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An inventory of the collections of Hieracium from the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) is ongoing. All sections except sect. Hieracioides have been worked through. A total of 73,663 sheets representing 4063 taxa have been registered. To see the number of specimens of a particular species, please write its scientific name in the search box below.

Checklist of Hieracium sect. Hieracium, sect. Vulgata and sect. Tridentata in Sweden [written by Dr. Torbjörn Tyler, Lund].

You can also get lists of taxa in our collections from the different Swedish provinces and from the other Nordic countries.

Skåne Blekinge
Halland Småland
Bohuslän Dalsland
Göteborgsområdet Västergötland
Östergötland Värmland
Närke Södermanland
Stockholm Uppland
Västmanland Dalarna
Gästrikland Hälsingland
Härjedalen Jämtland
Medelpad Ångermanland
Västerbotten Norrbotten
Åsele lappmark Lycksele lappmark
Pite lappmark Lule lappmark
Torne lappmark Öland
Norway Denmark
Finland The Faroes
Iceland Bear Island
Jan Mayen Svalbard

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