Rhaetian and Jurassic plants of Scania - Introduction
Publication: Lundblad, B., 1950a
Catalogue ID Taxa Element Figure Locality
S064849Lycopodites scanicus Nath. ex Halleaxis, leafyTextfig. 1.Hyllinge
S064827-02-02Selaginella halleii Lundbl.megasporePl. 1, fig. 7.Hyllinge
S064827-02-03Selaginella halleii Lundbl.microsporePl. 1, fig. 8.Hyllinge
S064827-02Selaginella halleii Lundbl.axis, fertilePl. 1, figs. 1-4.Hyllinge
S064827-02-01Selaginella halleii Lundbl.megasporePl. 1, figs. 5-6.Hyllinge
S064827-02-08Selaginella halleii Lundbl.microsporePl. 2, fig. 11.Hyllinge
S064827-02-09Selaginella halleii Lundbl.microsporePl. 2, fig. 12.Hyllinge
S064827-02-05Selaginella halleii Lundbl.microsporePl. 2, fig. 6.Hyllinge
S064827-02-06Selaginella halleii Lundbl.microsporePl. 2, fig. 8.Hyllinge
S064827-02-07Selaginella halleii Lundbl.microsporePl. 2, fig. 9.Hyllinge
S064827-02-04Selaginella halleii Lundbl.microsporePl. 2, figs. 5, 7, 10.Hyllinge
S054802-04 megasporePl. 2, fig. 1.Åbro
S054802-07 megasporePl. 2, fig. 2.Åbro
S054802-01 megasporePl. 2, figs. 3-4.Åbro
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