Fossil Flora of Quedlinburg - Introduction
Hinterkley 43
Catalogue IDTaxaElement
S096881cf. Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095290cf. Geinitzia sp. cone
S096873Credneria sp. leaf
S096868Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S096879Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S096880Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095285Cylindrites sp. axis, naked
S096878Cylindrites sp. axis, naked
S095289Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095294Cylindrites sp. leaf
S096887Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.axis, leafy
S096869Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S096874-01Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S096874-02Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S096886-01Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S096883Hausmannia sp. leaf
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