Fossil Flora of Quedlinburg - Introduction
Hinterkley 44
Catalogue IDTaxaElement
S095306cf. Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095325cf. Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095297cf. Cylindrites sp. axis, naked
S095311cf. Cylindrites sp. axis, naked
S095298cf. Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095299cf. Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095313Cylindrites sp.
S095315Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095316Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095319Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095320Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095622Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095623Cylindrites sp. axis, naked
S095373Cylindrites sp. bulb
S095374Cylindrites sp. bulb
S095312Cylindrites sp. leaf
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