Rhaetian and Jurassic plants of Scania - Introduction
Publication: Nathorst, A.G., 1879a
Catalogue ID Taxa Element Figure Locality
S054942Adiantites nilssonii Nath.leafPl. 11, figs. 11, 11a.Bjuv
S055009Anomozamites gracilis Nath.leafPl. 15, fig. 15.Bjuv
S054985Anomozamites minor (Brongn.) Nath.leafPl. 14, fig. 5.Bjuv
S054987Anomozamites minor (Brongn.) Nath.leafPl. 14, fig. 7.Bjuv
S054986Anomozamites minor (Brongn.) Nath.leafPl. 14, figs. 6, 6a.Bjuv
S055038Anomozamites minor (Brongn.) Nath.leafPl. 18, fig. 4.Bjuv
S054992Anomozamites minor f. irregularis Nath.leafPl. 14, fig. 10.Bjuv
S054989Anomozamites minor f. irregularis Nath.leafPl. 14, fig. 8.Bjuv
S054991Anomozamites minor f. irregularis Nath.leafPl. 14, fig. 9.Bjuv
S055032Bucklandia minuta Nath.leafPl. 17, fig. 6.Bjuv
S055039Bucklandia saportana Nath.woodPl. 18, fig. 5.Bjuv
S054936Ctenis fallax Nath.leafPl. 11, fig. 6.Bjuv
S054937Ctenis fallax Nath.leafPl. 11, fig. 7.Bjuv
S054934Ctenis fallax Nath.leafPl. 11, figs. 5, 5a.Bjuv
S055048Cycadeospermum impressum Nath.seedPl. 18, fig. 11.Bjuv
S055044Cycadeospermum laevigatum Nath.seedPl. 18, fig. 8.Bjuv
S055046Cycadeospermum pungens Nath.seedPl. 18, fig. 10.Bjuv
S055045Cycadeospermum pungens Nath.seedPl. 18, fig. 9.Bjuv
S055043Cycadeospermum striolatum Nath.leafPl. 18, fig. 7.Bjuv
S055041Cycadospadix integer f. angustior Nath.leaf, fertilePl. 18, fig. 6.Bjuv
S055033Cycadospadix integer Nath.leafPl. 17, fig. 7.Bjuv
S054929Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 11, fig. 1.Bjuv
S055005bDictyophyllum sp.leafPl. 15, fig. 11b.Bjuv
S055012Dioonites spectabilis Nath.leafPl. 16, fig. 1.Bjuv
S055027Dioonites spectabilis Nath.leafPl. 17, fig. 2.Bjuv
S055028Dioonites spectabilis Nath.leafPl. 17, fig. 3.Bjuv
S054957Ginkgo minuta Nath.leafPl. 13, fig. 1.Bjuv
S054958Ginkgo minuta Nath.leafPl. 13, fig. 2Bjuv
S054995Nilssonia polymorpha SchenkleafPl. 15, fig. 3.Bjuv
S054996Nilssonia polymorpha SchenkleafPl. 15, fig. 4.Bjuv
S054997Nilssonia polymorpha SchenkleafPl. 15, fig. 5.Bjuv
S055029Podozamites cf. gramineus HeerleafPl. 17, fig. 4.Bjuv
S055031Podozamites cf. gramineus HeerleafPl. 17, fig. 5.Bjuv
S055015Podozamites lanceolatus distans (Presl) HeerleafPl. 16, fig. 4.Bjuv
S055016Podozamites lanceolatus distans (Presl) HeerleafPl. 16, fig. 5.Bjuv
S055017Podozamites lanceolatus distans (Presl) HeerleafPl. 16, fig. 6.Bjuv
S055018Podozamites lanceolatus distans (Presl) HeerleafPl. 16, fig. 7.Bjuv
S055013Podozamites lanceolatus genuinus HeerleafPl. 16, fig. 2.Bjuv
S055014Podozamites lanceolatus intermedius HeerleafPl. 16, fig. 3.Bjuv
S055240Podozamites lanceolatus minor (Schenk) HeerleafPl. 16, figs. 10, 10a.Bjuv
S055022Podozamites schenkii HeerleafPl. 16, fig. 11.Bjuv
S055024Podozamites schenkii HeerleafPl. 16, fig. 12.Bjuv
S055023Podozamites schenkii HeerleafPl. 16, fig. 13.Bjuv
S054994Podozamites? ensis Nath.leafPl. 15, fig. 2.Bjuv
S054933Protorhipis crenata Nath.leafPl. 11, fig. 4.Bjuv
S054888-02Protorhipis integrifolia Nath.leafPl. 11, fig. 2.Bjuv
S055004Pterophyllum aequale (Brongn.) Nath.leafPl. 15, fig. 10.Bjuv
S055000Pterophyllum aequale (Brongn.) Nath.leafPl. 15, fig. 7.Bjuv
S055002Pterophyllum aequale (Brongn.) Nath.leafPl. 15, fig. 8.Bjuv
