Rhaetian and Jurassic plants of Scania - Introduction
Publication: Florin, R., 1944
Catalogue ID Taxa Element Figure Locality
S055236Cycadocarpidium erdmannii Nath.seedPl. CLXXXIII/CLXXXIV, fig. 5.Bjuv
S055243Cycadocarpidium erdmannii Nath.seedPl. CLXXXIII/CLXXXIV, fig. 6.Bjuv
S055244Cycadocarpidium erdmannii Nath.seedPl. CLXXXIII/CLXXXIV, fig. 7.Bjuv
S055234Cycadocarpidium erdmannii Nath.seedPl. CLXXXIII/CLXXXIV, fig. 9.Bjuv
S055479Ontheodendron sternbergii (Nilsson) HarrisleafPl. CLXXXIII/CLXXXIV, fig. 2, textfig. 61b.Bjuv
S075054Palaeotaxus rediviva Nath.woodPl. CLXXXIII/CLXXXIV, fig. 29, Pl. CLXXXV/CLXXXVI, fig. 2.Skromberga
S075053Palaeotaxus rediviva Nath.woodPl. CLXXXIII/CLXXXIV, figs. 27-28, Pl. CLXXXV/CLXXXVI, fig. 1; Textfig. 63.Skromberga
S075162Palaeotaxus rediviva Nath.leafPl. CLXXXV/CLXXXVI, fig. 4.Skromberga
S075161Palaeotaxus rediviva Nath.leafPl. CLXXXV/CLXXXVI, figs. 3, 5-6.Skromberga
S050016Schizolepis follinii Nath.conePl. CLXXXI/CLXXXII, fig. 18.Pålsjö
S067132Schizolepis hoerensis Antevsaxis, fertilePl. CLXXXI/CLXXXII, figs. 19-21.Höör
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