DIPTERA in the Swedish Museum of Natural History

8143 species as of 1 September 2003 representing about 7% of the named world fauna. Holdings of Sciaridae not yet inventoried. A type-specimen database is under construction. Please let us know of errors and/or inaccuracies, or if you want to borrow from our collections.

The species:

Acartophthalmidae Acartophthalmus nigrinus Zetterstedt, 1848 (Anthyhilina)
Acroceridae Acrocera orbicula Fabricius, 1787 (Syrphus)
Acroceridae Acrocera trigramma H. Loew, 1845 (Acrocera)
Acroceridae Eulonchus smaragdinus Gerstäcker, 1856 (Eulonchus)
Acroceridae Lasia ocelliger Wiedemann, 1830
Acroceridae Megalybus obesus Philippi, 1865 (Megalybus)
Acroceridae Ogcodes adaptatus Schlinger, 1960 (Ogcodes)
Acroceridae Ogcodes caffer H. Loew, 1858 (Ogcodes)
Acroceridae Ogcodes gibbosus Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Acroceridae Ogcodes nigripes Zetterstedt
Acroceridae Ogcodes pallipes Latreille, 1812 (Ogcodes)
Acroceridae Ogcodes varius Latreille, 1812 (Ogcodes )
Acroceridae Ogcodes waterhousei Paramonov, 1957 (Ogcodes)
Acroceridae Oligoneura nigroaenea Motschulsky, 1866 (Thyllis)
Acroceridae Opsebius diligens Osten-Sacken, 1877 (Opsebius)
Acroceridae Panops baudini Lamarck, 1804 (Panops)
Acroceridae Pterodontia misella Osten-Sacken, 1877 (Nothra)
Agromyzidae Agromyza albipennis Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Agromyza alnibetulae Hendel, 1931 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Agromyza ambigua Fallén, 1823 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Agromyza anthracina Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Agromyza cinerascens Macquart, 1835 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Agromyza erythrocephala Hendel, 1920 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Agromyza flavipennis Hendel
Agromyzidae Agromyza frontella Rondani, 1875 (Domomyza)
Agromyzidae Agromyza graminicola Hendel, 1931 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Agromyza heraclei Bouche, 1847 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Agromyza holosericea Bouche, 1847 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Agromyza lateritia Rondani, 1875 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Agromyza leucocephala Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Agromyza lucida Hendel, 1920 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Agromyza mobilis Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Agromyza nana Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Agromyza nigra ???
Agromyzidae Agromyza nigrella Rondani, 1875 (Domomyza)
Agromyzidae Agromyza nigrescens Hendel, 1920 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Agromyza nigripes Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Agromyza nigrociliata Hendel, 1931 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Agromyza reptans Fallén, 1823 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Agromyza rufipes Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Agromyza varipes Macquart, 1835 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Amauromyza flavifrons Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Amauromyza gyrans Fallén, 1823 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Cerodontha affinis Fallén
Agromyzidae Cerodontha angulata Loew, 1869 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Cerodontha bohemani Rydén, 1951 (Icteromyza)
Agromyzidae Cerodontha capitata Zetterstedt, 1848 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Cerodontha cingulata Zetterstedt, 1848 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Cerodontha denticornis Panzer, 1806 (Chlorops)
Agromyzidae Cerodontha femoralis Meigen, 1838 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Cerodontha fulvipes Meigen
Agromyzidae Cerodontha geniculata Fallén, 1823 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Cerodontha hennigi Nowakow
Agromyzidae Cerodontha incisa Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Cerodontha lateralis Macquart, 1835 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Cerodontha lineella Zetterstedt, 1848 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Cerodontha luctuosa Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Cerodontha morosa Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Cerodontha muscina Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Cerodontha pygmaea Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Dizygomyza luctuosa Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Dizygomyza morosa Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Domomyza obscuritarsis Rondani, 1875 (Domomyza)
Agromyzidae Leucopis albipennis Meigen, 1830 (Leucopis)
Agromyzidae Leucopis albipuncta Zetterstedt, 1855 (Leucopis)
Agromyzidae Leucopis annulipes Zetterstedt
Agromyzidae Leucopis geniculata Zetterstedt, 1855 (Leucopis)
Agromyzidae Leucopis griseola Fallén, 1823 (Anthomyza)
Agromyzidae Leucopis interruptovittata Aczél, 1937 (Leucopis)
Agromyzidae Leucopis obscura Haliday, 1833 (Leucopis)
Agromyzidae Leucopis obscura Haliday, 1838 (Leucopis)
Agromyzidae Leucopis tibialis Zetterstedt, 1848 (Leucopis)
Agromyzidae Liriomyza flaveola Fallén, 1823 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Liriomyza hieracivora Spencer, 1971 (Liriomyza)
Agromyzidae Liriomyza lacertella Rondani, 1875 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Liriomyza lutea Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Liriomyza orbona Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Liriomyza pedestris Hendel, 1931 (Liriomyza)
Agromyzidae Liriomyza puella Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Liriomyza pusilla Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Liriomyza sonchi Hendel, 1931 (Liriomyza)
Agromyzidae Liriomyza strigata Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Liriomyza taraxaci Hering, 1927 (Liriomyza)
Agromyzidae Liriomyza virgo Zetterstedt, 1838 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Melanagromyza aenea Meigen
Agromyzidae Melanagromyza aeneoventris Fallén, 1823 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Melanagromyza albocila Hendel, 1931 (Melanagromyza)
Agromyzidae Melanagromyza angeliciphaga Spencer, 1969 (Melanagromyza)
Agromyzidae Melanagromyza cunctans Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Melanagromyza lappae H. Loew, 1850 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Melanagromyza pubescens Hendel, 1923 (Melanagromyza)
Agromyzidae Metopomyza flavonotata Haliday, 1833 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Metopomyza nigrohumeralis Hendel, 1931 (Liriomyza)
Agromyzidae Metopomyza xanthaspida Hendel, 1920 (Liriomyza)
Agromyzidae Metopomyza xanthaspis H. Loew, 1858 (Phytomyia)
Agromyzidae Napomyza albipennis Fallén, 1823 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Napomyza annulipes Meigen, 1830 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Napomyza elegans Meigen, 1830 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Napomyza evanescens Hendel, 1920 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Napomyza gymnostoma Loew
Agromyzidae Napomyza lateralis Fallén, 1823 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Nemorimyza posticata Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Ophiomyia curvipalpis Zetterstedt, 1848 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Ophiomyia lantanae Froggatt, 1919 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Ophiomyia maura Meigen, 1838 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Ophiomyia pinguis Fallén, 1820 (Madiza)
Agromyzidae Ophiomyia pulicaria Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Phytobia carbonaria Zetterstedt, 1848 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Phytoliriomyza dorsata Siebke, 1864 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Phytoliriomyza hilarella Zetterstedt
Agromyzidae Phytoliriomyza perpusilla Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Phytomyza abdominalis Zetterstedt
Agromyzidae Phytomyza aconitophila Hendel, 1927 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Phytomyza affinis Fallén, 1823 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Phytomyza albiceps Meigen, 1830 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Phytomyza arnicae Hendel
Agromyzidae Phytomyza atricornis Meigen
Agromyzidae Phytomyza campanulivora Spencer
Agromyzidae Phytomyza ciliata Hendel
Agromyzidae Phytomyza cirsii Hendel
Agromyzidae Phytomyza continua Hendel
Agromyzidae Phytomyza crassiseta Zetterstedt, 1860 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Phytomyza eumorpha Frey
Agromyzidae Phytomyza fallaciosa Brischke
Agromyzidae Phytomyza flavicornis Fallén, 1823 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Phytomyza flavofemorata Strobl
Agromyzidae Phytomyza fuscula Zetterstedt
Agromyzidae Phytomyza geniculata Macquart
Agromyzidae Phytomyza horticola Goureau, 1851 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Phytomyza nigra Meigen, 1830 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Phytomyza nigrifemur Hering
Agromyzidae Phytomyza nigripennis Fallén, 1823 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Phytomyza nigritella Zetterstedt
Agromyzidae Phytomyza obscurella Fallén, 1823 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Phytomyza opaca Hendel, 1920 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Phytomyza pauliloewi Hendel
Agromyzidae Phytomyza polysticha Hendel
Agromyzidae Phytomyza pullula Zetterstedt, 1848 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Phytomyza ranunculi Schrank, 1803 (Musca)
Agromyzidae Phytomyza robustella Hendel
Agromyzidae Phytomyza rufescens von Roser, 1840 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Phytomyza rufipes Meigen, 1830 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Phytomyza rydeni Hering, 1934 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Phytomyza sphondylii Goureau
Agromyzidae Phytomyza spoliata Strobl
Agromyzidae Phytomyza tanaceti Hendel
Agromyzidae Phytomyza tenella Meigen, 1830 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Phytomyza trollii Hering
Agromyzidae Phytomyza wahlgreni Rydén
Agromyzidae Phytomyza varipes Macquart
Agromyzidae Phytomyza virgaurea Hering
Agromyzidae Pseudonapomyza atra Meigen, 1830 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Pseudopomyza lacteipennis Malloch, 1913 (Phytomyza)
Agromyzidae Schumannimyia hyalinata Meigen, 1826 (Lauxania)
Agromyzidae Selachops flavocincta Wahlberg
Agromyzidae Tetanocera kerteszi Hendel, 1901 (Tetanocera)
Agromyzidae Trilobomyza gyrans Fallén, 1823 (Agromyza)
Agromyzidae Xenophytomyza atronitens Hendel, 1920 (Haplomyza)
Anisopodidae Sylvicola cinctus Fabricius, 1787 (Rhagio)
Anisopodidae Sylvicola, distinctus Brunetti, 1911 (Rhyphus)
Anisopodidae Sylvicola divisus Brunetti, 1911 (Rhyphus)
Anisopodidae Sylvicola fenestralis Scopoli, 1763 (Tipula)
Anisopodidae Sylvicola fulvithorax de Meijere, 1924 (Rhyphus)
Anisopodidae Sylvicola fuscatus Fabricius, 1775 (Tipula)
Anisopodidae Sylvicola punctatus Fabricius, 1787 (Rhagio)
Anthomyiidae Acklandia subgrisea Ringdahl, 1930 (Phorbia)
Anthomyiidae Adia cinerella Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Anthomyiidae Adia grisella Rondani, 1871 (Chortophila)
Anthomyiidae Alliopsis billbergi Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Alliopsis conifrons Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Anthomyiidae Alliopsis denticauda Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Alliopsis dentiventris Ringdahl, 1918 (Prosalpia)
Anthomyiidae Alliopsis fractiseta Stein, 1908 (Chirosa)
Anthomyiidae Alliopsis glacialis Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Anthomyiidae Alliopsis longipennis Ringdahl, 1918 (Chortophila)
Anthomyiidae Alliopsis moerens Stein, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Alliopsis pilitarsis Zetterstedt, 1900 (Prosalpia)
Anthomyiidae Alliopsis sepiella Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Anthomyiidae Alliopsis silvestris Fallén, 1824 (Musca)
Anthomyiidae Alliopsis teriolensis Pokorny, 1893 (Prosalpia)
Anthomyiidae Anthomyia bisetosa Thomson, 1869 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Anthomyia liturata Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Delia)
Anthomyiidae Anthomyia malaisei Ackland, 1987 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Anthomyia monilis Meigen, 1826 (Coenosia)
Anthomyiidae Anthomyia pluvialis Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Anthomyiidae Anthomyia procellaris Rondani, 1866 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Botanophila angulosa Ringdahl, 1930 (Hylemyia)
Anthomyiidae Botanophila brunneilinea Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Anthomyiidae Botanophila dissecta Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Botanophila fugax Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Botanophila gemmata Zetterstedt, 1860 (Aricia)
Anthomyiidae Botanophila gnava Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Botanophila maculipes Zetterstedt, 1845 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Botanophila profuga Stein, 1916 (Hylemyia)
Anthomyiidae Botanophila salicis Ringdahl, 1918 (Chortophila)
Anthomyiidae Botanophila sericea Malloch
Anthomyiidae Botanophila silvatica Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Egeria)
Anthomyiidae Botanophila sonchi Hardy
Anthomyiidae Botanophila striolata Fallén, 1824 (Musca)
Anthomyiidae Botanophila trapezina Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Anthomyiidae Botanophila varicolor Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Calythea nigricans Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Calythea pratincola Panzer, 1809 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Chiastochaeta inermella Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Chirosia albitarsis Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Anthomyiidae Chirosia cinerosa Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Anthomyiidae Chirosia flavipennis Fallén, 1823 (Musca)
Anthomyiidae Chirosia histricina Rondani, 1866 (Chortophila)
Anthomyiidae Chirosia latipennis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Chortophila angusta Macquart, 1835 (Chortophila)
Anthomyiidae Chortophila neglecta Rondani
Anthomyiidae Chortophila setimana Rondani
Anthomyiidae Delia albula Fallén
Anthomyiidae Delia angustifrons Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Delia angustiventris Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Anthomyiidae Delia antiqua Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Delia brassicaeformis Ringdahl, 1926 (Hylemyia)
Anthomyiidae Delia brunnescens Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Anthomyiidae Delia cardui Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Delia coarctata Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Anthomyiidae Delia conversata Tiensuu, 1936 (Hylemyia)
Anthomyiidae Delia coronariae Hendel, 1925 (Chortophila)
Anthomyiidae Delia criniventris Zetterstedt, 1860 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Delia echinata Séguy, 1923 (Chortophila)
Anthomyiidae Delia exigua Meade, 1883 (Phorbia)
Anthomyiidae Delia fabricii Holmgren, 1872 (Aricia)
Anthomyiidae Delia flavibasis Stein, 1903 (Chortophila)
Anthomyiidae Delia floralis Fallén, 1824 (Musca)
Anthomyiidae Delia florilega Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Anthomyiidae Delia frontella Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Delia interflua Pandellé, 1900 (Chortophila)
Anthomyiidae Delia lamelliseta Stein, 1900 (Hylemyia)
Anthomyiidae Delia lavata Boheman, 1864 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Delia linearis Stein, 1898 (Hylemyia)
Anthomyiidae Delia lineariventris Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Anthomyiidae Delia liturata Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Delia)
Anthomyiidae Delia longicauda Strobl, 1898 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Delia majuscula Pokornœ
Anthomyiidae Delia nuda Strobl, 1901 (Hylemyia)
Anthomyiidae Delia pallipennis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Delia platura Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Delia radicum Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Anthomyiidae Delia rondanii Ringdahl, 1918 (Chortophila)
Anthomyiidae Delia tarsata Ringdahl, 1918 (Chortophila)
Anthomyiidae Delia tarsifimbria Pandellé
Anthomyiidae Delia tornensis Ringdahl, 1926 (Hylemyia)
Anthomyiidae Egle atomaria Zetterstedt
Anthomyiidae Egle brevicornis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Egle longipalpis Malloch, 1924 (Hylemyia)
Anthomyiidae Egle parva Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Egle)
Anthomyiidae Egle parvaeformis Schnabl, 1911 (Egle)
Anthomyiidae Egle pilitibia Ringdahl
Anthomyiidae Egle rhinotmeta Pandellé, 1900
Anthomyiidae Egle steini Schnabl, 1911 (Egle)
Anthomyiidae Emmesomyia socia Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Anthomyiidae Eustalomyia festiva Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Anthomyiidae Eustalomyia hilaris Fallén, 1823 (Musca)
Anthomyiidae Eustalomyia histrio Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Eustalomyia vittipes Zetterstedt, 1845 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Eutrichota frigida Zetterstedt, 1845 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Eutrichota inornata Loew, 1873 (Coenosia)
Anthomyiidae Eutrichota longimana Pokorny, 1887 (Chortophila)
Anthomyiidae Eutrichota megerlei Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Eutrichota pilimana Ringdahl
Anthomyiidae Eutrichota praepotens Wiedemann, 1817 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Eutrichota triticiperda Stein
Anthomyiidae Eutrichota tunicata Zetterstedt, 1846 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Fucellia fucorum Fallén, 1819 (Scatomyza)
Anthomyiidae Fucellia griseola Fallén, 1819 (Scatomyza)
Anthomyiidae Fucellia maritima Haliday, 1838 (Scatophaga)
Anthomyiidae Fucellia signata Zetterstedt, 1845 (Scatomyza)
Anthomyiidae Hammomyia albescens Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Anthomyiidae Hammomyia unilineata Zetterstedt
Anthomyiidae Helina separata Meigen, 1826
Anthomyiidae Heterostylodes nominabilis Collin, 1947 (Heterostylus)
Anthomyiidae Heterostylodes pilifera Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Anthomyiidae Heterostylodes pratensis Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Hydrophoria anthomyiea Rondani
Anthomyiidae Hydrophoria conica Wiedemann
Anthomyiidae Hydrophoria lancifer Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Anthomyiidae Hydrophoria linogrisea Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Hydrophoria ruralis Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Hydrophoria silvicola Robineau-Desvoidy
Anthomyiidae Hylemya lamellata Stein
Anthomyiidae Hylemya latevittata Stein, 1908 (Hylemyia)
Anthomyiidae Hylemya latifrons Schnabl, 1911 (Hylemyia)
Anthomyiidae Hylemya nigrimana Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Hylemya vagans Panzer, 1798 (Musca)
Anthomyiidae Hylemya variata Fallén, 1823 (Musca)
Anthomyiidae Hylemyza partita Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Hylephila buccata Fallén
Anthomyiidae Hyporites montanus Schiner, 1862 (Eriphia)
Anthomyiidae Lasiomma cuneicorne Zetterstedt
Anthomyiidae Lasiomma flavipenne Walker, 1849 (Cordylura)
Anthomyiidae Lasiomma octoguttatum Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Anthomyiidae Lasiomma strigilatum Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Leucophora cinerea Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Leucophora)
Anthomyiidae Leucophora grisella Hennig, 1967 (Leucophora)
Anthomyiidae Leucophora obtusa Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Leucophora obtusa Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Leucophora sericea Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Leucophora)
Anthomyiidae Leucophora sponsa Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Leucophora unilineata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Leucophora unistriata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Medina separata Meigen
Anthomyiidae Melanomyia nana Meigen, 1826 (Dexia)
Anthomyiidae Mycophaga testacea Gimmerthal, 1834 (Coenosia)
Anthomyiidae Myopina myopina Fallén, 1824 (Musca)
Anthomyiidae Myopina reflexa Robineau-Desvoidy, 1838 (Musca)
Anthomyiidae Myopina scoparia Zetterstedt
Anthomyiidae Paradelia intersecta Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Paradelia lunatifrons Zetterstedt, 1846 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Paregle audacula Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Anthomyiidae Paregle vetula Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya atricauda Ringdahl
Anthomyiidae Pegomya betae Curtis, 1847 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya bicolor Wiedemann, 1817 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya caesia Stein, 1906 (Pegomyia)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya calyptrata Zetterstedt, 1846 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya conformis Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya depressiventris Zetterstedt, 1845 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya deprimata Stein, 1845 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya flavifrons Walker, 1849 (Eriphia)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya flavoscutellata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya fulgens Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya geniculata Bouché, 1834 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya haemorrhoum Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya holmgreni Boheman, 1858 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya hyoscyami Panzer, 1809 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya icterica Holmgren
Anthomyiidae Pegomya incisiva Stein, 1906 (Pegomyia)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya interruptella Zetterstedt, 1855 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya lurida Zetterstedt, 1846 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya nigrisquama Stein, 1888 (Chortophila)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya notabilis Zetterstedt
Anthomyiidae Pegomya pulchripes H. Loew, 1857 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya regulosa Zetterstedt, 1845 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya rubivora Coquillett
Anthomyiidae Pegomya ruficeps Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya rufina Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya rufipes Fallén, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya rugulosa Zetterstedt, 1845 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya scapularis Zetterstedt, 1846 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya setaria Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya silacea Meigen, 1830 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya solennis Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya tabida Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya tenera Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya transversa Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya univittocta von Roser
Anthomyiidae Pegomya versicolor Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya winthemi Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya vittigera Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Pegomya zonata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Pegomyia deprimata Zetterstedt, 1845 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Pegomyia geniculata Bouché, 1834 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Pegoplata aestiva Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Pegoplata palposa Stein, 1897 (Hydrophoria)
Anthomyiidae Pegoplata tundrica Schnabl, 1915 (Nupedia)
Anthomyiidae Pegoplata virginea Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Phorbia curvicauda Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Anthomyiidae Phorbia penicillaris Stein, 1916 (Chortophila)
Anthomyiidae Phorbia perssoni Hennig, 1976 (Phorbia)
Anthomyiidae Phorbia sepia Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Subhylemyia longula Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Anthomyiidae Zaphne ambigua Fallén, 1823 (Musca)
Anthomyiidae Zaphne barbiventris Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Anthomyiidae Zaphne brunneifrons Zetterstedt
Anthomyiidae Zaphne caudata Zetterstedt, 1855 (Aricia)
Anthomyiidae Zaphne divisa Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Anthomyiidae Zaphne fasciculata Schnabl
Anthomyiidae Zaphne frontata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Zaphne ignobilis Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Anthomyiidae Zaphne inuncta Zetterstedt
Anthomyiidae Zaphne lineatocollis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyiidae Zaphne nuda Schnabl
Anthomyiidae Zaphne verticina Zetterstedt
Anthomyiidae Zaphne wierzejskii Mik, 1867 (Spilogaster)
Anthomyiidae Zaphne zetterstedti Ringdahl, 1918 (Acroptena)
Anthomyzidae Anagnota bicolor Meigen, 1838 (Opomyza)
Anthomyzidae Anthomyza albimana Meigen, 1830 (Opomyza)
Anthomyzidae Anthomyza cingulata Haliday, 1855 (Geomyza)
Anthomyzidae Anthomyza gracilis Fallén, 1823 (Anthomyza)
Anthomyzidae Anthomyza pallida Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthophilina)
Anthomyzidae Anthomyza sabulosa Haliday
Anthomyzidae Paranthomyza nitida Meigen, 1838 (Opomyza)
Anthomyzidae Trixoscelis frontalis Fallén, 1823 (Anthomyza)
Asilidae Acanthopleura brunnipes Fabricius, 1794 (Asilus)
Asilidae Acanthopleura naxia Macquart, 1838 (Asilus)
Asilidae Acanthopleura ravus Loew, 1871 (Tolmerus)
Asilidae Afromochtherus peri Londt, 2002 (Afromochterus)
Asilidae Alcimus cuthbertsoni Hobby, 1934 (Alcimus)
Asilidae Alcimus longipes Macquart, 1938 (Trupanea)
Asilidae Alcimus setifemoratus Hobby, 1934 (Alcimus)
Asilidae Amphisbetetus favillaceus H. Loew, 1856 (Habropogon)
Asilidae Ancylorhyncus glaucius Rossi, 1790 (Asilus)
Asilidae Andrenosoma albibarbe Meigen, 1820 (Laphria)
Asilidae Andrenosoma atra Linnaeus, 1758 (Asilus)
Asilidae Antipalus varipes Meigen, 1820 (Asilus)
Asilidae Antiphrisson trifarius H. Loew, 1849 (Asilus)
Asilidae Anypodetus fascipennis Engel, 1924 (Anypodetus)
Asilidae Apoclea trivialis Loew, 1873 (Apoclea)
Asilidae Asilus barbarus Linnaeus, 1758 (Asilus)
Asilidae Asilus crabroniformis Linnaeus, 1758 (Asilus)
Asilidae Astochia armata Becker, 1909 (Neoitamus)
Asilidae Astochia inermis Hermann, 1917 (Astochia)
Asilidae Astochia longistylis Wiedemann, 1828 (Asilus)
Asilidae Astochia scalaris Hermann, 1917 (Astochia)
Asilidae Astochia virgatipes Coquillet, 1899 (Asilus)
Asilidae Bathypogon asiliformis H. Loew, 1851 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Ceraturgus hedini Engel, 1934 (Ceraturgus)
Asilidae Cerdistus zelleri Schiner, 1862 (Cerdistus)
Asilidae Choerades dioctriaeformis Meigen, 1820 (Laphria)
Asilidae Choerades fimbriata Meigen, 1820 (Laphria)
Asilidae Choerades fuliginosa Panzer, 1798 (Asilus)
Asilidae Choerades fulva Meigen, 1804 (Laphria)
Asilidae Choerades gilva Linnaeus, 1758 (Asilus)
Asilidae Choerades ignea Meigen, 1820 (Laphria)
Asilidae Choerades lapponica Zetterstedt, 1838 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Choerades marginata Linnaeus, 1758 (Asilus)
Asilidae Choerades rufipes Fallén, 1814 (Laphria)
Asilidae Cophinopoda chinensis Fabricius, 1794 (Asilus)
Asilidae Crobilocerus megilliformis H. Loew, 1847 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Cyrtopogon fulvicornis Macquart, 1834 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Cyrtopogon lapponicus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Cyrtopogon lateralis Fallén, 1814 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Cyrtopogon longibarbus H. Loew, 1857 (Cyrtopogon)
Asilidae Cyrtopogon luteicornis Zetterstedt, 1842 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Cyrtopogon maculipennis Macquart, 1834 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Cyrtopogon meyerduerii Mik, 1861 (Cyrtopogon)
Asilidae Cyrtopogon ruficornis Fabricius, 1794 (Asilus)
Asilidae Danomyia pachyphallus Londt, 1993 (Danomyia)
Asilidae Danomyia tanaos Londt, 1993 (Danomyia)
Asilidae Dasypogon diadema Fabricius, 1781 (Asilus)
Asilidae Dasypogon octonotatus Loew, 1869 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Dioctria atricapilla Meigen, 1804 (Dioctria)
Asilidae Dioctria baumhaueri Meigen, 1820 (Dioctria)
Asilidae Dioctria bicincta Meigen, 1820 (Dioctria)
Asilidae Dioctria calceata Meigen, 1820 (Dioctria)
Asilidae Dioctria cothurnata Meigen, 1820 (Dioctria)
Asilidae Dioctria flavipennis Meigen, 1820 (Dioctria)
Asilidae Dioctria fuscipes Macquart, 1834 (Dioctria)
Asilidae Dioctria gracilis Meigen, 1820 (Dioctria)
Asilidae Dioctria harcyniae H. Loew, 1844 (Dioctria)
Asilidae Dioctria humeralis Zeller, 1840 (Dioctria)
Asilidae Dioctria hyalipennis Fabricius, 1794 (Asilus)
Asilidae Dioctria lateralis Meigen, 1804 (Dioctria)
Asilidae Dioctria linearis Fabricius, 1787 (Asilus)
Asilidae Dioctria longicornis Meigen, 1820 (Dioctria)
Asilidae Dioctria mixta Becker, 1923 (Dioctria)
Asilidae Dioctria oelandica Linnaeus, 1758 (Asilus)
Asilidae Dioctria rufipes De Geer, 1776 (Asilus)
Asilidae Dioctria valida H. Loew, 1856 (Dioctria)
Asilidae Dysmachus bifurcus H. Loew, 1848 (Asilus)
Asilidae Dysmachus bimucronatus H. Loew, 1854 (Lophonotus)
Asilidae Dysmachus cephalenus Loew, 1871 (Dysmachus)
Asilidae Dysmachus cochleatus H. Loew, 1854 (Lophonotus)
Asilidae Dysmachus cristatus Wiedemann, 1820 (Asilus)
Asilidae Dysmachus decipiens Wiedemann, 1820 (Asilus)
Asilidae Dysmachus fuscipennis Meigen, 1820 (Asilus)
Asilidae Dysmachus harpax Villeneuve, 1904 (Dysmachus)
Asilidae Dysmachus harpax Villeneuve, 1904 (Dysmachus)
Asilidae Dysmachus picipes Meigen, 1820 (Asilus)
Asilidae Dysmachus trigonus Meigen, 1804 (Asilus)
Asilidae Echthistus rufinervis Meigen, 1820 (Asilus)
Asilidae Epitriptus arthriticus Zeller, 1840 (Asilus)
Asilidae Epitriptus cingulatus Fabricius, 1781 (Asilus)
Asilidae Epitriptus inconstans Wiedemann, 1820 (Asilus)
Asilidae Epitriptus setosulus Zeller, 1840 (Asilus)
Asilidae Erax barbatus Scopoli, 1763 (Era)
Asilidae Euscelidia artaphernes Speiser, 1910 (Leptogaster)
Asilidae Euscelidia nenemusha Speiser, 1910 (Leptogaster)
Asilidae Euscelidia procula Walker, 1849 (Leptogaster)
Asilidae Eutolmus kiesenwetteri H. Loew, 1854 (Eutolmus)
Asilidae Eutolmus leucacanthus Loew, 1871 (Eutolmus)
Asilidae Eutolmus mordax H. Loew, 1848 (Asilus)
Asilidae Eutolmus parricida H. Loew, 1848 (Asilus)
Asilidae Eutolmus rufibarbis Meigen, 1820 (Asilus)
Asilidae Eutolmus sedakoffi H. Loew, 1854 (Eutolmus)
Asilidae Gonarthrus mutabilis Bowden, 1964 (Gonarthrus)
Asilidae Grypoctonus daimyo Speiser, 1928 (Grypoctonus)
Asilidae Grypoctonus hatakeyamae Matsumura, 1916 (Pycnopogon)
Asilidae Habropogon appendiculatus Schiner, 1867 (Habropogon)
Asilidae Habropogon cochraneae Londt, 2000 (Habropogon)
Asilidae Habropogon exquisitus Wiedemann, 1820 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Heteropogon ornatipes H. Loew, 1851 (Heteropogon)
Asilidae Holopogon dimidiatus Meigen, 1820 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Holopogon fumipennis Meigen, 1820 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Holopogon priscus Meigen, 1820 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Laphria aurea Fabricius, 1794 (Asilus)
Asilidae Laphria caspica Hermann, 1906 (Laphria)
Asilidae Laphria ephippium Fabricius, 1781 (Asilus)
Asilidae Laphria flava Linnaeus, 1761 (Asilus)
Asilidae Laphria gibbosus Linnaeus, 1758 (Asilus)
Asilidae Lasiopogon cinctus Fabricius, 1781 (Asilus)
Asilidae Lastaurus transiens Walker, 1849 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Leptarthrus brevirostris Meigen, 1804 (Dioctria)
Asilidae Leptharthrus vitripennis Meigen, 1820 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Leptogaster agrionina Speiser, 1910 (Leptogaster)
Asilidae Leptogaster cylindrica De Geer, 1776 (Asilus)
Asilidae Leptogaster guttiventris Zetterstedt, 1842 (Leptogaster)
Asilidae Leptogaster hispanica Meigen, 1838 (Leptogaster)
Asilidae Leptogaster longicauda Hermann, 1917 (Leptogaster)
Asilidae Leptogaster pedunculata H. Loew, 1847 (Leptogaster )
Asilidae Leptogaster pictipennis H. Loew, 1858 (Leptogaster)
Asilidae Leptogaster pubicornis H. Loew, 1847 (Leptogaster)
Asilidae Lianculus glaucus Becker, 1908 (Lianculus)
Asilidae Machimus annulipes Brullé, 1832 (Asilus)
Asilidae Machimus caliginosus Meigen, 1820 (Asilus)
Asilidae Machimus concinnus Loew, 1870 (Machimus)
Asilidae Machimus cribratus H. Loew, 1849 (Asilus)
Asilidae Machimus dasypygus H. Loew, 1849 (Asilus)
Asilidae Machimus fimbriatus Meigen, 1804 (Asilus)
Asilidae Machimus fortis H. Loew, 1849 (Asilus)
Asilidae Machimus gratiosus Loew, 1871 (Machimus)
Asilidae Machimus intermedius Holmgren, 1852 (Asilus)
Asilidae Machimus madeirensis Schiner, 1868 (Machimus)
Asilidae Machimus minusculus Bezzi, 1899 (Machimus)
Asilidae Machimus monticola Frey, 1939 (Machimus)
Asilidae Machimus rusticus Meigen, 1820 (Asilus)
Asilidae Machimus setibarbis H. Loew, 1849 (Asilus)
Asilidae Machimus subdolus Loew, 1871 (Machimus)
Asilidae Machimus thoracicus H. Loew, 1849 (Asilus)
Asilidae Mallophora
Asilidae Microstylum dux Wiedemann, 1828 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Microstylum oberthuerii van der Wulp, 1896 (Microstylum)
Asilidae Molobratia egregia Loew, 1869 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Molobratia japonica Bigot, 1878 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Molobratia teutonus Linnaeus, 1767 (Asilus)
Asilidae Neoitamus aurifer Hermann, 1917 (Neoitamus)
Asilidae Neoitamus cothurnatus Meigen, 1820 (Asilus)
Asilidae Neoitamus cyanurus H. Loew, 1849 (Asilus)
Asilidae Neoitamus socius Loew, 1871 (Itamus)
Asilidae Neolophonotus albiciliatus H. Loew, 1854 (Lophonotus )
Asilidae Neomochtherus clypeatus Becker, 1915 (Heligmoneura)
Asilidae Neomochtherus flavipes Meigen, 1820 (Asilus)
Asilidae Neomochtherus pallipes Meigen, 1820 (Asilus)
Asilidae Neomochtherus perplexus Becker, 1923 (Cerdistus)
Asilidae Neomochtherus schineri Egger, 1855 (Mochterus)
Asilidae Oligopogon hybotinus H. Loew, 1847 (Dasypogon )
Asilidae Ommatius aequalis Becker, 1925 (Emphysomera)
Asilidae Ommatius biseriatus Becker, 1925 (Emphysomera)
Asilidae Ommatius chiastoneura Speiser, 1910 (Ommatius)
Asilidae Ommatius venator Speiser, 1910 (Ommatius)
Asilidae Pamponerus germanicus Linnaeus, 1758 (Asilus)
Asilidae Paritamus alpinus Meigen, 1820 (Asilus)
Asilidae Paritamus geniculatus Meigen, 1820 (Asilus)
Asilidae Pegesimallus volcata Walker, 1849 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Phileris dorsiger Wiedemann, 1828 (Asilus)
Asilidae Philodicus chinensis Schiner, 1868 (Philodicus)
Asilidae Philodicus doris Curran, 1927 (Alcimus)
Asilidae Philodicus pontius Bigot, 1880 (Alcinus)
Asilidae Philodicus swynnertoni Hobby, 1933 (Philodicus)
Asilidae Philodicus temerarius Walker, 1851 (Trupanea)
Asilidae Philonicus albiceps Meigen, 1820 (Asilus)
Asilidae Philonicus nigrosetus van der Wulp, 1881 (Philonicus)
Asilidae Pogonosoma maroccanum Fabricius, 1794 (Asilus)
Asilidae Polyphonius laevigatus H. Loew, 1848 (Polyphonius)
Asilidae Promachus canus albopilosus Macquart, 1855 (Trupanea)
Asilidae Promachus leoninus H. Loew, 1848 (Promachus)
Asilidae Promachus mustela H. Loew, 1854 (Promachus)
Asilidae Promachus scalaris H. Loew, 1858 (Promachus)
Asilidae Promachus yesonicus Bigot, 1887 (Promachus)
Asilidae Pycnopogon fasciculatus H. Loew, 1847 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Pycnopogon pallidipennis Brullé, 1836 (Laphria)
Asilidae Reminasus ephippium Macquart, 1855 (Asilus)
Asilidae Rhabdogaster pulverulentus Loew, 1858 (Spanurus)
Asilidae Rhadiurgus variabilis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Asilus)
Asilidae Saropogon atricolor H. Loew, 1857 (Saropogon)
Asilidae Saropogon jugulum H. Loew, 1847 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Saropogon luctuosus Wiedemann, 1820 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Saropogon obesulus Loew, 1869 (Saropogon)
Asilidae Saropogon platynotus H. Loew, 1847 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Satanas chan Engel, 1934 (Satanas)
Asilidae Satanas gigas Eversmann, 1855 (Asilus)
Asilidae Scylaticus costalis Wiedemann, 1819 (Dioctria)
