Rhaetian and Jurassic plants of Scania - Introduction
Publication: Nathorst, A.G., 1908a
Catalogue ID Taxa Element Figure Locality
S064342Lycostrobus scottii Nath.conePl. 1, fig. 1.Helsingborg
S064347Lycostrobus scottii Nath.megasporePl. 1, fig. 12.Helsingborg
S064348Lycostrobus scottii Nath.megasporePl. 1, fig. 13.Helsingborg
S064342-01Lycostrobus scottii Nath.megasporePl. 1, fig. 2.Helsingborg
S064342-02Lycostrobus scottii Nath.megasporePl. 1, fig. 3.Helsingborg
S064342-03Lycostrobus scottii Nath.megasporePl. 1, fig. 4.Helsingborg
S064343Lycostrobus scottii Nath.megasporePl. 1, fig. 5.Helsingborg
S064345Lycostrobus scottii Nath.megasporePl. 1, fig. 7.Helsingborg
S064344Lycostrobus scottii Nath.megasporePl. 1, figs. 6, 10-11.Helsingborg
S064346Lycostrobus scottii Nath.megasporePl. 1, figs. 8-9.Helsingborg
S064349Lycostrobus scottii Nath.microsporePl. 2, fig. 14.Helsingborg
S064350Lycostrobus scottii Nath.microsporePl. 2, fig. 15.Helsingborg
S064351Lycostrobus scottii Nath.microsporePl. 2, fig. 16.Helsingborg
S064352Lycostrobus scottii Nath.microsporePl. 2, fig. 17.Helsingborg
S064354Lycostrobus scottii Nath.microsporePl. 2, fig. 21.Helsingborg
S064355Lycostrobus scottii Nath.microsporePl. 2, fig. 26.Helsingborg
S064356Lycostrobus scottii Nath.microsporePl. 2, fig. 27.Helsingborg
S064353Lycostrobus scottii Nath.microsporePl. 2, figs. 18-20, 22-25.Helsingborg
S064357 megasporePl. 2, fig. 28.Helsingborg
S064358  Pl. 2, figs. 29-30.Helsingborg
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