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Sven O Kullander


Scientific publications dealing with cichlids and new cichlid taxa 2002

Aquarium journal articles containing new names also included, but indicated by an asterisk (*)

Publications 2002

  1. * Allgayer, R. 2002. Vieja ufermanni sp. nov., un Cichlidé nouveau du bassin du rio Usumacinta et du Rio de la Pasión, Amérique centrale (Pisces: Perciformes). l'An Cichlidé, 2: 14-17.
  2. * Allgayer, R. 2002. Un Cichlidé nouveau du genre Tomocichla du Rio Guarumo, Panama. l'An Cichlidé, 2: 32-36.
  3. Awwad, M.H.. 2002. Mitochondrial NADH dehydrogenase gene (mtND2) phylogeny of Egyptian Tilapia species. The Egyptian Journal of Hospital Medicine, 6: 15-26.
  4. Beeching, S.C., B.A. Holt & M.P. Deiderer. 2002. Ontogeny of melanistic color pattern elements in the convict cichlids, Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum. Copeia, 2002: 199-203.
  5. Bills, I.R. & O.L.F. Weyl. 2002. A new species of the genus Chetia (Teleostei: Cichlidae) from the Lecitu River, Buzi system, Mozambique. Smithiana, Special Publication, 1: 1-11. PDF
  6. Couldridge, V.C.K. & G.J. Alexander. 2002. Color patterns and species recognition in four closely related species of Lake Malawi cichlid. Behavioral Ecology, 13: 59-64.
  7. Faunce, C.H., H. M. Patterson & J. J. Lorenz. 2002. Age, growth, and mortality of the Mayan cichlid (Cichlasoma urophthalmus) from the southeastern Everglades. Fishery Bulletin, 100: 42-50.
  8. * Hein, G., A. Zarske & J. Zapata. 2002. Apistogramma rubrolineata sp. n. Ein neuer Buntbarsch (Teleostei: Perciformes: Cichlidae) aus dem Rio Manuripi, Departamento Pando, in Bolivien. Das Aquarium, 402: 15-19.
  9. Kassam, D.D., T. Sato & K. Yamaoka. 2002. Landmark-based morphometric analysis of the body shape of two sympatric species, Ctenopharynx pictus and Otopharynx sp. "heterodon nankhumba" (Teleostei: Cichlidae), from Lake Malawi. Ichthyological Research, 49: 340-345.
  10. Klett, V. & A. Meyer. 2002. What, if anything, is a tilapia?--mitochondrial ND2 phylogeny of tilapiines and the evolution of parental care systems in the African cichlid fishes. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 19: 865-883.
  11. Lamboj, A. 2002. Chromidotilapia mrac, a new species of Cichlidae (Teleostei: Perciformes) from Gabon. Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters, 13: 251-256.
  12. Lamboj, A. 2002. Chromidotilapia (Teleostei: Cichlidae) in Gabon, with a redescription of Chromidotilapia regani (Pellegrin, 1906). Verhandlungen der Gesellschaft für Ichthyologie, 3: 71-85.
  13. Lowe-McConnell, R.H. 2002. Cichlids all! With an ecological view of African cichlids. [Review of Barlow, G.H., 2000. The cichlid fishes. Nature's grand experiment in Evolution. Perseus Publishing, Cambridge.] Environmental Biology of Fishes, 63: 459-463.
  14. McKaye, K.R., J.R. Stauffer, Jr., E.P. Van den Berghe, R. Vivas, L.J. Lopez Perez, J.K. McCrary, R. Waid, A. Konings, W.J. Lee & T.D. Kocher. 2002. Behavioral, morphological, and genetic evidence of divergence of the Midas cichlid species complex in two Nicaraguan crater lakes. Cuadernos de la Investigación de la U.C.A., 12: 19-47.
  15. Miquelarena, A.M., L.C. Protogino, R. Filiberto & H.L. López. 2002. A new species of Bryconamericus (Characiformes: Characidae) from the Cuña-Purú creek in north-eastern Argentina, with comments on accompanying fishes. Aqua, Journal of Ichthyology and Aquatic Biology, 6: 69-82.
  16. Moreira, S.S. & J. Zuanon. 2002. Dieta de Retroculus lapidifer (Perciformes: Cichlidae), peixe reofílico do rio Araguaia, Estado do Tocantins, Brasil. Acta Amazonica, 32: 691-705.
  17. Murray, A.M. 2002. Lower pharyngeal jaw of a cichlid fish (Actinopterygii; Labroidei) from an early Oligocene site in the Fayum, Egypt. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 22: 453-455.
  18. Nion, H., C. Ríos & P. Meneses. 2002. Peces del Uruguay. Lista sistemática y nombres comunes. Dirección Nacional de Recursos Acuáticos/INFOPESCA, Montevideo, v+105 pp.
  19. Paepke, H.-J. & I. Schindler. 2002. Zur Erstbeschreibung von Pterophyllum scalare Schultze in Lichtenstein, 1823 (Pisces, Cichlidae). Mitteilungen der Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Zoologischer Reihe, 78: 177-182.
  20. Rabelo, H. & C.A.R.M. Araújo-Lima. 2002. A dieta e consumo diário de alimento de Cichla monoculus na Amazônia Central. Acta Amazonica, 32: 707-724.
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  25. Sparks, J.S. 2002. Ptychochromis inornatus: a new cichlid (Teleostei: Cichlidae) from northwestern Madagascar, with a discussion of intrageneric variation in Ptychochromis. Copeia, 2002: 120-130.
  26. Stauffer, Jr., J.R. & K.A. Kellogg. 2002. Description of a new species in the Pseudotropheus williamsi complex (Teleostei: Cichlidae), from Lake Malawi, Africa. Copeia, 2002: 146-151.
  27. Stauffer, Jr., J.R. & K.R. McKaye. 2002. Descriptions of three new species of cichlid fishes (Teleostei: Cichlidae) from Lake Xiloá, Nicaragua. Cuadernos de la Investigación de la U.C.A., 12: 1-18.
  28. Stauffer, Jr., J.R. & T. Sato. 2002. A new species of Copadichromis (Cichlidae) from Thumbi West Island, Lake Malawi. Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters, 13: 91-95.
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  34. * Tawil, P. 2002. Description de Cynotilapia pulpican n. sp. (Pisces, Teleostei, Cichlidae), nouvelle espèce du lac Malawi, avec remarques sur les genres Cynotilapia, Microchromis, Maylandia et Metriaclima. l'An Cichlidé, 2: 72-82.
  35. Taylor, M. & E. Verheyen. 2002. Microsatellite data reveals weak population substructuring in Copadichromis sp. 'virginalis kajose', a demersal cichlid from Lake Malawi, Africa. Journal of Fish Biology, 59: 593-604.
  36. Terai, Y., N. Morikawa, K. Kawakami & N. Okada. 2002. Accelerated evolution of the surface amino acids inthe WD-repeat domain encoded by the hagoromo gene in an explosively speciated lineage of East African cichlid fishes. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 19: 574-578.
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  39. Zuanon, J. & I. Sazima. 2002. Teleocichla centisquama, a new species of rapids-dwelling cichlid from Xingu River, Amazonia (Perciformes: Cichlidae). Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters, 13: 373-378.