Asilidae Scylaticus zonatus Loew, 1858 (Scylaticus)
Asilidae Stenopogon albociliatus Herman, 1929 (Stenopogon)
Asilidae Stenopogon avus Loew, 1874 (Scleropogon)
Asilidae Stenopogon callosus Pallas, 1818 (Asilus)
Asilidae Stenopogon coracinus H. Loew, 1847 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Stenopogon elongatus Meigen, 1804 (Asilus)
Asilidae Stenopogon flavibarbis Enderlein, 1934 (Stenopogon)
Asilidae Stenopogon kaltenbachi Engel, 1929 (Stenopogon)
Asilidae Stenopogon milvoides Engel, 1929 (Stenopogon)
Asilidae Stenopogon milvus H. Loew, 1847 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Stenopogon ochripes H. Loew, 1861 (Stenopogon)
Asilidae Stenopogon sabaudus Fabricius, 1794 (Asilus)
Asilidae Stenopogon strataegus Gerstäcker, 1861 (Stenopogon)
Asilidae Stenopogon xanthomelas Loew, 1868 (Stenopogon)
Asilidae Stichopogon albofasciatus Meigen, 1820 (Dasypogon)
Asilidae Stichopogon barbistrellus H. Loew, 1854 (Stichopogon)
Asilidae Stichopogon chrysostoma Schiner, 1867 (Stichopogon)
Asilidae Stichopogon inaequalis H. Loew, 1847 (Stichopogon)
Asilidae Stichopogon inconstans Wiedemann, 1828 (Thereva )
Asilidae Stichopogon muticus Bezzi, 1910 (Stichopogon)
Asilidae Stilpnogaster aemula Meigen, 1820 (Asilus)
Asilidae Tolmerus atricapillus Fallén, 1814 (Asilus)
Asilidae Tolmerus atripes H. Loew, 1854 (Tolmerus)
Asilidae Tolmerus novarensis Schiner, 1868 (Tolmerus)
Asilidae Tolmerus poecilogaster H. Loew, 1849 (Asilus)
Asilidae Tolmerus pyragra Zeller, 1840 (Asilus)
Asilidae Trichardis leucocomus van der Wulp, 1899 (Hoplistomerus)
Asilidae Trichomachimus excelsus Ricardo, 1922 (Machimus)
Asilidae Trichomachimus pubescens Ricardo, 1922 (Machimus)
Asteiidae Asteia amoena Meigen, 1830 (Asteia )
Asteiidae Asteia concinna Meigen, 1830 (Asteia)
Asteiidae Asteia elegantula Zetterstedt, 1847 (Asteia)
Asteiidae Leiomyza scatophagina Fallén, 1823 (Heteroneura)
Atelestidae Atelestus pulicarius Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Athericidae Atherix ibis Fabricius, 1798 (Rhagio)
Athericidae Atherix marginata Fabricius
Aulacigastridae Aulacigaster leucopeza Meigen, 1830 (Diastata)
Axymyidae Axymyia furcata McAtee, 1921 (Axymyia)
Bibionidae Bibio anglicus Verrall, 1869 (Bibio)
Bibionidae Bibio clavipes Meigen, 1818 (Bibio)
Bibionidae Bibio consanguineus Loew, 1869 (Bibio)
Bibionidae Bibio ferruginatus Linnaeus, 1767 (Tipula)
Bibionidae Bibio fulvipes Zetterstedt, 1838 (Hirtea)
Bibionidae Bibio furcillatus Loew, 1871 (Bibio)
Bibionidae Bibio furcillatus Loew, 1871 (Bibio)
Bibionidae Bibio hortulanus Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Bibionidae Bibio johannis Linnaeus, 1767 (Tipula)
Bibionidae Bibio lanigerus Meigen, 181 (Bibio)
Bibionidae Bibio leucopterus Meigen, 1804 (Hirtea)
Bibionidae Bibio marci Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Bibionidae Bibio nigriventris Haliday, 1833 (Bibio)
Bibionidae Bibio pomonae Fabricius, 1775 (Tipula)
Bibionidae Bibio siculus H. Loew, 1846 (Bibio)
Bibionidae Bibio siebkei Mik, 1887 (Bibio)
Bibionidae Bibio varipes Meigen, 1830 (Bibio)
Bibionidae Bibio varipes Meigen, 1830 (Bibio)
Bibionidae Bibio venosus Meigen, 1804 (Hirtea)
Bibionidae Bibio villosus Meigen, 1818 (Bibio)
Bibionidae Dilophus femoratus Meigen, 1804 (Bibio)
Bibionidae Dilophus fibrilis Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Bibionidae Dilophus humeralis Zetterstedt, 1850 (Dilophus)
Bibionidae Dilophus tenuis Meigen, 1818 (Dilophus)
Bibionidae Penthetria funebris Meigen, 1804 (Penthetria)
Bibionidae Penthetria motschulskii Gimmerthal, 1845 (Crapitula)
Bibionidae Plecia fulvicollis Fabricius, 1805 (Hirtea)
Bibionidae Plecia nigra Lundström, 1916 (Plecia)
Blephariceridae Bibiocephala maxima Brodskij, 1954 (Bibiocephala)
Blephariceridae Liponeura cinerascens Loew, 1844 (Liponeura)
Bombyliidae Acanthogeron senex Wiedemann, 1820 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Acanthogeron separatus Becker, 1906 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Acreotrichus antecedens Walker, 1849 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Amictus pulchellus Macquart, 1849 (Amictus)
Bombyliidae Amictus validus Loew, 1869 (Validus)
Bombyliidae Amictus variegatus Meigen, 1835 (Thlipsomyza)
Bombyliidae Anastoechus asiaticus Becker, 1916 (Anastoechus)
Bombyliidae Anastoechus barbatus Osten-Sacken, 1877 (Anastoechus)
Bombyliidae Anastoechus erinaceus Bezzi, 1921 (Anastoechus)
Bombyliidae Anastoechus hyrcanus Wiedemann, 1818 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Anastoechus melanohalteralis Tucker, 1907 (Anastoechus)
Bombyliidae Anastoechus nitidulus Fabricius, 1794 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Anastoechus phaleratus Hesse, 1938 (Anastoechus)
Bombyliidae Anastoechus stramineus Wiedemann, 1820 (Bombylius )
Bombyliidae Anthrax analis Say, 1823 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax angularis Thomson, 1869 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax angustipennis Macquart, 1840 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax anthrax Schrank, 1781 (Musca)
Bombyliidae Anthrax aygulus Fabricius, 1805 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax binotatus Wiedemann, 1820 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax cedens Walker, 1852 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax doliops Hesse, 1956 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax gideon Fabricius, 1805 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax hyalacrus Wiedemann, 1828 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax incomptus Walker, 1849 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax irroratus Say, 1823 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax leucogaster Wiedemann, 1820 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax limatulus Say, 1820 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax macquarti d'Andretta & Carrera, 1952 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax maurus Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Bombyliidae Anthrax midas Fabricius, 1805 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax oedipus Fabricius, 1805 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax pilosulus Strobl, 1902 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax pithecius Fabricius, 1805 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax pluto Wiedemann, 1828 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax pusillus Wiedemann, 1821 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax repertus Walker, 1852 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax sticticus Klug, 1832 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax tigrinus De Geer, 1776 (Nemotelus)
Bombyliidae Anthrax varius Fabricius, 1794 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Anthrax virgo Egger, 1859 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Beckerellus androgynus H. Loew, 1855 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Beckerellus terminatus Becker, 1909 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylella ater Scopoli1763 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylella delicatus Wiedemann, 1830 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylella koreanus Paramoonv,, 1926 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylella simulans Austen, 1937 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylella stictica Boidsuval, 1835 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylinus callopterus Loew, 1855 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylinus semifuscus Meigen, 1820 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylisoma notatum Engel, 1933 (Dischistus)
Bombyliidae Bombylisoma rhodesianum Hesse, 1938 (Chasmoneura)
Bombyliidae Bombylisoma senegalense Macquart, 1840 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylisoma unicolor H. Loew 1855 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius albicapillus H. Loew, 1863 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius ambustus Wiedemann, 1818 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius ater Scopoli, 1763 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius atriceps H. Loew, 1863 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius canescens Mikan, 1796 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius cinerascens Mikan, 1796 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius cinerivus Painter, 1962 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius comanche Painter, 1962 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius consanguineus Macquart, 1840 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius cruciatus Fabricius, 1798 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius discolor Mikan, 1796 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius fimbriatus Meigen, 1820 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius fuliginosus Wiedemann, 1820 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius fulvescens Wiedemann, 1820 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius fuscus Fabricius, 1781 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius koreanus Paramonov, 1926 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius lancifer Osten-Sacken, 1877 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius lateralis Fabricius, 1805 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius maculifer Walker, 1852 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius maculithorax Paramonov, 1926 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius major Linnaeus, 1758 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius medius Linnaeus, 1758 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius metopium Osten-Sacken, 1877 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius micans Fabricius, 1798 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius minimus Fabricius, 1815 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius minor Linnaeus, 1758 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius mutilatus Bezzi, 1921 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius orientalis Macquart, 1840 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius pictus Panzer, 1794 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius pulchellus H. Loew, 1863 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius punctipennis H. Loew, 1855 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius sticticus Boisduval, 1835 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius texanus Painter, 1933 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius venosus Mikan, 1796 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bombylius vulpinus Wiedemann, 1820 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Bryodemina valida Wiedemann, 1830 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Caecanthrax arabicus Macquart, 1840 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Caneriellum acutangulum H. Loew, 1860 (Lomatia)
Bombyliidae Cephalodromia curvata Becker, 1914 (Cephalodromia)
Bombyliidae Cephalodromia curvata Becker, 1914 (Ceratolaemus)
Bombyliidae Chalcochiton holosericea Fabricius, 1794 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Chalcochiton pallasi H. Loew, 1856 (Mulio)
Bombyliidae Conophorus asiatucus Paramonov, 1929 (Conophorus)
Bombyliidae Conophorus atrabulus Loew, 1872 (Ploas)
Bombyliidae Conophorus fuliginosus Wiedemann, 1820 (Ploas)
Bombyliidae Conophorus fuscipennis Macquart, 1840 (Ploas)
Bombyliidae Conophorus melanoceratus Bigot, 1892 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Conophorus painteri Priddy, 1958 (Conophorus)
Bombyliidae Conophorus virescens Fabricius, 1787 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Crocidium sp.
Bombyliidae Cyrtosia nitens H. Loew, 1846 (Cyrtosia)
Bombyliidae Cythera dispar Loew, 1873 (Mulio)
Bombyliidae Cytherea holosericea Fabricius, 1794 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Cytherea obscura Fabricius, 1794 (Cytherea)
Bombyliidae Cytherea syriaca Loew, 1868 (Mulio)
Bombyliidae Dischistus mystax Wiedemann, 1818 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Eclimus magnus Osten-Sacken, 1877 (Epibates)
Bombyliidae Euprepina bicincta Hull, 1971 (Euprepina)
Bombyliidae Eurycarenus sp.
Bombyliidae Exhyalanthrax abruptus H. Loew, 1860 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Exhyalanthrax afer Fabricius, 1794 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Exhyalanthrax flammiger Walker, 1849 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Exhyalanthrax nitidifrons Hesse, 1956 (Thyridanthrax)
Bombyliidae Exhyalanthrax stigmulus Klug 1832 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Exhyalanthrax vagans H. Loew, 1862 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa argentifasciata Macquart, 1846 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa baccha Loew, 1869 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa balioptera H. Loew, 1860 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa biguttata Macquart, 1834 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa caliptera Say, 1823 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa capucina Fabricius, 1781 (Bibio)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa cervina Bezzi, 1921 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa cleomene Egger, 1859 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa convexa Walker, 1857 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa decora Loew, 1872 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa dedecor Loew, 1871 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa dimidiata Macquart, 1846 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa dodrina Curran, 1930 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa dorcadion Osten-Sacken, 1877 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa dux Wiedemann, 1828 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa eluta H. Loew, 1860 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa fasciata Macquart, 1840 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa fascipennis Say, 1824 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa grandis Wiedemann, 1820 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa italica Wiedemann, 1820 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa jacchus Fabricius, 1805 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa luteicosta Bezzi, 1921 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa meigenii Wiedemann, 1828 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa minois Loew, 1869 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa minos Meigen, 1804 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa morosa H. Loew, 1860 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa nemesis Fabricius, 1805 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa pectoralis H. Loew, 1862 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa pueblensis Jaennicke, 1867 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa punctata Macquart, 1840 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa rutila Wiedemann, 1818 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa sordida Loew, 1869 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa sytshuana Paramonov, 1928 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa texana Curran, 1930 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa vassiljevi Paramonov, 1928 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Exoprosopa venosa Wiedemann, 1819 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Geron gibbosus Olivier, 1789 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Geron nomadicus Hesse, 1938 (Geron)
Bombyliidae Glabellula arctica Zetterstedt, 1838 (Platygaster)
Bombyliidae Hemipenthes hamiferus H. Loew, 1854 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Hemipenthes maurus Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Bombyliidae Hemipenthes morio Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Bombyliidae Hemipenthes velutinus Meigen, 1820 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Hemopenthes subvelutinus Zaitzev, 1966 (Hemipenthes)
Bombyliidae Heteralonia aeacus Meigen, 1804 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Heteralonia aridicola Hesse, 1856 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Heteralonia dispar Loew, 1869 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Heteralonia gonioneura Hesse, 1956 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Heteralonia megerlei Meigen, 1820 (Anthrax )
Bombyliidae Heteralonia zonata Hesse, 1936 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Heterostylum crocerum Painter, 1930 (Heterostylum)
Bombyliidae Heterostylum laticeps Bigot, 1892 (Heterostylum)
Bombyliidae Heterostylum robustum Osten-Sacken, 1877 (Comastes)
Bombyliidae Heterostylum rufum Olivier, 1789 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Hyperalonia coeruleiventris Macquart, 1846 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Hyperalonia morio Fabricius, 1775 (Stomoxys)
Bombyliidae Hyperalonia morio Fabricius, 1775 (Stomyxys)
Bombyliidae Hyperalonia surinamensis Rondani, 1863 (Hyperalonia)
Bombyliidae Lepidanthrax tinctus Thomson, 1869 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Ligyra bombyliformis Macleay, 1826 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Ligyra cerberus Fabricius, 1794 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Ligyra ferrea Walker, 1849 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Ligyra flavofasciata Macquart, 1855 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Ligyra helena H. Loew, 1854 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Ligyra hemifusca Roberts, 1928 (Hyperalonia)
Bombyliidae Ligyra hemifusca Roberts, 1928 (Hyperalonia)
Bombyliidae Ligyra latipennis Paramonov, 1931
Bombyliidae Ligyra nigripennis H. Loew, 1852 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Ligyra orcus Walker, 1849 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Ligyra proserpina Wiedemann, 1828 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Ligyra satyrus Fabricius, 1775 (Ligyra)
Bombyliidae Litorhina allothyris Bezzi, 1920 (Litorrhynchus)
Bombyliidae Litorhina nyasae Ricardo, 1901 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Litorhina rostrata H. Loew, 1806 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Lomatia belzebul Fabricius, 1794 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Lomatia infernalis Schiner, 1868 (Lomatia)
Bombyliidae Lomatia lateralis Meigen, 1820 (Stygia)
Bombyliidae Lomatia obscuripennis Loew, 1869 (Lomatia)
Bombyliidae Lomatia pictipennis Wiedemann, 1828 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Lomatia polyzona Loew, 1869 (Lomatia)
Bombyliidae Lomatia sabaea Fabricius, 1781 (Bibio)
Bombyliidae Lordotus gibbus H. Loew, 1863 (Lordotus)
Bombyliidae Lyophlaeba transandria Edwards, 1934 (Macrocondyla)
Bombyliidae Micomitra stupida Rossi, 1790 (Bibio)
Bombyliidae Micromitra iris Loew, 1869 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Oestranthrax Paramonov, 1933 (Oestranthrax )
Bombyliidae Oligodranes sp.
Bombyliidae Pachyanthrax unctus Loew, 1869 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Panterbes pusio Osten-Sacken, 1887 (Panterbes)
Bombyliidae Parabombylius coquilletti Williston, 1899 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Parageron major Macquart, 1840 (Usia)
Bombyliidae Petrorossia fulvipes H. Loew, 1860 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Petrorossia hesperus Rossi, 1790 (Bibio)
Bombyliidae Phthiria canescens H. Loew, 1846 (Phthiria)
Bombyliidae Phthiria gaedei Wiedemann, 1820 (Phthiria)
Bombyliidae Phthiria pubescens Bezzi, 1921 (Phthiria)
Bombyliidae Phthiria pulicaria Mikan, 1796 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Phthiria punctipennis Walker, 1849 (Phthiria)
Bombyliidae Phthiria sulphurea H. Loew, 1863 (Phthiria)
Bombyliidae Phthiria tinctipennis Hesse, 1975 (Phthiria)
Bombyliidae Poecilanthrax alpha Osten-Sacken, 1877 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Poecilanthrax autumnalis Cole, 1917 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Poecilanthrax demorgorgon Walker, 1849 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Poecilanthrax effrenus Coquillet, 1887 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Poecilanthrax lucifer Fabricius, 1775 (Bibio)
Bombyliidae Poecilanthrax sackenii Coquillet, 1887 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Poecilanthrax willistonii Coquillet, 1887 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Prorachthes beckeri Paramonov, 1926 (Prorachthes)
Bombyliidae Sparnopolius lherminierii Macquart, 1840 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Spogostylum aethiops Fabricius, 1781 (Bibio)
Bombyliidae Spogostylum hippolyta Wiedemann, 1828 (Anthrax )
Bombyliidae Spogostylum incisurale Macquart, 1840 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Spogostylum tripunctatum Wiedemann, 1820 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Staurostichus chiastoneura Hull
Bombyliidae Systoechus albidus H. Loew, 1860 (Systoechus)
Bombyliidae Systoechus auricomatus Bowden, 1959 (Systoechus)
Bombyliidae Systoechus aurulentus ctenopterus Wiedemann, 1820 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Systoechus cancidulus H. Loew, 1863 (Systoechus)
Bombyliidae Systoechus ctenopterus Mikan, 1796 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Systoechus gradatus Wiedemann, 1820 (Bombylius)
Bombyliidae Systoechus longirostris Becker, 1916 (Systoechus)
Bombyliidae Systoechus oreas Osten-Sacken, 1877 (Systoechus)
Bombyliidae Systoechus vulgaris H. Loew, 1863 (Systoechus)
Bombyliidae Systropus crudelis Westwood, 1876 (Systropus)
Bombyliidae Systropus laqueatus Enderlein, 1926 (Cephenius)
Bombyliidae Thyridanthrax elegans Wiedemann, 1820 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Thyridanthrax fenestratus Fallén, 1814 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Thyridanthrax incanus Klug, 1832 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Thyridanthrax laetus H. Loew, 1860 (Exoprosopa)
Bombyliidae Thyridanthrax perspicillaris Loew, 1869 (Anthrax )
Bombyliidae Thyridanthrax polyphemus Wiedemann, 1820 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Toxophora maculata Rossi, 1790 (Asilus)
Bombyliidae Toxophora obliquisquamosa Hesse, 1938 (Toxophora)
Bombyliidae Toxophora virgata Osten-Sacken, 1877 (Toxophora)
Bombyliidae Usia bicolor Macquart, 1855 (Usia)
Bombyliidae Usia florea Fabricius, 1794 (Volucella)
Bombyliidae Usia lata H. Loew, 1846 (Usia)
Bombyliidae Usia sicula Egger, 1859 (Usia)
Bombyliidae Usia versicolor Fabricius, 1794 (Volucella)
Bombyliidae Villa alternata Say, 1823 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Villa castanea Jaennicke, 1867 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Villa cinerea Cole, 1923 (Villa)
Bombyliidae Villa cingulata Meigen, 1804 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Villa circumdata Meigen, 1820 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Villa cypris Meigen, 1820 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Villa edwardsii Coquillet, 1894 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Villa eumenes Osten-Sacken, 1887 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Villa flavipes H. Loew, 1860 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Villa flavipilosa Cole, 1923 (Villa)
Bombyliidae Villa fulviana Say, 1824 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Villa halteralis Kowarz, 1883 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Villa hottentotta Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Bombyliidae Villa humilis Ruthe, 1831 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Villa lateralis Say, 1823 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Villa lepidota Osten-Sacken, 1887 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Villa molitor Loew, 1869 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Villa niphobleta Loew, 1869 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Villa nugator Coquillet, 1887 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Villa occulta Wiedemann, 1820 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Villa paniscus Rossi, 1790 (Bibio)
Bombyliidae Villa parvicornis Loew, 1869 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Villa sexfasciata Wiedemann, 1821 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Villa sinuosa Wiedemann, 1821 (Anthrax)
Bombyliidae Villa utahensis Maughan, 1935 (Villa)
Bombyliidae Villa xanthina Painter, 1933 (Villa)
Bombyliidae Ylasoia pegasus Wiedemann, 1828 (Anthrax)
Braulidae Braula coeca Nitsch, 1818 (Braula)
Calliphoridae Abonesia genarum Zetterstedt, 1838 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Abonesia subalpina Ringdahl, 1931 (Steringomyia)
Calliphoridae Acrophaga alpina Zetterstedt, 1838 (Sarcophaga)
Calliphoridae Aldrichina grahami Aldrich, 1930 (Calliphora)
Calliphoridae Alikangiella vittata Peris, 1952 (Sumatria)
Calliphoridae Angioneura acerba Meigen, 1838 (Medoria)
Calliphoridae Angioneura fimbriata Meigen, 1826 (Dexia)
Calliphoridae Auchmeromyia bequaerti Roubaud, 1913 (Choeromyia)
Calliphoridae Auchmeromyia senegalensis Macquart, 1851 (Ochromyia)
Calliphoridae Bellardia agilis Meigen, 1826 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Bellardia pandia Walker, 1849 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Bellardia pusilla Meigen, 1826 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Bellardia stricta Villeneuve, 1926 (Onesia)
Calliphoridae Bengalia bezzii Senior-White, 1923 (Bengalia)
Calliphoridae Bengalia concava Malloch, 1927 (Bengalia)
Calliphoridae Bengalia labiata Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Bengalia)
Calliphoridae Bengalia varicolor Fabricius, 1805 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Blepharicnema splendens Macquart, 1843 (Blepharicnema)
Calliphoridae Borbororhinia bivittata Walker, 1856 (Idia)
Calliphoridae Boreellus atriceps Zetterstedt, 1845 (Sarcophaga)
Calliphoridae Calliphora alpina Zetterstedt, 1838 (Sarcophaga)
Calliphoridae Calliphora atripalpis Malloch, 1935 (Calliphora)
Calliphoridae Calliphora chrysorrhoea Meigen , 1826 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Calliphora dichromata Bigot, 1888 (Phumosia)
Calliphoridae Calliphora fulviceps van der Wulp, 1881 (Calliphora)
Calliphoridae Calliphora genarum Zetterstedt, 1838 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Calliphora loewi Enderlein, 1903 (Calliphora)
Calliphoridae Calliphora pattoni Aubertin, 1931 (Calliphora)
Calliphoridae Calliphora porphyrina Kurahashi, 1971 (Calliphora)
Calliphoridae Calliphora uralensis Villeneuve, 1922 (Calliphora)
Calliphoridae Calliphora vicina Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Calliphora)
Calliphoridae Calliphora vomitoria Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Catapicephala kurahashii Tumrasvin & Kano (Catapicephala)
Calliphoridae Chlorobrachycoma splendida Townsend, 1918 (Chlorobrachycoma)
Calliphoridae Chlororhinia fuscohirta Malloch, 1926 (Chlororhinia)
Calliphoridae Chrysomya albiceps Wiedemann, 1819 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Chrysomya megacephala Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Chrysomya pinguis Walker, 1858 (Lucilia)
Calliphoridae Chrysomya rufifacies Macquart, 1843 (Lucilia)
Calliphoridae Chrysomya saffranea Bigot, 1877 (Somomya)
Calliphoridae Chrysomya thanomthini Kurahashi & Tumrasvin (Chrysomya)
Calliphoridae Chrysomya varipes Macquart, 1851 (Lucilia)
Calliphoridae Chrysomya villeneuvi Patton, 1922 (Chrysomya)
Calliphoridae Cochliomyia macellaria Fabricius, 1775 (Cochliomyia)
Calliphoridae Cordylobia anthropophaga Blanchard & Bérenger-Féraud, 1872 (Ochromyia)
Calliphoridae Cosmina bicolor Walker, 1856 (Idia)
Calliphoridae Cosmina biplumosa Senior-White, 1924 (Stomorhina)
Calliphoridae Cosmina thailandica Kurahashi, 1995 (Cosmina)
Calliphoridae Cynomya mortuorum Linnaeus, 1761 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Euphomosia maai Torgerson & James, 1967 (Euphumosia)
Calliphoridae Euphomosia setigera Torgerson & James, 1967 (Euphumosia)
Calliphoridae Euphumosia annulata Torgerson, 1967 (Euphumosia)
Calliphoridae Euphumosia evittata Torgerson & James, 1967 (Euphumosia)
Calliphoridae Euphumosia evittata Torgerson & James, 1967 (Euphumosia)
Calliphoridae Euphumosia nitens Torgerson, 1967 (Euphumosia)
Calliphoridae Euphumosia papua Guérin-Méneville, 1831 (Calliphora)
Calliphoridae Euphumosia setigera Torgerson & James, 1967 (Euphumosia)
Calliphoridae Eurychaeta muscaria Meigen, 1826 (Sarcophaga)
Calliphoridae Eurychaeta muscaria Meigen, 1826 (Sarcophaga)
Calliphoridae Eurychaeta palpalis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Theria)
Calliphoridae Hemigymnochaeta gracilis Séguy, 1933 (Tricyclea)
Calliphoridae Hemipyrellia ligurriens Wiedemann, 1830 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Hemipyrellia tagaliana Bigot, 1877 (Somomyia)
Calliphoridae Hypopygiopsis violacea Macquart, 1835 (Cynomyia)
Calliphoridae Hypopygiopsis violacea Macquart, 1835 (Hypopygiopsis)
Calliphoridae Idiella divisa Walker, 1861 (Idia)
Calliphoridae Idiella euidielloides Senior-White, 1923 (Idiella)
Calliphoridae Idiella mandarina Wiedemann, 1830 (Idia)
Calliphoridae Idiella tripartita Bigot, 1874 (Idia)
Calliphoridae Isomyia borneensis Peris, 1951 (Thelychaeta)
Calliphoridae Isomyia chalconotum James, 1970 (Isomyia)
Calliphoridae Isomyia dotata Walker, 1856 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Isomyia fulvicornis Bigot, 1887 (Phumosia)
Calliphoridae Isomyia oestracea Séguy, 1934 (Pachycosmina)
Calliphoridae Isomyia pseudonepalana Senior-White, Aubertin & Smart, 1940 (Strongyloneura)
Calliphoridae Isomyia viridaurea Wiedemann, 1819 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Lucilia ampullacea Villeneuve, 1922 (Lucilia)
Calliphoridae Lucilia bufonivora Moniez, 1876 (Lucilia)
Calliphoridae Lucilia caesar Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Lucilia calvipes Bezzi, 1927 (Lucilia)
Calliphoridae Lucilia cuprina Wiedemann, 1830 (Phaenicia)
Calliphoridae Lucilia eximia Wiedemann, 1819 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Lucilia fulgida Zetterstedt, 1845 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Lucilia fumicosta Malloch, 1926 (Lucilia)
Calliphoridae Lucilia fuscipalpis Zetterstedt, 1845 (Sarcophaga)
Calliphoridae Lucilia illustris Meigen, 1826 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Lucilia papuensis Macquart, 1843 (Lucilia)
Calliphoridae Lucilia porphyrina Walker, 1856 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Lucilia regalis Meigen, 1826 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Lucilia sericata Meigen, 1826 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Lucilia shengyangensis Fan, 1965 (Lucilia)
Calliphoridae Lucilia silvarum Meigen, 1826 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Lucilia thatuna Shannon, 1926 (Lucilia)
Calliphoridae Lucilia thatuna Shannon, 1926 (Lucilia)
Calliphoridae Melanomya nana Meigen, 1826 (Dexia)
Calliphoridae Melinda abdominalis Malloch, 1931 (Paradichosia)
Calliphoridae Melinda cognata Meigen, 1830 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Melinda gentilis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Melinda)
Calliphoridae Melinda malaisei Kurahashi, 1970 (Melinda)
Calliphoridae Melinda nigricans Villeneuve, 1927 (Paradichosia)
Calliphoridae Melinda nuortevae Kurahashi, 1970 (Melinda)
Calliphoridae Melinda pusilla Villeneuve, 1927 (Gymnodichosia)
Calliphoridae Melinda scutellata Senior-White, 1923 (Paradichosia)
Calliphoridae Melinda vanemdeni Kurahashi, 1970 (Melinda)
Calliphoridae Mesembrinella abaca Hall, 1948 (Huascaromusca)
Calliphoridae Mesembrinella anomala Guimaraes, 1977 (Thompsoniella)
Calliphoridae Mesembrinella bicolor Fabricius, 1805 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Metallea erinacea Fang & Fan, 1984 (Metallea)
Calliphoridae Metallea setosa Townsend, 1917 (Metalliopsis)
Calliphoridae Metallea setosa Townsend, 1917 (Metalliopsis)
Calliphoridae Onesia austriaca Villeneuve, 1920 (Onesia)
Calliphoridae Onesia bergmani Kurahashi, 200xxx (Onesia)
Calliphoridae Onesia currani Kurahashi, 1987 (Onesia)
Calliphoridae Onesia currani Kurahashi, 1987 (Onesia)
Calliphoridae Onesia fuscata Kurahashi, 1984 (Onesia)
Calliphoridae Onesia niuginii Kurahashi, 1987 (Onesia)
Calliphoridae Onesia noumea Curran, 1929 (Calliphora)
Calliphoridae Onesia pubescens Macquart, 1851 (Calliphora)
Calliphoridae Onesia pubescens Macquart, 1851 (Calliphora)
Calliphoridae Onesia pubescens Macquart, 1851 (Calliphora)
Calliphoridae Onesia pubescens Macquart, 1851 (Calliphora)
Calliphoridae Onesia pubescens Macquart, 1851 (Calliphora)
Calliphoridae Onesia sarcophagoides Malloch, 1931 (Calliphora)
Calliphoridae Onesia sepulcralis Meigen, 1826 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Phormia regina Meigen, 1826 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Phumosia abdominalis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Phumosia)
Calliphoridae Phumosia coomani xxxxx (xxxx)
Calliphoridae Phumosia indica Surcouf, 1920 (Caiusa)
Calliphoridae Phumosia marginata James, 1971 (Phumosia)
Calliphoridae Phumosia pallida James, 1966 (Phumosia)
Calliphoridae Phumosia promittens Walker, 1860 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Phumosia testacea Senior-White, 1923 (Caiusa)
Calliphoridae Pollenia argenticincta Senior-White, 1923 (Idiopsis)
Calliphoridae Pollenia atramentaria Meigen, 1826 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Pollenia intermedia Macquart, 1835 (Pollenia)
Calliphoridae Pollenia mayeri Jacentkovskœ, 1941 (Pollenia)
Calliphoridae Pollenia monsdulitae Senior-White, 1940 (Pollenia)
Calliphoridae Pollenia nitens Zetterstedt, 1845 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Pollenia pectinata Grunin, 1966 (Pollenia)
Calliphoridae Pollenia rudis Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Pollenia similis Jacentkovskœ, 1941 (Dasypollenia)
Calliphoridae Pollenia vagabunda Meigen, 1826 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Pollenia varia Meigen, 1826 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Pollenia venturii Zumpt, 1956 (Pollenia)
Calliphoridae Pollenia vespillo Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Polleniopsis elongata Kurahashi , 19xx (xxxx)
Calliphoridae Polleniopsis toxopei Senior-White, 1926 (Paratricyclea)
Calliphoridae Protocalliphora azurea Fallén, 1817 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Protocalliphora chrysorrhoea Meigen, 1826 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Protophormia azurea Fallén, 1817 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Protophormia terranovae Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Phormia)
Calliphoridae Pseudonesia puberula Zetterstedt, 1838 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Rhinia apicalis Wiedemann, 1830 (Idia)
Calliphoridae Rhinia burmanica Peris, 1952 (Rhinia)
Calliphoridae Rhyncomya impavida Rossi, 1790 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Rhyncomyia columbina Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Calliphoridae Rhyncomyia cyanescens H. Loew, 1844 (Idia)
Calliphoridae Rhyncomyia speciosa H. Loew, 1844 (Idia)
Calliphoridae Sarconesia chlorogaster Wiedemann, 1830 (Sarcophaga)
Calliphoridae Silbomyia metallica Crosskey, 1965 (Silbomyia)
Calliphoridae Silbomyia philippinensis Crosskey, 1965 (Silbomyia)
Calliphoridae Stilbomyella gloriosa Walker, 1858 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Stomorhina discolor Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Stomorhina lunata Fabricius, 1805 (Musca)
Calliphoridae Stomorhina procula Walker, 1849 (Idia)
Calliphoridae Stomorhina veterana Villeneuve, 1927 (Stomorhina)
Calliphoridae Stomorhina xanthogaster Wiedemann, 1820 (Idia)
Calliphoridae Sumatria chiekoae Kurahashi & Tumrasvin, 1992 (Sumatria)
Calliphoridae Sumatria latifrons Malloch, 1926 (Sumatria)
Calliphoridae Tainanina sarcophagoides Kurahashi, 1987 (Tainanina)
Calliphoridae Toxotarsus fuscipennis Macquart, 1843 (Agria)
Calliphoridae Tricycleopsis papei Kurahashi, 1998 (Tricycleopsis)
Calliphoridae Tricycleopsis paradoxa Villeneuve, 1927 (Calliphora)
Calliphoridae Trypocalliphora braueri Hendel, 1901 (Avihospita)
Calliphoridae Verticia nigra Malloch, 1927 (Verticia)
Calliphoridae Verticia orientalis Malloch, 1927 (Verticia)
Camillidae Camilla acutipennis H. Loew, 1865 (Noterophila)
