Genus Mimizuku


Hachisuka, Masa Uji, marquis. 1934. The birds of the Philippine Islands, with notes on the mammal fauna... (Birds Philip. Is.; Hachisuka, Masauji 1931-35 2 vol. [issued in 4 pts.]): vol. 2, pt. 3, p 50.


Mimizuku gurneyi

Giant Scops Owl, Lesser Eagle Owl, Mindanao Owl
Formerly Otus gurneyi, first described as Pseudoptynx gurneyi

Tweeddale, Arthur Hay, 9th, Marquis of. 1879. Proceedings of the Scientific meetings of the Zoological Society of London for the year 1878 (PZS): Pt 4, p 940, pl. 58.