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The Swartz herbarium contains Olof Swartz´ herbarium material of phanerogams and ferns from the Caribbean. Also included are specimens from contemporary herbaria that Swartz may have consulted in his work on the Caribbean flora. Many specimens are types for species that Swartz and Wikström described. Additional type material is kept at The Natural History Museum in London and at Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève. Apart from Swartz´ own collections, a great part of the herbarium consists of plants collected by contemporary collectors like Banks, Euphrasén, Fahlberg, Forsström, Freyreis (only ferns), Fröhlich, Jacquin, Masson, Poiteau, Ponthieu, Ryan, Schumacher, Svederus, Vahl, West and Wright.

Description of fields used in the database:

  • Field 1. Name of the plant and its author. The field contains the name used at the time of Swartz.
  • Field 2. Family and Family number. The numbering system is according to Dalla Torre & Harms (Genera Siphonogamarum, 1905).
  • Field 3. Protologue. Name of the publication where the scientific name was first published.
  • Field 4. Type. Gives the locality and collector for the type material according to the protologue.
  • Field 5. Citations. Publications citing the collection.
  • Field 6. Herbarium. The herbarium where the material is kept. If "type" appears after the acronym it indicates a type. Following acronyms are used:
    S = The Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm
    S-LINN = The Linnean herbarium at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm
    SBT = The Bergius Foundation, Stockholm
    LD = Botanical Museum, Lund
    BM = The Natural History Museum, London
    G = Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève
    G-DC = De Candolles herbarium i Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève
    M = Botanische Staatssammlung München
  • Field 7. Number. Number of herbarium sheets.
  • Field 8. Locality. The locality is given as it is written on the label.
  • Field 9. Collector. The name of the collector.
  • Field 10. Other information The field gives various information, like what is written on the sheet, whose handwritings that are present, which herbarium the material originates from etc. Example: "Herb. Alströmer. Dahl scripsit.". Sometimes it says who typified the material.
  • Field 11. Modern name The field gives the modern name for the material. Often missing information.

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