Camillidae Camilla glabra Fallén, 1823 (Drosophila)
Canacidae Xanthocanace ranula Loew, 1874 (Canace)
Canthyloscelidae Hyperoscelis eximia Boheman
Canthyloscelidae Hyperoscelis veternosa Mamaev & Krivosheina, 1969 (Hyperoscelis)
Carnidae Carnus hemapterus Nitzsch, 1818 (Carnus)
Carnidae Meoneura lacteipennis Fallén, 1823 (Agromyza)
Carnidae Meoneura obscurella Fallén, 1823 (Agromyza)
Carnidae Meoneura vagans Fallén, 1823 (Agromyza)
Cecidomyiidae Acericecis ocellaris Osten Sacken, 1862 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Acodiplosis inulae H. Loew, 1847 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Allocontarinia sorghicola Coquillett, 1899 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Ametrodiplosis thalictricola Rübsaamen, 1895 (Clinodiplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Anisosthephus betulinus Kieffer, 1889 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Apiomyia bergenstammi Wachtl, 1882 (Hormomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Arnoldiola atra Gagné, 1999 (Arnoldia)
Cecidomyiidae Arnoldiola gemmae Rübsaamen, 1891 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Arnoldiola libera Kieffer, 1909 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Arnoldiola quercus Binnie, 1877 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Asphondylia calycotomae Kieffer, 1909 (Asphondylia)
Cecidomyiidae Asphondylia capparis Rübsaamen, 1893 (Asphondylia)
Cecidomyiidae Asphondylia chrysothamni Felt, 1916 (Asphondylia)
Cecidomyiidae Asphondylia conglomerata Stefani, 1900 (Asphondylia)
Cecidomyiidae Asphondylia coronillae Vallot, 1829 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Asphondylia melanopus Kieffer, 1890 (Asphondylia)
Cecidomyiidae Asphondylia miki Wachtl, 1880 (Asphondylia)
Cecidomyiidae Asphondylia phlomidis Trotter, 1901 (Asphondylia)
Cecidomyiidae Asphondylia sarothamni H. Loew, 1850 (Asphondylia)
Cecidomyiidae Asphondylia ulicis Trail, 1873 (Asphondylia)
Cecidomyiidae Asphondylia verbasci Vallot, 1827 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Asteromyia carbonifera Osten Sacken, 1862 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Asynapta strobi Kieffer, 1920 (Camptomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Bayeriola salicariae Kieffer, 1888 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Bayeriola thymicola Kieffer, 1888 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Blastodiplosis cocciferae Tavares, 1902 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Blastomyia origani Tavares, 1902 (Oligotrophus)
Cecidomyiidae Braueriella phillyreae Löw, 1877 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Buhriella rubicola Stelter, 1960 (Buhriella)
Cecidomyiidae Camptomyia ulmicola Mamaev, 1961 (Camptomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Campylomyza flavipes Meigen, 1818 (Campylomyza)
Cecidomyiidae Cecidomyia pini De Geer, 1776 (Tipula)
Cecidomyiidae Cecidomyza immunda Zetterstedt, 1850 (Cecidomyza)
Cecidomyiidae Cecidomyza rosea Zetterstedt, 1838 (Cecidomyza)
Cecidomyiidae Claspettomyia niveitarsis Zetterstedt, 1850 (Cecidomyza)
Cecidomyiidae Coniophora graminicola Nijveldt, 1959 (Coniophora)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia aequalis Kieffer, 1898 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia anthobia Löw, 1877 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia asclepiadis Giraud, 1863 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia avenae Kieffer, 1901 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia ballotae Kieffer, 1898 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia brizae Kieffer, 1896 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia carpini Kieffer, 1897 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia chrysanthemi Kieffer, 1895 (Eudiplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia convallariae Rübsaamen, 1926 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia coryli Kaltenbach, 1895 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia craccae Kieffer, 1897 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia dactylidis H. Loew, 1851 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia dipsacearum Rübsaamen, 1921 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia fagi Rübsaamen, 1921 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia festucae Jones, 1940 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia floriperda Rübsaamen, 1917 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia gei Kieffer, 1909 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia geniculati Reuter, 1895 (Stenodiplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia hypochoeridis Rübsaamen, 1891 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia lentis Aczél, 1942 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia lonicerearum Löw, 1877 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia loti De Geer, 1776 (Tipula)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia lysimachiae Rübsaamen, 1893 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia majanthemi Rübsaamen, 1926 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia marchali Kieffer, 1896 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia medicaginis Kieffer, 1895 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia nasturtii Kieffer, 1888 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia nicolayi Rübsaamen, 1895 (Eudiplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia petioli Kieffer, 1898 (Harmandia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia pilosellae Kieffer, 1898 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia pisi Winnertz, 1854 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia poae Barnes, 1946 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia polygonati Rübsaamen, 1921 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia populi Rübsaamen, 1917 (Syndiplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia pruniflorum Coutin & Rambier, 1955 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia pyrivora Rilery, 1886 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia quercina Rübsaamen, 1890 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia quinquenotata Löw, 1888 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia rhamni Rübsaamen, 1892 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia rubicola Kieffer, 1909 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia sambuci Kaltenbach, 1873 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia solani Rübsaamen, 1891 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia sorbi Kieffer, 1896 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia steini Karsch, 1881 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia tiliarum Kieffer, 1890 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia tragopogonis Kieffer, 1909 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia tremulae Kieffer, 1909 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia tritici Kirby, 1798 (Tipula)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia viburnorum Kieffer, 1913 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Contarinia vincetoxici Kieffer, 1909 (Contarinia)
Cecidomyiidae Corinthomyia brevicornis Felt, 1907 (Campylomyza)
Cecidomyiidae Craneiobia corni Giraud, 1863 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Cystiphora sanguinea Bremi, 1847 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Cystiphora sonchi H. Loew, 1847 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Cystiphora taraxaci Kieffer, 1888 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura acrophila Winnertz, 1853 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura affinis Kieffer, 1886 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura alopecuri Reuter, 1895 (Oligotrophus)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura alpestris Kieffer, 1909 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura andrieuxi Tavares, 1902 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura angelicae Rübsaamen, 1915 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura aparines Kieffer, 1889 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura armoraciae Vimmer, 1936 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura asparagi Tavares, 1902 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura auritae Rübsaamen, 1915 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura autumnalis Mamaev, 1961 (Procystiphora)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura bertii Sylvén, 1993 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura bistortae Kieffer, 1909 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura brassicae Winnertz, 1853 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura cardaminis Winnertz, 1853 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura coronillae Tavares, 1902 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura corylina Kieffer, 1913 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura crataegi Winnertz, 1853 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura degeerii Bremi, 1847 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura dubiosa Kieffer, 1913 (Rhabdophaga)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura engstfeldi Rübsaamen, 1889 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura epilobii Löw, 1889 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura ericaescopariae Dufour, 1837 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura erodiicola Sylvén, 1993 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura fastidiosa Roskam, 1979 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura festucae Barnes, 1939 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura filicina Kieffer, 1889 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura frangulae Rübsaamen, 1917 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura fraxinea Kieffer, 1907 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura fraxini Kieffer, 1847 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura gentneri Pritchard, 1953 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura geranii Kieffer, 1907 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura glechomae Kieffer, 1889 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura gleditchiae Osten Sacken, 1866 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura helenae Sylvén, 1993 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura heterobia H. Loew, 1850 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura hisarensis Sharma & Singh, 1991 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura hybanthi Kolesik & Skuhravá, 1997 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura hygrophila Mik, 1883 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura ingeris Sylvén & Lövgren, 1995 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura interbracta Roskam, 1979 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura irregularis Bremi, 1847 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura iteobia Kieffer, 1890 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura kiefferiana Rübsaamen, 1891 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura leguminicola Lintner, 1879 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura lithospermi H. Loew, 1850 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura lotharingiae Kieffer, 1888 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura lupulinae Kieffer, 1891 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura mali Kieffer, 1904 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura marginemtorquens Bremi, 1847 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura mariae Sylvén, 1993 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura myosotidis Kieffer, 1902 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura oleae Löw, 1885 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura oxyacanthae Rübsaamen, 1914 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura papaveris Winnertz, 1853 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura periclymeni Rübsaamen, 1889 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura plicatrix H. Loew, 1850 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura poae Mühle, 1957 (Dasyneura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura polygalae Kieffer, 1909 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura populeti Rübsaamen, 1889 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura pseudococcus Thomas, 1890 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura pteridicola Kieffer, 1901 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura pulsatillae Kieffer, 1894 (Dichelomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura pustulans Rübsaamen, 1889 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura pyri Bouché, 1847 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura ranunculi Bremi, 1847 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura repentis Skuhravá, 1986 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura ribis Barnes, 1940 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura rosaria H. Loew, 1850 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura rosarum Hardy, 1850 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura rosmarini Tavares, 1902 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura saliciperda Dufour, 1841 (Lasioptera)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura salicis Schrank, 1803 (Tipula)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura saussureae Fedotova, 1996 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura saxifragae Kieffer, 1891 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura schreiteri Stelter, 1982 (Rhabdophaga)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura schulzei Rübsaamen, 1917 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura serotina Winnertz, 1853 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura sisymbrii Schrenk, 1803 (Tipula)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura strumosa Bremi, 1847 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura symphyti Rübsaamen, 1891 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura terminalis H. Loew, 1850 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura tetensi Rübsaamen, 1891 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura teucrii Tavares, 1903 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura thomasiana Kieffer, 1888 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura tiliae Schrank, 1803 (Tipula)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura tortilis Bremi, 1847 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura tortrix Löw, 1877 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura traili Kieffer, 1909 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura triandraperda Barnes, 1935 (Rhabdophaga)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura trifolii Loew, 1874 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura ulmaria Bremi, 1847 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura ulmicola Kieffer, 1909 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura urticae Perris, 1840 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura wahlenbergiae Kolesik, 1998 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura viciae Kieffer, 1888 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura viminalis Westwood, 1847 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura violae Löw, 1880 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura virgaeaureae Liebel, 1889 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dasineura vulgatiformiae Sylvén, 1998 (Dasineura)
Cecidomyiidae Dicerura iridis Kaltenbach, 1873 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Diodaulus linariae Winnertz, 1853 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Diodaulus traili Kieffer, 1889 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Diplosis brachyntera Ratzeberg
Cecidomyiidae Drisina glutinosa Giard, 1893 (Drisina)
Cecidomyiidae Dryomyia circinans Giraud, 1861 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dryomyia cocciferae Marchal, 1897 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Dryomyia lichtensteini Löw, 1878 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Epicalamus phalaridis Sylvén, 1997 (Epicalamus)
Cecidomyiidae Feltiella acarisuga Vallot, 1827 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Geocrypta galii H. Loew, 1850 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Geocrypta trachelii Wachtl, 1885 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Gephyraulus diplotaxis Solinas, 1982 (Paragephyraulus)
Cecidomyiidae Gephyraulus moricandiae Sylvén & Solinas, 1989 (Gephyraulus)
Cecidomyiidae Gephyraulus raphanistri Kieffer, 1886 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Gerormyia penniseti Felt, 1920 (Itonidia)
Cecidomyiidae Giraudiella inclusa Frauenfeld, 1862 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Haplodiplosis marginata von Roser, 1840 (Diplosis)TYPE
Cecidomyiidae Harmandiola cavernosa Rübsaamen, 1889 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Harmandiola globuli Rübsaamen, 1889 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Harmandiola populi Rübsaamen, 1917 (Harmandia)
Cecidomyiidae Harmandiola tremulae Winnertz, 1853 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Hartigiola annulipes Hartig, 1839 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Hasegawaia sasacola Monzen, 1937 (Hasegawaia)
Cecidomyiidae Hygrodiplosis vaccinii Kieffer, 1897 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Iteomyia capreae Winnertz, 1853 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella alpina Löw, 1885 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella bryoniae Bouché, 1847 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella cucubali Kieffer, 1909 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella filipendulae Kieffer, 1909 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella floriperda Löw, 1888 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella genisticola Löw, 1877 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella hedickei Rübsaamen, 1921 (Jaapiella)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella hypochoeridis Sylvén, 1998 (Jaapiella)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella inulicola Fedotova, 1993 (Jaapiella)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella knautiae Rübsaamen, 1917 (Jaapiella)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella loticola Rübsaamen, 1889 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella medicaginis Rübsaamen, 1912 (Dasyneura)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella moraviae Wachtl, 1883 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella pilosellae Sylvén, 1998 (Jaapiella)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella praticola Kieffer, 1892 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella ranunculi Bremi, 1847 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella reichardiae Sylvén, 1998 (Jaapiella)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella schmidti Rübsaamen, 1912 (Dasyneura)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella thalictri Rübsaamen, 1895 (Dichelomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella traili Kieffer, 1909 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella vacciniorum Kieffer, 1913 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella veronicae Vallot, 1827 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Jaapiella volvens Rübsaamen, 1917 (Jaapiella)
Cecidomyiidae Janetia cerris Kollar, 1850 (Lasioptera)
Cecidomyiidae Janetia homocera Löw, 1877 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Janetia szepligetii Kieffer, 1896 (Janetia)
Cecidomyiidae Janetiella lemeei Kieffer, 1904 (Oligotrophus)
Cecidomyiidae Janetiella siskiyou Felt, 1917 (Janetiella)
Cecidomyiidae Janetiella thymi Kieffer, 1888 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Kaltenbachiola strobi Winnertz, 1853 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Karshomyia caulicola Coquillett, 1895 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Kiefferia pericarpiicola Bremi, 1847 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Lasioptera arundinis Schiner, 1854 (Lasioptera)
Cecidomyiidae Lasioptera carophila Loew, 1874 (Lasioptera)
Cecidomyiidae Lasioptera eryngii Vallot, 1829 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Lasioptera hungarica Möhn, 1968 (Lasioptera)
Cecidomyiidae Lasioptera rubi Schrank, 1803 (Tipula)
Cecidomyiidae Lasioptera thapsiae Kieffer, 1898 (Lasioptera)
Cecidomyiidae Lathyromyza florum Rübsaamen, 1915 (Lathyromyza)
Cecidomyiidae Lathyromyza schlechtendali Kieffer, 1886 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Lestremia leucophaea Meigen, 1818 (Sciara)
Cecidomyiidae Loewiola centaureae Löw, 1875 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Macrodiplosis dryobia Löw, 1877 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Macrodiplosis volvens Kieffer, 1895 (Macrodiplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Macrolabis achilleae Rübsaamen, 1893 (Macrolabis)
Cecidomyiidae Macrolabis alnicola Rübsaamen, 1914 (Macrolabis)
Cecidomyiidae Macrolabis aquilegiae Kieffer, 1909 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Macrolabis heraclei Kaltenbach, 1862 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Macrolabis hieracii Rübsaamen, 1917 (Macrolabis)
Cecidomyiidae Macrolabis incolens Rübsaamen, 1895 (Macrolabis)
Cecidomyiidae Macrolabis lamii Rübsaamen, 1915 (Macrolabis)
Cecidomyiidae Macrolabis luceti Kieffer, 1899 (Macrolabis)
Cecidomyiidae Macrolabis orobi Löw, 1877 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Macrolabis pavida Winnertz, 1853 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Macrolabis pilosellae Binnie, 1877 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Macrolabis ruebsaameni Hedicke, 1938 (Macrolabis)
Cecidomyiidae Macrolabis scrophulariae Tavares, 1906 (Macrolabis)
Cecidomyiidae Macrolabis stellariae Liebel, 1889 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Masakimyia pustulae Yukawa & Sunose, 1976 (Masakimyia)
Cecidomyiidae Massalongia bachmaieri Möhn, 1958 (Massalongia)
Cecidomyiidae Massalongia betulifolia Harris, 1974 (Massalongia)
Cecidomyiidae Massalongia rubra Kieffer, 1890 (Hormomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Mayetiola dactylidis Kieffer, 1896 (Mayetiola)
Cecidomyiidae Mayetiola destructor Say, 1817 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Mayetiola phalaris Barnes, 1928 (Mayetiola)
Cecidomyiidae Mayetiola poae Bosc, 1817 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Mayetiola ventricola Rübsaamen, 1899 (Oligotrophus)
Cecidomyiidae Miastor metraloas Meinert, 1864 (Miastor)
Cecidomyiidae Mikiola fagi Hartig, 1839 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Mikomya coryli Kieffer, 1901 (Oligotrophus)
Cecidomyiidae Monarthropalpus flavus Schrank, 1776 (Tipula)
Cecidomyiidae Mycodiplosis coniophaga Winnertz, 1853 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Mycodiplosis plasmoparae Rübsaamen, 1906 (Mycodiplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Myricomyia mediterranea Löw 1885 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Neomikiella beckiana Mik, 1885 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Neomikiella lychnidis Heyden, 1861 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Oligotrophus juniperinus Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Cecidomyiidae Oligotrophus panteli Kieffer, 1898 (Oligotrophus)
Cecidomyiidae Parallelodiplosis cattleyae Molliard, 1902 (Parallelodiplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Peromyia fungicola Kieffer, 1898 (Joannisia)
Cecidomyiidae Phegomyia fagicola Kieffer, 1901 (Oligotrophus)
Cecidomyiidae Physemocecis ulmi Kieffer, 1909 (Oligotrophus)
Cecidomyiidae Placochela nigripes Löw, 1877 (Epidosis)
Cecidomyiidae Planetella arenariae Rübsaamen, 1899 (Hormomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Planetella tumorifica Rübsaamen, 1899 (Hormomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Plemeliella abietina Seitner, 1908 (Plemeliella)
Cecidomyiidae Plemeliella betulicola Kieffer, 1889 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Polystepha malpighii Kieffe, 1909 (Perrisia)
Cecidomyiidae Procystiphora gerardii Meyer, 1980 (Procystiphora)
Cecidomyiidae Prodiplosis rhenana Rübsaamen, 1910 (Geisenheynera)
Cecidomyiidae Psectrosema manii Harris, 1983 (Psectrosema)
Cecidomyiidae Putoniella pruni Kaltenbach, 1872 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Resseliella oculiperda Rübsaamen, 1893 (Diplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Resseliella ribis Marikovskij, 1956 (Thomasiniana)
Cecidomyiidae Resseliella theobaldi Barnes, 1927 (Thomasiniana)
Cecidomyiidae Rhopalomyia artemisiae Bouché, 1834 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Rhopalomyia baccarum Wachtl, 1883 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Rhopalomyia chrysanthemi Ahlberg, 1939 (Diarthronomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Rhopalomyia foliorum H. Loew, 1850 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Rhopalomyia millefolii H. Loew, 1850 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Rhopalomyia palearum Kieffer, 1890 (Hormomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Rhopalomyia ptarmicae Vallot, 1849 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Rhopalomyia tanaceticola Karsch, 1879 (Oligotrophus)
Cecidomyiidae Rondaniola bursaria Bremi, 1847 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Schizomyia galiorum Kieffer, 1889 (Schizomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Schueziella fagicola Barnes, 1939 (Dasyneura)
Cecidomyiidae Semudobia betulae Winnertz, 1853 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Semudobia skuhravae Roskam, 1977 (Semudobia)
Cecidomyiidae Semudobia tarda Roskam, 1977 (Semudobia)
Cecidomyiidae Sitodiplosis dactylidis Barnes, 1940 (Sitodiplosis)
Cecidomyiidae Sitodiplosis mosellana Géhin, 1857 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Spurgia capitigena Bremi, 1847 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Taxomyia taxi Inchbald, 1861 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Thecodiplosis brachyptera Schwägrichen, 1835 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Tricholaba trifolii Rübsaamen, 1917 (Tricholaba)
Cecidomyiidae Wachtliella ericina Löw, 1885 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Wachtliella persicariae Linnaeus, 1767 (Tipula)
Cecidomyiidae Wachtliella riparia Winnertz, 1853 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Wachtliella stachydis Bremi, 1847 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Xylopriona atra Meigen, 1804 (Cecidomyia)
Cecidomyiidae Zeuxidiplosis giardi Kieffer, 1896 (Diplosis)
Celyphidae Celyphus aurora Karsch, 1884 (Celyphus)
Celyphidae Celyphus hyacinthus Bigot, 1859 (Paracelyphus)
Celyphidae Celyphus obtectus Dalman, 1818 (Celyphus)
Celyphidae Spaniocelyphus cognatus Karsch, 1884 (Spaniocelyphus)
Celyphidae Spaniocelyphus palmi Frey, 1941 (Spaniocelyphus)
Ceratopogonidae Ceratopogon niveipennis Meigen , 1804 (Ceratopogon)
Ceratopogonidae Ceratopogon pulicaris Linnaeus, 1758 (Culex)
Ceratopogonidae Forcipomyia bipuntata Linnaeus, 1767 (Tipula)
Ceratopogonidae Forcipomyia myrmecophila Egger, 1863 (Ceratopogon)
Ceratopogonidae Forcipomyia regulus Winnertz , 1852 (Ceratopogon)
Ceratopogonidae Mallochohelea nitida Macquart, 1826 (Ceratopogon)
Ceratopogonidae Palpomyia spinipes Panzer, 1806 (Ceratopogon)
Ceratopogonidae Serromyia femorata Meigen, 1804 (Ceratopogon)
Ceratopogonidae Serromyia ledicola Kieffer, 1925 (Serromyia)
Ceratopogonidae Serromyia morio Fabricius, 1775 (Culex)
Ceratopogonidae Sphaeromias fasciatus Meigen, 1804 (Ceratopogon)
Chamaemyiidae Acrometopia carbonaria Loew, 1873 (Coniceps)
Chamaemyiidae Acrometopia wahlbergi Zetterstedt, 1846 (Oxyrhina)
Chamaemyiidae Chamaemyia elegans Panzer, 1809 (Ochtiphila)
Chamaemyiidae Chamaemyia flavipalpis Haliday, 1838 (Ochtiphila)
Chamaemyiidae Chamaemyia geniculata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Ochtiphila)
Chamaemyiidae Chamaemyia juncorum Fallén, 1823 (Ochtiphila)
Chamaemyiidae Chamaemyia polystigma Meigen, 1830 (Ochtiphila)
Chamaemyiidae Estelia cinerea Robineau-Desvoidy
Chamaemyiidae Paraochtiphila coronata H. Loew, 1858 (Ochtiphila)
Chaoboridae Chaoborus crystallinus De Geer, 1776 (Tipula)
Chaoboridae Chaoborus lapponicus Martini, xxxx
Chaoboridae Chaoborus nyblaei Zetterstedt
Chaoboridae Chaoborus pallidus Fabricius
Chaoboridae Mochlonyx velutinus Ruthe, 1831 (Corethra)
Chironomidae Abiskomyia virgo Edwards, 1937 (Abiskomyia)
Chironomidae Ablabesmyia melanops Meigen, 1818 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Ablabesmyia monilis Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Acamptocladius submontanus Edwards, 1932 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Akiefferiella coerulescens Kieffer, 1926 (Trichocladius)
Chironomidae Akiefferiella devonica Edwards, 1929 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Akiefferiella rectangularis Goetghebuer, 1940 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Allochironomus crassiforceps Kieffer, 1922 (Allochironomus)
Chironomidae Anaphrotenia lacustris Brundin, 1938 (Anaphrotenia)
Chironomidae Aphrotenia bernardi Brundin, 1966 (Aphrotenia)
Chironomidae Aphrotenia tsitsikamae Brundin, 1955 (Aphrotenia)
Chironomidae Aphroteniella filicornis Brundin, 1966 (Aphroteniella)
Chironomidae Araucania antiqua Brundin, 1966 (Araucania)
Chironomidae Araucania gelida Brundin, 1966 (Araucania)
Chironomidae Araucania valdesiana Brundin, 1966 (Araucania)
Chironomidae Archaeochlus bicirratus Brundin, 1966 (Archaeoclus)
Chironomidae Archaeochlus drakensbergensis Brundin, 1966 (Archaeoclus)
Chironomidae Archaeochlus harrisoni Freeman, 1964 (Afrochlus)
Chironomidae Belgica antarctica Jacobs, 1900 (Belgica)
Chironomidae Boreochlus persimilis Johannsen, 1926 (Trichotanypus)
Chironomidae Boreochlus thienemanni Edwards, 1938 (Boreochlus)
Chironomidae Boreoheptagyia legeri Goetghebuer, 1933 (Protanypus)
Chironomidae Boreoheptagyia lurida Garrett, 1925 (Diamesa)
Chironomidae Brillia modesta Meigen, 1830 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Bryophaenocladius aestivus Brundin, 1947 (Eudactylocladius)
Chironomidae Bryophaenocladius bipunctellus Zetterstedt, 1850 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Bryophaenocladius propinquus Brundin, 1947 (Eudactylocladius)
Chironomidae Bryophaenocladius scanicus Brundin, 1947 (Eudactylocladius)
Chironomidae Bryophaneocladius flexidens Brundin, 1947 (Chaetocladius)
Chironomidae Bryophaneocladius inconstans Brundin, 1947 (Eudactylocladius)
Chironomidae Camptocladius stercorarius De Geer, 1776 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Camptokiefferiella gracillima Kieffer, 1924 (Camptocladius)
Chironomidae Cardiocladius capucinus Zetterstedt, 1850 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Chaetocladius acuminatus Brundin, 1956 (Chaetocladius)
Chironomidae Chaetocladius dentiforceps Edwards, 1929 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Chaetocladius dissipatus Edwards, 1929 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Chaetocladius gracilis Brundin, 1956 (Chaetocladius)
Chironomidae Chaetocladius laminatus Brundin, 1947 (Chaetocladius)
Chironomidae Chaetocladius maeaeri Brundin, 1947 (Chaetocladius)
Chironomidae Chaetocladius perennis Meigen, 1830 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Chaetocladius suecicus Kieffer, 1916 (Dactylocladius)
Chironomidae Chaetocladius tenuistylus Brundin, 1947 (Chaetocladius)
Chironomidae Chilenomyia paradoxa Brundin, 1983 (Chilenomyia)
Chironomidae Chironomus anthracinus Zetterstedt, 1860 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Chironomus brevimanus Lundström, 1915 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Chironomus chloris Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Chironomus cingulatus Meigen, 1830 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Chironomus dispar Meigen, 1830 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Chironomus dorsalis Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Chironomus ferrugineovittatus Zetterstedt, 1850 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Chironomus flaveolum Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Chironomus flavicingulus Walk., 1848 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Chironomus flexilis Linnaeus, 1767 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Chironomus hyperboreus Staeger, 1845 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Chironomus lugubris Zetterstedt, 1850 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Chironomus obtusidens Goetghebuer, 1921 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Chironomus paganus Meigen, 1838 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Chironomus pedellus De Geer, 1776 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Chironomus pilicornis Fabricius, 1787 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Chironomus plumosus Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Chironomus prasinum Meigen, 1804 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Chironomus psittacinus Meigen, 1830 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Chironomus riparius Meigen, 1804 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Chironomus rufipes Linnaeus, 1761 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Chironomus salinarius Kieffer, 1915 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Chironomus staegeri Lundbeck, xxxx
Chironomidae Chironomus tentans Fabricius, 1805 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Chironomus thummi Kieffer, 1911 (Tendipes)
Chironomidae Chironomus venustus Staeger, 1839 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Chironomus vulpes Kieffer, 1924 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Cladotanytarsus difficilis Brundin, 1947 (Cladotanytarsus)
Chironomidae Cladotanytarsus mancus Walker, 1856 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Cladotanytarsus vanderwulpi Edwards, 1929 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Cladotanytarsus wexionensis Brundin, 1947 (Cladotanytarsus)
Chironomidae Clunio marinus Haliday, 1855 (Clunio)
Chironomidae Comptochironomus tentans Fabricius, 1805 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Conchapelopia melanops Meigen, 1818 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Constempellina brevicosta Edwards, 1937 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Corynocera ambigua Zetterstedt, 1838 (Corynocera)
Chironomidae Corynocera edentulus Andersen, 1943 (Dryadotanytarsus)
Chironomidae Corynoneura carriana Edwards, 1924 (Corynocera)
Chironomidae Corynoneura celeripes Winnertz, 1852 (Corynocera)
Chironomidae Corynoneura celtica Edwards, 1924 (Corynocera)
Chironomidae Corynoneura coronata Edwards, 1924 (Corynocera)
Chironomidae Corynoneura lacustris Edwards, 1924 (Corynocera)
Chironomidae Corynoneura scutellata Winnertz, 1846 (Corynocera)
Chironomidae Corynoneurella minuscula Brundin, 1949 (Corynoneura)
Chironomidae Corynoneurella paludosa Brundin, 1949 (Corynoneura)
Chironomidae Cricotopus albiforceps Kieffer, 1916 (Trichocladius)
Chironomidae Cricotopus alpestris Goetghebuer, 1941 (Cricotopus)
Chironomidae Cricotopus alpicola Zetterstedt, 1850 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Cricotopus bicinctus Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Cricotopus bilobatus Storĺ, 1939 (Cricotopus)
Chironomidae Cricotopus bituberculatus Goetghebuer, 1934 (Cricotopus)
Chironomidae Cricotopus dizonias Meigen, 1830 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Cricotopus festivus Meigen, 1830 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Cricotopus humeralis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Ceratopogon)
Chironomidae Cricotopus intersectus Staeger, 1839 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Cricotopus lacuum Edwards, 1929 (Cricotopus)
Chironomidae Cricotopus lygropis Edwards, 1929 (Cricotopus)
Chironomidae Cricotopus obnixus Walker, 1856 (Cricotopus)
Chironomidae Cricotopus patens Hirvenoja, 1973 (Cricotopus)
