Rhaetian and Jurassic plants of Scania - Introduction
Publication: Nathorst, A.G., 1878c
Catalogue ID Taxa Element Figure Locality
S054866Camptopteris incisa Nath.leafPl. 4, fig. 7.Bjuv
S054868Camptopteris incisa Nath.leafPl. 4, fig. 8.Bjuv
S054872Camptopteris serrata KurrleafPl. 5, fig. 3.Bjuv
S054873Camptopteris serrata KurrleafPl. 5, fig. 4.Bjuv
S054875Camptopteris serrata KurrleafPl. 5, fig. 5.Bjuv
S054857Camptopteris spiralis Nath.leafPl. 2, fig. 8.Bjuv
S054859Camptopteris spiralis Nath.leafPl. 3.Bjuv
S054860Camptopteris spiralis Nath.leafPl. 4, fig. 1.Bjuv
S054861Camptopteris spiralis Nath.leafPl. 4, fig. 2.Bjuv
S054862Camptopteris spiralis Nath.leafPl. 4, fig. 3.Bjuv
S054863Camptopteris spiralis Nath.leafPl. 4, fig. 4.Bjuv
S054864Camptopteris spiralis Nath.leafPl. 4, fig. 5.Bjuv
S054865Camptopteris spiralis Nath.leafPl. 4, fig. 6.Bjuv
S054899Camptopteris spiralis Nath. Pl. 8, fig. 1.Bjuv
S054889Clathropteris platyphylla Göpp.leafPl. 7, fig. 2.Bjuv
S054888-01Ctenis fallax Nath.leafPl. 7, fig. 3.Bjuv
S054890Ctenis fallax Nath.leafPl. 7, fig. 4.Bjuv
S054891Ctenis fallax Nath.leafPl. 7, fig. 5.Bjuv
S054906Ctenis fallax Nath.leafPl. 8, fig. 6.Bjuv
S054878Dictyophyllum carlsonii Nath.leafPl. 5, fig. 8.Bjuv
S054879Dictyophyllum carlsonii Nath.leafPl. 5, fig. 9.Bjuv
S054877Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 5, fig. 7.Bjuv
S054887Dictyophyllum exile (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 7, fig. 1.Bjuv
S054885Dictyophyllum obsoletum Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 5.Bjuv
S054902Dictyophyllum obsoletum Nath.leafPl. 8, fig. 4.Bjuv
S054880Dictyophyllum obtusilobum (Braun) SchenkleafPl. 5, fig. 10.Bjuv
S054881Dictyophyllum obtusilobum (Braun) SchenkleafPl. 6, fig. 1.Bjuv
S054882Dictyophyllum obtusilobum (Braun) SchenkleafPl. 6, fig. 2.Bjuv
S054883Dictyophyllum obtusilobum (Braun) SchenkleafPl. 6, fig. 3.Bjuv
S054884Dictyophyllum obtusilobum (Braun) SchenkleafPl. 6, fig. 4.Bjuv
S054901Dictyophyllum obtusilobum (Braun) SchenkleafPl. 8, fig. 3.Bjuv
S054876Dictyophyllum sp.leafPl. 5, fig. 6.Bjuv
S054833Ginkgo minuta Nath.leafPl. 1, fig. 3.Bjuv
S054834aLepidopteris ottonis (Göpp.) Schimp.leafPl. 1, fig. 4a.Bjuv
S054850Lepidopteris ottonis (Göpp.) Schimp.leafPl. 2, fig. 1.Bjuv
S054904Polypodites? angelinii Nath.leafPl. 8, fig. 5.Bjuv
S054879bPterophyllum aequale (Brongn.) Nath.leafPl. 5, figs. 9b-c.Bjuv
S054886Pterophyllum? simplex Nath.leafPl. 6, fig. 6.Bjuv
S054920Ptilozamites falcatus? Nath.leafPl. 10, fig. 1.Bjuv
S054895Ptilozamites falcatus? Nath.leafPl. 7, fig. 7.Bjuv
S054896Ptilozamites falcatus? Nath.leafPl. 7, fig. 8.Bjuv
S054897Ptilozamites falcatus? Nath.leafPl. 7, fig. 9.Bjuv
S054898Ptilozamites fallax Nath.leafPl. 7, fig. 10.Bjuv
S054844Ptilozamites sp.leafPl. 1, fig. 13.Bjuv
