Fossil Flora of Quedlinburg - Introduction
Strohberg 03
Catalogue IDTaxaElement
S096168Cylindrites sp. leaf
S096177Cylindrites sp. leaf
S096158-02Hausmannia sp. leaf
S096238Pseudocycas saportae (Seward) Holdenaxis, leafy
S096533Pseudocycas saportae (Seward) Holdenaxis, leafy
S096527Pseudocycas saportae (Seward) Holdenaxis, naked
S096528Pseudocycas saportae (Seward) Holdenaxis, naked
S096529Pseudocycas saportae (Seward) Holdenaxis, naked
S096530Pseudocycas saportae (Seward) Holdenaxis, naked
S096531Pseudocycas saportae (Seward) Holdenaxis, naked
S096231Pseudocycas saportae (Seward) Holdenleaf
S096523Pseudocycas saportae (Seward) Holdenleaf
S096524Pseudocycas saportae (Seward) Holdenleaf
S096525Pseudocycas saportae (Seward) Holdenleaf
S096526Pseudocycas saportae (Seward) Holdenleaf
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