Fossil Flora of Quedlinburg - Introduction
Strohberg 08
Catalogue IDTaxaElement
S096798Cylindrites sp. leaf
S096756Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096757Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096822Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096699Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096709Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096710Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096722-01Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096723Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096731Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096740Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096744Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096745Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096746Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096750Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096755-02Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096761Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096762Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096764Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096765Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096766Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096767Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096768Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096771Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096807Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096813-02Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096814Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096832Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096841Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096842Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096847Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096848-01Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096849Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096850Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096935Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096733Holopterigium sp. leaf
S096747Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096755-01Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096759Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096796Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096810Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096811Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096813-01Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096818Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
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