Fossil Flora of Quedlinburg - Introduction
Strohberg 05
Catalogue IDTaxaElement
S096467cf. Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096388Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096392Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096401Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096402Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096404Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096405Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096407Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096408Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096409Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096410Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096411Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096412Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096413Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096414Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096418Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096419Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096420Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096421Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096422Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096425Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096429Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096431Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096436Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096443Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096449Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096483-02Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096486Gleichenites sp. leaf
S096483-01Hausmannia dichotoma Dunkerleaf
S096381-02Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096383Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096400Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096460-01Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096489Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096493Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096495Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096373Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096374Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096375Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096379Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096395Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096406Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096417Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096441Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096452Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096461Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096475Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096476Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096479Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096862Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096863Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096864Laccopteris dunkeri Schenkleaf
S096396Peccopteris brauniana leaf
Introduction Department of palaeobotany

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