Fossil Flora of Quedlinburg - Introduction
Westerhausen 35
Catalogue IDTaxaElement
S098925Betula angustifolia Newb.leaf
S098919Quercus euryphylla leaf
S098920Quercus euryphylla leaf
S098921Quercus groenlandica Heerleaf
S098917Quercus hagenbachii Heerleaf
S098923Quercus johnstrupi Heerleaf
S098844Quercus marioni Heerleaf
S098922Quercus marioni Heerleaf
S098924Quercus marioni Heerleaf
S098956Quercus nimrodis Ungerleaf
S098957Quercus nimrodis Ungerleaf
S098845Quercus sp. leaf
S098846Quercus sp. leaf
S098965Quercus sp. leaf
S098916Quercus sphenobasis leaf
S098918Quercus westphalia oblonga leaf
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