Rhaetian and Jurassic plants of Scania - Introduction
Publication: Florin, R., 1958
Catalogue ID Taxa Element Figure Locality
S070786-01Camptophyllum schimperi Nath.axis, fertilePl. 3, fig. 5, Pl. 4, figs. 1-2.Pålsjö
S070786Camptophyllum schimperi Nath.axis, fertilePl. 3, figs. 3-4.Pålsjö
S070787Camptophyllum schimperi Nath.axis, fertilePl. 4, fig. 3.Pålsjö
S070772Camptophyllum schimperi Nath.axis, leafyPl. 4, fig. 4.Pålsjö
S070774Camptophyllum schimperi Nath.axis, leafyPl. 4, fig. 5.Pålsjö
S070772-01Camptophyllum schimperi Nath.axis, leafyPl. 4, fig. 6, Pl. 5, fig. 1.Pålsjö
S070773Camptophyllum schimperi Nath.axis, leafyPl. 5, fig. 4.Pålsjö
S070727-03Camptophyllum schimperi Nath.axis, leafyPl. 5, fig. 6, Pl. 6, figs. 2-3.Pålsjö
S070727-01Camptophyllum schimperi Nath.axis, leafyPl. 5, fig. 7, Pl. 6, fig. 1.Pålsjö
S070788Camptophyllum schimperi Nath.axis, fertilePl. 5, fig. 8.Pålsjö
S070774-01Camptophyllum schimperi Nath.axis, leafyPl. 5, figs. 2-3.Pålsjö
S075524-01Conites sp.axis, leafyPl. 7, fig. 1.Stabbarp
S075524-02Conites sp.axis, leafyPl. 7, fig. 3.Stabbarp
S075524Conites sp.axis, leafyPl. 7, figs. 1-5.Stabbarp
S075524-03Conites sp.axis, leafyPl. 7, figs. 4-5.Stabbarp
S070727Palissya braunii Endl.axis, leafyPl. 5, fig. 5.Pålsjö
S070726-01Palissya braunii Endl.axis, leafyPl. 5, fig. 9.Pålsjö
S075613Palissya sphenolepis (Braun) Brongn.axis, fertilePl. 1, figs. 1-5.Stabbarp
S075614-01Stabbarpia serrulata FlorinwoodPl. 6, fig. 4.Stabbarp
S075615Stabbarpia serrulata Florinaxis, leafyPl. 6, fig. 5.Stabbarp
S075614-02Stabbarpia serrulata FlorinwoodPl. 6, fig. 6.Stabbarp
S075616Stabbarpia serrulata FlorinleafPl. 6, fig. 7.Stabbarp
S075617Stabbarpia serrulata FlorinleafPl. 6, fig. 8.Stabbarp
S075618Stabbarpia serrulata FlorinleafPl. 7, figs. 9-10?; Pl. 8, figs 2-4?Stabbarp
S075524-03-01Stabbarpia serrulata FlorinleafPl. 8, fig. 1.Stabbarp
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