia nana Lamboj, 2003: 7, fig. 5 (Gabon: Riv. Mougalaba near the village of Pendudu on the route Tchibanga-Ndende, Nyanga system. Holotype MRAC-A2-011-P-1)
  12. Cyphotilapia gibberosa Takahashi & Nakaya, 2003: 824, fig. 2 (8°43'S, 31°08'E, Kasenga, Zambia. Holotype HUMZ 157314)
  13. Cyphotilapiini Takahashi, 2003: 377. Type genus Cyphotilapia Regan, 1920.
  14. Etia Schliewen & Stiassny, 2003: 63. Type species by original designation Etia nguti Schliewen & Stiassny, 2003
  15. Etia nguti Schliewen & Stiassny, 2003: 63, fig. 1 (Cameroon: South West Prov.: Mamfue River, Cross River basin, within the town of Nguti, Nguti Subdivision; 5deg;19'41"N 9°25'15"E. Holotype ZSM 29429)
  16. Greenwoodochromini Takahashi, 2003: 378. Type genus Greenwoodochromis Poll, 1983. Should correctly be: Greenwoodochromidini
  17. 'Haplochromis' oligolepis Lippitsch, 2003: 89, fig. 2 (Uganda: Lake Victoria, near Entebbe. Holotype BMNH 1906.5.30:286)
  18. 'Haplochromis' akika Lippitsch, 2003: 91, fig. 3 (Uganda: Lake George, "close inshore, near reeds, in a bay of Akuka Island". Holotype BMNH 1972.6.2:786)
  19. Lethrinops turneri Ngatunga & Snoeks, 2003: 131, fig. 4 (Malawi: Lake Malombe; Mvera beach. Holotype RUSI 60072)
  20. Neolamprologus devosi Schelly, Stiassny & Seeghers, 2003: 2, fig. 1 (a few kilometers upstream from Ilgala, lower course of Malagarasi River, 5°11'59"S 29°49'59"E,Tanzania. Holotype. AMNH 233614)
  21. Oreochromis lorenzoi Carnevale et al., 2003: 509, fig. 3 (Borgo-Tossigiano; Miocene deposits of the Gessoso-Solfifera Formation. Holotype MSF26)
  22. Parananochromis axelrodi Lamboj & Stiassny, 2003: 3, fig. 1 (Gabon: Ivindo system; mouth of Bale creek into Ivindo. Just inside mouyth of Bale creek in forest, 0°30'53.9"N, 12°49'21.2"E. Holotype AMNH 230714)
  23. Parananochromis brevirostris Lamboj & Stiassny, 2003: 7, fig. 4 (Gabon: Ivindo system, Small, shallow creek ca. 200m downstream of IRET station (on opposite side of river), 0°30'34"N, 12°46'33"E. Holotype AMNH 232536)
  24. Parananochromis ornatus Lamboj & Stiassny, 2003: 12, fig. 10 (Gabon: Ivindo system, small creek on route Makokou-Ovan, 7km from Makokou, 0°34';N, 12°45'E. Holotype MRAC A2-011-P-10)
  25. Pyxichromis paradoxus Lippitsch & Kaufman, 2003: 91, fig. 5 (off Katwe fish landing, Katwe Town, Lake Edward. Holotype MCZ 135757)