Tertiary plants of Spitsbergen - Introduction
Specimens by locality - Teltberget (Tältberget, Tältfjellet)
Catalogue ID Taxa Element
S052034Corylites ?leaf
S052041Corylites hebridicus Sew. & Holtt.leaf
S052035Corylites hebridicus Sew. & Holtt.leaf
S052062cf. Equisetophytinaaxis, naked
S052037-01Equisetumaxis, leafy
S052069Equisetumaxis, leafy
S052064-01Equisetumaxis, leafy
S052036Equisetum arcticum Heerrhizom
S052034-01cf. Fagalesleaf
S052067cf. Fagalesleaf
S052054-02cf. Fagalesleaf
S052035-01cf. Fagalesleaf
S052695Grewiopsis pterospermoides Bud.leaf
S052033Grewiopsis pterospermoides Bud.leaf
S052048Grewiopsis pterospermoides Bud.leaf
S052045Grewiopsis pterospermoides Bud.leaf
S052046Grewiopsis pterospermoides Bud.leaf
S052044Grewiopsis pterospermoides Bud.leaf
S052070Grewiopsis pterospermoides Bud.leaf
S052071Grewiopsis ? pterospermoides Bud.leaf
S052039Metasequoia occidentalis (Newb.) Chan.axis, leafy
S052038Metasequoia occidentalis (Newb.) Chan.axis, leafy
S052065cf. Monocotyledonleaf
S052055Osmunda macrophylla Penh.leaf
S052056cf. Taxodiaceaeaxis, leafy
S052057cf. Taxodiaceaeaxis, leafy
S052058cf. Taxodiaceaeaxis, leafy
S052059cf. Taxodiaceaeaxis, leafy
S052063cf. Taxodiaceaeaxis, leafy
S052072cf. Taxodiaceaeaxis, leafy
S052050cf. Taxodiaceaeaxis, leafy
S052052cf. Taxodiaceaeaxis, leafy
S052037Thuja ehrenswaerdi (Heer) Heeraxis, leafy
S052051Thuja ehrenswaerdi (Heer) Heeraxis, leafy
S052060Trochodendroides richardsonii (Heer) Krysht.leaf
S052068cf. Ulmaceaeleaf
S052150-01Ulmites ulmifolius (Schloem.-Jäg.) Kvac., Man. & Boult.leaf
S052150-02Ushia olafsenii (Heer) Boult. & Kvac.leaf
S052049Ushia olafsenii (Heer) Boult. & Kvac.leaf
S052047Ushia olafsenii (Heer) Boult. & Kvac.leaf
S052043Ushia olafsenii (Heer) Boult. & Kvac.leaf
S052042Ushia olafsenii (Heer) Boult. & Kvac.leaf
S052040Ushia olafsenii (Heer) Boult. & Kvac.leaf
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