S054831Rhizomopteris (Dictyophylli) major Nath. Pl. 1, fig. 1.Bjuv
S054832Rhizomopteris (Dictyophylli) sp. Pl. 1, fig. 2.Bjuv
S054849Sagenopteris alata Nath.leafPl. 1, fig. 17.Bjuv
S054869Sagenopteris sp.fruitPl. 5, fig. 1.Bjuv
S054851Sagenopteris undulata Nath.leafPl. 2, fig. 2.Bjuv
S054852Sagenopteris undulata Nath.leafPl. 2, fig. 3.Bjuv
S054853Sagenopteris undulata Nath.leafPl. 2, fig. 4.Bjuv
S054854Sagenopteris undulata Nath.leafPl. 2, fig. 5.Bjuv
S054855Sagenopteris undulata Nath.leafPl. 2, fig. 6.Bjuv
S054856Sagenopteris undulata Nath.leafPl. 2, fig. 7.Bjuv
S054900Sagenopteris undulata Nath.leafPl. 8, fig. 2.Bjuv
S054834bSchizolepis obtusa Nath.conePl. 1, fig. 4b.Bjuv
S054925Schizoneura hoerensis (His.) Schimp. Pl. 10, fig. 6.Bjuv
S054926Schizoneura hoerensis (His.) Schimp. Pl. 10, fig. 7.Bjuv
S054928Schizoneura hoerensis (His.) Schimp. Pl. 10, fig. 8.Bjuv
S054848Taeniopteris (Danaeopsis?) immersa Nath.leafPl. 1, fig. 16.Bjuv
S054918Taeniopteris (Macrotaeniopt.) gigantea SchenkleafPl. 9.Bjuv
S054845Taeniopteris (Marattiopsis?) hastata Nath.leafPl. 1, fig. 14.Bjuv
S054911Taeniopteris (Oleandridium) obtusa Nath.leafPl. 8, fig. 10.Bjuv
S054914Taeniopteris (Oleandridium) obtusa Nath.leafPl. 8, fig. 13.Bjuv
S054915Taeniopteris (Oleandridium) obtusa Nath.leafPl. 8, fig. 14.Bjuv
S054910Taeniopteris (Oleandridium) obtusa Nath.leafPl. 8, fig. 9.Bjuv
S054921Taeniopteris (Oleandridium) tenuinervis BraunsleafPl. 10, fig. 2.Bjuv
S054922Taeniopteris (Oleandridium) tenuinervis BraunsleafPl. 10, fig. 3.Bjuv
S054923Taeniopteris (Oleandridium) tenuinervis BraunsleafPl. 10, fig. 4.Bjuv
S054924Taeniopteris (Oleandridium) tenuinervis BraunsleafPl. 10, fig. 5.Bjuv
S054894Taeniopteris (Oleandridium) tenuinervis BraunsleafPl. 7, fig. 6.Bjuv
S054912Taeniopteris (Oleandridium) tenuinervis BraunsleafPl. 8, fig. 11.Bjuv
S054913Taeniopteris (Oleandridium) tenuinervis BraunsleafPl. 8, fig. 12.Bjuv
S054916Taeniopteris (Oleandridium) tenuinervis BraunsleafPl. 8, fig. 15.Bjuv
S054917Taeniopteris (Oleandridium) tenuinervis BraunsleafPl. 8, fig. 16.Bjuv
S054909Taeniopteris (Oleandridium) tenuinervis BraunsleafPl. 8, fig. 8.Bjuv
S054846Taeniopteris sp.leafPl. 1, fig. 15.Bjuv
S054908Taeniopteris vel AnomozamitesleafPl. 8, fig. 7.Bjuv
S054840Thinnfeldia rotundata Nath.leafPl. 1, fig. 10.Bjuv
S054841Thinnfeldia rotundata Nath.leafPl. 1, fig. 11.Bjuv
S054838Thinnfeldia rotundata Nath.leafPl. 1, fig. 7.Bjuv
S054839Thinnfeldia rotundata Nath. Pl. 1, fig. 9.Bjuv
S054842Thinnfeldia rotundata? Nath.leafPl. 1, fig. 12.Bjuv
S054836Thinnfeldia saligna SchenkleafPl. 1, fig. 5.Bjuv
S054837Thinnfeldia saligna SchenkleafPl. 1, fig. 6.Bjuv
S054871 leafPl. 5, fig. 2.Bjuv
S054879a leafPl. 5, fig. 9a.Bjuv
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