Chironomidae Cricotopus pilosellus Brundin, 1956 (Cricotopus)
Chironomidae Cricotopus pulchripes Verrall, 1912 (Cricotopus)
Chironomidae Cricotopus silvestris Fabricius
Chironomidae Cricotopus sylvestris Fabricius, 1794 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Cricotopus tibialis Meigen, 1804 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Cricotopus triannulatus Macquart, 1926 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Cricotopus tristis Hirvenoja, 1973 (Cricotopus)
Chironomidae Cryptochironomus albofasciatus Staeger, 1839 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Cryptochironomus defectus Kieffer, 1913 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Cryptochironomus denticulatus Goetghebuer, 1921 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Cryptochironomus lateralis Goetghebuer, 1934 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Cryptochironomus obreptans Walker, 1856 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Cryptochironomus psittacinus Meigen, 1830 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Cryptochironomus supplicans Meigen, 1830 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Cryptochironomus vulneratus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Cryptocladopelma edwardsi Kruseman, 1933 (Tendipes)
Chironomidae Cryptocladopelma subnigra Brundin, 1947 (Parachironomus)
Chironomidae Cryptotendipes usmaensis Pagast, 1931 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Demeijerea rufipes Linnaeus, 1761 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Demicryptochironomus vulneratus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Diamesa arctica Boheman, 1865 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Diamesa chorea Lundbeck, 1898 (Diamesa)
Chironomidae Diamesa olivacea Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Diamesa permacra Walker, 1856 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Diamesa pubitarsis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Diamesa tonsa Haliday, 1856 (x)
Chironomidae Diamesa waltlii Meigen, 1838 (Diamesa)
Chironomidae Diplocladius cultriger Kieffer, 1908 (Diplocladius)
Chironomidae Einfeldia dilatata Goetghebuer, 1928 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Einfeldia dissidens Walker, 1856 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Einfeldia dorsalis Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Einfeldia longipes Staeger, 1839 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Einfeldia pagana Meigen, 1838 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Endochironomus albipennis Meigen, 1830 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Endochironomus dispar Meigen, 1830 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Endochironomus impar Walker, 1856 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Endochironomus lepidus Meigen, 1830 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Endochironomus tendens Fabricius, 1775 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Eudactylocladius mixtus Holmgren, 1869 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Eudactylocladius olivaceus Kieffer, 1911 (Dactylocladius)
Chironomidae Eukiefferiella brevicalcar Kieffer, 1911 (Dactylocladius)
Chironomidae Eukiefferiella clypeata Kieffer, 1923 (Psectrocladius)
Chironomidae Eukiefferiella coerulescens Kieffer, 1926 (Trichocladius)
Chironomidae Eukiefferiella cyanea Thienemann, 1936 (Eukiefferiella)
Chironomidae Eukiefferiella devonica Edwards, 1929 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Eukiefferiella excellens Brundin, 1956 (Eukiefferiella)
Chironomidae Eukiefferiella gracei Edwards, 1929 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Eukiefferiella hospita Edwards, 1929 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Eukiefferiella minor Edwards, 1929 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Eukiefferiella montana Goetghebuer, 1934 (Eukiefferiella)
Chironomidae Eukiefferiella rectangularis Goetghebuer, 1940 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Eukiefferiella scutellata Brundin, 1956 (Eukiefferiella)
Chironomidae Eukiefferiella similis Goetghebuer, 1939 (Eukiefferiella)
Chironomidae Eurycnemus elegans Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Glyptotendipes gripekoveni Kieffer, 1913 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Glyptotendipes mancunianus Edwards, 1929 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Glyptotendipes pallens Meigen, 1804 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Glyptotendipes severini Goetghebuer, 1923 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Gymnometriocnemus brumalis Edwards, 1929 (Metriocnemus)
Chironomidae Gymnometriocnemus subnudus Edwards, 1929 (Metriocnemus)
Chironomidae Gymnometriocnemus volitans Goetghebuer, 1940 (Metriocnemus)
Chironomidae Halirytus macquariensis Brundin, 1962 (Halirytus)
Chironomidae Halocladius variabilis Staeger
Chironomidae Harnischia bicarinata Brundin, 1947 (Harnischia)
Chironomidae Harnischia pseudosimplex Goetghebuer, 1923 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Harnischia virescens Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Harnischia viridula Linnaeus, 1767 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Harrisonina petricola Freeman, 1956 (Harrisonina)
Chironomidae Heleniella ornaticollis Edwards, 1929 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Heptagyia annulipes Philippi, 1856 (Heptagyia)
Chironomidae Heptagyia cinereascens Edwards, 1931 (Heptagyia)
Chironomidae Heptagyia punctulata Goetghebuer, 1934 (Heptagyia)
Chironomidae Heptagyia tonnoiri Freeman, 1961 (Heptagyia)
Chironomidae Heterotanytarsus apicalis Kieffer, 1921 (Metriocnemus)
Chironomidae Heterotanytarsus cinereipennis Lundström
Chironomidae Heterotrissocladius grimshawi Edwards, 1929 (Metriocnemus)
Chironomidae Heterotrissocladius incomptus Zetterstedt
Chironomidae Heterotrissocladius maeaeri Brundin, 1949 (Heterotrissocladius)
Chironomidae Heterotrissocladius marcidus Walker, 1856 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Heterotrissocladius subpilosus Kieffer, 1944 (Dactylocladius)
Chironomidae Hydrobaenus conformis Holmgren, 1869 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Hydrobaenus fernandezensis Wirth, 1952 (Hydrobaenus)
Chironomidae Hydrobaenus johannseni Sublette, 1965 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Hydrobaenus lapponicus Brundin, 1956 (Trissocladius)
Chironomidae Hydrobaenus lugubris Fries, 1830 (Hydrobaenus)
Chironomidae Hydrobaenus lugubris Fries
Chironomidae Hydrobaenus martini Saether, 1976 (Hydrobaenus)
Chironomidae Hydrobaenus pilipes Malloch, 1915 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Hydrobaenus spinnatis Saether, 1976 (Hydrobaenus)
Chironomidae Kiefferulus tendipediformis Goetghebuer, 1921 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Kloosia pusilla Linnaeus, 1767 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Krenosmittia boreoalpina Goetghebuer, 1944 (Smittia)
Chironomidae Krenosmittia camptophleps Edwards, 1929 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Kribioxenus brayi Goetghebuer, 1921 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Lasiodiamesa gracilis Kieffer, 1924 (Syndiamesa)
Chironomidae Lasiodiamesa serpentina Edwards, 1937 (Lasiodiamesa)
Chironomidae Lasiodiamesa sphagnicola Kieffer, 1925 (Isoplastus)
Chironomidae Lauterbornia coracina Kieffer, 1911 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Lauterborniella agrayloides Kieffer, 1911 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Lenzia flavipes Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Lenzia patagonica Brundin, 1956 (Lenzia)
Chironomidae Lenzia punctipes Wiedemann, 1817 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Leptochironomus tener Kieffer, 1918 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Limaya longitarsis Brundin, 1966 (Limaya)
Chironomidae Limnochironomus lobiger Kieffer, 1921 (Limnochironomus)
Chironomidae Limnochironomus nervosus Staeger, 1839 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Limnochironomus notatus Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Limnochironomus pulsus Walker, 1856 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Limnochironomus tritomus Kieffer, 1916 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Limnophyes globifer Lundström, 1915 (Camptocladius)
Chironomidae Limnophyes minimus Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Limnophyes prolongatus Kieffer, 1921 (Camptocladius)
Chironomidae Limnophyes pusillus Eaton, 1875 (Limnophyes)
Chironomidae Limnophyes smolandicus Brundin, 1947 (Limnophyes)
Chironomidae Limnophyes truncorum Goetghebuer, 1921 (Limnophyes)
Chironomidae Macropelopia nebulosa Meigen, 1804 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Maoridiamesa glacialis Brundin, 1966 (Maoridiamesa)
Chironomidae Maoridiamesa harrisi Brundin, 1966 (Maoridiamesa)
Chironomidae Maoridiamesa stouti Brundin, 1966 (Maoridiamesa)
Chironomidae Mesocricotopus thienemanni Goetghebuer, 1940 (Trichocladius)
Chironomidae Mesosmittia flexuella Edwards, 1929 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Metriocnemus atratulus Zetterstedt, 1850 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Metriocnemus fuscipes Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Metriocnemus lundbecki Johannsen, 1905 (Metriocnemus)
Chironomidae Metriocnemus picipes Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Metriocnemus tristellus Edwards, 1929 (Metriocnemus)
Chironomidae Microcricotopus bicolor Zetterstedt, 1838 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Micropsectra atrofasciata Kieffer, 1911 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Micropsectra borealis Kieffer, 1922 (Oeklandia)
Chironomidae Micropsectra groenlandica Andersen, 1937 (Micropsectra)
Chironomidae Micropsectra roseiventris Kieffer, 1909 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Micropsectra subviridis Goetghebuer, 1921 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Microspectra junci Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Microtendipes brevitarsis Brundin, 1947 (Microtendipes)
Chironomidae Microtendipes britteni Edwards, 1929 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Microtendipes caledonicus Edwards, 1932 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Microtendipes chloris Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Microtendipes nitidus Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Microtendipes pedellus De Geer, 1776 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Microzetia mirabilis Séguy, 1965 (Microzetia)
Chironomidae Natarsia punctata Meigen, 1804 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Neozavrelia fuldensis Fittkau, 1954 (Neozavrelia)
Chironomidae Odontomesa fulva Kieffer, 1919 (Prodiamesa)
Chironomidae Oeklandia borealis Kieffer, 1922 (Oeclandia)
Chironomidae Orthocladius arcticus Kieffer, 1919 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Orthocladius atomarius Zetterstedt, 1850 (Corynoneura)
Chironomidae Orthocladius barbicornis Fabricius
Chironomidae Orthocladius calomicra Edwards, 1931 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Orthocladius consobrinus Holmgren, 1869 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Orthocladius coracinus Zetterstedt, 1850 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Orthocladius crassicornis Goetghebuer, 1937 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Orthocladius decoratus Holmgren, 1869 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Orthocladius dentifer Brundin, 1947 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Orthocladius doloplastoides Lundström, 1916 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Orthocladius excavatus Brundin, 1947 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Orthocladius frigidus Zetterstedt, 1938 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Orthocladius gelidus Kieffer, 1922 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Orthocladius ictericus Meigen, 1830 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Orthocladius lignocola Kieffer, 1915 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Orthocladius obesus Goetghebuer, 1940 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Orthocladius oblidens Walker, 1856 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Orthocladius rectangularis Goetghebuer, 1940 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Orthocladius rivicola Kieffer, 1921 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Orthocladius rivulorum Kieffer, 1909 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Orthocladius rubicundus Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Orthocladius smolandicus Brundin, 1947 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Orthocladius sordidellus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Orthocladius stercorarius De Geer, 1776 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Orthocladius thienemanni Kieffer, 1906 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Orthocladius trigonolabis Edwards, 1924 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Orthocladius variabilis Staeger, 1839 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Orthocladius wetterensis Brundin, 1956 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Pagastiella orophila Edwards, 1929 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Parachironomus arcuatus Goetghebuer, 1919 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Parachironomus digitalis Edwards, 1929 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Parachironomus longiforceps Kieffer, 1921 (Cryptochironomus)
Chironomidae Parachironomus monochromus Wulp, 1874 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Parachironomus paradigitalis Brundin, 1949 (Parachironomus)
Chironomidae Parachironomus parilis Walker, 1856 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Parachironomus siljanensis Brundin, 1949 (Parachironomus)
Chironomidae Parachironomus spissatus Brundin, 1947 (Parachironomus)
Chironomidae Parachironomus vitiosus Goetghebuer, 1921 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Paracladopelma obscura Brundin, 1949 (Paracladopelma)
Chironomidae Paraclunio alaskensis Coquilett, 1900 (Telmatogeton)
Chironomidae Paracricotopus niger Kieffer, 1913 (Cricotopus)
Chironomidae Paracricotopus uliginosus Brundin, 1947 (Rheocricotopus)
Chironomidae Paradentipes albimanus Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Paradentipes nudisquama Edwards, 1929 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Paraheptagyia cinereascens Edwards, 1931 (Heptagyia)
Chironomidae Paraheptagyia legeri Goetghebuer, 1933 (Protanypus)
Chironomidae Parakiefferiella bathophila Kieff, 1912 (Dactylocladius)
Chironomidae Parakiefferiella coronata Edwards, 1929 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Parakiefferiella nigra Brundin, 1949 (Parakiefferiella)
Chironomidae Parakiefferiella scandica Brundin, 1956 (Parakiefferiella)
Chironomidae Paralauterborniella brachylabis Edwards, 1929 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Paralauterborniella nigrohalteralis Malloch, 1915 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Paralimnophyes arcticus Brundin, 1956 (Paralimnophyes)
Chironomidae Paralimnophyes hydrophilus Goetghebuer, 1921 (Camptocladius)
Chironomidae Parametriochnemus stylatus Kieffer, 1924 (Metriocnemus)
Chironomidae Paraphaenocladius impensus Walker, 1856 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Paraphaenocladius intercedens Brundin, 1947 (Paraphaenocladius)
Chironomidae Paraphaenocladius irritus Walker, 1856 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Paraphrotenia excellens Brundin, 1966 (Paraphrotenia)
Chironomidae Paratanytarsus atrolineatus Goetghebuer, 1937 (Lundstroemia)
Chironomidae Paratanytarsus austriacus Kieffer, 1924 (Monotanytarsus)
Chironomidae Paratanytarsus hyperboreus Brundin, 1949 (Paratanytarsus)
Chironomidae Paratanytarsus inopertus Walker, 1856 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Paratanytarsus laccophilus Edwards, 1929 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Paratanytarsus laetipes Zetterstedt, 1850 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Paratanytarsus lauterborni Kieffer, 1909 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Paratanytarsus penicillatus Goetghebuer, 1928 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Paratanytarsus tenellulus Goetghebuer, 1921 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Paratanytarsus tenuis Meigen, 1830 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Paratrissocladius exerptus Walker, 1856 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Pareoboreochlus minutissimus Strobl, 1894 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Parochlus ayseni Brundin, 1966 (Parochlus)
Chironomidae Parochlus bassianus Brundin, 1966 (Parochlus)
Chironomidae Parochlus chiloensis Brundin, 1966 (Parochlus)
Chironomidae Parochlus cristatus Brundin, 1966 (Parochlus)
Chironomidae Parochlus darwini Brundin, 1966 (Parochlus)
Chironomidae Parochlus duseni Brundin, 1966 (Parochlus)
Chironomidae Parochlus fascipennis Brundin, 1966 (Parochlus)
Chironomidae Parochlus incaicus Brundin, 1966 (Parochlus)
Chironomidae Parochlus kiefferi Garrett, 1925 (Paratanypus)
Chironomidae Parochlus montivagus Brundin, 1966 (Parochlus)
Chironomidae Parochlus nigrinus Edwards, 1931 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Parochlus pallidus Brundin, 1966 (Parochlus)
Chironomidae Parochlus pilosus Bigot, 1891 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Parochlus rieki Brundin, 1966 (Parochlus)
Chironomidae Parochlus skottsbergi Brundin, 1966 (Parochlus)
Chironomidae Parochlus squamipalpis Edwards, 1931 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Parochlus steineri Gercke, 1889 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Parochlus tonnoiri Brundin, 1966 (Parochlus)
Chironomidae Parochlus tricornis Brundin, 1966 (Parochlus)
Chironomidae Parochlus tubulicornis Brundin, 1966 (Parochlus)
Chironomidae Parochlus wellingtoni Brundin, 1966 (Parochlus)
Chironomidae Parorthocladius nigritus Goetghebuer, 1938 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Parorthocladius nudipennis Kieffer, 1908 (Dactyocladius)
Chironomidae Pentaneura binotata Wiedemann, 1817 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Pentaneura falcigera Kieffer, 1911 (Pelopia)
Chironomidae Pentaneura melanops Meigen, 1818 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Pentaneura nemorum Goetghebuer, 1921 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Pentaneura phatta Egger, 1863 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Pentapedilum sordens Wulp, 1874 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Pentapedilum tritum Walker, 1856 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Pentapedilum uncinatum Goetghebuer, 1921 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Podipedilum scalaneum Schrank, 1803 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Podochlus australiensis Brundin, 1966 (Podochlus)
Chironomidae Podochlus beschi Brundin, 1966 (Podochlus)
Chironomidae Podochlus cockaynei Brundin, 1966 (Podochlus)
Chironomidae Podochlus conjunctus Brundin, 1966 (Podochlus)
Chironomidae Podochlus flexistylus Brundin, 1966 (Podochlus)
Chironomidae Podochlus gracilistylus Brundin, 1966 (Podochlus)
Chironomidae Podochlus grandis Brundin, 1966 (Podochlus)
Chironomidae Podochlus knoxi Brundin, 1966 (Podochlus)
Chironomidae Podochlus longispinus Brundin, 1966 (Podochlus)
Chironomidae Podochlus magellanicus Brundin, 1966 (Podochlus)
Chironomidae Podochlus osornensis Brundin, 1966 (Podochlus)
Chironomidae Podochlus parvilobus Brundin, 1966 (Podochlus)
Chironomidae Podochlus paynensis Brundin, 1966 (Podochlus)
Chironomidae Podochlus robsoni Brundin, 1966 (Podochlus)
Chironomidae Podochlus stouti Brundin, 1966 (Podochlus)
Chironomidae Podochlus subantarcticus Brundin, 1966 (Podochlus)
Chironomidae Podochlus tasmaniensis Brundin, 1966 (Podochlus)
Chironomidae Podochlus tenuicornis Brundin, 1966 (Podochlus)
Chironomidae Podochlus valdesianus Brundin, 1966 (Podochlus)
Chironomidae Podonomopsis andinus Brundin, 1966 (Podonomopsis)
Chironomidae Podonomopsis discoceros Brundin, 1966 (Podonomopsis)
Chironomidae Podonomopsis illiesi Brundin, 1966 (Podonomopsis)
Chironomidae Podonomopsis muticeus Edwards, 1931 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus albinervis Edwards, 1931 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus apolobambae Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus araucanus Brundin, 1966 (Parochlus)
Chironomidae Podonomus ayseni Brundin, 1966 (Parochlus)
Chironomidae Podonomus besti Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus bipartitus Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus chilensis Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus collessi Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus decarthrus Edwards, 1931 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus derwentensis Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus discistylus Wirth, 1952 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus fastigians Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus fastigianus Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus illiesi Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus kiefferi Garrett, 1925 (Paratanypus)
Chironomidae Podonomus kuscheli Wirth, 1952 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus latipalpis Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus longispinus Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus maculatus Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus magellanicus Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus montanus Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus nigrinus Edwards, 1931 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus nudipennis Edwards, 1931 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus orbiculatus Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus parochloides Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus paynensis Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus radonichi Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus reticulatus Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus rivulorum Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus selkirki Wirth, 1952 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus setosus Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus steinerii Gercke, 1889 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Podonomus trigonocerus Brundin, 1966 (Parochlus)
Chironomidae Podonomus waikukupa Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Podonomus valdesianus Brundin, 1966 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Polypedilum albicorne Meigen, 1838 (Polypedium)
Chironomidae Polypedilum arundinetum Goetghebuer, 1921 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Polypedilum bicrenatum Kieffer, 1921 (Polypedium)
Chironomidae Polypedilum convictum Walker, 1856 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Polypedilum cultellatum Goetghebuer, 1931 (Polypedilum)
Chironomidae Polypedilum laetum Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Polypedilum nubeculosum Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Polypedilum pedestre Meigen, 1830 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Polypedilum pullum Zetterstedt, 1838 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Polypedilum rydalense Edwards, 1929 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Polypedilum scalaenum Schrank, 1903 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Polypedilum sordens Wulp
Chironomidae Polypedilum vetterense Brundin, 1949 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Pontomyia natans Edwards, 1926 (Pontomyia)
Chironomidae Potthastia gaedii Meigen, 1838 (Diamesa)
Chironomidae Potthastia longimanus Kieffer, 1922 (Diamesa)
Chironomidae Pratorum pratorum Goetghebuer, 1927 (Camptocladius)
Chironomidae Procladius appropinquatus Lundström, 1916 (Trichotanypus)
Chironomidae Procladius choreus Meigen, 1804 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Procladius crassinervis Goetghebuer, 1838 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Procladius culiciformis Linnaneus, 1767 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Procladius flavifrons Edwards, 1929 (Procladius)
Chironomidae Procladius imicola Kieffer, 1922 (Procladius)
Chironomidae Procladius islandicus Goetghebuer, 1931 (Trichotanypus)
Chironomidae Procladius signatus Zetterstedt, 1850 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Prodiamesa alpicola Brundin, 1952 (Prodiamesa)
Chironomidae Prodiamesa bathyphila Kieffer, 1918 (Prodiamesa)
Chironomidae Prodiamesa ekmani Brundin, 1949 (Prodiamesa)
Chironomidae Prodiamesa olivacea Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Propsilocerus paradoxus Lundström, 1915 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Prosmittia jemtlandica Brundin, 1947 (Limnyphyes)
Chironomidae Protanypus caudatus Edwards, 1924 (Protanyous)
Chironomidae Protanypus forcipatus Egger, 1863 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Protanypus morio Zetterstedt, 1938 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Psectrocladius bisetus Goetghebuer, 1942 (Psectrocladius)
Chironomidae Psectrocladius borealis Kieffer, 1919 (Psectrocladius)
Chironomidae Psectrocladius calcaratus Edwards, 1929 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Psectrocladius conjugens Brundin, 1947 (Chaetocladius)
Chironomidae Psectrocladius dilatatus Wulp, 1858 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Psectrocladius edwardsi Brundin, 1949 (Psectrocladius)
Chironomidae Psectrocladius fennicus Storĺ, 1939 (Psectrocladius)
Chironomidae Psectrocladius inconstans Brundin, 1947 (Eudactylocladius)
Chironomidae Psectrocladius limbatellus Holmgren, 1869 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Psectrocladius obvious Walker, 1856 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Psectrocladius octomaculatus Wülker, 1856 (Psectrocladius)
Chironomidae Psectrocladius psilopterus Kieffer, 1906 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Psectrocladius sordidellus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Psectrocladius zetterstedti Brundin, 1949 (Psectrocladius)
Chironomidae Psectrotanypus trifascipennis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Psectrotanypus varius Fabricius, 1787 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Pseudochironomus prasinatus Staeger, 1839 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Pseudochironomus truncatocaudatus Edwards, 1931 (Pseudochironomus)
Chironomidae Pseudodiamesa branickii Nowicki
Chironomidae Pseudodiamesa nivosa Goetghebuer, 1928 (Syndiamesa)
Chironomidae Pseudorthocladius curtistylus Goetghebuer, 1921 (Psectrocladius)
Chironomidae Pseudorthocladius patagonicus Edwards, 1931 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Pseudorthocladius pilosipennis Brundin, 1956 (Pseudorthocladius)
Chironomidae Pseudosmittia brevitarsis Brundin, 1947 (Pseudosmittia)
Chironomidae Pseudosmittia minuscula Edwards, 1931 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Pseudosmittia ruttneri Strenzke & Thienemann, 1942 (Pseudosmittia)
Chironomidae Pseudosmittia triappendiculata Goetghebuer, 1931 (Smittia)
Chironomidae Pseudosmittia trilobata Edwards, 1929 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Psilotanypus turpis Zetterstedt, 1938 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Rheoclus insignis Brundin, 1966 (Rheoclus)
Chironomidae Rheoclus prolongatus Brundin, 1966 (Rheoclus)
Chironomidae Rheoclus wirthi Freeman, 1961 (Podonomus)
Chironomidae Rheocricotopus chalybeatus Edwards, 1929 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Rheocricotopus effusus Walker, 1856 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Rheocricotopus fuscipes Kieffer, 1909 (Cricotopus)
Chironomidae Rheorthocladius frigidus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Rheorthocladius rhyacobius Kieffer, 1911 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Rheotanytarsus photophilus Goetghebuer, 1921 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Rhinocladius culicinus Edwards, 1931 (Rhinocladius)
Chironomidae Sergentia coracina Zetterstedt, 1850 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Sergentia longiventris Kieffer, 1924 (Sergentia)
Chironomidae Sergentia psiloptera Edwards, 1935 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Smittia aterrima Meigen, 1818 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Smittia brevipennis Boheman, 1856 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Smittia edwardsi Goetghebuer, 1932 (Smittia)
Chironomidae Smittia flexinervis Kieffer, 1911 (Trichocladius)
Chironomidae Smittia insignis Brundin, 1947 (Smittia)
Chironomidae Smittia leucopogon Meigen, 1804 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Smittia longipennis Holmgren, 1883 (Smittia)
Chironomidae Smittia nudipennis Goetghebuer, 1913 (Camptocladius)
Chironomidae Smittia paranudipennis Brundin, 1947 (Smittia)
Chironomidae Stempellina almi Brundin, 1947 (Stempellina)
Chironomidae Stempellina bausei Kieffer, 1911 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Stempellina brevis Edwards, 1929 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Stempellina minor Edwards, 1929 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Stempellina saltuum Goetghebuer, 1927 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Stempellina subglabripennis Brundin, 1947 (Parastempellina)
Chironomidae Stempellinella minor Edwards, 1929 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Stenochironomus fascipennis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Stenochironomus gibbus Fabricius, 1794 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Stictochironomus flavicingulus Walker, 1848 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Stictochironomus histrio Fabricius, 1794 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Stictochironomus pictulus Meigen, 1830 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Stictochironomus rosenschoeldi Zetterstedti, 1838 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Stictochironomus sticticus Fabricius, 1781 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Stictocladius calonotum Edwards, 1831 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Stictocladius fuegianus Enderlein, 1912 (Parochlus)
Chironomidae Stictocladius magellanicus Brundin, 1966 (Podochlus)
Chironomidae Stictocladius multiserialis Freeman, 1961 (Stictocladius)
Chironomidae Stictocladius pictus Freeman, 1958 (Stictocladius)
Chironomidae Stictocladius pulchripennis Edwards, 1931 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Syncricotopus clavatus Kieffer, 1924 (Trichocladius)
Chironomidae Syncricotopus nivalis Goetghebuer, 1938 (Trichocladius)
Chironomidae Syncricotopus rufiventris Meigen, 1830 (Dactylocladius)
Chironomidae Synorthocladius semivirens Kieffer, 1909 (Dactylocladius)
Chironomidae Synorthocladius tripilatus Edwards, 1929 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Tanypus culiciformis Linnaeus, 1767 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Tanypus ferrugineicollis Meigen, 1818 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Tanypus melanops Meigen, 1818 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Tanypus monilis Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Tanypus nebulosus Meigen, 1804 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Tanypus punctatus Fabricius
Chironomidae Tanypus signatus Zetterstedt, 1850 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Tanypus varius Fabricius, 1787 (Tipula)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus aculeatus Brundin, 1949 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus bathophilus Kieffer, 1911 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus borealis Brundin, 1947 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus chinyensis Goetghebuer, 1934 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus conicomatus Krüger, 1945 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus curticornis Kieffer, 1911 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus eminulus Walker, 1856 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus excavatus Edwards, 1929 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus flavellus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus glabrescens Edwards, 1929 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus gregarius Kieffer, 1909 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus holochlorus Edwards, 1929 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus innarensis Brundin, 1947 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus lacteipennis Goetghebuer, 1931 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus lactescens Edwards, 1929 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus lauterborni Kieffer, 1909 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus lestagei Goetghebuer, 1922 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus multipunctatus Brundin, 1947 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus nemorosus Edwards, 1929 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus niger Andersen, 1937 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus norvegicus Kieffer, 1924 (Fournieria)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus occultus Brundin, 1949 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus pusio Meigen, 1830 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus quadridentatus Brundin, 1947 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus recurvatus Brundin, 1947 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus reflexens Edwards, 1929 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus samboni Edwards, 1929 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus separabilis Brundin, 1947 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus signatus Wulp, 1858 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus smolandicus Brundin, 1947 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus sordens Wulp, 1874 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus striatulus Lindeberg, 1976 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus usmaensis Pagast, 1931 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Tanytarsus verralli Goetghebuer, 1928 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Telmatogeton amphibius Easton, 1875 (Halirytus)
Chironomidae Telmatogeton williamsi Wirth, 1947 (Telmatogeton)
Chironomidae Tendipes halophilus Kieffer, 1913 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Teutonium rivulorum Kieffer, 1908 (Tanytarsus)
Chironomidae Thalassomyia frauenfeldi Schiner, 1856 (Thalassomyia)
Chironomidae Thienemannia gracilis Kieffer, 1909 (Thienemannia)
Chironomidae Thienemanniella obscura Brundin, 1947 (Thienemannia)
Chironomidae Thienemanniella vittata Edwards, 1924 (Corynoneura)
Chironomidae Trichotanypus posticalis Lundbeck, 1898 (Tanypus)
Chironomidae Trissocladius brevipalpis Kieffer, 1908 (Trissocladius)
Chironomidae Trissocladius conformis Holmgren, 1869 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Trissocladius fluviatilis Goetghebuer, 1937 (Paratrissocladius)
Chironomidae Trissocladius lapponicus Brundin, 1956 (Trissocladius)
Chironomidae Trissocladius mucronatus Brundin, 1949 (Trissocladius)
Chironomidae Trissocladius pilipes Malloch, 1915 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Trissocladius tricornis Oliver, 1976 (Trissocladius)
Chironomidae Trissocladius zalutschicola Lipina, 1939 (Zalutschia)
Chironomidae Tvetenia bavarica Goetghebuer, 1934 (Eukiefferiella)
Chironomidae Tvetenia calvescens Edwards, 1929 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Tvetenia discoloripes Goetghebuer, 1936 (Eukiefferiella)
Chironomidae Tvetenia verralli Edwards, 1929 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Xenochironomus xenolabis Kieffer, 1916 (Chironomus)
Chironomidae Zalutschia tatrica Pagast, 1935 (Spaniotoma)
Chironomidae Zalutschia tornetraskensis Edwards, 1941 (Orthocladius)
Chironomidae Zalutschia zalutschicola Lipina, 1939 (Zalutschia)
Chironomidae Zavrelia pentatoma Kieffer, 1913 (Zavrelia)
Chironomidae Zavreliella marmorata Wulp, 1858 (Chironomus)
Chloropidae Anatrichus sp.
