Rhaetian and Jurassic plants of Scania - Introduction
Publication: Florin, R., 1933
Catalogue ID Taxa Element Figure Locality
S055468Bjuvia simplex FlorinleafPl. 1, fig. 3.Bjuv
S054937Ctenis fallax Nath.leafPl. 11, fig. 4.Bjuv
S055471Ctenis latepinnata FlorinleafPl. 6, fig. 1.Bjuv
S055471-01Ctenis latepinnata FlorinleafPl. 6, figs. 2-4.Bjuv
S055474Ctenis laxa FlorinleafPl. 11, fig. 8.Bjuv
S055444Ctenis nilssonii (Nath.) HarrisleafPl. 4, fig. 1.Bjuv
S055445Ctenis nilssonii (Nath.) HarrisleafPl. 4, fig. 2.Bjuv
S055446Ctenis nilssonii (Nath.) HarrisleafPl. 4, fig. 5.Bjuv
S055470Ctenis nilssonii (Nath.) HarrisleafPl. 5, figs. 1-3.Bjuv
S067096Ctenis stewartiana HarrisleafPl. 12, fig. 4.Höör
S067177Ctenis stewartiana HarrisleafPl. 12, fig. 5.Höör
S067179Ctenis stewartiana HarrisleafPl. 12, figs. 6-8.Höör
S055033Cycadospadix integer Nath.leafPl. 2, fig. 1.Bjuv
S064845Doratophyllum astartensis HarrisleafPl. 13, fig. 2.Hyllinge
S064847Doratophyllum astartensis HarrisleafPl. 13, figs. 3-7.Hyllinge
S055472Doratophyllum nathorstii FlorinleafPl. 10, fig. 3.Bjuv
S055473Doratophyllum nathorstii FlorinleafPl. 10, fig. 4.Bjuv
S064844Doratophyllum nathorstii Florinleaf, fertilePl. 10, figs. 5-6.Hyllinge
S055472-01Doratophyllum nathorstii FlorinleafPl. 10, figs. 8-11.Bjuv
S055448Palaeocycas integer (Nath.) FlorinleafTextfig. 11a.Bjuv
S055034Palaeocycas integer (Nath.) FlorinleafTextfig. 11b.Bjuv
S054980Pterophyllum? cteniforme Nath.leafPl. 9, figs. 1-2.Bjuv
S055057Taeniopteris (Danaeopsis?) immersa Nath.leafPl. 10, fig. 1Bjuv
S055056Taeniopteris (Danaeopsis?) immersa Nath.leafPl. 10, figs. 2, 7.Bjuv
S055058Taeniopteris (Macrotaeniopt.) gigantea SchenkleafPl. 2, fig. 4.Bjuv
S054924Taeniopteris (Oleandridium) tenuinervis BraunsleafPl. 13, fig. 1.Bjuv
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