Fossil Flora of Quedlinburg - Introduction
Catalogue IDTaxaElement
S095775Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095776Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095777Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095778Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095779Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095780Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095781Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095782Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095783Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095784Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095785Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095786Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095787Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095789Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095790Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095791Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095792Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095793Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095794Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095795Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095796Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095797Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095798Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095799Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095800Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095801Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095802Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095803Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095804Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095805Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095806Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095807Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095808Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095809Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095810Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095811Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095812Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095813Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095814Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095816Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095817Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095818Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095819Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095820Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095821Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095822Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095823Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095824Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095825Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095826Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095827Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095828Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095832Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095833Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095834Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095835Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095840Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095841Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095844Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095845Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095846Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095847Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095848Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095849Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095850Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095851Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095852Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095853Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095854Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095855Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095856Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095858-01Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095859Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095860Carpolithus sp. fruit
S095535cf. Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095553cf. Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095484cf. Cylindrites sp. axis, naked
S095494cf. Cylindrites sp. axis, naked
S095495cf. Cylindrites sp. axis, naked
S095552cf. Cylindrites sp. axis, naked
S095417cf. Cylindrites sp. bud
S095418cf. Cylindrites sp. bud
S095419cf. Cylindrites sp. bud
S095420cf. Cylindrites sp. bud
S095434cf. Cylindrites sp. bud
S095443cf. Cylindrites sp. bud
S095452cf. Cylindrites sp. bud
S095455cf. Cylindrites sp. bud
S095456cf. Cylindrites sp. bud
S095476cf. Cylindrites sp. bud
S095483cf. Cylindrites sp. bud
S095485cf. Cylindrites sp. bud
S095486cf. Cylindrites sp. bud
S095488cf. Cylindrites sp. bud
S095332cf. Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095479cf. Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095534cf. Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095545cf. Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095563cf. Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095568cf. Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095582cf. Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095612cf. Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095646cf. Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095258cf. Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.flower
S095270cf. Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095754cf. Dewalquea insignis Hosius & Markleaf
S095767cf. Dewalquea sp. leaf
S095502cf. Geinitzia sp. axis, leafy
S095527cf. Geinitzia sp. axis, leafy
S095508cf. Geinitzia sp. axis, naked
S095575cf. Geinitzia sp. inflorescence
S095583cf. Geinitzia sp. inflorescence
S095588cf. Geinitzia sp. inflorescence
S095601cf. Geinitzia sp. inflorescence
S095609cf. Geinitzia sp. inflorescence
S095613cf. Geinitzia sp. inflorescence
S095462cf. Hausmannia sp. leaf
S095491cf. Hausmannia sp. leaf
S095493cf. Hausmannia sp. leaf
S095539cf. Hausmannia sp. leaf
S095540cf. Hausmannia sp. leaf
S095747cf. Zamiopsis brevipennis P.B.Richt.leaf
S095738Credneria sp. leaf
S095758Credneria sp. leaf
S095842Credneria sp. leaf
S095397Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095415Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095442Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095464Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095498Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095499Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095501Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095537Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095549Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095616Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095617Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095618Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095638Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095689Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095719Cylindrites sp. axis, leafy
S095459Cylindrites sp. axis, naked
S095460Cylindrites sp. axis, naked
S095463Cylindrites sp. axis, naked
S095473Cylindrites sp. axis, naked
S095555Cylindrites sp. axis, naked
S095619Cylindrites sp. axis, naked
S095620Cylindrites sp. axis, naked
S095333Cylindrites sp. bud
S095437Cylindrites sp. bud
S095448Cylindrites sp. bud
S095466Cylindrites sp. bud
S095331Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095337Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095338Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095378Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095380Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095389Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095392Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095395Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095398Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095399Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095400Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095401Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095404Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095413Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095421Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095424Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095427Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095428Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095429Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095430Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095431Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095432Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095436Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095439Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095450Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095453Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095454Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095461Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095472Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095474Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095480Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095482Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095487Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095497Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095500Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095516-01Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095569Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095586Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095587Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095635Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095680Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095709Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095713Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095732Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095861Cylindrites sp. leaf
S095227Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.axis, leafy
S095229Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.axis, leafy
S095230Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.axis, leafy
S095231Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.axis, leafy
S095234Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.axis, leafy
S095235Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.axis, leafy
S095239Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.axis, leafy
S095241Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.axis, leafy
S095829Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.axis, leafy
S095232Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.axis, naked
S095236Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.axis, naked
S095238Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.axis, naked
S095244Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.axis, naked
S095276Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.axis, naked
S095830Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.axis, naked
S095831Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.axis, naked
S095279Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.bud
S095280Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.bud
S095243Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.inflorescence
S095226Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095228Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095233Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095237Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095240Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095242Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095249Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095251Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095252Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095253Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095254Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095255Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095259Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095260Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095262Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095263Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095264Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095265Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095266Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095267Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095271Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095273Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095274Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095282Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095283Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095837Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095838Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095857Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095858-03Cylindrites spongioides (Göpp.) P.B.Richt.leaf
S095308Cylindrites vel Geinitzia sp. cone
S095768Geinitzia sp. axis, leafy
S095867Hausmannia dichotoma Dunkerleaf
S095246Hausmannia sp. leaf
S095248Hausmannia sp. leaf
S095278Hausmannia sp. leaf
S095281Hausmannia sp. leaf
S095517Hausmannia sp. leaf
S095541Hausmannia sp. leaf
S095858-02Hausmannia sp. leaf
S095268Hausmannia sp. rhizom
S095269Hausmannia sp. rhizom
S095740Liriodendron schwarzii P.B.Richt.leaf
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