Chloropidae Aphanotrigonum fasciellum Zetterstedt, 1855 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Aphanotrigonum nigripes Zetterstedt, 1848 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Aphanotrigonum trilineatum Meigen, 1830 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Apotropina sp.
Chloropidae Calamoncosis aprica Meigen, 1830 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Calamoncosis aspistylina Duda, 1935 (Calamoncosis)
Chloropidae Calamoncosis duinensis Strobl, 1909 (Siphonella)
Chloropidae Calamoncosis glyceriae Nartshuk, 1958 (Caladomoncosis)
Chloropidae Calamoncosis minima Strobl, 1893 (Lipara)
Chloropidae Cetema bispinosa Duda, 1933 (Cetema)
Chloropidae Cetema cereris Fallén, 1820 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Cetema elongata Meigen, 1830 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Cetema myopina H. Loew, 1866 (Centor)
Chloropidae Cetema neglecta Tonnoir, 1921 (Cetema)
Chloropidae Cetema orientalis Nartshuk, 1976 (Cetema)
Chloropidae Cetema similis Ishmay
Chloropidae Chlorops brevimanus H. Loew, 1866 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Chlorops calceatus Meigen, 1830 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Chlorops centromaculatus Duda, 1933 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Chlorops citrinellus Zetterstedt, 1848 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Chlorops figuratus Zetterstedt, 1848 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Chlorops geminatus Meigen, 1830 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Chlorops gracilis Meigen, 1830 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Chlorops hypostigma Meigen, 1830 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Chlorops laetus Meigen, 1830 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Chlorops meigenii H. Loew, 1866 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Chlorops obscurellus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Chlorops oralis Duda, 1933 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Chlorops planifrons H. Loew, 1866 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Chlorops pumilionis Bjerkander, 1778 (Musca)
Chloropidae Chlorops ringens H. Loew, 1866 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Chlorops rufinus Zetterstedt, 1848 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Chlorops scalaris Meigen, 1830 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Chlorops speciosus Meigen, 1830 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Chlorops triangularis Becker, 1910 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Chlorops troglodytes Zetterstedt, 1848 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Chlorops varsoviensis Becker, 1910 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Chloropsina sp.
Chloropidae Chryptonevra diadema Meigen, 1830 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Chryptonevra flavitarsis Meigen, 1830 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Chryptonevra tarsata Fallén, 1820 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Conioscinella frontella Fallén, 1820 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Conioscinella halophila Duda, 1933 (Tropidoscinis)
Chloropidae Conioscinella sordidella Zetterstedt, 1848 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Cryptonevra tarsata Fallén
Chloropidae Dactylothyrea sp.
Chloropidae Dasyopa sp.
Chloropidae Dicraeus ingratus H. Loew, 1866 (Eutropa)
Chloropidae Dicraeus malaisei Nartshuk 2000 (Dicraeus)
Chloropidae Dicraeus styriacus Strobl, 1898 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Dicraeus tibialis Macquart, 1855 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Dicraeus vagans Meigen, 1838 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Dicraeus vallaris Collin, 1946 (Dicraeus)
Chloropidae Diplotoxa messoria Fallén, 1820 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Elachiptera cornuta Fallén, 1820 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Elachiptera diastema Collin, 1946 (Elachiptera)
Chloropidae Elachiptera tuberculifera Corti, 1909 (Crassiseta)
Chloropidae Epichlorops puncticollis Zetterstedt, 1848 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Eribolus hungaricus Becker
Chloropidae Eribolus nanus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Eurina lurida Meigen, 1830 (Eurina)
Chloropidae Eutropha fulvifrons Haliday, 1833 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Fibrigella palposa Fallén, 1820 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Fiebrigella baliola Collin, 1946 (Fiebrigella)
Chloropidae Formosina lucens De Meijere, 1908 (Chloropisca)
Chloropidae Gaurax sp.
Chloropidae Hapleginella laevifrons H. Loew, 1858 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Hippelates metallicus Becker, 1912 (Hippelates)
Chloropidae Incertella albipalpis Meigen, 1830 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Incertella kerteszi Becker, 1910 (Oscinella)
Chloropidae Lasiosina sp.
Chloropidae Lipara lucens Meigen, 1830 (Lipara)
Chloropidae Lipara pullitarsis Doskoch & Chvala, 1971 (Lipara)
Chloropidae Melanochaeta sp.
Chloropidae Melanum laterale Haliday, 1833 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Merochlorops sp.
Chloropidae Meromyza curvinervis Zetterstedt, 1848 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Meromyza femorata Macquart, 1835 (Meromyza)
Chloropidae Meromyza ingrica Nartshuk, 1992 (Meromyza)
Chloropidae Meromyza laeta Meigen, 1838 (Meromyza)
Chloropidae Meromyza longicornis Frey, 1921 (Aschabadicola)
Chloropidae Meromyza nigriseta Fedoseeva, 1960 (Meromyza)
Chloropidae Meromyza nigriventris Macquart, 1835 (Meromyza)
Chloropidae Meromyza pratorum Meigen, 1830 (Meromyza)
Chloropidae Meromyza rohdendorfi Fedoseeva, 1974 (Meromyza)
Chloropidae Meromyza saltatrix Linnaeus, 1761 (Musca)
Chloropidae Meromyza sororcula Fedoseeva, 1962 (Meromyza)
Chloropidae Meromyza triangulina Fedoseeva, 1960 (Meromyza)
Chloropidae Meromyza variegata Meigen, 1830 (Meromyza)
Chloropidae Oscinella frit Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Chloropidae Oscinella maura Fallén, 1820 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Oscinella nitidissima Meigen, 1838 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Oscinella pusilla Meigen, 1830 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Oscinella trigonella Duda, 1933 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Oscinimorpha albisetosa Duda, 1932 (Conioscinella)
Chloropidae Oscinimorpha minutissima Strobl, 1900 (Siphonella)
Chloropidae Oscinimorpha sordidissima Strobl, 1893 (Siphonella)
Chloropidae Oscinisoma cognata Meigen, 1830 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Pachylophus sp.
Chloropidae Platycephala planifrons Fabricius, 1798 (Musca)
Chloropidae Platycephala umbraculata Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Chloropidae Polydaspis sulcicollis Meigen, 1838 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Pseudopachychaeta approximatonervis Zetterstedt, 1848 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Pseudopachychaeta heleocharis Nartshuk, 1964 (Lasiosina)
Chloropidae Pseudopachychaeta ruficeps Zetterstedt, 1838 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Rhodesiella plumiger Meigen, 1830 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Rhopalopterum anthracina Meigen, 1830 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Rhopalopterum atricilla Zetterstedt, 1838 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Rhopalopterum atricornis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Rhopalopterum fasciola Meigen, 1830 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Rhopalopterum platythorax Nartshuk, 1958 (Lioscinella)
Chloropidae Siphonella oscinina Fallén, 1820 (Madiza)
Chloropidae Strobliola sp.
Chloropidae Thaumatomyia glabra Meigen, 1830 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Thaumatomyia hallandica Andersson, 1966 (Thaumatomyia)
Chloropidae Thaumatomyia notata Meigen, 1830 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Thaumatomyia rufa Macquart, 1835 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Thaumatomyia trifasciata Zetterstedt, 1848 (Oscinis)
Chloropidae Thressa sp.
Chloropidae Trachysiphonella ruficeps Macquart, 1851 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Trachysphonella scutellata von Roser, 1840 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Tricimba cincta Meigen, 1830 (Chlorops)
Chloropidae Tricimba lineella Fallén
Chloropidae Tricimba sulcella Zetterstedt, 1848 (Oscinis)
Chyromyidae Aphaniosoma approximatum Becker, 1903 (Aphaniosoma)
Chyromyidae Chyromya femorella Fallén, 1820 (Sapromyza)
Chyromyidae Chyromya flava Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Chyromyidae Chyromya oppidana Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Chyromyidae Gymnochiromyia flavella Zetterstedt, 1848 (Acanhophilina)
Clusiidae Clusia flava Meigen, 1830 (Heteromyza)
Clusiidae Clusiodes albimanus Meigen, 1830 (Heteroneura)
Clusiidae Clusiodes apicalis Zetterstedt, 1848 (Heteroneura)
Clusiidae Clusiodes freyi Tuomikoski, 1933 (Clusiodes)
Clusiidae Clusiodes geomyzinus Fallén, 1823 (Heteroneura)
Clusiidae Clusiodes pictipes Zetterstedt, 1855 (Heteroneura)
Clusiidae Clusiodes ruficollis Meigen, 1830 (Heteroneura)
Clusiidae Clusiodes verticalis Collin, 1912 (Heteroneura)
Clusiidae Heteromeringia nigrimana H. Loew, 1864 (Heteroneura)
Clusiidae Paraclusia tigrina Fallén, 1820 (Helomyza)
Coelopidae Coelopa frigida Fabricius, 1805 (Musca)
Coelopidae Coelopa pilipes Haliday, (xxxx)
Coelopidae Coelopa stejnegeri Aldrich, 1929 (Coelopa)
Coelopidae Malacomyia sciomyzina Haliday (xxxx)
Coenomyiidae Coenomyia ferruginea Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Conopidae Conops aureomaculatus Kröber, 1933 (Conops)
Conopidae Conops flavicaudus Bigot, 1880 (Sphixoxoma)
Conopidae Conops flavipes Linnaeus, 1758 (Conops)
Conopidae Conops macrocephalus Linnaeus, 1758 (Conops)
Conopidae Conops quadrifasciatus De Geer, 1776 (Conops)
Conopidae Conops scutellatus Meigen, 1804 (Conops)
Conopidae Conops strigatus Wiedemann, 1824 (Conops)
Conopidae Conops vesicularis Linnaeus, 1761 (Conops)
Conopidae Dalmannia aculeata Linnaeus, 1761 (Conops)
Conopidae Dalmannia dorsalis Fabricius, 1794 (Stomoxys)
Conopidae Dalmannia punctata Fabricius, 1794 (Myopa)
Conopidae Myopa buccata Linnaeus, 1758 (Conops)
Conopidae Myopa dorsalis Fabricius, 1794 (Myopa)
Conopidae Myopa fasciata Meigen, 1804 (Myopa)
Conopidae Myopa occulta Meigen, 1824 (Myopa)
Conopidae Myopa picta Panzer, 1798 (Myopa)
Conopidae Myopa polystigma Rondani, 1857 (Myopa)
Conopidae Myopa stigma Meigen, 1824 (Myopa)
Conopidae Myopa testacea Linnaeus, 1767 (Conops)
Conopidae Myopa variegata Meigen, 1804 (Myopa)
Conopidae Parazodion pallidecinctum Kröber, 1939 (Parazodion)
Conopidae Physocephala chrysorrhoea Meigen, 1824 (Conops)
Conopidae Physocephala nigra De Geer, 1776 (Conops)
Conopidae Physocephala notatum Meigen
Conopidae Physocephala pusilla Meigen, 1824 (Conops)
Conopidae Physocephala rufipes Fabricius, 1781 (Conops)
Conopidae Physocephala sagittaria Say, 1859 (Conops)
Conopidae Physocephala texana Williston, 1882 (Conops)
Conopidae Physocephala vaginalis Rondani, 1865 (Conops)
Conopidae Physocephala vittata Fabricius, 1794 (Conops)
Conopidae Pyrophaena ocymi Fabricius
Conopidae Pyrophaena rosarum Fabricius
Conopidae Sicus ferrugineus Linnaeus, 1761 (Conops)
Conopidae Stylogaster biannulata Say, 1823 (Myopa)
Conopidae Thecophora atra Fabricius, 1775 (Myopa)
Conopidae Thecophora distincta Wiedemann, 1824 (Myopa)
Conopidae Thecophora fulvipes Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Myopa)
Conopidae Thecophora pusilla Meigen, 1824 (Myopa)
Conopidae Zodion cinereum Fabricius, 1794 (Myopa)
Conopidae Zodion notatum Meigen, 1804 (Myopa)
Corethrellidae Corethra plumicornis Fabricius
Culicidae Aedes annulipes Meigen
Culicidae Aedes cantans Meigen, 1818 (Culex)
Culicidae Aedes caspius Pallas, 1771 (Culex)
Culicidae Aedes cataphylla Dyar, 1916 (Aedes)
Culicidae Aedes cinereus Meigen
Culicidae Aedes communis De Geer, 1776 (Culex)
Culicidae Aedes cyprius Ludlow, 1920 (Aedes)
Culicidae Aedes detritus Haliday, 1833 (Culex)
Culicidae Aedes dorsalis Meigen, 1830 (Culex)
Culicidae Aedes excrucians Walker, 1856 (Culex)
Culicidae Aedes flavescens Müller, 1764 (Culex)
Culicidae Aedes geniculatus Olivier, 1791 (Culex)
Culicidae Aedes grossbecki Dyar & Knab, 1906 (Aedes)
Culicidae Aedes infirmatus Dyar & Knab, 1906 (Aedes)
Culicidae Aedes luteolateralis Theobald, 1901 (Culex)
Culicidae Aedes macfarlanei Edwards, 1922 (Ochlerotatus)
Culicidae Aedes nigripes Zetterstedt
Culicidae Aedes pallens Ross, 1943 (Aedes)
Culicidae Aedes pullatus Coquillett, 1904 (Culex)
Culicidae Aedes punctor Kirby, 1837 (Culex)
Culicidae Aedes riparius Dyar & Knab, 1907 (Aedes)
Culicidae Aedes rusticus Rossi, 1790 (Cule)
Culicidae Aedes sticticus Meigen, 1838 (Culex)
Culicidae Aedes vexans Meigen, 1830 (Culex)
Culicidae Anopheles claviger Meigen, 1804 (Culex)
Culicidae Anopheles culicifacies Giles, 1901 (Anopheles)
Culicidae Anopheles hyrcanus Pallas, 1771 (Culex)
Culicidae Anopheles maculipennis Meigen, 1818 (Anopheles)
Culicidae Anopheles plumbeus Stephens, xxxx (Anopheles)
Culicidae Armigeres obturbans Walker, 1859 (Culex)
Culicidae Culex duttoni Theobald, 1901 (Culex)
Culicidae Culex halifaxi Theobald, 1903 (Cule)
Culicidae Culex nebulosus Theobald, 1901 (Culex)
Culicidae Culex ornatus Meigen
Culicidae Culex pipiens Linnaeus, 1758 (Culex)
Culicidae Culex tigripes De Grandpre & De Charmoy, 1901 (Culex)
Culicidae Culex torrentium Martini, 1925 (Culex)
Culicidae Culex tritaeniorhynchus Giles, 1901 (Culex)
Culicidae Culex vagans Wiedemann, 1828 (Culex)
Culicidae Culiseta alaskaensis Ludlow, 1906 (Theobaldia)
Culicidae Culiseta annulata Schrank, 1776 (Culex)
Culicidae Culiseta bergrothi Edwards
Culicidae Culiseta fumipennis Stephens
Culicidae Culiseta morsitans Theobald, 1901 (Culex)
Culicidae Mansonia richiardii Ficalbi, 1889 (Culex)
Culicidae Mansonia uniformis Theobald, 1901 (Panoplites)
Culicidae Tripteroides vicinus Edwards, 1917 (Rachionotomyia)
Culicidae Wyeomyia mitchellii Theobald, 1905 (Dendromyia)
Cylindrotomidae Cylindrotoma distinctissima Meigen, 1818 (Limnobia)
Cylindrotomidae Diogma glabrata Meigen, 1818 (Limnobia)
Cylindrotomidae Phalacrocera replicata Linnaeus, xxxx
Cylindrotomidae Phalacrocera tipulina Osten-Sacken, 1865 (Phalacrocera)
Cylindrotomidae Triogma trisulcata Schummel, 1829 (Limnobia)
Deuterophlebiidae Deuterophlebia sp.
Diadocidiidae Diadocidia ferruginosa Meigen
Diastatidae Campichoeta griseola Zetterstedt, 1855 (Geomyza)
Diastatidae Campichoeta obscuripennis Meigen, 1830 (Diastata)
Diastatidae Campichoeta punctum Meigen, 1830 (Diastata)
Diastatidae Diastata adusta nom dub Meigen, 1830 (Diastata)
Diastatidae Diastata boreonigra Chandler, 1987 (Diastata)
Diastatidae Diastata costata Meigen, 1830 (Diastata)
Diastatidae Diastata eluta H. Loew, 1863 (Diastata)
Diastatidae Diastata flavicosta Chandler, 1987 (Diastata)
Diastatidae Diastata fuscula Fallén, 1823 (Drosophila)
Diastatidae Diastata inornata H. Loew, 1864 (Diastata)
Diastatidae Diastata nebulosa Fallén, 1823 (Geomyza)
Diastatidae Diastata nigricornis H. Loew
Diastatidae Diastata punctum Meigen
Diastatidae Diastata unipunctata Zetterstedt, 1847 (Diastata)
Diastatidae Diastata vagans H. Loew, 1864 (Diastata)
Diopsidae Diasemopsis aethiopica Rondani, 1873 (Diopsis)
Diopsidae Diasemopsis fasciata Gray, 1832 (Diopsis)
Diopsidae Diopsis apicalis Dalman, 1817 (Diopsis)
Diopsidae Diopsis finitima Eggers, 1916 (Diopsis)
Diopsidae Diopsis fumipennis Westwood, 1837 (Diopsis)
Diopsidae Diopsis phlogodes Hendel, 1923 (Diopsis)
Diopsidae Diopsis variegata Dalman
Diopsidae Sphyracephala munroi Curran, 1928 (Sphyracephala)
Diopsidae Teleopsis quadriguttata Walker, 1856 (Diopsis)
Ditomyiidae Ditomyia fasciata Meigen
Dixidae Dixa aprilina Meigen
Dixidae Dixa autumnalis Meigen
Dixidae Dixa maculata Meigen
Dixidae Dixa nebulosa Meigen
Dixidae Dixa puberula Loew, 1849 (Dixa)
Dixidae Dixella aestivalis Meigen, 1818 (Dixa)
Dixidae Dixella guttipennis Thomson, 1869 (Dixa)
Dixidae Dixella laeta Loew
Dolichopodidae Achalcus cinereus Haliday, 1851 (Rhaphium)
Dolichopodidae Achalcus flavicollis Meigen, 1824 (Porphyrops)
Dolichopodidae Ammobates notatus Stannius, 1831 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Anahydrophorus cinereus Fabricius, 1805 (Scatophaga)
Dolichopodidae Anepsiomyia flaviventris Meigen, 1824 (Porphyrops)
Dolichopodidae Aphrosylus venator H. Loew, 1857 (Aphrosylus)
Dolichopodidae Argyra argentata Macquart
Dolichopodidae Argyra argentina Meigen, 1824 (Porphyrops)
Dolichopodidae Argyra argyria Meigen, 1824 (Porphyrops)
Dolichopodidae Argyra auricollis Meigen, 1824 (Porphyrops)
Dolichopodidae Argyra confinis Zetterstedt, 1849 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Argyra diaphana Fabricius, 1775 (Musca)
Dolichopodidae Argyra elongata Zetterstedt, 1843 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Argyra grata H. Loew, 1857 (Argyra)
Dolichopodidae Argyra hoffmeisteri H. Loew, 1850 (Rhaphium)
Dolichopodidae Argyra leucocephala Meigen, 1824 (Porphyrops)
Dolichopodidae Argyra loewii Kowarz, 1878 (Argyra)
Dolichopodidae Argyra magnicornis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Argyra subarctica Ringdahl, 1920 (Argyra)
Dolichopodidae Argyra vestita Wiedemann, 1817 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Asyndetus latifrons H. Loew, 1857 (Diaphorus)
Dolichopodidae Asyndetus tibialis Thomson, 1869 (xxxx)
Dolichopodidae Bathycranium bicolorellum Zetterstedt
Dolichopodidae Campsicnemus alpinus Haliday
Dolichopodidae Campsicnemus armatus Zetterstedt
Dolichopodidae Campsicnemus compeditus H. Loew, 1857 (Campsicnemus)
Dolichopodidae Campsicnemus curvipes Fallén, 1823 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Campsicnemus dasycnemus H. Loew, 1857 (Campsicnemus)
Dolichopodidae Campsicnemus loripes Haliday, 1832 (Medeterus)
Dolichopodidae Campsicnemus lumbatus H. Loew, 1857 (Campsicnemus)
Dolichopodidae Campsicnemus magius H. Loew, 1845 (Medeterus )
Dolichopodidae Campsicnemus paradoxus Wahlberg
Dolichopodidae Campsicnemus picticornis Zetterstedt, 1843 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Campsicnemus pumilio Zetterstedt
Dolichopodidae Campsicnemus pusillus Meigen, 1824 (Medeterus)
Dolichopodidae Campsicnemus scambus Fallén, 1823 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Campsicnemus umbripennus H. Loew, 1856 (Campsicnemus)
Dolichopodidae Campsicnermus crinitarsis Strobl, 1906 (Campsicnemus)
Dolichopodidae Chrysosoma patellifer Thomson, 1869 (Psilopus)
Dolichopodidae Chrysotimus flaviventris von Roser, 1840 (Chrysotus)
Dolichopodidae Chrysotimus molliculus Fallén, 1823 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Chrysotus amplicornis Wiedemann, 1817 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Chrysotus cilipes Meigen, 1824 (Chrysotus)
Dolichopodidae Chrysotus femoratus Zetterstedt, 1843 (Chrysotus)
Dolichopodidae Chrysotus gramineus Fallén, 1823 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Chrysotus laesus Wiedemann, 1817 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Chrysotus lundbladi Frey, 1939 (Chrysotus)
Dolichopodidae Chrysotus neglectus Wiedemann, 1817 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Chrysotus obscuripes Zetterstedt, 1838 (Chrysotus)
Dolichopodidae Chrysotus pulchellus Kowarz, 1874 (Chrysotus)
Dolichopodidae Chrysotus suavis H. Loew, 1857 (Chrysotus)
Dolichopodidae Chrysotus subfemoratus Frey, 1939 (Chrysotus)
Dolichopodidae Condylostylus caudatus Widemann, 1830 (Psilopus)
Dolichopodidae Condylostylus longicornis Fabricius, 1775 (Musca)
Dolichopodidae Diaphorus disjunctus H. Loew, 1857 (Daiphorus)
Dolichopodidae Diaphorus hoffmanseggi Meigen, 1830 (Daiphorus)
Dolichopodidae Diaphorus lugubris H. Loew, 1857 (Daiphorus)
Dolichopodidae Diaphorus nigricans Meigen, 1824 (Daiphorus)
Dolichopodidae Diaphorus oculatus Fallén, 1823 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Diaphorus winthemi Meigen, 1824 (Daiphorus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus acuticornis Wiedemann, 1817 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus albifrons H. Loew, 1859 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus annulipes Zetterstedt, 1838 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus annulitarsis Ringdahl, 1920 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus arbustorum Stannius, 1831 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus argyrotarsus Wahlberg, 1850 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus armillatus Wahlberg, 1850 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus atripes Meigen, 1824 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus bigeniculatus Parent, 1926 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus brevipennis Meigen, 1824 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus caligatus Wahlberg, 1850 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus campestris Meigen, 1824 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus cilifemoratus Macquart, 1827 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus cinctipes Wahlberg, 1850 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus claviger Stannius, 1831 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus consimilis Wahlberg, 1850 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus consobrinus Zetterstedt, 1859 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus costalis Frey, 1915 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus cruralis Wahlberg, 1850 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus discimanus Wahlberg, 1851 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus erroneus Parent, 1926 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus exsul Aldrich, 1922 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus fraterculus Zetterstedt, 1843 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus fulgidus Fallén
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus galeatus Loew, 1871 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus grandicornis Wahlberg, 1850 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus griseipennis Stannius, 1831 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus groenlandicus Zetterstedt
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus latipennis Fallén, 1823 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus lepidus Staeger, 1842 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus linearis Meigen, 1824 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus lineatocornis Zetterstedt, 1843 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus litorellus Zetterstedt, 1852 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus longicornis Stannius, 1831 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus longitarsis Stannius, 1831 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus maculipennis Zetterstedt, 1843 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus mannerheimi Zetterstedt, 1838 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus martynovi Stackelberg, 1930 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus melanopus Meigen, 1824 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus micropygus Wahlberg, 1850 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus migrans Zetterstedt, 1843 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus minuta Fabridius
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus modestus Wahlberg, 1850 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus nigricornis Meigen, 1824 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus nigripes Fallén, 1823 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus nitidus Fallén, 1823 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus notatus Staeger, 1842 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus nubilis Meigen, 1824 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus pallidus Negrobov, 1991 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus parvicaudatus Zetterstedt, 1843 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus pennatus Meigen, 1824 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus picipes Meigen, 1824 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus planitarsis Fallén, 1823 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus plumipes Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus plumitarsis Fallén, 1823 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus popularis Wiedemann, 1817 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus propinquus Zetterstedt, 1852 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus pseudomigrans Ringdahl, 1928 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus punctum Meigen, 1824 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus remipes Wahlberg, 1839 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus rupestris Haliday, 1833 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus ruthei H. Loew, 1847 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus sabinus Haliday, 1838 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus signifer Haliday, 1838 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus simplex Meigen, 1824 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus tenuicornis Parent, 1927 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus trivialis Haliday, 1832 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus ungulatus Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus urbanus Meigen, 1824 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus wahlbergi Zetterstedt, 1843 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus vitripennis Meigen, 1824 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Dolichopus zetterstedti Stenhammer, 1852 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Eucoryphus brunneri Mik, 1869 (Eucoryphus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus aerosus Fallén, 1823 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus angustifrons Staeger, 1842 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus argyropus Loew, 1858 (Gymnopternus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus assimilis Staeger, 1842 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus bicolor Macquart
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus brevicornis Staeger, 1842 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus celer Meigen, 1824 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus chaerophylli Meigen, 1824 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus chalybeus Wiedemann, 1817 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus chetifer Haliday, 1849 (Porphyrops)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus chrysozygus Wiedemann, 1817 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus cupreus Fallén, 1823 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus excipiens Becker, 1907 (Hercostomus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus fugax H. Loew, 1857 (Gymnopterus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus fumipennis Stannius, 1831 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus germanus Wiedemann, 1817 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus gracilis Stannius, 1831 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus griseifrons Becker, 1910 (Hercostomus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus heinrichi Grichanov, xxxx (Hercostomus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus inornatus H. Loew, 1857 (Gymnopterus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus longiventris H. Loew, 1857 (Sybistroma)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus lorifer Mik, 1878 (Hercostomus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus metallicus Stannius, 1831 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus nigripennis Fallén, 1823 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus nigriplantis Stannius, 1831 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus nobilitatus Linnaeus, 1767 (Musca)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus pallidus Loew, 1871 (Hercostomus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus par Parent, 1933 (Hercostomus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus pokornyi Mik, 1889 (Hercostomus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus praeceps Loew, 1869 (Hercostomus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus proboscideus Becker, 1907 (Hercostomus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus ruficaudis Walker
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus rusticus Meigen, 1824 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus sahlbergi Zetterstedt, 1838 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus varicoloris Becker, 1917 (Hercostomus)
Dolichopodidae Hercostomus vivax H. Loew, 1857 (Gymnopterus)
Dolichopodidae Hydrophora celestialis
Dolichopodidae Hydrophorus albiceps Frey, 1915 (Hydrophorus)
Dolichopodidae Hydrophorus albosignatus Ringdahl, 1919 (Hydrophorus)
Dolichopodidae Hydrophorus alpinus Wahlberg, 1844 (Hydrophorus)
Dolichopodidae Hydrophorus balticus Meigen, 1824 (Medeterus)
Dolichopodidae Hydrophorus bipunctatus Lehmann, 1822 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hydrophorus borealis H. Loew, 1857 (Hydrophorus)
Dolichopodidae Hydrophorus geminus Frey, 1915 (Hydrophorus)
Dolichopodidae Hydrophorus litoreus Fallén, 1823 (Hydrophorus)
Dolichopodidae Hydrophorus nebulosus Fallén, 1823 (Hydrophorus)
Dolichopodidae Hydrophorus pilipes Frey, 1915 (Hydrophorus)
Dolichopodidae Hydrophorus praecox Lehmann, 1822 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hydrophorus rufibarbis Gerstäcker, 1864 (Hydrophorus)
Dolichopodidae Hydrophorus signiferus Coquillett, 1898 (Hydrophorus)
Dolichopodidae Hydrophyllus crinipes Germar, 1842 (Sybistroma)
Dolichopodidae Hydrophyllus discipes Fallén, 1817 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hydrophyllus obscurellus Germar, 1823 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hydroporus elevatus Becker, 1922 (Hydroporus)
Dolichopodidae Hygrocelenthus latipennis Stannius, 1823 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hypophyllus crinipes Staeger, 1842 (Sybistroma)
Dolichopodidae Hypophyllus discipes Germar, 1817 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Hypophyllus obscurellus Fallén, 1823 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Lamprochromus curvipes Fallén
Dolichopodidae Lamprochromus elegans Meigen
Dolichopodidae Lamprochromus pumilio Zetterstedt
Dolichopodidae Lamprochromus scambus Fallén
Dolichopodidae Liancalus virens Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Dolichopodidae Lichtwardtia fractinervis Parent, 1929 (Vaalimyia)
Dolichopodidae Ludovicius eucerus H. Loew, 1861 (Haltericerus)
Dolichopodidae Macrodolichopus diadema Haliday, 1832 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Medetera ambigua Zetterstedt, 1843 (Hydrophorus)
Dolichopodidae Medetera apicalis Zetterstedt, 1843 (Hydrophorus)
Dolichopodidae Medetera chrysotimiformis Kowarz, 1868 (Medetera)
Dolichopodidae Medetera cimbebasia Grichanov, xxxx (Medetera)
