Rhaetian and Jurassic plants of Scania - Introduction
Publication: Chow, T.C., 1924
Catalogue ID Taxa Element Figure Locality
S075908Anomozamites gracilis Nath.leafPl. 1, fig. 11.Sofiero
S075909Anomozamites gracilis Nath.leafPl. 1, fig. 12.Sofiero
S075921Anomozamites gracilis Nath.leafPl. 2, fig. 12.Sofiero
S075915Baiera cf. czekanowskiana HeerleafPl. 1, fig. 21.Sofiero
S075919Baiera cf. czekanowskiana HeerleafPl. 2, fig. 8.Sofiero
S075913Baiera cf. spectabilis Nath.leafPl. 1, fig. 19.Sofiero
S075914Baiera sp.leafPl. 1, fig. 20.Sofiero
S075911Baiera taeniata F.BraunleafPl. 1, fig. 16.Sofiero
S062422Baiera taeniata F.BraunleafPl. 1, fig. 17.Dompäng
S075912Baiera taeniata F.BraunleafPl. 1, fig. 18.Sofiero
S075906cf. Andriania baruthina F. Braunaxis, leafyPl. 1, fig. 5.Sofiero
S075905cf. Andriania baruthina F. Braunaxis, leafyPl. 1, figs. 2-4.Sofiero
S062418-01cf. Thaumatopteris schenkii Nath.leafPl. 1, fig. 6.Dompäng
S075920Czekanowskia rigida HeerleafPl. 2, fig. 9.Sofiero
S062423-01Dictyophyllum nilssonii (Brongn.) Göpp.leafPl. 2, fig. 1.Dompäng
S075904-01Equisetites sp.woodPl. 1, fig. 1.Sofiero
S075910Ginkgo hermelinii (Nath.) HartzleafPl. 1, fig. 13.Sofiero
S075918Ginkgo sp.leafPl. 2, fig. 7.Sofiero
S087404Ginkgoites hermelinii (Hartz) HarrisleafPl. 1, fig. 14.Dompäng
S062421Ginkgoites hermelinii (Hartz) HarrisleafPl. 1, fig. 15.Dompäng
S075916Marattiopsis hoerensis (Schimp.) ThomasleafPl. 2, fig. 2.Sofiero
S075917Marattiopsis hoerensis (Schimp.) ThomasleafPl. 2, fig. 3.Sofiero
S075904-03Nilssonia polymorpha Schenkaxis, leafyPl. 2, fig. 4.Sofiero
S062424Nilssonia polymorpha SchenkleafPl. 2, fig. 5.Dompäng
S062425Nilssonia polymorpha SchenkleafPl. 2, fig. 6.Dompäng
S062426Pityophyllum longifolium (Nath.) MöllerleafPl. 2, fig. 10.Dompäng
S062418-02Pityophyllum longifolium (Nath.) MöllerleafPl. 2, fig. 11.Dompäng
S075907Sagenopteris nilssoniana (Brongn.) WardleafPl. 1, fig. 10.Sofiero
S075904-02Sagenopteris nilssoniana (Brongn.) Wardaxis, leafyPl. 1, fig. 7.Sofiero
S062419Sagenopteris nilssoniana (Brongn.) WardleafPl. 1, fig. 8.Dompäng
S062420Sagenopteris nilssoniana (Brongn.) WardleafPl. 1, fig. 9.Dompäng
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