Rhaetian and Jurassic plants of Scania - Introduction
Publication: Nathorst, A.G., 1906c
Catalogue ID Taxa Element Figure Locality
S055328Camptopteris spiralis Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 25.Bjuv
S055329Camptopteris spiralis Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 26.Bjuv
S055330Camptopteris spiralis Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 27.Bjuv
S055331Camptopteris spiralis Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 28.Bjuv
S055332Camptopteris spiralis Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 29.Bjuv
S055333Camptopteris spiralis Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 30.Bjuv
S055343Camptopteris spiralis Nath.leaf, fertilePl. 7, fig. 14.Bjuv
S055327Dictyophyllum acutilobum (Braun) SchenksporangiumPl. 6, fig. 24.Bjuv
S055297Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 4.Bjuv
S055298Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 5, fig. 1.Bjuv
S055299Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.woodPl. 5, fig. 2.Bjuv
S055300Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.woodPl. 5, fig. 3.Bjuv
S055301Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.woodPl. 5, fig. 4.Bjuv
S055302Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.woodPl. 5, fig. 5.Bjuv
S055303Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.woodPl. 5, fig. 6.Bjuv
S055304Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.woodPl. 5, fig. 7.Bjuv
S055305Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath. Pl. 5, fig. 8.Bjuv
S055306Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 1.Bjuv
S055317Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 10.Bjuv
S055318Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 11.Bjuv
S055319Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 12.Bjuv
S055320Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 13.Bjuv
S055321Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 14.Bjuv
S055322Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 15.Bjuv
S055323Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 16.Bjuv
S087474Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 17.Bjuv
S055324Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 18.Bjuv
S055325Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 19.Bjuv
S055307Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 2.Bjuv
S055308Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 3.Bjuv
S055309Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 4.Bjuv
S055310Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 5.Bjuv
S055311Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.woodPl. 6, fig. 6.Bjuv
S055313Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 7.Bjuv
S055315Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 8.Bjuv
S055316Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 9.Bjuv
S055334Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 7, fig. 2.Bjuv
S055335Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 7, fig. 3.Bjuv
S055336Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 7, fig. 4.Bjuv
S055337Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 7, fig. 5.Bjuv
S055338Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 7, fig. 6.Bjuv
S055339Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 7, fig. 7.Bjuv
S055340Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leaf, fertilePl. 7, fig. 8.Bjuv
S055341Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leaf, fertilePl. 7, fig. 9.Bjuv
S055342Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leaf, fertilePl. 7, figs. 10-11.Bjuv
S055295Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.woodTextfig. 1.Bjuv
S055296Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.woodTextfig. 2.Bjuv
S066844Dictyophyllum nilssonii (Brongn.) Göpp.leafPl. 2.Höör
S066845Dictyophyllum nilssonii (Brongn.) Göpp.leafPl. 3, fig. 1.Höör
S066846Dictyophyllum nilssonii (Brongn.) Göpp.leafPl. 3, fig. 2.Höör
S066848Dictyophyllum nilssonii (Brongn.) Göpp.leafPl. 3, fig. 3.Höör
S066849Dictyophyllum nilssonii (Brongn.) Göpp.leafPl. 3, fig. 4.Höör
S066850Dictyophyllum nilssonii (Brongn.) Göpp.leafPl. 3, fig. 5.Höör
S070782Dictyophyllum nilssonii (Brongn.) Göpp.leafPl. 3, fig. 6.Pålsjö
S070783Dictyophyllum nilssonii (Brongn.) Göpp.leafPl. 3, fig. 7.Pålsjö
S066851Dictyophyllum nilssonii (Brongn.) Göpp.leafPl. 3, fig. 8.Höör
S055326Dictyophyllum sp.leafPl. 6, fig. 23.Bjuv
S066843Dictyophyllum spectabili Nath.leafPl. 1.Höör
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