S055003Pterophyllum aequale (Brongn.) Nath.leafPl. 15, fig. 9.Bjuv
S054999Pterophyllum aequale (Brongn.) Nath.leafPl. 15, figs. 6, 6a.Bjuv
S055005aPterophyllum aequale cf. rectangulareleafPl. 15, fig. 11a.Bjuv
S055006Pterophyllum affine Nath.leafPl. 15, fig. 12.Bjuv
S055007Pterophyllum affine Nath.leafPl. 15, fig. 13.Bjuv
S055008Pterophyllum affine Nath.leafPl. 15, fig. 14.Bjuv
S055025Pterophyllum irregulare Nath.leafPl. 17, fig. 1.Bjuv
S054932Pterophyllum yucca Nath.leafPl. 11, fig. 3.Bjuv
S054983Pterophyllum? confluens Nath.leafPl. 14, fig. 3.Bjuv
S054984Pterophyllum? confluens Nath.leafPl. 14, fig. 4.Bjuv
S054980Pterophyllum? cteniforme Nath.leafPl. 14, fig. 1.Bjuv
S054977Pterophyllum? falcatum Nath.leafPl. 13, fig. 16.Bjuv
S054981Pterophyllum? obsoletum Nath.leafPl. 14, fig. 2.Bjuv
S054973Pterophyllum? pungens Nath.leafPl. 13, fig. 13.Bjuv
S054968Pterophyllum? simplex Nath.leafPl. 13, fig. 10.Bjuv
S054970Pterophyllum? simplex Nath.leafPl. 13, fig. 11.Bjuv
S054971Pterophyllum? sp.leafPl. 13, fig. 12.Bjuv
S054978Pterophyllum? sp.leafPl. 13, fig. 17.Bjuv
S054974Pterophyllum? stenorrhachis Nath.leafPl. 13, fig. 14.Bjuv
S054949Ptilozamites acuminatus Nath.leafPl. 12, fig. 4.Bjuv
S054951Ptilozamites acuminatus Nath.leafPl. 12, fig. 6.Bjuv
S055036Ptilozamites acuminatus Nath.leafPl. 18, fig. 2.Bjuv
S054976Ptilozamites blasii (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 13, fig. 15.Bjuv
S054960Ptilozamites blasii (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 13, fig. 4.Bjuv
S054961Ptilozamites blasii (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 13, fig. 5.Bjuv
S054962Ptilozamites blasii (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 13, fig. 6.Bjuv
S054964Ptilozamites blasii (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 13, fig. 7.Bjuv
S054965Ptilozamites blasii (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 13, fig. 8.Bjuv
S054943Ptilozamites carlsonii Nath.leafPl. 11, fig. 12.Bjuv
S054944aPtilozamites carlsonii Nath.leafPl. 11, figs. 13, 13a.Bjuv
S054954Ptilozamites carlsonii Nath.leafPl. 12, fig. 8.Bjuv
S054979Ptilozamites carlsonii Nath.leafPl. 13, fig. 18.Bjuv
S054945Ptilozamites falcatus Nath.leafPl. 11, fig. 14.Bjuv
S054931Ptilozamites heerii Nath.leafPl. 12, fig. 2.Bjuv
S054948Ptilozamites heerii Nath.leafPl. 12, fig. 3.Bjuv
S054950Ptilozamites heerii Nath.leafPl. 12, fig. 5.Bjuv
S054953Ptilozamites heerii Nath.leafPl. 12, fig. 7.Bjuv
S054946aPtilozamites heerii Nath.leafPl. 12, figs. 1, 1a-c.Bjuv
S054959Ptilozamites heerii Nath.leafPl. 13, fig. 3.Bjuv
S054955Ptilozamites nilssonii Nath.leafPl. 12, fig. 9.Bjuv
S054956Ptilozamites sp.leafPl. 12, fig. 10.Bjuv
S055010Ptilozamites sp.leafPl. 15, fig. 16.Bjuv
S055035Ptilozamites sp.leafPl. 18, fig. 1.Bjuv
S055037Ptilozamites sp.leafPl. 18, fig. 3Bjuv
S054993Selaginella renaultii Nath.leafPl. 15, fig. 1.Bjuv
S054939Taeniopteris (Oleandridium) tenuinervis BraunsleafPl. 11, fig. 9.Bjuv
S054940Xylomites intermedius Nath. Pl. 11, figs. 10, 10a.Bjuv
S054938 leafPl. 11, figs. 8, 8a.Bjuv
S054967 leafPl. 13, fig. 9.Bjuv
S055019 leafPl. 16, fig. 8.Bjuv
S055020 leafPl. 16, fig. 9.Bjuv
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