Rhaetian and Jurassic plants of Scania - Introduction
Locality: Eslöv
Catalogue ID Taxa Element
S063425Bennetticarpus sp.leaf
S063428cf. Anomozamites minor (Brongn.) Nath.leaf
S063433cf. Anomozamites minor (Brongn.) Nath.leaf
S063436cf. Anomozamites minor (Brongn.) Nath.leaf
S063439cf. Anomozamites minor (Brongn.) Nath.leaf
S063435cf. Ctenis sp.leaf
S063471cf. Ctenis sp.leaf
S063482cf. Ctenis sp.leaf
S063484cf. Ctenis sp.leaf
S063486cf. Ctenis sp.leaf
S063487cf. Ctenis sp.leaf
S063426cf. Lepidopteris ottonis (Göpp.) Schimp.leaf
S063427cf. Lepidopteris ottonis (Göpp.) Schimp.leaf
S063429cf. Lepidopteris ottonis (Göpp.) Schimp.leaf
S063437cf. Lepidopteris ottonis (Göpp.) Schimp.leaf
S063456cf. Lepidopteris ottonis (Göpp.) Schimp.leaf
S063468cf. Nilssonia sp.leaf
S063470cf. Nilssonia sp.leaf
S063479cf. Nilssonia sp.leaf
S063483cf. Nilssonia sp.leaf
S063447cf. Nilssoniopteris sp.leaf
S063458cf. Pterophyllum compressum Lundbl.leaf
S063464cf. Pterophyllum ptilum Harrisleaf
S063474cf. Pterophyllum ptilum Harrisleaf
S063485cf. Pterophyllum ptilum Harrisleaf
S063431cf. Ptilozamites nilssonii Nath.leaf
S063441cf. Ptilozamites nilssonii Nath.leaf
S063455cf. Ptilozamites nilssonii Nath.leaf
S063492cf. Triletes pinguis Harrismicrospore
S063430Lepidopteris ottonis (Göpp.) Schimp.leaf
S063438Pterophyllum compressum Lundbl.leaf
S063440Pterophyllum ptilum Harrisleaf
S063452Pterophyllum ptilum? Harrisleaf
S063488Triletes ales Harrismicrospore
S063489Triletes sp.microspore
S063490Triletes sp.microspore
S063491Triletes sp.microspore
S063493Triletes sp.microspore
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