Dolichopodidae Medetera dendrobaena Kowarz, 1877 (Medetera)
Dolichopodidae Medetera diadema Linnaeus, 1767 (Musca)
Dolichopodidae Medetera glaucella Kowarz, 1877 (Medetera)
Dolichopodidae Medetera infumata H. Loew, 1857 (Medetera)
Dolichopodidae Medetera jacula Fallén, 1823 (Hydrophorus)
Dolichopodidae Medetera micacea H. Loew, 1857 (Medetera)
Dolichopodidae Medetera muralis Meigen, 1824 (Medetera)
Dolichopodidae Medetera norlingi Grichanov, 1997 (Medetera)
Dolichopodidae Medetera obscura Zetterstedt, 1838 (Hydrophorus)
Dolichopodidae Medetera pallipes Zetterstedt, 1843 (Hydrophorus)
Dolichopodidae Medetera petrophila Kowarz, 1877 (Medetera)
Dolichopodidae Medetera plumbella Meigen, 1824 (Medetera)
Dolichopodidae Medetera tenuicauda H. Loew, 1857 (Medetera)
Dolichopodidae Medetera tristis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Hydrophorus)
Dolichopodidae Medetera truncorum Meigen, 1824 (Medetera)
Dolichopodidae Melanderia mandibulata Aldrich, 1922 (Melanderia)
Dolichopodidae Melanostolus nigricilius Loew, 1871 (Chrysotus)
Dolichopodidae Micromorphus albipes Zetterstedt, 1843 (Hydrophorus)
Dolichopodidae Nematoproctus praesectus Loew, 1869 (Nematoproctus)
Dolichopodidae Neurigona abdominalis Fallén
Dolichopodidae Neurigona erichsoni Zetterstedt
Dolichopodidae Neurigona pallida Fallen, 1823 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Neurigona quadrifasciata Fabricius, 1781 (Musca)
Dolichopodidae Neurigona suturalis Fallén, 1823 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Oncopygius distans H. Loew, 1857 (Sybistroma)
Dolichopodidae Oncopygius magnificus Loew, 1873 (Oncopygius)
Dolichopodidae Orthochile unicolor H. Loew, 1850 (Orthochile)
Dolichopodidae Peodes forcipatus H. Loew, 1857 (Peodes)
Dolichopodidae Poecilobothrus nobilitatus Linnaeus, 1767 (Musca)
Dolichopodidae Porphyrops elegantulum Meigen, 1824 (Porphyrops)
Dolichopodidae Porphyrops thoracicus Meigen
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium auctum H. Loew, 1857 (Rhaphium)
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium brevicorne Curtis, 1835 (Rhaphium)
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium caliginosum Meigen, 1824 (Rhaphium)
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium communae Meigen, 1824 (Porphyrops)
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium crassipes Meigen, 1824 (Porphyrops)
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium discigerum Stenhammar
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium elegantulum Meigen, 1824 (Porphyrops)
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium ensicorne Meigen, 1824 (Rhaphium)
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium fasciatum Meigen, 1824 (Rhaphium)
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium fascipes Meigen, 1824 (Porphyrops)
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium holmgreni Mik
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium laticorne Fallén, 1823 (Hydrophorus)
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium longicorne Fallén, 1823 (Hydrochus)
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium macrocerum Meigen, 1824 (Rhaphium )
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium micans Meigen, 1824 (Porphyrops)
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium monotrichum H. Loew, 1850 (Rhaphium)
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium nasutum Fallén, 1823 (Hydrochus)
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium nigribarbatum Becker
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium penicillatum H. Loew, 1850 (Rhaphium)
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium praerosum H. Loew, 1850 (Rhaphium)
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium riparium Meigen, 1824 (Porphyrops)
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium tridactylum Frey, 1915 (Porphyrops)
Dolichopodidae Rhaphium umbripenne Frey, 1915 (Xiphandrium)
Dolichopodidae Scellus dolichocerus Gerstäcker, 1864 (Scellus)
Dolichopodidae Scellus nebulosus Fallén, 1823 (Hydrophorus)
Dolichopodidae Scellus notatus Fabricius, 1781 (Musca)
Dolichopodidae Scellus spinimanus Zetterstedt, 1843 (Hydrophorus)
Dolichopodidae Schoenophilus versutus Haliday, 1851 (Thinophilus)
Dolichopodidae Sciapus contristans Wiedemann, 1877 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Sciapus longulus Fallén, 1823 (Leptopus)
Dolichopodidae Sciapus platypterus Fabricius, 1805 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Sciapus wiedemanni Fallén, 1823 (Leptopus)
Dolichopodidae Sciapus zonatulus Zetterstedt, 1843 (Psilopus)
Dolichopodidae Sphyrotarsus argyrostomus Mik, 1874 (Sphyrotarsus)
Dolichopodidae Subistroma germanus Wiedemann, 1877 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Sybistroma nodicornis Meigen, 1824 (Sybistroma)
Dolichopodidae Sympycnus aeneicoxa Meigen, 1824 (Porphyrops)
Dolichopodidae Sympycnus brevimanus H. Loew, 1857 (Sympycnus)
Dolichopodidae Sympycnus caffer Loew, 1858 (Sympycnus)
Dolichopodidae Sympycnus cirrhipes Haliday, 1851 (Rhaphium)
Dolichopodidae Sympycnus hispidus Becker, 1908 (Sympycnus)
Dolichopodidae Sympycnus pulicarius Fallén, 1823 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Sympycnus spiculatus Gerstäcker, 1864 (Sympycnus)
Dolichopodidae Syntormon aulicus Meigen
Dolichopodidae Syntormon freymuthae Loew, 1873 (Syntormon)
Dolichopodidae Syntormon metathesis H. Loew, 1850 (Rhaphium)
Dolichopodidae Syntormon moniis Haliday, 1851 (Rhaphium)
Dolichopodidae Syntormon pallipes Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Dolichopodidae Syntormon pumilus Meigen, 1824 (Rhaphium)
Dolichopodidae Syntormon punctatus Zetterstedt
Dolichopodidae Syntormon sulcipes Meigen, 1824 (Rhaphium)
Dolichopodidae Syntormon tarsatus Fallén, 1823 (Hydrochus)
Dolichopodidae Syntormon zelleri H. Loew, 1850 (Rhaphium)
Dolichopodidae Systenus pallipes von Roser, 1840 (Rhaphium)
Dolichopodidae Tachytrechus ammobates Haliday, 1851 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Tachytrechus bracteatus Wiedemann, 1830 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Tachytrechus insignis Stannius, 1831 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Tachytrechus intermedius Becker, 1922 (Tachytrechus)
Dolichopodidae Tachytrechus kowarzi Mik, 1864 (Tachytrechus)
Dolichopodidae Tachytrechus muscarius Speiser, 1910 (Hercostomus)
Dolichopodidae Tachytrechus notatus Stannius, 1831 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Tachytrechus obtectus Becker, 1922 (Tachytrechus)
Dolichopodidae Tachytrechus ocior Loew, 1869 (Tachytrechus)
Dolichopodidae Teuchophorus calcaratus Macquart, 1827 (Teuchophorus)
Dolichopodidae Teuchophorus monocanthus H. Loew, 1859 (Teuchophorus)
Dolichopodidae Teuchophorus nigricosta von Roser, 1840 (Teuchophorus)
Dolichopodidae Teuchophorus spinigerellus Zetterstedt, 1843 (Dolichopus)
Dolichopodidae Thinophilus flavipalpis Zetterstedt, 1843 (Rhaphium)
Dolichopodidae Thinophilus indigenus Becker, 1902 (Thinophilus)
Dolichopodidae Thinophilus ruficornis Haliday, 1838 (Medeterus)
Dolichopodidae Thrypticus bellus Loew, 1869 (Thrypticus)
Dolichopodidae Xanthochlorus tenellus Wiedemann
Drosophila Mycodrosophila gratiosa Meijere, 1911 (Drosophila)
Drosophilidae Amiota alboguttata Wahlberg, 1839 (Drosophila)
Drosophilidae Amiota variegata Fallén, 1823 (Drosophila)
Drosophilidae Cacoxenus indigator H. Loew, 1858 (Cacoxenus)
Drosophilidae Chymomyza fuscimana Zetterstedt, 1838 (Drosophila)
Drosophilidae Drosophila aspersa Mik
Drosophilidae Drosophila busckii Coquillett, 1901 (Drosophila)
Drosophilidae Drosophila confusa Staeger, 1844 (Drosophila)
Drosophilidae Drosophila fenestrarum Fallén, 1823 (Drosophila)
Drosophilidae Drosophila funebris Fabricius, 1787 (Musca)
Drosophilidae Drosophila hirticornis Meijere, 1914 (Drosophila)
Drosophilidae Drosophila histrio Meigen, 1830 (Drosophila)
Drosophilidae Drosophila melanogaster Meigen, 1830 (Drosophila)
Drosophilidae Drosophila obscura Zetterstedt, 1823 (Drosophila)
Drosophilidae Drosophila phalerata Meigen, 1830 (Drosophila)
Drosophilidae Drosophila pilimana Grimshaw, 1901 (Drosophila)
Drosophilidae Drosophila repleta Wollaston, 1858 (Drosophila)
Drosophilidae Drosophila transversa Fallén, 1823 (Drosophila)
Drosophilidae Drosophila tripunctata Becker
Drosophilidae Drosophila tristis Fallén, 1823 (Drosophila)
Drosophilidae Gitona distigma Meigen, 1830 (Drosophila)
Drosophilidae Leucophenga maculata Dufour, 1839 (Drosophila)
Drosophilidae Scaptomyza flava Fallén, 1823 (Drosophila)
Drosophilidae Scaptomyza graminum Fallén, 1823 (Drosophila)
Drosophilidae Scaptomyza pallida Zetterstedt, 1847 (Drosophila)
Drosophilidae Sphaerogastrella javana Meijere, 1911 (Camilla)
Drosophilidae Stegana coleoptrata Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Drosophilidae Stegana furta Linnaeus, 1767 (Musca)
Drosophilidae Stegana stroblii Mik
Drosophilidae Zaprionus obscuricornis Meijere, 1915 (Stegana)
Dryomyzidae Dryomyza anilis Fallén, 1820 (Dryomyza)
Dryomyzidae Dryomyza decrepita Zetterstedt, 1838 (Dryomyza)
Dryomyzidae Dryomyza flaveola Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Dryomyzidae Dryomyza senilis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Musca)
Dryomyzidae Paractora antarctica Thomson, 1869 (Orygma)
Dryomyzidae Paractora rufipes Macquart, 1843 (Heteromyza)
Dryomyzidae Paractora trichosterna Thomson, 1869 (Orygma)
Empididae Acarterus unicolor H. Loew, 1858 (Acarterus)
Empididae Anthalia schoenherri Zetterstedt
Empididae Bicellaria spuria Fallén
Empididae Brachystoma distinguenda Schiner
Empididae Chelifera concinnicauda Collin
Empididae Chelifera flavella Zetterstedt, 1838 (Chelifera)
Empididae Chelifera frigelii Zetterstedt, 1838 (Hemerodromia)
Empididae Chelifera monostigma Meigen
Empididae Chelifera precatoria Fallén, 1816 (Tachydromia)
Empididae Chelifera stigmatica Schiner, 1862 (Hemerodromia)
Empididae Chelifera trapezina Zetterstedt
Empididae Chelipoda albiseta Zetterstedt
Empididae Chelipoda vocatoria Fallén, 1816 (Tachydromia)
Empididae Clinocera appendiculata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Wiedemannia)
Empididae Clinocera barbatula Mik, 1880 (Clinocera)
Empididae Clinocera bipunctata Haliday, 1833 (Heleodromia)
Empididae Clinocera capicola Smith, 1967 (Wiedemannia)
Empididae Clinocera dimidiata Loew, 1869 (Clinocera)
Empididae Clinocera fontinalis Haliday, 1833 (Heleodromia)
Empididae Clinocera haemorrhoidalis Becker, 1908 (Clinocera)
Empididae Clinocera inermis H. Loew, 1861 (Clinocera)
Empididae Clinocera nigra Meigen, 1804 (Clinocera)
Empididae Clinocera nivalis Zetterstedt
Empididae Clinocera rabacali Frey, 1939 (Clinocera)
Empididae Clinocera stagnalis Haliday, 1833 (Heleodromia)
Empididae Clinocera tenella Wahlberg, xxxx (xxx)
Empididae Clinocera tibiella Mik, 1880 (Clinocera)
Empididae Clinocera wesmaeli Macquart, 1835 (Paramesia)
Empididae Dolichocephala irrorata Fallén, 1816 (Tachydromia)
Empididae Dolichocephala ocellata Costa, 1854 (Ardoptera)
Empididae Doliocephala guttata Haliday, 1833 (Leptosceles)
Empididae Doliocephala irrorata Fallén, 1816 (Tachydromia)
Empididae Drymodromia similis Smith, 1969 (Drymodromia)
Empididae Empis abbreviata Loew, 1869 (Empis)
Empididae Empis acinerea Chvála
Empididae Empis aequalis H. Loew, 1867 (Empis)
Empididae Empis aestiva H. Loew, 1867 (Empis)
Empididae Empis affinis Egger, 1860 (Empis)
Empididae Empis albinnervis Meigen
Empididae Empis alpicola Strobl, 1893 (Empis)
Empididae Empis alpina H. Loew, 1867 (Empis)
Empididae Empis anfractuosa Mik, 1884 (Empis)
Empididae Empis bistortae Meigen, 1822 (Empis)
Empididae Empis borealis Linnaeus, 1758 (Empis)
Empididae Empis caudatula H. Loew, 1867 (Empis)
Empididae Empis chioptera Meigen, 1804 (Empis)
Empididae Empis confusa H. Loew, 1865 (Empis)
Empididae Empis crassa Nowicki, 1868 (Empis)
Empididae Empis dasypoda Egger, 1860 (Empis)
Empididae Empis decora Meigen, 1822 (Empis)
Empididae Empis diagramma Meigen, 1835 (Empis)
Empididae Empis dimidiata Meigen, 1835 (Empis)
Empididae Empis discolor H. Loew, 1856 (Empis)
Empididae Empis femorata Fabricius, 1798 (Empis)
Empididae Empis funebris Fabricius, 1794 (Empis)
Empididae Empis gravipes H. Loew, 1856 (Empis)
Empididae Empis grisea Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Empididae Empis hyalipennis Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Empididae Empis livida Linnaeus, 1758 (Empis)
Empididae Empis lucida Zetterstedt, 1838 (Empis)
Empididae Empis lutea Meigen, 1804 (Empis)
Empididae Empis maculata Fabricius, 1781 (Empis)
Empididae Empis maerens H. Loew, 1867 (Empis)
Empididae Empis matabele Smith, 1969 (Empis)
Empididae Empis meridionalis Meigen, 1822 (Empis)
Empididae Empis morio Fabricius, 1794 (Empis)
Empididae Empis morosa Meigen
Empididae Empis nigricans Meigen, 1804 (Empis)
Empididae Empis nigricoma H. Loew, 1867 (Empis)
Empididae Empis nigripes Fabricius, 1794 (Empis)
Empididae Empis nigritarsis Meigen, 1804 (Empis)
Empididae Empis nitida Meigen, 1804 (Empis)
Empididae Empis opaca Meigen, 1804 (Empis)
Empididae Empis pachymorion Frey, 1935 (Empis)
Empididae Empis pennipes Linnaeus, 1758 (Empis)
Empididae Empis picipes Meigen, 1804 (Empis)
Empididae Empis pilimana Loew, 1869 (Empis)
Empididae Empis pilosa H. Loew, 1867 (Empis)
Empididae Empis prodromus H. Loew, 1867 (Empis)
Empididae Empis punctata Meigen, 1804 (Empis)
Empididae Empis pusio Egger, 1860 (Empis)
Empididae Empis rufiventris Meigen, 1838 (Empis)
Empididae Empis rustica Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Empididae Empis scaura H. Loew, 1867 (Empis)
Empididae Empis semicinerea H. Loew, 1867 (Empis)
Empididae Empis sericans Brullé, 1832 (Empis)
Empididae Empis simulium Nowicki, 1868 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Empis stercorea Linnaeus, 1761 (Empis)
Empididae Empis subciliata Loew, 1871 (Empis)
Empididae Empis syrovatkai Chvála, 1985 (Empis)
Empididae Empis tessellata Fabricius, 1794 (Empis)
Empididae Empis testacea Fabridius
Empididae Empis trigramma Wiedemann, 1822 (Empis)
Empididae Empis univittata H. Loew, 1867 (Empis)
Empididae Empis variegata Meigen, 1804 (Empis)
Empididae Empis vicaria Frey, 1935 (Empis)
Empididae Empis vitripennis Meigen, 1822 (Empis)
Empididae Gloma fuscipennis Meigen, 1822 (Gloma)
Empididae Heleodromia immaculata Haliday, 1833 (Heleodromia)
Empididae Hemerodromia oratoria Fallén
Empididae Hemerodromia raptoria Meigen, 1830 (Hemerodromia)
Empididae Hemerodromia unilineata Zetterstedt, 1842 (Hemerodromia)
Empididae Hilara abdominalis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara albipennis von Roser, 1840 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara albitarsis von Roser, 1840 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara andermattensis Strobl, 1892 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara beckeri Strobl, 1892 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara bistriata Zetterstedt, 1842 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara bovina Becker, 1910 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara brevivittata Macquart, 1827 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara canescens Zetterstedt, 1849 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara chorica Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Empididae Hilara cilipes Meigen, 1822 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara cingulata Dahlbohm, 1850 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara clavipes Harris, 1776 (Empis)
Empididae Hilara clypeata Meigen, 1822 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara cornicula Loew, 1873 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara czernyi Strobl, 1909 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara femorata H. Loew, 1862 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara femorella Zetterstedt, 1842 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara flavipes Meigen, 1822 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara fuscipes Fabricius, 1794 (Empis)
Empididae Hilara gallica Meigen, 1804 (Empis)
Empididae Hilara gracilipes Boheman
Empididae Hilara griseola Zetterstedt, 1838 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara heterogastra Nowicki, 1868 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara hirsuta Becker, 1915 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara hirta Strobl, 1892 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara infans Zetterstedt, 1842 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara intermedia Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Empididae Hilara interstincta Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Empididae Hilara litorea Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Empididae Hilara longivittata Zetterstedt, 1842 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara lucida Zetterstedt
Empididae Hilara lugubris Zetterstedt, 1819 (Empis)
Empididae Hilara lurida Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Empididae Hilara manicata Meigen, 1822 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara maura Fabricius, 1776 (Empis)
Empididae Hilara nigrina Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Empididae Hilara nigritarsis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara nitidula Zetterstedt, 1838 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara pilipes Zetterstedt, 1838 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara pilosa Zetterstedt, 1842 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara pinetorum Zetterstedt
Empididae Hilara pruinosa Wiedemann, 1822 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara quadrivittata Meigen, 1822 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara sartor Becker, 1888 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara spinimana Zetterstedt
Empididae Hilara tanythrix Frey, 1913 (Hilara)
Empididae Hilara tenella Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Empididae Hilara thoracica Macquart, 1827 (Hilara)
Empididae Hormopeza obliterata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Mormoptera)
Empididae Iteaphila macquarti Zetterstedt, 1838 (Iteaphila)
Empididae Iteaphila nitidula Zetterstedt
Empididae Oreogeton basalis Loew, 1856 (Gloma)
Empididae Phyllodromia melanocephala Fabricius, 1794 (Empis)
Empididae Ragas unica Walker, 1837 (Ragas)
Empididae Rhamphomyia aethiops Zetterstedt, 1838 (Rhamphomyza)
Empididae Rhamphomyia albibasis Frey, 1935 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia albipennis Fallén
Empididae Rhamphomyia albosegmentata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Rhamphomyza)
Empididae Rhamphomyia alpina Zetterstedt
Empididae Rhamphomyia anomalina Zetterstedt, 1838 (Rhamphomyza)
Empididae Rhamphomyia anomalipennis Meigen, 1822 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia anthracina Meigen, 1822 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia armata Becker, 1915 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia barbata Macquart
Empididae Rhamphomyia caesia Meigen
Empididae Rhamphomyia caudata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Rhamphomyza)
Empididae Rhamphomyia culicina Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Empididae Rhamphomyia dorsata Becker, 1915 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia flava Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Empididae Rhamphomyia fuscipennis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Ramphomyza)
Empididae Rhamphomyia fuscula Zetterstedt
Empididae Rhamphomyia geniculata Meigen, 1830 (Rhamphomyza)
Empididae Rhamphomyia gibba Fallén
Empididae Rhamphomyia grammoptera Frey, 1922 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia griseola Zetterstedt, 1838 (Rhamphomyza)
Empididae Rhamphomyia gufitar Frey, 1922 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia hambergi Frey, 1916 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia hybotina Zetterstedt, 1838 (Rhamphomyza)
Empididae Rhamphomyia ignobilis Zetterstedt, 1859 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia laevipes Fallén
Empididae Rhamphomyia lapponica Frey
Empididae Rhamphomyia longipes Meigen, 1804 (Empis)
Empididae Rhamphomyia lucidula Zetterstedt
Empididae Rhamphomyia maculipennis Zetterstedt, 1842 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia malaisei Frey, 1935 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia marginata Fabricius, 1787 (Empis)
Empididae Rhamphomyia modesta Wahlberg, 1844 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia morio Zetterstedt, 1838 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia nigripennis Fabricius, 1794 (Empis)
Empididae Rhamphomyia nigripes Strobl, 1898 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia nigrita Zetterstedt
Empididae Rhamphomyia nitidula Zetterstedt, 1842 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia niveipennis Zetterstedt
Empididae Rhamphomyia nodipes Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Empididae Rhamphomyia nordqvisti Holmgren, 1881 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia obscura Zetterstedt, 1838 (Rhamphomyza)
Empididae Rhamphomyia paradoxa Wahlberg, 1844 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia pilifer Meigen, 1838 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia plumifera Zetterstedt, 1838 (Rhamphomyza)
Empididae Rhamphomyia plumipes Meigen, 1804 (Empis)
Empididae Rhamphomyia poplitea Wahlberg, 1838 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia pusilla Zetterstedt, 1838 (Rhamphomyza)
Empididae Rhamphomyia reflexa Zetterstedt, 1838 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia robustor Frey, 1922 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia sciarina Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Empididae Rhamphomyia spinipes Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Empididae Rhamphomyia stigmosa Macquart, 1827 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia subsultrans Frey, 1922 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia sulcata Meigen, 1804 (Empis)
Empididae Rhamphomyia tarsata Meigen, 1822 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia tibialis Meigen
Empididae Rhamphomyia tibiella Zetterstedt
Empididae Rhamphomyia tipularia Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Empididae Rhamphomyia umbripennis Meigen, 1822 (Rhamphomyza)
Empididae Rhamphomyia ungiculata Frey, 1922 (Rhamphomyia)
Empididae Rhamphomyia variabilis Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Empididae Rhamphomyia vesiculosa Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Empididae Rubistella bimaculata Smith, 1969 (Brachystoma)
Empididae Stenoproctus palpatus Smith, 1969 (Stenoproctus)
Empididae Stenoproctus unipunctatus Loew, 1858 (Stenoproctus)
Empididae Stenoproctus venaticus Smith, 1969 (Stenoproctus)
Empididae Stilpon graminum Fallén, 1815 (Tachydromia)
Empididae Stilpon nigra Macquart, 1823 (Tachydromia)
Empididae Syndyas nigripes Zetterstedt
Empididae Syneches nebulosus H. Loew, 1858 (Syneches)
Empididae Trichinomyia flavipes Meigen, 1830 (Trichinomyia)
Empididae Wiedemannia aquilex Loew, 1869 (Clinocera)
Empididae Wiedemannia beckeri Mik, 1889 (Chamaedipsia)
Empididae Wiedemannia bistigma Curtis, 1834 (Heleodromia)
Empididae Wiedemannia bohemani Zetterstedt, 1838
Empididae Wiedemannia czernyi Bezzi, 1905 (Clinocera)
Empididae Wiedemannia escheri Zetterstedt
Empididae Wiedemannia hygrobia H. Loew, 1858 (Clinocera)
Empididae Wiedemannia lamellata Loew, 1869 (Clinocera)
Empididae Wiedemannia pirata Mik, 1880 (Clinocera)
Empididae Wiedemannia rhynchops Nowicki, 1868 (Clinocera)
Empididae Wiedemannia zetterstedti Fallén, 1826 (Empis)
Empididiae Rhamphomyia caesia Meigen, 1822 (Rhamphomyza)
Empididiae Rhamphomyia lapponica Frey, 1955 (Rhamphomyza)
Empididiae Rhamphomyia pilifer Meigen, 1838 (Rhamphomyza)
Ephydridae Allotrichoma laterale H. Loew, 1860 (Hecamede)
Ephydridae Amalopteryx maritima Eaton, 1875 (Amalopteryx)
Ephydridae Athyroglossa glabra Meigen, 1830 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Athyroglossa ordinata Becker, 1896 (Athyroglossa)
Ephydridae Atissa limosina Becker, 1896 (Atissa)
Ephydridae Axysta cesta Haliday, 1833 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Brachydeutera argentata Walker, 1852 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Clanoneurum cimiciforme Haliday, 1855 (Discomyza)
Ephydridae Coenia curvicauda Meigen, 1830 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Coenia palustris Fallén, 1823 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Diclasiopa lacteipennis H. Loew, 1862 (Discocerina)
Ephydridae Discocerina obscurella Fallén, 1813 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Discomyza incurva Fallén, 1823 (Psilopa)
Ephydridae Ditrichophora aurifacies Strobl, 1893 (Clasiopa)
Ephydridae Ditrichophora aurivilli Becker, 1896 (Clasiopa)
Ephydridae Ditrichophora calceata Meigen, 1830 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Ditrichophora cinerella Stenhammar, 1844 (Clasiopa)
Ephydridae Ditrichophora coxalis Strobl, 1893 (Clasiopa)
Ephydridae Ditrichophora glabricula Fallén, 1813 (Ditrichophora)
Ephydridae Ditrichophora nigerrima Strobl, 1893 (Clasiopa)
Ephydridae Ditrichophora obscurella Fallén, xxxx (xxxxx)
Ephydridae Ditrichophora plumosa Fallén, 1823 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Ditrichophora pulchella Meigen, 1830 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Elephantinosoma chnumi Becker, 1903 (Elephantinosoma )
Ephydridae Ephydra bivittata H. Loew, 1860 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Ephydra riparia Fallén, 1813 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Ephydra scholtzi Becker, 1896 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Ephygrobia apicalis Perris, 1847 (Hydrellia)
Ephydridae Ephygrobia compta Meigen, 1830 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Ephygrobia leucostoma Meigen, 1830 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Ephygrobia nigritella Stenhammar, 1844 (Psilopa)
Ephydridae Ephygrobia nitidula Fallén, 1813 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Ephygrobia polita Macquart, 1835 (Hydrellia)
Ephydridae Halmopota salinarium Bouche, 1834 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Hecamede albicans Meigen, 1830 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Hecamedoides glaucellus Stenhammar, 1844 (Psilopa)
Ephydridae Hyadina guttata Fallén, 1813 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Hyadina humeralis Becker, 1896 (Hydrina)
Ephydridae Hyadina nitida Macquart, 1835 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Hydrellia albilabris Meigen, 1830 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Hydrellia caesia Stenhammar, 1844 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Hydrellia cardamines Haliday
Ephydridae Hydrellia concolor Stenhammar, 1844 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Hydrellia flaviceps Meigen
Ephydridae Hydrellia flavicornis Fallén, 1823 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Hydrellia fulviceps Stenhammar, 1844 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Hydrellia geniculata Stenhammar
Ephydridae Hydrellia grisea Stenhammar
Ephydridae Hydrellia griseola Fallén, 1813 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Hydrellia modesta H. Loew, 1860 (Hydrellia)
Ephydridae Hydrellia obscura Meigen, 1830 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Hydrellia pilitarsis Stenhammar
Ephydridae Hydrellia ranunculi Haliday, 1839 (Hydrellia)
Ephydridae Ilythea spilota Curtis, 1832 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Lamproscatella dichaeta H. Loew, 1860 (Scatella)
Ephydridae Lamproscatella quadrisetosa Becker, 1896 (Scatella)
Ephydridae Lamproscatella sibilans Haliday, 1833 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Limnellia quadrata Fallén, 1813 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Limnellia stenhammari Zetterstedt, 1846 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Lytogaster abdominalis Stenhammar, 1844 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Mosillus subsultans Fabricius, 1794 (Syrphus)
Ephydridae Nostima picta Fallén, 1813 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Notiphila annulipes Stenhammar, 1844 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Notiphila aquatica Becker, 1896 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Notiphila caudata Fallén, 1813 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Notiphila caudata Fallén, 1813 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Notiphila cinerea Fallén, 1813 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Notiphila dorsata Stenhammar, 1844 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Notiphila graecula Becker, 1926 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Notiphila indistincta Krivosheina 2001 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Notiphila maculata Stenhammar, 1844 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Notiphila nigricornis Stenhammar
Ephydridae Notiphila philippinensis Cresson, 1948 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Notiphila puberula Krivosheina 2001 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Notiphila riparia Meigen, 1830 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Notiphila stagnicola Robineau-Desvoidy, xxx (xxx)
Ephydridae Notiphila uliginosa Haliday, 1839 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Ochtera circularis Cresson, 1926 (Ochtera)
Ephydridae Ochthera mantis De Geer, 1776 (Musca)
Ephydridae Ochthera schembrii Rondani, 1847 (Ochthera)
Ephydridae Orhthera regalis Williston, 1897 (Ochthera)
Ephydridae Paracoenia beckeri Kuntze, 1897 (Caenia)
Ephydridae Paracoenia fumosa Stenhammar, 1844 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Paracoenia fumosa Stenhammar, 1844 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Paralimna decipiens Loew, 1878 (Paralimna)
Ephydridae Parydra aquila Fallén, 1813 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Parydra coarctata Fallén, 1813 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Parydra fossarum Haliday, 1833 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Parydra littoralis Meigen, 1830 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Parydra pusilla Meigen, 1830 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Parydra quadripunctata Meigen, 1830 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Pelina aenea Fallén, 1813 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Philygra stictica Meigen, 1830 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Philygria flavipes Fallén, 1823 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Philygria interstincta Fallén, 1813 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Philygria maculipennis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Hydrina)
Ephydridae Philygria nigricauda Stenhammar, 1844 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Philygria obtecta Becker, 1896 (Philygria)
Ephydridae Philygria picta Fallén
Ephydridae Philygria posticata Meigen, 1830 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Philygria punctatonervosa Fallén
Ephydridae Psilopa nitidula Fallén, 1813 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Psilopa polita Macquart, 1835 (Hydrellia)
