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The Celsius herbarium

One of the oldest collections of plants at the Swedish Museum of Natural History is Celsius' Flora Uplandica from 1730, a collection of 765 pressed specimens of plants from the Swedish province of Uppland. The herbarium is bound in four large leather tomes, with an accompanying fifth, handwritten, volume with explanations and a presentation of the contents.

The collection was compiled by Olof Celsius senior, as a gift to H.R.H. the Queen Ulrika Eleonora, its complete title being Olavi Celsii Flora A specimen in the Celsius herbarium Uplandica Sive Catalogus Plantarum quo Stirpes pleraeque per Uplandiam sponte nascentes enumerantur, et suis, secundum Clarrissimorum Botanicorum placita, classibus et appellationibus distinguentur. Avia Meleridum peragro loca.
The first page of the catalogue Only two copies are known of Celsius' Flora Uplandica, one at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, the second in Uppsala University.

Celsius' herbarium from Uppland is interesting because it is the oldest known flora for this province, but also because Celsius was the fatherly friend and protector of the young Linnaeus, who examined the specimens in the Flora Uplandica.

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