Tertiary plants of Spitsbergen - Introduction
Specimens by publication - Heer, O. 1868
Taxa Element Figure Catalogue ID Locality
Alnus kefersteinii Goepp.leafPl. 30, fig. 5aS050066-01Kolfjellet (Belsund, Bellsund )
Alnus kefersteinii Goepp.leafPl. 31, fig. 4aS050071-01Kolfjellet (Belsund, Bellsund )
Corylus macquarrii (Forb.) HeerleafPl. 31, fig. 5, 6bS050068-01Kolfjellet (Belsund, Bellsund )
Corylus macquarrii (Forb.) HeerleafPl. 31, fig. 1bS050069-02Kolfjellet (Belsund, Bellsund )
Equisetum arcticum Heeraxis, leafyPl. 29:8S050077Kongsfjorden (Kings Bay)
Equisetum arcticum Heeraxis, nakedPl. 29:9e-fS050074-03Kongsfjorden (Kings Bay)
Fagus deucalionis Ung.leafPl. 31, fig. 3bS050067-02Kolfjellet (Belsund, Bellsund )
Filicites deperditus Heeraxis, nakedPl. 29, fig. 7.S050070Kolfjellet (Belsund, Bellsund )
Pinites pauciporosus Cram. Pl. 41S052727Kongsfjorden (Kings Bay)
Pinus hyperborea HeerleafPl. 15, fig. 61aS050072-01Kolfjellet (Belsund, Bellsund )
Pinus polaris Heeraxis, leafyPl. 31, fig. 4bS050071-02Kolfjellet (Belsund, Bellsund )
Platanus aceroides Goepp.leafPl. 32, fig. 1S050065Grønfjordfjellet (Green Harbour, Grønfjorden )
Poacites torellii HeerleafPl. 29:1fS050074-02Kongsfjorden (Kings Bay)
Populus richardsonii HeerleafPl. 31, fig. 1a, 2S050069-01Kolfjellet (Belsund, Bellsund )
Potamogeton nordenskioeldii HeerleafPl. 30, fig. 5b-dS050066-02Kolfjellet (Belsund, Bellsund )
Salix macrophylla HeerleafPl. 31, fig. 3aS050067-01Kolfjellet (Belsund, Bellsund )
Sphenopteris blomstrandii HeerleafPl. 29:1a-e, 9a-dS050074-01Kongsfjorden (Kings Bay)
Sphenopteris blomstrandii HeerleafPl. 29:2S050075Kongsfjorden (Kings Bay)
Sphenopteris blomstrandii HeerleafPl. 29:4S050076Kongsfjorden (Kings Bay)
Taxodium distichum miocenum Heeraxis, leafyPl. 15, fig. 61bS050072-02Kolfjellet (Belsund, Bellsund )
Tilia malmgrenii HeerleafPl. 33:1S050078Kongsfjorden (Kings Bay)
Tilia malmgrenii Heer Pl. 31, fig. 6b-cS050068-02Kolfjellet (Belsund, Bellsund )
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