New taxa 2002

  1. Amphilophus amarillo Stauffer & McKaye, 2002: 8, fig. 4 (Agua caliente, Lake Xiloá (N 12° 13,848' W 86° 19,387'). Holotype PSU 3448.1)
  2. Amphilophus sagittae Stauffer & McKaye, 2002: 12, fig. 11 (Agua caliente Lake Xiloá (N 12° 13,848' W 86° 19,387'). Holotype PSU 3386.1)
  3. Amphilophus xiloaensis Stauffer & McKaye, 2002: 9, fig. 7 (southeastern shore of Lake Xiloá (N 12° 12,793' W 86° 19,028'). Holotype PSU 3381.1)
  4. Apistogramma rubrolineata Hein, Zarske & Zapata, 2002: 16, Abb. 3 (Bolivien, Departamento Pando, Rio Manuripi, nahe der Ortschaft Puerto Cardenas (11°20'083" S, 67°44'576"W. Holotype MTD F 26 477)
  5. Chetia brevicauda Bills & Weyl, 2002: 3, fig. 2 (Öecitu River at Dombe pontoon (19° 55'S 33°22'E), Manica Province, Mozambique. Holotype: RUSI 56660)
  6. Copadichromis atripinnis Stauffer & Sato, 2002: 93, fig. 1 (Malawi: Lake Malawi, Thumbi West Island (Kache Point), 17-22 m. Holotype PSU 3387)
  7. Chromidotilapia mrac Lamboj, 2002: 251, fig. 1 (Gabon: Oogoue basin, Mikouma River, 0°40'05"S 10°20'11". Holotype AMNH 230356)
  8. Cynotilapia pulpican Tawil, 2002: 72, fig. p. 73 (Membe Point, Maingano, à proximité de l'île de Likoma, lac Malawi. Holotype MNHN 2002-830)
  9. Cyprichromis zonatus Takahashi, Hori & Nakaya, 2002: 1029, fig. 2 (8°43'S, 31°08'E, Kasenga, Zambia. Holotype HUMZ 175834)
  10. Pseudotropheus galanos Stauffer & Kellogg, 2002: 147, fig. 1 (Mbenji Island, Lake Malawi, Africa. Holotype PSU 3380)
  11. Ptychochromis inornatus Sparks, 2002: 121, fig. 2 (Madagascar, Antalaga/Majunga Province, northeast of Antsohihy, Ankofia drainage, Anjungo River (14°50'41.0"S, 48°14'38.3"E. Holotype UMMZ 237492)
  12. Teleocichla centisquama Zuanon & Sazima, 2002: 374, fig. 1 (Brazil: Pará: rio Xingu: Furo do Zé Pinheiro (3°27'26"S 51°55'03"W. Holotype INPA 14934)
  13. Tomocichla asfraci Allgayer, 2002: 32, fig. p. 33 (Panama, Boca-del-Toro, Rio Guarumo. Holotype MNHN 2002-1093)
  14. Vieja ufermanni Allgayer, 2002: 14, fig. p. 17 (Guatemala, Rio Pucté, bassin du Rio de La Pasión, sur la route de Florès à Sayache. Holotype MNHN 2002-1090)
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