Tertiary plants of Spitsbergen

This database includes all the Tertiary plants from Spitsbergen contained in the Stockholm collections, a total of 4513 specimens, among which are the assemblages described by Oswald Heer in his classical papers of the 19th century. The age of the Spitsbergen assemblages, originally thought to be Miocene, is now considered to range from Early Paleocene to Late Eocene-Early Oligocene. Major revisions are those by Schloemer-Jäger (1958), Manum (1962), Schweitzer (1974), Kvacek & Manum (1993), and Kvacek, Manum & Boulter (1994). Stratigraphy and location of all collecting sites are included in the database. Most of the fossils are leaf imprints yielding no cuticle; fruiting and flowering parts are generally rare and in a state of preservation rendering them unidentifiable. The database also contains entries to all the published specimens in the collection during the last few decades along with synonymies.

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