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Name: a meteorite is called after the place where it was seen to fall or was found.

Catnr: specimen number in the collection of the Swedish Museum of Natural History.

Country: indicated with a country code (for example, SE = Sweden).

Type: the ordinary chondrites are indicated with the letter H, L or LL followed by a
number that corresponds to degree of metamorphism prior to the arrival of the
meteorite on Earth (from 3 showing sharply defined chondrules to 6 with diffuse
chondrules). The lower the number, the better preserved is the original character.
The carbonaceous chondrites are indicated with Cl, CM, CO or CV followed by
a low number (1-3) in accordance with their primitive nature. Enstatite chondrites
(a rare group) = E and number.

Achondrites have different abbreviations all with A as initial letter.
MES(mesosiderites) and PAL(pallasites) are stony irons.

Iron meteorites are written with a roman number and a letter; IRANOM are anomalous

Mass: given in gram.

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