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Australia, NSW, Warrumbungles The General herbarium house approximately 1.000.000 specimens from all over the world. The South- and Central American material is kept separately, in the Regnellian herbarium, and plants from the Nordic countries are housed in the Nordic herbarium.
The collections of the General herbarium include scientifically important material from botanists such as J. G. C. Lehmann, O. W. Sonder, C. F. Ecklon, J. F. Drège, E. Hultén, F. W. Klatt och K. Zeyher. Furthermore, there is historical material collected by linnaean disciples, e. g. P. Osbeck, A. Sparrman and C. P. Thunberg. A separate collection comprising some 4000 specimens from the famous swedish naturalist Carolus Linnaeus is the Linnaean herbarium (S-LINN).

Some parts of the General herbarium have been computerized and are available in searchable databases. All known typematerial in the General herbarium has been included in the botanical type collection, a database comprising about 20.000 records, which also include some type material from the Regnellian herbarium. The gymnosperm collection which comprise some 7500 specimens, is available in the Gymnosperm collection database, but does not include material from Latin America or the Nordic flora area. The General herbarium material preserved in alcohol, some 4000 specimens, are also available in a database named Botanical collections in alcohol.

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