Rhaetian and Jurassic plants of Scania - Introduction
Publication: Lundblad, B., 1954
Catalogue ID Taxa Element Figure Locality
S075156-02-01cf. Ricciopsis scanica Lundbl.thallusTextfig. 2.Skromberga
S075146-02-02Marchantiolites porosus Lundbl.thallusPl. 3, fig. 11.Skromberga
S075146-02-01Marchantiolites porosus Lundbl.thallusPl. 3, figs. 9-10, Pl. 4, fig. 7.Skromberga
S075146-02-04Marchantiolites porosus Lundbl.thallusPl. 4, fig. 2.Skromberga
S075146-02-06Marchantiolites porosus Lundbl.thallusPl. 4, fig. 6.Skromberga
S075146-02-03Marchantiolites porosus Lundbl.thallusPl. 4, figs. 1, 3; Textfigs. 3A-C.Skromberga
S075146-02-05Marchantiolites porosus Lundbl.thallusPl. 4, figs. 4-5; Textfigs. 3D-E.Skromberga
S075156-03-01Ricciisporites tuberculatus Lundbl.sporePl. 4, fig. 10.Skromberga
S075156-03-02Ricciisporites tuberculatus Lundbl.sporePl. 4, fig. 11.Skromberga
S075181Ricciisporites tuberculatus Lundbl.sporePl. 4, figs. 8-9.Skromberga
S075180Ricciopsis florinii Lundbl.thallusPl. 1, figs. 1-4; Text fig. 1A.Skromberga
S075180-02Ricciopsis florinii Lundbl.rhizoidsPl. 2, fig. 3.Skromberga
S075180-01Ricciopsis florinii Lundbl.thallusPl. 2, figs. 1-2.Skromberga
S075180-03Ricciopsis florinii Lundbl.rhizoidsPl. 2, figs. 4-6.Skromberga
S075180-04Ricciopsis florinii Lundbl.leafPl. 2, figs. 7-8.Skromberga
S075156-02Ricciopsis scanica Lundbl.thallusPl. 3, figs. 1-3.Skromberga
S075146-02-07Thallites sp.thallusTextfig. 4A-B.Skromberga
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