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Sven O Kullander


Scientific publications dealing with cichlids and new cichlid taxa 2001

Aquarium journal articles containing new names also included, but indicated by an asterisk (*)

Publications 2001

  1. * Allgayer, R. 2001. Description d'un genre nouveau, Cryptoheros, d'Amérique centrale et d'une espèce nouvelle du Panama (Pisces: Cichlidae). L'an Cichlidé, 1: 13-20.
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  26. * Ufermann, A. 2001. Mutanda ichthyologica: Neotrewavasia subgenus nomen novum en remplacement de Trewavasia (Pisces: Cichlidae). L'an Cichlidé 1: 57.
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New taxa 2001

  1. Archocentrina Allgayer, 2001: 13. Subtribe of Heroini. Type genus Archocentrus Gill, 1877.
  2. Benitochromis Lamboj, 2001: 17. Type species by original designation Benitochromis finleyi (Trewavas) [= Chromidotilapia finleyi Trewavas]
  3. Benitochromis conjunctus Lamboj, 2001: 20, fig. 5 (Kamerun, Muyuka. Holotype MRAC 99-31-P-18)
  4. Benitochromis nigrodorsalis Lamboj, 2001: 26, fig. 9 (Kamerun, Moliwe. Holotype MRAC 99-31-P-13)
  5. Benitochromis ufermanni Lamboj, 2001: 36, fig. 15 (Kamerun, Mundempa. Holotype MRAC 99-31-P-25)
  6. Cryptoheros Allgayer, 2001: 14. Type species by original designation Heros spilurus Günther, 1862.
  7. Cryptoheros altoflavus Allgayer, 2001: 16, fig. p. 16 (Panama, Province de Bocas del Toro, Rio Carñaveral (Rio Caña). Holotype MNHN 2001/1163.
  8. Mylochromis chekopae Turner & Howarth, 2001: 206, fig. 1 (Malawi:Lake Malawi, SE Arm, off Chekopa on the eastern shore (13°53'S 35°07'E), bottom trawl at 20 m depth. Holotype BMNH 1996.10.14:98)
  9. Mylochromis ensatus Turner & Howarth, 2001: 206, fig. 1 (Malawi:Lake Malawi, south east arm, just north west of Boadzulu Island (14°16'S 35°10'E), bottom trawl at 15-23 m depth. Holotype BMNH 1996.10.14:121)
  10. Neotrewavasia Ufermann, 2001: 57. Replacement name for Trewavasia Thys van den Audenaerde, 1968, preoccupied by Trewavasia White & Moy-Thomas, 1941. Type species Tilapia guinasana Trewavas, 1936
  11. Otopharynx pachycheilus Arnegard & Snoeks, 2001: 707, fig. 2 (Ngara, Lake Malawi; demersal trawl started at 10°16.97'S, 34°12.32'E, 125 m depth and completed at 10°18.58'S, 34°12.67'E. Holotype MRAC 99-88-P-4).
  12. Paretroplus tsimoly Stiassny, Chakrabarty & Loiselle, 2001: 34, fig. 7 (Madagascar: Majunga Province: Akalimilotrabe river (variant spelling, Kalamilotra) at the village of the same name, ca. 43 km NW of Maevatanana (16°48'08"S 47°00'57"E), 318 km above sea level. Holotype AMNH 229558)
  13. Ptychochromoides vondrozo Sparks & Reinthal, 2001: 118 (Madagascar: Fianarantsoa Province: Region of Vondrozo, near village of Vevembe: Mananara drainage basin: Ramanara River, tributary of Sahampindra River; 22°48'51.5"S 47°08'28.7' E, alt. 518 m. Holotype UMMZ 235297)