Ephydridae Psilopa pulicaria Haliday, 1839 (Notiphila)
Ephydridae Scatella hawaiiensis Grimshaw, 1901 (Scatella)
Ephydridae Scatella lutosa Haliday, xxxxx (xxxx)
Ephydridae Scatella paludum Meigen, 1830 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Scatella stagnalis Fallén, 1813 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Scatella subguttata Meigen, 1830 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Scatophila caviceps Stenhammar, 1844 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Scatophila cribrata Stenhammar, 1844 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Scatophila despecta Haliday, 1839 (Scatella)
Ephydridae Setacera aurata Stenhammar, 1844 (Ephydra)
Ephydridae Trimerina madizans Fallén, 1813 (Notiphila)
Fanniidae Fannia armata Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia burmana Pont, 1965 (Fannia)
Fanniidae Fannia canicularis Linnaeus, 1761 (Musca)
Fanniidae Fannia carbonaria Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia carbonella Stein, 1895 (Homalomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia coracina Loew, 1873 (Homalomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia corvina Verrall, 1892 (Homalomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia cothurnata Loew, 1873 (Homalomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia difficilis Stein, 1895 (Homalomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia fuscula Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Fanniidae Fannia fusculata Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Fanniidae Fannia genualis Stein, 1895 (Homalomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia glaucescens Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Fanniidae Fannia hirticeps Stein, 1892 (Homalomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia incisurata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Fanniidae Fannia latifrontalis Hennig
Fanniidae Fannia latipalpis Stein, 1892 (Homalomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia lepida Wiedemann, 1817 (Anthomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia leucosticta Meigen, 1838 (Anthomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia lugubrina Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Fanniidae Fannia lustrator Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Fanniidae Fannia manicata Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia melanina Dufour, 1839 (Anthomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia metallipennis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Fanniidae Fannia minutipalpis Stein, 1895 (Homalomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia mollissima Haliday, 1840 (Coelomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia monilis Haliday, 1838 (Anthomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia ochrogaster Thomson, 1869 (Anthomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia ornata Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia pallitibia Rondani, 1866 (Homalomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia parva Stein, 1895 (Homalomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia polychaeta Stein, 1895 (Homalomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia postica Stein, 1895 (Homalomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia posticata Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia pubescens Stein, 1908 (Fannia)
Fanniidae Fannia pusio Wiedemann, 1830 (Anthomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia rondanii Strobl, 1893 (Homalomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia scalaris Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Fanniidae Fannia serena Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Fanniidae Fannia similis Stein, 1895 (Homalomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia sociella Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Fanniidae Fannia speciosa Villeneuve, 1898 (Homalomyia)
Fanniidae Fannia subpellucens Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Fanniidae Fannia tuberculata Zetterstedt, 1849 (Aricia)
Fanniidae Fannia umbrosa Stein, 1895 (Homalomyia)
Fanniidae Homalomyia hamata Macquart
Fanniidae Piezura boletorum Rondani, 1866 (Mycophaga)
Fanniidae Piezura graminicola Zetterstedt, 1846 (Anthomyza)
Glossinidae Glossina fusca Walker, 1849 (Stomoxys)
Glossinidae Glossina longipennis Corti, 1895 (Glossina)
Glossinidae Glossina pallidipes Austen, 1903 (Glossina)
Glossinidae Glossina palpalis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Nemorhina)
Glossinidae Glossina tachinoides Westwood, 1851 (Glossina)
Helcomyzidae Helcomyza ustulata Curtis (xxxx)
Heleomyzidae Acantholeria cineraria H. Loew, 1862 (Blepharoptera)
Heleomyzidae Eccoptomera emarginata H. Loew, 1862 (Eccoptomera)
Heleomyzidae Eccoptomera longiseta Meigen, 1830 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Eccoptomera microps Meigen, 1830 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Eccoptomera ornata Loew (xxx)
Heleomyzidae Heleomyza borealis Boheman, 1865 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Heleomyza modesta Meigen, 1838 (Heleomyza)
Heleomyzidae Heleomyza pleuralis Becker, 1907 (Blepharoptera)
Heleomyzidae Heleomyza serrata Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Heleomyzidae Heteromyza atricornis Meigen, 1830 (Heteromyza)
Heleomyzidae Heteromyza oculata Fallén, 1820 (Heteromyza)
Heleomyzidae Lutomyia hemiptera Curran, 1929 (Criddleria)
Heleomyzidae Morpholeria obscuriventris Zetterstedt, 1847 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Morpholeria ruficornis Meigen, 1830 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Morpholeria tibialis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Morpholeria variabilis H. Loew, 1862 (Blepharoptera)
Heleomyzidae Neoleria inscripta Meigen, 1830 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Neoleria prominens Becker, 1897 (Tephrochlamys)
Heleomyzidae Neoleria ruficauda Zetterstedt, 1847 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Neoleria ruficeps Zetterstedt (xxx)
Heleomyzidae Notomyza edwardsi Malloch, 1933 (Notomyza)
Heleomyzidae Oecothea dubinini Gorodkov, 1959 (Oecothea)
Heleomyzidae Oecothea fenestralis Fallén, 1820 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Oldenbergiella brumalis Czerny, 1924 (Oldenbergiella)
Heleomyzidae Schroederella iners Meigen (xxx)
Heleomyzidae Scoliocentra caesia Meigen, 1830 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Scoliocentra confusa Wahlgren (xxx)
Heleomyzidae Scoliocentra flavotestacea Zetterstedt, 1838 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Scoliocentra spectabilis H. Loew, 1862 (Blepharoptera)
Heleomyzidae Scoliocentra villosa Meigen, 1830 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suilla stroblii Czerny, 1904 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia affinis Meigen, 1830 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia atricornis Meigen, 1830 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia bicolor Zetterstedt, 1838 (Heteromyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia crinimana Czerny, 1904 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia flava Meigen, 1830 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia flavifrons Zetterstedt, 1838 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia fuscicornis Zetterstedt, 1847 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia gigantea Meigen, 1830 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia humilis Meigen, 1830 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia inornata H. Loew, 1862 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia laevifrons H. Loew, 1862 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia lurida Meigen, 1830 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia mikii Pokornœ (xxx)
Heleomyzidae Suillia nemorum Meigen, 1830 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia notata Meigen, 1830 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia oceana Becker, 1908 (Heleomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia pallida Fallén, 1820 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia pallida Fallén, 1820 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia pilimana H. Loew, 1862 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia similis Meigen, 1838 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia umbratica Meigen, 1838 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia vaginata H. Loew, 1862 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Suillia variegata H. Loew, 1862 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Tephrochlamys flavipes Zetterstedt, 1838 (Heteromyza)
Heleomyzidae Tephrochlamys laeta Meigen, 1830 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Tephrochlamys rufiventris Meigen, 1830 (Helomyza)
Heleomyzidae Tephrochlamys tarsalis Zetterstedt, 1847 (Heteromyza)
Heterocheilidae Heterocheila buccata Fallén (xxxx)
Hilarimorphidae Hilarimorpha singularis Egger
Hippoboscidae Crataerina acutipennis Austen, 1926 (Crataerina)
Hippoboscidae Crataerina pallida Olivier, 1811 (Ornithomya)
Hippoboscidae Hippobosca equina Linnaeus, 1758 (Hippobosca)
Hippoboscidae Hippobosca longipennis Fabricius, 1805 (Hippobosca )
Hippoboscidae Hippobosca rufipes Olfers, 1816 (Hippobosca)
Hippoboscidae Hippobosca struthionis Janson, 1889 (Hippobosca)
Hippoboscidae Hippobosca variegata Megerle, 1803 (Hippobosca)
Hippoboscidae Icosta ardea Macquart, 1835 (Olfersia)
Hippoboscidae Lipoptena binocula Speiser, 1908 (Echestypus)
Hippoboscidae Lipoptena cervi Linnaeus, 1758 (Pediculus)
Hippoboscidae Lipoptena paradoxa Newstead, 1907 (Lipoptena)
Hippoboscidae Lipoptena pteropi Denny, 1843 (Lipoptena)
Hippoboscidae Lynchia nigra Party
Hippoboscidae Melophagus ovinus Linnaeus, 1758 (Hippobosca)
Hippoboscidae Olfersia fumipennis Sahlberg, 1886 (Lynchia)
Hippoboscidae Olfersia pilosa Macquart, 1834 (Olfersia)
Hippoboscidae Olfersia spinifera Leach, 1817 (Feronia)
Hippoboscidae Ornithoctona erythrocephala Leach, 1817 (Ornithomyia)
Hippoboscidae Ornithoctona laticornis Macquart, 1835 (Ornithomyia)
Hippoboscidae Ornithoctona plicata Olfers, 1816 (Ornithomyia)
Hippoboscidae Ornithoica turdi Latreille, 1812 (Ornithomyia )
Hippoboscidae Ornithomya avicularia Linnaeus, 1758 (Hippobosca)
Hippoboscidae Ornithomya chloropus Bergroth, 1901 (Ornithomya)
Hippoboscidae Ornithomya fringillina Curtis, 1836 (Ornithomya)
Hippoboscidae Pseudolynchia canariensis Macquart, 1839 (Olfersia)
Hippoboscidae Pseudolynchia garzettae Rondani, 1879 (Olfersia)
Hippoboscidae Stenepteryx hirundinis Linnaeus, 1858 (Hippobosca)
Hybotidae Anthepiscopus oedalinus Zetterstedt
Hybotidae Bicellaria nigra Meigen, 1824 (Cyrtoma)
Hybotidae Bicellaria pilosa Lundbeck
Hybotidae Bicellaria simplicipes Zetterstedt, 1842 (Cyrtoma)
Hybotidae Bicellaria spuria Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Hybotidae Chersodromia arenaria Haliday
Hybotidae Chersodromia cursitans Zetterstedt
Hybotidae Chersodromia speculifera Walker, 1851 (Chersodromia)
Hybotidae Crossopalpus aenescens Wiedemann, 1830 (Drapetis)
Hybotidae Crossopalpus curvipes Meigen
Hybotidae Crossopalpus humilis Frey
Hybotidae Crossopalpus nigritellus Zetterstedt
Hybotidae Crossopalpus setiger Loew
Hybotidae Drapetis arcuata Loew
Hybotidae Drapetis ephippiata Fallén, 1815 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Drapetis incompleta Collin
Hybotidae Drapetis parilis Collin
Hybotidae Drapetis simulans Collin
Hybotidae Dysaletria atriceps Bohemann
Hybotidae Euthyneura gyllenhali Zetterstedt
Hybotidae Euthyneura myricae Haliday
Hybotidae Euthyneura myrtilli Macquart, 1836 (Euthyneura)
Hybotidae Hybos culiciformis Fabricius, 1775 (Asilus)
Hybotidae Hybos femoratus Müller
Hybotidae Hybos grossipes Linnaeus, 1767 (Musca)
Hybotidae Lamachella maculata Smith, 1969 (Lamachella)
Hybotidae Lamachella marginalis Smith, 1969 (Lamachella)
Hybotidae Leptopeza borealis Zetterstedt
Hybotidae Leptopeza flavipes Meigen
Hybotidae Ocydromia glabricula Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Hybotidae Ocydromia melanopleura Loew
Hybotidae Oedalea flavipes Zetterstedt, 1842 (Oedalea)
Hybotidae Oedalea holmgreni Zetterstedt
Hybotidae Oedalea hybotina Fallén, 1816 (Empis)
Hybotidae Oedalea stigmatella Zetterstedt, 1842 (Oedalea)
Hybotidae Platypalpus aeneus Macquart
Hybotidae Platypalpus agilis Meigen, 1822 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus albicornis Zetterstedt
Hybotidae Platypalpus albiseta Panzer, 1806 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus albocapillatus Fallén, 1815 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus annulatus Fallén, 1815 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus annulipes Meigen, 1822 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus articulatoides Frey
Hybotidae Platypalpus articulatus Macquart, 1827 (Platypalpus)
Hybotidae Platypalpus ater Wahlberg
Hybotidae Platypalpus bicolor Meigen, 1804 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus boreoalpinus Frey
Hybotidae Platypalpus brevicornis Zetterstedt
Hybotidae Platypalpus calceatus Meigen, 1822 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus candicans Fallén, 1815 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus ciliaris Fallén, 1816 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus clarandus Collin (xxx)
Hybotidae Platypalpus confinis Zetterstedt
Hybotidae Platypalpus cothurnatus Macquart, 1827 (Platypalpus)
Hybotidae Platypalpus cursitans Fabricius, 1775 (Musca)
Hybotidae Platypalpus ecalceatus Zetterstedt
Hybotidae Platypalpus exilis Meigen, 1822 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus fasciatus Meigen, 1822 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus flavicornis Meigen, 1822 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus fuscicornis Zetterstedt, 1842 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus interstinctus Collin
Hybotidae Platypalpus kovalevi Chvála, 1988 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus laestadianorum Frey, 1913 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus longicornis Meigen, 1822 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus longiseta Zetterstedt
Hybotidae Platypalpus luteicornis Meigen, 1838 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus luteus Meigen
Hybotidae Platypalpus macula Zetterstedt
Hybotidae Platypalpus maculipes Meigen
Hybotidae Platypalpus major Zetterstedt, 1842 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus makoaensis Smith, 1967 (Platypalpus)
Hybotidae Platypalpus mikii Becker, 1890 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus minutus Meigen, 1804 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus niger Meigen, 1804 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus nigrina Meigen, 1822 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus nigritarsis Fallén, 1816 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus niveiseta Zetterstedt
Hybotidae Platypalpus notatus Meigen
Hybotidae Platypalpus pallidicornis Collin
Hybotidae Platypalpus pallidiventris Meigen, 1822 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus pallipes Fallén, 1815 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus pectoralis Fallén, 1815 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus pseudociliaris Strobl
Hybotidae Platypalpus pulicarius Meigen
Hybotidae Platypalpus rapidus Meigen, 1822 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus sordidus Zetterstedt
Hybotidae Platypalpus stabilis Collin
Hybotidae Platypalpus stigmatellus Zetterstedt, 1842 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Platypalpus straminipes Zetterstedt
Hybotidae Platypalpus strigifrons Zetterstedt
Hybotidae Platypalpus sylvicola Collin (xxx)
Hybotidae Platypalpus unguiculatus Zetterstedt
Hybotidae Platypalpus verralli Collin
Hybotidae Platypalpus vividus Meigen (xxx)
Hybotidae Symballophthalamus dissimilis Fallén
Hybotidae Symballophthalamus fuscitarsis Zetterstedt
Hybotidae Tachydromia abdominalis Wiedemann, 1830 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Tachydromia aemula Loew
Hybotidae Tachydromia annulimana Meigen, 1822 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Tachydromia arrogans Linnaeus, 1761 (Musca)
Hybotidae Tachydromia connexa Meigen
Hybotidae Tachydromia dendroptula Kowarz
Hybotidae Tachydromia elegantula Kowarz
Hybotidae Tachydromia incompleta Becker
Hybotidae Tachydromia longipennis H. Loew, 1864 (Tachista)
Hybotidae Tachydromia lundstroemi Frey
Hybotidae Tachydromia morio Zetterstedt
Hybotidae Tachydromia parthenia Kowarz , xxx (xxx)
Hybotidae Tachydromia punctifera Becker
Hybotidae Tachydromia pygmaeus Meigen, 1838 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Tachydromia sabulosa Meigen, 1830 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Tachydromia simillima Kowarz
Hybotidae Tachydromia terricola Zetterstedt
Hybotidae Tachydromia truncorum Fallén
Hybotidae Tachydromia tuberculata H. Loew, 1864 (Tachista)
Hybotidae Tachydromia umbrarum Haliday
Hybotidae Tachypeza fennica Toumikoski
Hybotidae Tachypeza fuscipennis Fallén, 1815 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Tachypeza heeri Zetterstedt, 1838 (Tachypeza)
Hybotidae Tachypeza nubila Meigen, 1804 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Tachypeza truncorum Fallén, 1815 (Tachydromia)
Hybotidae Tachypeza winthemi Zetterstedt, 1838 (Tachypeza)
Hybotidae Trichina clavipes Meigen, 1830 (Trichina)
Hybotidae Trichina pallipes Zetterstedt
Hybotidae Trichinomyia flavipes Meigen, 1830 (Trichina)
Hybotidae Trichinomyia fuscipes Zetterstedt, 1838 (Trichina)
Keroplatidae Asindulum nigrum Latreille
Keroplatidae Cerotelion humerais Zetterstedt
Keroplatidae Cerotelion lineatus Fabricius, 1775 (Tipula)
Keroplatidae Isoneuromyia semirufa Meigen
Keroplatidae Isoneuromyia vitripennis Meigen, 1830 (Platyura)
Keroplatidae Keroplatus sesioides Wahlberg, 1839 (Ceroplatus)
Keroplatidae Keroplatus testaceus Dalman (xxx)
Keroplatidae Macrorhyncha rostrata Zetterstedt (xxx)
Keroplatidae Orfelia discoloria Meigen, 1818 (Orfelia)
Keroplatidae Orfelia fasciata Meigen (xxx)
Keroplatidae Orfelia nemoralis Meigen, 1818 (Platyura)
Keroplatidae Orfelia nigricornis Fabricius (xxx)
Keroplatidae Orfelia unicolor Staeger (xxx)
Keroplatidae Platyura fasciata Meigen, 1804 (Platyura)
Keroplatidae Platyura lugubris Zetterstedt (xxxx)
Keroplatidae Platyura marginata Meigen, 1804 (Platyura)
Keroplatidae Urytalpa ochracea Meigen, 1818 (Platyura)
Lauxaniidae Aulogastromyia anisodactyla H. Loew, 1848 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Calliopum aeneum Fallén, 1820 (Lauxania)
Lauxaniidae Calliopum elisae Meigen, 1826 (Lauxania)
Lauxaniidae Calliopum simillimum Collin, xxxxx (xxxx)
Lauxaniidae Camptoprosopella dolorosa Williston, 1903 (Pachycerina)
Lauxaniidae Camptoprosopella texana Shewell, 1939 (Camptoprosopella)
Lauxaniidae Cnemacantha muscaria Fallén, 1823 (Heteroneura)
Lauxaniidae Eusapromyza multipunctata Fallén, 1820 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Homoneura americana Wiedemann, 1830 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Homoneura bispina H. Loew, 1861 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Homoneura chinensis Malloch, 1926 (Homoneura)
Lauxaniidae Homoneura consobrina Zetterstedt, 1847 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Homoneura disjuncta Johnson, 1914 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Homoneura fraterna H. Loew, 1861 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Homoneura grahami Malloch, 1929 (Homoneura)
Lauxaniidae Homoneura incerta Malloch, 1914 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Homoneura interstincta Fallén, 1820 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Homoneura limnea Becker, 1895 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Homoneura notata Fallén, 1820 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Homoneura ornatipes Johnson, 1914 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Homoneura patelliformis Becker, 1895 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Homoneura pernotata Malloch, 1920 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Homoneura philadelphica Macquart, 1843 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Lauxania cylindricornis Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Lauxaniidae Lauxaniella trivittata H. Loew, 1861 (Lauxania)
Lauxaniidae Lyciella affinis Zetterstedt, 1847 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Lyciella decempunctata Fallén, 1820 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Lyciella decipiens H. Loew, 1847 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Lyciella illota H. Loew, 1847 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Lyciella laeta Zetterstedt, 1838 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Lyciella pallidiventris Fallén, 1820 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Lyciella pictiventris Malloch, 1923 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Lyciella platycephala H. Loew, 1847 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Lyciella rorida Fallén, 1820 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Lyciella stylata Papp
Lauxaniidae Lyciella subfasciata Zetterstedt
Lauxaniidae Lyciella subvittata Zetterstedt
Lauxaniidae Minettia fasciata Fallén, 1826 (Lauxania)
Lauxaniidae Minettia flavipalpis Loew, 1847 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Minettia flaviventris Costa, 1844 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Minettia loewi Schiner, 1864 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Minettia longipennis Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Lauxaniidae Minettia lupulina Fabricius, 1787 (Musca)
Lauxaniidae Minettia obscura H. Loew, 1861 (Lauxania)
Lauxaniidae Minettia plumicornis Fallén, 1820 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Minettia rivosa Meigen
Lauxaniidae Pachycerina seticornis Fallén
Lauxaniidae Paroecus signatipes H. Loew, 1856 (Pachycerina)
Lauxaniidae Peplomyza litura Meigen, 1826 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Poecilominettia sp.Rhamphomyia pilifer Meigen, 1838
Lauxaniidae Prosopomyia pallida H. Loew, 1856 (Prosopomyia)
Lauxaniidae Pseudogrihoneura gracilipes H. Loew, 1861 (Lauxania)
Lauxaniidae Pseudogrihoneura scutellata Malloch, 1923 (Deceia)
Lauxaniidae Sapromyza albiceps Fallén
Lauxaniidae Sapromyza apicalis H. Loew, 1847 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Sapromyza atripes Meigen, 1838 (Lauxania)
Lauxaniidae Sapromyza basalis Zetterstedt
Lauxaniidae Sapromyza bicolor H. Loew
Lauxaniidae Sapromyza fuscotestacea Zetterstedt
Lauxaniidae Sapromyza hyalinata Meigen, 1826 (Lauxania)
Lauxaniidae Sapromyza intonsa Loew, 1847 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Sapromyza obscuripennis H. Loew, 1847 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Sapromyza obsoleta Fallén, 1820 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Sapromyza opaca Becker, 1895 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Sapromyza quadricincta Becker, 1895 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Sapromyza quadricincta Becker
Lauxaniidae Sapromyza quadripunctata Linnaeus, 1767 (Musca)
Lauxaniidae Sapromyza setiventris Zetterstedt, 1847 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Sapromyza sexpunctata Meigen, 1826 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Sapromyza zetterstedti Hendel
Lauxaniidae Tricholauxania praeusta Fallén, 1820 (Sapromyza)
Lauxaniidae Trigonometopus frontalis Meigen, 1830 (Tetanocera)
Lauxaniidae Trigonometopus vittatus Loew, 1869 (Trigonometopus)
Limoniidae Achyrolimonia inustus Meigen, 1818 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Adelphomyia punctum Meigen
Limoniidae Arctoconopa quadrivittata Siebke
Limoniidae Atypophathalmus inustus Meigen
Limoniidae Austrolimnophila ochracea Meigen, 1804 (Limonia)
Limoniidae Austrolimnophila toxoneura Osten-Sacken, 1859 (Limnophila)
Limoniidae Austrolimnophila unica Osten-Sacken
Limoniidae Cheilotricha areolata Lundström
Limoniidae Chionea araneoides Dalman, 1816 (Chionea)
Limoniidae Cladura flavoferruginea Osten-Sacken, 1859 (Cladura)
Limoniidae Conosia irrorata Wiedemann, 1828 (Conosia)
Limoniidae Conosia irrorata Wiedemann, 1828 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Dactylolabis sexmaculata Macquart, 1826 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Dactylolabis transversa Meigen, 1804 (Limonia)
Limoniidae Dicranomyia aperta Wahlgren, 1904 (Dicranomyia)
Limoniidae Dicranomyia aquosa Verrall, 1886 (Dicranomyia)
Limoniidae Dicranomyia autumnalis Staeger, 1840 (Glochina)
Limoniidae Dicranomyia chorea Meigen, 1818 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Dicranomyia consimilis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Dicranomyia decora Staeger, 1920 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Dicranomyia didyma Meigen, 1804 (Limonia)
Limoniidae Dicranomyia distendens Lundström
Limoniidae Dicranomyia fusca Meigen, 1804 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Dicranomyia halterata Osten-Sacken, xxx (xxxx)
Limoniidae Dicranomyia hyalinata Zetterstedt, 1851 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Dicranomyia mitis Meigen, 1830 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Dicranomyia modesta Meigen, 1818 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Dicranomyia morio Fabricius, 1787 (Tipula)
Limoniidae Dicranomyia murina Zetterstedt, 1851 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Dicranomyia ornata Meigen, 1818 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Dicranomyia rufiventris Strobl
Limoniidae Dicranomyia selkirki Alexander, 1920 (Dicranomyia)
Limoniidae Dicranomyia sera Walker, 1848 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Dicranomyia stigmatica Meigen, 1830 (Dicranomyia)
Limoniidae Dicranomyia terraenovae Alexander, 1920 (Dicranomyia)
Limoniidae Dicranomyia tristis Schummel, 1829 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Dicranoptycha fuscescens Schummel, 1829 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Dicranota bimaculata Schummel, 1829 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Dicranota exlusa Walker, 1848 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Dicranota gracilipes Wahlgren, xxx (xxx)
Limoniidae Dicranota guerini Zetterstedt
Limoniidae Discobola annulata Linaneus (xxxx)
Limoniidae Discobola caesarea Osten-Sacken
Limoniidae Eleophila trimaculata Zetterstedt
Limoniidae Elephantomyia wahlbergi Bergroth, 1888 (Elephantomyia)
Limoniidae Eloeophila maculata Meigen, 1804 (Limonia)
Limoniidae Epiphragma fasciapennis Say, 1823 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Epiphragma ocellare Linnaeus, 1761 (Tipula)
Limoniidae Epiphragma solatrix Osten-Sacken, 1859 (Limnophila)
Limoniidae Ericonopa trivialis Meigen, 1818 (Erioptera)
Limoniidae Erioconopa diuturna Walker
Limoniidae Eriophora angustissima Alexander, 1927 (Elephantomyia)
Limoniidae Erioptera caliptera Say, 1823 (Erioptera)
Limoniidae Erioptera divisa Walker
Limoniidae Erioptera flavata Westhoff, 1882 (Trichosticha)
Limoniidae Erioptera fuscipennis Meigen, 1818 (Erioptera)
Limoniidae Erioptera lutea Meigen, 1804 (Erioptera)
Limoniidae Erioptera subaurea Bergroth, 1888 (Erioptera)
Limoniidae Eugnophomyia elegans Wiedemann, 1830 (Eugnophomyia)
Limoniidae Euphylidorea dispar Meigen, 1818 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Euphylidorea lineola Meigen, 1804 (Limonia)
Limoniidae Eutonia barbipes Meigen, 1804 (Limonia)
Limoniidae Geranomyia argentifera Meijere, 1911 (Geranomyia)
Limoniidae Gnophomyia lugubris Zetterstedt, 1838 (Tipula)
Limoniidae Gonomyia spuria Bergroth, 1888 (Gonomyia)
Limoniidae Gonomyia tenella Meigen, 1818 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Helius longirostris Meigen, 1818 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Hexatoma chirothecata Scopoli
Limoniidae Hexatoma cimicoides Scopoli, 1763 (Tipula)
Limoniidae Hexatoma gaedii Meigen, 1830 (Anisomera)
Limoniidae Hexatoma immaculata Meigen
Limoniidae Hexatoma nubeculosa Burmeister, 1829 (Nematocera)
Limoniidae Hexatoma pellucens Fabricius
Limoniidae Hexatoma vittata Meigen, 1830 (Anisomera)
Limoniidae Idioptera linnei Oosterbrook
Limoniidae Idioptera pulchella Meigen, 1830 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Ilisia maculata Meigen, 1804 (Erioptera)
Limoniidae Libnotes plutonis Alexander, 1924 (Limonia)
Limoniidae Limnobia hirtipes Walker, 1848 (Limoniidae)
Limoniidae Limnobia macrostigma Schummel, 1829 (Tipula)
Limoniidae Limnobia strigivena Walker, 1861 (Limonia)
Limoniidae Limnobia trentepohlii Widemann, 1828 (Trentepohlia)
Limoniidae Limnophila pictipennis Meigen, 1818 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Limnophila rufibasis Osten-Sacken, 1859 (Limnophila)
Limoniidae Limnophila varicornis Coquillett, 1898 (Limnophila)
Limoniidae Limonia flavipes Fabricius, 1787 (Tipula)
Limoniidae Limonia immatura Osten-Sacken, 1859 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Limonia indigena Osten-Sacken, 1859 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Limonia lecontei Alexander, 1940 (Rhipidia)
Limoniidae Limonia macrostigma Schummel, 1829 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Limonia nigropunctata Schummel, 1829 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Limonia nubeculosa Meigen, 1804 (Limonia)
Limoniidae Limonia phragmitidis Schrank, 1781 (Tipula)
Limoniidae Limonia rotundifolialeos Young, 1990 (Limonia)
Limoniidae Limonia sanctaecruzae Alexander, 1920 (Dicranomyia)
Limoniidae Limonia sylvicola Schummel
Limoniidae Limonia tipulipes Karsch, 1886 (Dicranomyia)
Limoniidae Limonia trivittata Schummel, 1829 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Metalimnobia bifasciata Schrank, 1781 (Tipula)
Limoniidae Metalimnobia quadrimaculata Linnaeus, 1761 (Tipula)
Limoniidae Metalimnobia quadrinotata Meigen, 1818 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Molophilus appendiculatus Staeger, 1840 (Erioptera)
Limoniidae Molophilus ater Meigen, 1804 (Erioptera)
Limoniidae Molophilus crassipygus De Meijere
Limoniidae Molophilus griseus Meigen, 1804 (Erioptera)
Limoniidae Molophilus obscurus Meigen, 1818 (Erioptera)
Limoniidae Neolimnomyia nemoralis Meigen, 1818 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Neolimonia dumetorum Meigen, 1804 (Limonia)
Limoniidae Ormosia fascipennis Zetterstedt
Limoniidae Ormosia ingloria Alexander, 1929 (Ormosia)
Limoniidae Ormosia nodulosa Macquart, 1826 (Erioptera)
Limoniidae Ormosia staegeriana Alexander, 1953 (Ormosia)
Limoniidae Pedicia albivitta Walker, 1848 (Pedicia)
Limoniidae Pedicia inconstans Osten-Sacken, 1859 (Amalopis)
Limoniidae Pedicia littoralis Meigen, 1804 (Limonia)
Limoniidae Pedicia rivosa Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Limoniidae Pedicia straminea Meigen, 1838 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Phylidorea abdominalis Staeger, 1840 (Limnophila)
Limoniidae Phylidorea aquavens Zetterstedt, 1838 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Phylidorea bicolor Meigen, 1804 (Limonia)
