Fossil Flora of Quedlinburg - Introduction
Westerhausen 17
Catalogue IDTaxaElement
S098133Credneria sp. leaf
S098134Credneria sp. leaf
S098135Credneria sp. leaf
S098136Credneria sp. leaf
S098137Credneria sp. leaf
S098138Credneria sp. leaf
S098139Credneria sp. leaf
S098140Credneria sp. leaf
S098141Credneria sp. leaf
S098142Credneria sp. leaf
S098143Credneria sp. leaf
S098144Credneria sp. leaf
S098147Credneria sp. leaf
S098148Credneria sp. leaf
S098150Credneria sp. leaf
S098151Credneria sp. leaf
S098152Credneria sp. leaf
S098153Credneria sp. leaf
S098154Credneria sp. leaf
S098156Credneria sp. leaf
S098157Credneria sp. leaf
S098158Credneria sp. leaf
S098159Credneria sp. leaf
S098160Credneria sp. leaf
S098161Credneria sp. leaf
S098234Credneria zenkeri P.B.Richt.leaf
S098235Credneria zenkeri P.B.Richt.leaf
S098236Credneria zenkeri P.B.Richt.leaf
S098237Credneria zenkeri P.B.Richt.leaf
S098238Credneria zenkeri P.B.Richt.leaf
S098239Credneria zenkeri P.B.Richt.leaf
S098240Credneria zenkeri P.B.Richt.leaf
S098241Credneria zenkeri P.B.Richt.leaf
S098242Credneria zenkeri P.B.Richt.leaf
S098243Credneria zenkeri P.B.Richt.leaf
S098244Credneria zenkeri P.B.Richt.leaf
S098245Credneria zenkeri P.B.Richt.leaf
S098246Credneria zenkeri P.B.Richt.leaf
S098247Credneria zenkeri P.B.Richt.leaf
S098248Credneria zenkeri P.B.Richt.leaf
S098249Credneria zenkeri P.B.Richt.leaf
S098250Credneria zenkeri P.B.Richt.leaf
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