Rhaetian and Jurassic plants of Scania - Introduction
Publication: Antevs, E., 1914c
Catalogue ID Taxa Element Figure Locality
S055415Ptilozamites blasii (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 1, fig. 10.Bjuv
S055414Ptilozamites blasii (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 1, fig. 9.Bjuv
S055417Ptilozamites blasii (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 2, fig. 1.Bjuv
S055425Ptilozamites blasii (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 3, fig. 10.Bjuv
S055426Ptilozamites blasii (Brauns) Nath.leafPl. 3, fig. 11.Bjuv
S055421Ptilozamites carlsonii Nath.leafPl. 2, fig. 4.Bjuv
S055422Ptilozamites carlsonii Nath.leafPl. 2, fig. 5.Bjuv
S055423Ptilozamites fallax Nath.leafPl. 2, fig. 6.Bjuv
S055419Ptilozamites heerii Nath.leafPl. 2, fig. 2.Bjuv
S055427Ptilozamites heerii Nath.leafPl. 3, fig. 3.Bjuv
S054946Ptilozamites heerii Nath.leafPl. 3, figs. 1-2, 12.Bjuv
S055404Ptilozamites nilssonii Nath.leafPl. 1, fig. 2.Bjuv
S055408Ptilozamites nilssonii Nath.leafPl. 1, fig. 3.Bjuv
S055411Ptilozamites nilssonii Nath.leafPl. 1, fig. 6.Bjuv
S055412Ptilozamites nilssonii Nath.leafPl. 1, fig. 7.Bjuv
S055413Ptilozamites nilssonii Nath.leafPl. 1, fig. 8.Bjuv
S055409Ptilozamites nilssonii Nath.leafPl. 1, figs. 4-5.Bjuv
S055400Ptilozamites nilssonii Nath.leafPl. 1. fig. 1.Bjuv
S055424Ptilozamites nilssonii Nath.leafPl. 2, fig. 8.Bjuv
S075056Ptilozamites nilssonii Nath.leafPl. 2, fig. 8.Skromberga
S055428Ptilozamites nilssonii Nath.leafPl. 3, fig. 4.Bjuv
S055429Ptilozamites nilssonii Nath.leafPl. 3, fig. 5.Bjuv
S055430Ptilozamites nilssonii Nath.leafPl. 3, fig. 6.Bjuv
S055433Ptilozamites nilssonii Nath.leafPl. 3, figs. 7-9.Bjuv
S055420Ptilozamites sp.leafPl. 2, fig. 3.Bjuv
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