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This material represents a compilation (electronic publication) of public archives in the Swedish Museum of Natural History, 1994-1997. The compilation itself therefore is copyright © by the Swedish Museum of Natural History, 1994-1998. Permission to publish portions of the information contained in this report is granted to persons affiliated with academic and non-profit organizations for scientific and scholarly purposes. Publications, reports, and other articles resulting from the information contained herein must acknowledge the Herpetology Section of the Department of Vertebrate Zoology, Swedish Museum of Natural History (NRM) as the source.

Distributional, ecological, taxonomic and other such reports should not assume absolute veracity of the information contained in this report. Identifications should be verified by direct inspection of the specimens whenever possible. Please note also, that staff or affiliated researchers of the NRM may be about to publish more detailed reports based on the information contained in this material; it is therefore strongly advised to contact NRM before publishing extensive reports based on information contained in this report.

Please note that many taxa are listed under old names and synonyms.

We appreciate receiving reprints of articles resulting from the use of these materials.

The curator and staff of the Herpetology Section will be pleased to provide additional information regarding catalogued and uncatalogued holdings upon request. Please let us know how we may be of further assistance.