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FYND is a searcheable computer database of minerals found in Sweden, and their localities. It is a compilation of ca twenty thousand observations, based on the literature (published data) and the NRM collections.

The database contains the name of the locality, plus the district (kommun) and the county (län) where it is situated. In some cases a reference to the relevant map sheet is given. A literature reference is usually also indicated in abbreviated form.

FYND was originally a card-index, set up by O. Gabrielson in the beginning of the 1950s, and maintained by him and his coworkers for many years. In 1978 B. Lindqvist took over the responsibility. The transfer to electronic medium has been performed by G. Asp in 1994-95. Later revisions and additions have been made by J. Langhof and D. Holtstam.

For the mineral names the English spelling is used (following Fleischer´s Glossary of Mineral Species), but leaving out the "e" in the common suffix "-ite" (e.g., hematit, muscovit). Sometimes it is has not been possible to translate literature data into valid species names, and in those cases only the mineral group or a variety name has been given (G or V in the "Type" field).

It must be understood that in many cases there exist spelling variants of the locality names, and only one has been selected for the database. In the field "Locality, detail" the name of a particular mine or a part of a mine is often given.

Jörgen Langhof is presently responsible for the maintenance of FYND. He would be grateful if any errors or omissions are pointed out to him. It should be noted, however, that it is our policy not to include new observations of the most common rock-forming minerals in the future.

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