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This database contains the number of specimens per province in the Nordic herbarium of species, subspecies, varieties and hybrids. The database can be searched for Latin (or Swedish) names, family names or names of provinces or countries. At present it contains 9537 records. The nomenclature follows Checklista över Nordens kärlväxter [Ckecklist to the vascular plants of the Nordic countries].
Another database with information for individual specimens is also available, Collections of the Nordic herbarium. Names of geographical areas are often abbreviated, and must be written as presented in the list below.

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List of province names used in the database (in bold)

Sk (Skåne), Bl (Blekinge), Hl (Halland), Sm (Småland), Bh (Bohuslän), Dls (Dalsland), Gbg (Göteborgstrakten), Vg (Västergötland), Ög (Östergötland), Vrm (Värmland), Nrk (Närke), Srm (Södermanland), Sth (Stockholmstrakten), Upl (Uppland), Vsm (Västmanland),Dlr (Dalarna), Gst (Gästrikland), Hls (Hälsingland), Hrj (Härjedalen), Jmt (Jämtland), Mpd (Medelpad), Ång (Ångermanland), Vb (Västerbotten), Nb (Norrbotten), ÅsL (Åsele lappmark), LyL (Lycksele lappmark), PL (Pite lappmark), LL (Lule lappmark), TL (Torne lappmark), Öl (Öland), Gtl (Gotland).

Other area names that can be searched for are Norge, Danmark,Finland, Färöarna, Island, Björnön, Jan Mayen and Svalbard.

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