Tertiary plants of Spitsbergen - Introduction
Specimens by locality - Kolfjellet (Belsund, Bellsund)
Catalogue ID Taxa Element
S050071-01Alnus kefersteinii Goepp.leaf
S050066-01Alnus kefersteinii Goepp.leaf
S050069-02Corylus macquarrii (Forb.) Heerleaf
S050068-01Corylus macquarrii (Forb.) Heerleaf
S050067-02Fagus deucalionis Ung.leaf
S050070Filicites deperditus Heeraxis, naked
S050072-01Pinus hyperborea Heerleaf
S050071-02Pinus polaris Heeraxis, leafy
S050069-01Populus richardsonii Heerleaf
S050066-02Potamogeton nordenskioeldii Heerleaf
S050067-01Salix macrophylla Heerleaf
S050073Taxodium angustifolium Heeraxis, leafy
S050072-02Taxodium distichum miocenum Heeraxis, leafy
S050068-02Tilia malmgrenii Heer 
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