Limoniidae Phylidorea ferruginea Meigen, 1818 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Phylidorea fulvonervosa Schummel
Limoniidae Phylidorea nervosa Schummel, 1829 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Phylidorea squalens Zetterstedt
Limoniidae Phyllolabrs macroura Siebke, 1863 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Pilaria discicollis Meigen, 1818 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Pilaria fuscipennis Meigen, 1818 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Pilaria meridiana Staeger, 1840 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Pseudolimnophila frugi Bergroth, 1888 (Limnophila)
Limoniidae Pseudolimnophila inornata Osten-Sacken, 1869 (Limnophila)
Limoniidae Psyllolabis macroura Siebke
Limoniidae Rhabdomastix laeta Loew, xxx (xxxx)
Limoniidae Rhabdomastix lapponica Tjeder
Limoniidae Rhamphidia communis Skuse, 1890 (Rhamphidia)
Limoniidae Rhipidia maculata Meigen, 1818 (Rhipidia)
Limoniidae Rhipidia pulchra Meijere, 1904 (Limonia)
Limoniidae Rhipidia uniseriata Schiner
Limoniidae Rhypholophus haemorrhoidalis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Erioptera)
Limoniidae Symplecta hybrida Meigen, 1804 (Limonia)
Limoniidae Symplecta meigenii Zetterstedt, 1838 (Psiloconopa)
Limoniidae Symplecta pilipes Fabricius, 1787 (Tipula)
Limoniidae Symplecta punctipennis Meigen
Limoniidae Symplecta stictica Meigen, 1818 (Limnobia)
Limoniidae Tasiocera murina Meigen, 1818 (Erioptera)
Limoniidae Teucholabis complexa Osten-Sacken, 1859 (Teucholabis)
Limoniidae Trentepohlia exornata Bergroth, 1888 (Trentepohila)
Limoniidae Trentepohlia pennispes Osten Sacken, 1887 (Trentepohila)
Limoniidae Tricyphona immaculata Meigen, 1804 (Limonia)
Limoniidae Tricyphona schummeli Edwards
Limoniidae Tricyphona unicolor Schummel, 1829 (Limnobia)
Lonchaeidae Chaetolonchaea dasyops Meigen, 1826 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Chaetolonchaea pallipennis Zetterstedt, 1855 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Dasiops latifrons Meigen, 1826 (Chortophila)
Lonchaeidae Dasiops latifrons Meigen, 1826 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Dasiops occultus Collin, 1953 (Dasiops)
Lonchaeidae Earomyia lonchaeoides Zetterstedt, 1848 (Earomyia)
Lonchaeidae Earomyia viridana Meigen, 1826 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Lamprolonchaea smaragdi Walker, 1849 (Notiphila)
Lonchaeidae Lonchaea affinis Malloch, 1920 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Lonchaea albitarsis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Lonchaea chorea Fabricius, 1781 (Musca)
Lonchaeidae Lonchaea collini Hackman, 1956 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Lonchaea corusca Czerny, 1934 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Lonchaea deutschi Zetterstedt, 1838 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Lonchaea fugax Becker, 1895 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Lonchaea hackmani Kovalev, 1981 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Lonchaea haplosetifera McAlpine, 1960 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Lonchaea helvetica MacGowan, 2002 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Lonchaea hirticeps Zetterstedt, 1837 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Lonchaea hyalipennis Zetterstedt, 1847 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Lonchaea laticornis Meigen, 1826 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Lonchaea limatula Collin, 1953 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Lonchaea palposa Zetterstedt, 1847 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Lonchaea ragnari Hackman, 1956 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Lonchaea scutellaris Rondani , 1874 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Lonchaea sylvatica Beling, 1873 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Lonchaea tarsata Fallén, 1820 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Lonchaea zetterstedti Becker, 1902 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Protearomyia nigra Meigen, 1826 (Lonchaea)
Lonchaeidae Setisquamalonchaea fumosa Egger, 1862 (Lonchaea)
Lonchopteridae Lonchoptera alfhildae Andersson, 1971 (Lonchoptera)
Lonchopteridae Lonchoptera annikaae Andersson, 1971 (Lonchoptera)
Lonchopteridae Lonchoptera bifurcata Fallén, 1810 (Dipsa)
Lonchopteridae Lonchoptera birmanica Andersson, 1971 (Lonchoptera)
Lonchopteridae Lonchoptera birmensis Andersson, 1971 (Lonchoptera)
Lonchopteridae Lonchoptera casanova Andersson, 1971 (Lonchoptera)
Lonchopteridae Lonchoptera elinorae Andersson, 1971 (Lonchoptera)
Lonchopteridae Lonchoptera fallax De Meijere, xxx (xxx)
Lonchopteridae Lonchoptera lutea Panzer, 1809 (Lonchoptera)
Lonchopteridae Lonchoptera malasei Andersson, 1971 (Lonchoptera)
Lonchopteridae Lonchoptera orientalis Kertész, 1914 (Musidora)
Lonchopteridae Lonchoptera pictipennis Bezzi, 1899 (Lonchoptera)
Lonchopteridae Lonchoptera pipi Andersson, 1971 (Lonchoptera)
Lonchopteridae Lonchoptera tristis Meigen, 1824 (Lonchoptera)
Macroceridae Macrocera angulata Meigen, 1818 (Macrocera)
Macroceridae Macrocera centralis Meigen, 1818 (Macrocera)
Macroceridae Macrocera fasciata Meigen, 1804 (Macrocera)
Macroceridae Macrocera fascipennis Staeger
Macroceridae Macrocera lutea Meigen, 1804 (Macrocera)
Macroceridae Macrocera maculata Meigen, 1818 (Macrocera)
Macroceridae Macrocera nana Macquart, 1826 (Macrocera)
Macroceridae Macrocera phalerata Meigen
Macroceridae Macrocera stigma Curtis, 1837 (Macrocera)
Macroceridae Macrocera vittata Meigen
Megamerinidae Megamerina dolium Fabricius, 1805 (Ocyptera)
Micropezidae Calobata petronella Linnaeus, 1761 (Musca)
Micropezidae Calobatella mammillata Loew, 1854 (Calobata)
Micropezidae Cnodacophora stylifera Loew, 1870 (Calobata)
Micropezidae Compsobata cibaria Linnaeus, 1761 (Musca)
Micropezidae Compsobata nigricornis Zetterstedt
Micropezidae Micropeza corrigiolata Linnaeus, 1767 (Musca)
Micropezidae Neria ephippium Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Micropezidae Rainiera calceata Fallén, 1820 (Calobata)
Microphoridae Microphor albopilosus Becker, 1910 (Microphorus)
Microphoridae Microphor anomalus Meigen, 1824 (Platypeza)
Microphoridae Microphor holocericeus Meigen, 1804 (Empis)
Microphoridae Microphorella praecox H. Loew, 1864 (Microphorus)
Milichiidae Desmometopa m-nigrum Zetterstedt, 1848 (Agromyza)
Milichiidae Desmometopa sordida Fallén, 1820 (Madiza)
Milichiidae Leptometopa latipes Meigen, 1830 (Agromyza)
Milichiidae Leptometopa niveipennis Strobl, 1900 (Siphorella)
Milichiidae Madiza glabra Fallén, 1820 (Madiza)
Milichiidae Milichia ludens Wahlberg, 1847 (Lobioptera)
Milichiidae Milichia speciosa Meigen, 1830 (Milichia)
Milichiidae Milichiella lacteipennis Loew,1866 (Lobioptera)
Milichiidae Phyllomyza securicornis Fallén, 1823 (Phyllomyza)
Muscidae Acanthiptera rohrelliformis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Phyllis)
Muscidae Alloeostylus diaphanus Wiedemann, 1817
Muscidae Atherigona laeta Wiedemann, 1830 (Coenosia)
Muscidae Atherigona orientalis Schiner, 1868 (Atherigona)
Muscidae Atherigona reversura V illeneuve, 1936 (Atherigona)
Muscidae Atherigona varia Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Azelia aterrima Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Azelia cilipes Haliday, 1838 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Azelia gibbera Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Azelia nebulosa Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Azelia)
Muscidae Azelia nuditibia Emden, 1965 (Azelia)
Muscidae Azelia staegeri Zetterstedt
Muscidae Azelia triquetra Wiedemann, 1817 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Azelia zetterstedtii Rondani, 1866 (Azelia)
Muscidae Brontaea humilis Zetterstedt, 1860 (Aricia)
Muscidae Brontaea tonitrui Wiedemann, 1824 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Caricea alma Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Caricea brachialis Rondani, 1877 (Coenosia)
Muscidae Caricea erythrocera Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Caricea)
Muscidae Caricea mikii Strobl, 1893 (Coenosia )
Muscidae Caricea rubricornis Zetterstedt
Muscidae Caricea verna Meigen, 1794 (Musca)
Muscidae Coenosia agromyzina Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Coenosia albicornis Meigen, 1826 (Coenosia)
Muscidae Coenosia ambulans Meigen, 1826 (Coenosia)
Muscidae Coenosia antennata Zetterstedt, 1849 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Coenosia atra Meigen, 1830 (Coenosia)
Muscidae Coenosia atritibia Ringdahl, 1926 (Coenosia)
Muscidae Coenosia attenuata Stein, 1903 (Coenosia)
Muscidae Coenosia bilineella Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Coenosia cingulipes Zetterstedt, 1849 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Coenosia dealbata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Coenosia femoralis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Palusia)
Muscidae Coenosia flavimana Zetterstedt, 1845 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Coenosia geniculata Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Coenosia humilis Meigen, 1826 (Coenosia)
Muscidae Coenosia intermedia Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Coenosia means Meigen, 1826 (Coenosia)
Muscidae Coenosia mollicula Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Coenosia nigridigita Rondani, 1866 (Caenosia)
Muscidae Coenosia obscuricula Rondani, 1871 (Hoplogaster)
Muscidae Coenosia octopunctata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Coenosia pedella Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Coenosia perpusilla Meigen, 1826 (Coenosia)
Muscidae Coenosia pulicaria Zetterstedt
Muscidae Coenosia pumila Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Coenosia pygmaea Zetterstedt, 1845 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Coenosia rufipalpis Meigen, 1826 (Coenosia)
Muscidae Coenosia sexmaculata Meigen
Muscidae Coenosia strigipes Stein, 1916 (Coenosia)
Muscidae Coenosia testacea Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Palusia)
Muscidae Coenosia tigrina Fabricius, 1775 (Musca)
Muscidae Coenosia trilineella Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Dasyphora albofasciata Macquart, 1839 (Lucilia)
Muscidae Dasyphora penicillata Egger, 1865 (Cyrtoneura)
Muscidae Dasyphora pratorum Meigen, 1826 (Musca)
Muscidae Dexiopsis lacteipennis Zetterstedt
Muscidae Dexiopsis minutalis Zetterstedt, 1860 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Dexiopsis ruficornis Macquart, 1835 (Caenosia)
Muscidae Dialyta erinacea Fallén
Muscidae Dichaetomyia albiceps Wulp, 1881 (Spilogaster)
Muscidae Dichaetomyia bibax Wiedemann, 1830 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Dichaetomyia flavipalpis Stein, 1915 (Mydaea)
Muscidae Dichaetomyia fulvoapicata Emden, 1965 (Dichaetomyia)
Muscidae Dichaetomyia indica Walker, 1852 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Dichaetomyia pahangensis Malloch, 1925 (Dichaetomyia)
Muscidae Dichaetomyia pendleburyi Malloch, 1925 (Dichaetomyia)
Muscidae Dichaetomyia persimilis Emden, 1965 (Dichaetomyia)
Muscidae Dichaetomyia pilinervis Malloch, 1928 (Dichaetomyia)
Muscidae Dichaetomyia quadrata Wiedemann, 1824 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Dichaetomyia setifemur Malloch, 1928 (Dichaetomyia)
Muscidae Dichaetomyia varicauda Emden, 1965 (Dichaetomyia)
Muscidae Drymeia alpicola Rondani, 1871 (Pogonomyia)
Muscidae Drymeia brumalis Rondani, 1866 (Aspilia)
Muscidae Drymeia cinerea Meigen, 1826 (Eriphia)
Muscidae Drymeia hamata Fallén, 1823 (Musca)
Muscidae Drymeia pollinosa Stein, 1907 (Pogonomyia)
Muscidae Drymeia segnis Holmgren, (Aricia)
Muscidae Drymeia tetra Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Drymeia vicana Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Muscidae Eginia ocypterata Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Eriphia cinerea Meigen
Muscidae Eudasyphora cyanella Meigen, 1826 (Musca)
Muscidae Eudasyphora cyanicolor Zetterstedt, 1845 (Pyrellia)
Muscidae Graphomya maculata Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Muscidae Graphomya minor Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Graphomya)
Muscidae Gymnodia arcuata Stein, 1898 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Gymnodia ascendens Stein, 1915 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Gymnodia lasiopa Emden, 1965 (Gymnodia)
Muscidae Gymnodia parascendens Hennig, 1952 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Haematobia irritans Linnaeus, 1758 (Conops)
Muscidae Haematobosca sanguinolenta Austen, 1909 (Bdellolaryn)
Muscidae Haematobosca stimulans Meigen, 1824 (Stomoxys)
Muscidae Hebecnema fumosa Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Hebecnema fumosa Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Hebecnema halterata Stein, 1910 (Hebecnema)
Muscidae Hebecnema nigricolor Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Hebecnema umbratica Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Hebecnema vespertina Fallén, 1823 (Musca)
Muscidae Helina allotalla Meigen, 1830 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Helina annosa Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Helina arctata Collin, 1953 (Helina)
Muscidae Helina atlantica Tiensuu, 1939 (Enoploptery)
Muscidae Helina atricolor Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Helina bohemani Ringdahl, 1916 (Mydaea)
Muscidae Helina calceata Rondani, 1866 (Spilogaster)
Muscidae Helina celsa Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Muscidae Helina ciliatocosta Zetterstedt, 1845 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Helina cinerella van der Wulp, 1867 (Aricia)
Muscidae Helina confinis Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Helina consimilis Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Helina daicles Walker, 1849 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Helina dentipes Fabricius
Muscidae Helina depuncta Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Helina diabolus Harris
Muscidae Helina duplicata Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Helina eurymetopa Emden, 1965 (Helina)
Muscidae Helina evecta Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Muscidae Helina flavisquama Zetterstedt, 1849 (Aricia)
Muscidae Helina fratercula Zetterstedt, 1845 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Helina fulvisquama Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Muscidae Helina impuncta Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Helina lasiophthalma Macquart, 1835 (Spilogaster)
Muscidae Helina latifrons Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Helina latitarsis Ringdahl, 1924 (Helina)
Muscidae Helina longicornis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Helina lundbladi Tiensuu, 1939 (Helina)
Muscidae Helina luteisquama Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Muscidae Helina maculipennis Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Muscidae Helina nemorum Stein, 1915 (Mydaea)
Muscidae Helina obscurata Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Helina obscuratoides Schnabl, 1887 (Aricia)
Muscidae Helina obtusipennis Fallén, 1823 (Musca)
Muscidae Helina pertusa Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Helina protuberans Zetterstedt, 1845 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Helina pubescens Stein, 1893 (Musca)
Muscidae Helina pubiseta Zetterstedt, 1845 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Helina pulchella Ringdahl, 1918 (Mydaea)
Muscidae Helina quadrinotata Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Helina quadrum Fabricius, 1805 (Musca)
Muscidae Helina reversio Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Muscidae Helina setiventris Ringdahl, 1924 (Helina)
Muscidae Helina sexmaculata Preyssler, 1791 (Musca)
Muscidae Helina spinicosta Zetterstedt, 1845 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Helina squalens Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Helina tetrastigma Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Helina trivittata Zetterstedt, 1860 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Helina velissima Hennig, 1957 (Helina)
Muscidae Helina veterana Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Hoplogaster mollicula Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Hydrotaea aenescens Wiedemann, 1830 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Hydrotaea albipuncta Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Muscidae Hydrotaea anxia Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Hydrotaea armipes Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Hydrotaea atrisquama Ringdahl, 1925 (Hydrotaea)
Muscidae Hydrotaea capensis Wiedemann, 1818 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Hydrotaea chalcogaster Wiedemann, 1824 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Hydrotaea cinerea Robineau-Desvoidy (xxxx)
Muscidae Hydrotaea cyrtoneurina Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Muscidae Hydrotaea dentipes Fabricius, 1805 (Musca)
Muscidae Hydrotaea diabolus Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Muscidae Hydrotaea glabricula Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Hydrotaea ignava Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Muscidae Hydrotaea irritans Fallén, 1823 (Musca)
Muscidae Hydrotaea lasiopa Emden, 1965 (Hydrotaea)
Muscidae Hydrotaea malaisei Emden, 1965 (Hydrotaea)
Muscidae Hydrotaea meridionalis Portschinsky, 1882 (Hydrotaea)
Muscidae Hydrotaea meteorica Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Muscidae Hydrotaea militaris Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Hydrotaea occulta Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Hydrotaea palaestrica Meigen, 1826 (xxxx)
Muscidae Hydrotaea pandellei Stein, 1899 (Hydrotaea)
Muscidae Hydrotaea pellucens Portschinsky, 1879 (Hydrotaea)
Muscidae Hydrotaea penicillata Rondani (xxxx)
Muscidae Hydrotaea pilipes Stein, 1903 (Hydrotaea)
Muscidae Hydrotaea ringdahli Stein, 1916 (Hydrotaea)
Muscidae Hydrotaea scambus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Hydrotaea similis Meade, 1887 (Hydrotaea)
Muscidae Hydrotaea tuberculata Rondani, 1866 (Hydrotaea)
Muscidae Hydrotaea velutina Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Hydrotaea)
Muscidae Lasiops roederi Kowarz
Muscidae Leptopa filiformis Zetterstedt
Muscidae Limnophora aerea Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Limnophora argentata Emden, 1965 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Limnophora caledonica Shinonaga, Kano & Fauran, 1991 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Limnophora conica Stein, 1915 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Limnophora denigrata Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Limnophora didyma Zetterstedt, 1837 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Limnophora dispar Fallén, 1823 (Musca)
Muscidae Limnophora exuta Kowarz, 1893 (Calliophrys)
Muscidae Limnophora glaucescens Emden, 1965 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Limnophora latiseta Emden, 1965 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Limnophora maculosa Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Limnophora nigripes Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Limosia)
Muscidae Limnophora orbitalis Stein, 1907 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Limnophora pollinifrons Stein
Muscidae Limnophora prominens Stein, 1904 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Limnophora riparia Fallén, 1824 (Musca)
Muscidae Limnophora scrupulosa Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Muscidae Limnophora tigrina Am Stein, 1860 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Limnophora triangula Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Limnophora uniseta Stein, 1916 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Limnospila albifrons Zetterstedt, 1849 (Aricia)
Muscidae Limnospila echinata Stein, 1907 (Coenosia)
Muscidae Lispe assimilis Wiedemann, 1824 (Lispe)
Muscidae Lispe caesia Meigen, 1826 (Lispe)
Muscidae Lispe cilitarsis H. Loew, 1856 (Lispe )
Muscidae Lispe consanguinea H. Loew, 1858 (Lispe)
Muscidae Lispe hydromyzina Fallén
Muscidae Lispe kowarzi Becker, 1903 (Lispa)
Muscidae Lispe leucospila Wiedemann, 1830 (Coenosia)
Muscidae Lispe litorea Fallén, 1825 (Lispa)
Muscidae Lispe loewi Ringdahl, 1922 (Lispa)
Muscidae Lispe nana Macquart, 1835 (Lispe)
Muscidae Lispe nuba Wiedemann, 1830 (Lispe )
Muscidae Lispe pectinipes Becker, 1903 (Lispa)
Muscidae Lispe pygmaea Fallén, 1825 (Lispa)
Muscidae Lispe scalaris H. Loew, 1847 (Lispe)
Muscidae Lispe sericipalpis Stein, 1904 (Lispe)
Muscidae Lispe tentaculata De Geer, 1776 (Musca)
Muscidae Lispe uliginosa Fallén, 1825 (Lispa)
Muscidae Lispocephala dexioides Grimshaw, 1901 (Coenosia)
Muscidae Lispocephala erythrocera Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Caricea)
Muscidae Lophosceles cinereiventris Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Muscidae Lophosceles frenatus Holmgren, 1872 (Aricia)
Muscidae Lophosceles hians Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Lophosceles mutatus Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Lyperosiops alcis Snow, 1891 (Haematobia)
Muscidae Macrorchis means Meigen, 1826 (Macrorchis)
Muscidae Macrorchis meditata Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Megophyra fuscitibia Emden, 1965 (Megophyra)
Muscidae Megophyra penicillata Emden, 1965 (Megophyra)
Muscidae Mesembrina intermedia Zetterstedt, 1849 (Mesembrina)
Muscidae Mesembrina meridiana Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Muscidae Mesembrina mystacea Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Muscidae Mesembrina resplendens Wahlberg, 1844 (Mesembrina)
Muscidae Morellia aenescens Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Morellia)
Muscidae Morellia hortorum Fallén, 1817 (Musca)
Muscidae Morellia nigrisquama Malloch, 1928 (Morellia)
Muscidae Morellia podagrica H. Loew, 1857 (Cyrtoneura)
Muscidae Morellia simplex H. Loew, 1857 (Cyrtoneura)
Muscidae Musca autumnalis De Geer, 1776 (Musca)
Muscidae Musca conducens Walker, 1859 (Musca)
Muscidae Musca crassirostis Stein, 1903 (Musca)
Muscidae Musca domestica Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Muscidae Musca inferior Stein, 1909 (Musca)
Muscidae Musca malasei Emden, 1965 (Musca)
Muscidae Musca sorbens Wiedemann, 1830 (Musca)
Muscidae Musca tempestiva Fallén, 1817 (Musca)
Muscidae Musca vitripennis Meigen, 1826 (Musca)
Muscidae Muscina levida Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Muscidae Muscina pascuorum Meigen, 1826 (Musca)
Muscidae Muscina prolapsa Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Muscidae Muscina stabulans Fallén, 1817 (Musca)
Muscidae Mydaea affinis Meade, 1891 (Mydaea)
Muscidae Mydaea ancilla Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Mydaea angelicae Scopoli
Muscidae Mydaea anicula Zetterstedt
Muscidae Mydaea corni Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Muscidae Mydaea deserta Zetterstedt, 1845 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Mydaea electa Zetterstedt, 1860 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Mydaea euspilaroides Emden, 1965 (Mydaea)
Muscidae Mydaea flavitarsata Emden, 1965 (Mydaea)
Muscidae Mydaea humeralis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Mydaea)
Muscidae Mydaea maculiventris Zetterstedt, 1846 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Mydaea malaiseana Emden, 1965 (Mydaea)
Muscidae Mydaea nebulosa Stein, 1916 (Spilogaster)
Muscidae Mydaea orthonevra Macquart, 1835 (Aricia)
Muscidae Mydaea palpalis Stein, 1916 (Mydaea)
Muscidae Mydaea separata Meigen
Muscidae Mydaea setifemur Ringdahl, 1924 (Mydaea)
Muscidae Mydaea urbana Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Myospila argentata Walker, 1856 (Aricia)
Muscidae Myospila femorata Malloch, 1913 (Tetramerinx)
Muscidae Myospila laevis Stein, 1900 (Spilogaster)
Muscidae Myospila lauta Stein, 1918 (Mydaea)
Muscidae Myospila meditabunda Fabricius, 1781 (Musca)
Muscidae Myospila tenax Stein, 1918 (Mydaea)
Muscidae Myospila trochanterata Emden, 1965 (Xenosina)
Muscidae Neolimnophora virgo Villeneuve, 1906 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Neomyia cornicina Fabricius, 1781 (Musca)
Muscidae Neomyia timorensis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Lucilia)
Muscidae Ophyra anthrax Meigen
Muscidae Opsolasia orichalcea Zetterstedt, 1849 (Aricia)
Muscidae Orchisia costata Meigen, 1826 (Sapromyza)
Muscidae Orthellia claripennis Malloch, 1923 (Orthellia)
Muscidae Orthellia diffidens Walker, 1856 (Musca)
Muscidae Orthellia gavisa Walker, 1859 (Musca)
Muscidae Orthellia timorensis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Lucilia)
Muscidae Phaonia acerba Stein, 1918 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia aeneiventris Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Muscidae Phaonia alpicola Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Muscidae Phaonia amabilis Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Phaonia angelicae Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Muscidae Phaonia angulicornis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Phaonia apicefemorata Emden, 1965 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia apicefemorata Emden, 1965 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia atriceps H. Loew, 1858 (Dialyta)
Muscidae Phaonia atrocyanea Ringdahl, 1916 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia basichaeta Emden, 1965 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia basiseta Malloch, 1920 (Phanonia)
Muscidae Phaonia boleticola Rondani, 1866 (Yetodesia)
Muscidae Phaonia canescens Stein, 1916 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia chalinata Pandelle, 1899 (Aricia)
Muscidae Phaonia chalinata Pandellé, 1899 (Aricia)
Muscidae Phaonia cilitibia Emden, 1965 (Phanonia)
Muscidae Phaonia consobrina Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Phaonia debilis Stein, 1918 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia errans Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Phaonia erronea Schnabl, 1887 (Aricia)
Muscidae Phaonia falleni Michelsen, 1977 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia flavisquama Zetterstedt, 1849 (Aricia)
Muscidae Phaonia flavomaculata Malloch, 1921 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia fuscata Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Phaonia fuscicosta Emden
Muscidae Phaonia gobertii Mik, 1881 (Aricia)
Muscidae Phaonia gracilis Stein, 1916 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia grandaeva Zetterstedt, 1845 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Phaonia halterata Stein, 1893 (Spilogaster)
Muscidae Phaonia hybrida Schnabl, 1888 (Aricia)
Muscidae Phaonia incana Wiedemann, 1817 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Phaonia jaroschewskii Schnabl, 1888 (Aricia)
Muscidae Phaonia kambaitiana Emden, 1965 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia laeta Fallén, 1823 (Musca)
Muscidae Phaonia longipalpis Emden, 1965 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia lugubris Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Phaonia luteipes Emden, 1965 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia magnicornis Zetterstedt, 1845 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Phaonia magnipalpis Emden, 1965 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia morio Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Muscidae Phaonia mystica Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Phaonia nymphaerum Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Stagnia)
Muscidae Phaonia oxystoma Emden, 1965 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia oxystomodes Emden, 1965 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia pallida Fabricius, 1787 (Musca)
Muscidae Phaonia pallidisquama Zetterstedt, 1849 (Aricia)
Muscidae Phaonia palpata Stein, 1897 (Aricia)
Muscidae Phaonia perdita Meigen, 1830 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Phaonia proocellata Emden, 1965 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia pura Loew, 1873 (Aricia)
Muscidae Phaonia rufipalpis Macquart, 1835 (Aricia)
Muscidae Phaonia rufiventris Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Muscidae Phaonia scutellata Zetterstedt, 1845 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Phaonia serva Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Phaonia simulans Malloch, 1931 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia slebecki Schnabl, 1911 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia sordidisquama Stein, 1908 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia steinii Strobl, 1898 (Dialyta)
Muscidae Phaonia subventa Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Muscidae Phaonia tiefii Schnabl, 1888 (Aricia)
Muscidae Phaonia trimaculata Bouche, 1834 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Phaonia triseriata Emden, 1965 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia tuguriorum Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Muscidae Phaonia wahlbergi Ringdahl, 1930 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia veniesetosa Emden, 1965 (Phaonia)
Muscidae Phaonia vivida Rondani, 1871 (Yetodesia)
Muscidae Phaonia zugmeyeriae Schnabl
Muscidae Pogonomyia tetra Meigen
Muscidae Polietes domitor Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Muscidae Polietes lardaria Fabricius, 1781 (Musca)
Muscidae Polietes major Ringdahl, 1926 (Polietella)
Muscidae Polietes meridionalis Peris et Llorente, 1963 (Polietes)
Muscidae Polietes nigrolimbata Bonsdorf, 1866 (Aricia)
Muscidae Polietes steinii Ringdahl, 1913 (Trichophthicus)
Muscidae Potamia littoralis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Potamia)
Muscidae Pseudocoenosia solitaria Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Pycnosoma albiceps Wiedemann
Muscidae Pygophora respondens Walker, 1859 (Coenosia)
Muscidae Pyrellia cadaverina De Geer
Muscidae Pyrellia rapax Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Muscidae Rhyncomydaea tuberculifacies Stein, 1909 (Mydaea)
Muscidae Rypellia flavipennis Emden, 1965 (Dasyphora)
Muscidae Schoenomyza litorella Fallén, 1823 (Ochtiphila)
Muscidae Spilogaster duplicata Meigen
Muscidae Spilogona abbreviata Zetterstedt
Muscidae Spilogona aerea Fallén, 1825 (Musca)
Muscidae Spilogona albisquama Ringdahl
Muscidae Spilogona almqvistii Holmgren, 1880 (Aricia)
Muscidae Spilogona alpica Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Muscidae Spilogona arenosa Ringdahl, 1918 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Spilogona brunneifrons Ringdahl
Muscidae Spilogona brunneisquama Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Muscidae Spilogona carbonella Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Muscidae Spilogona contractifrons Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Spilogona denigrata Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Spilogona depressiuscula Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Spilogona depressula Zetterstedt
Muscidae Spilogona didyma Zetterstedt
Muscidae Spilogona dimorpha Emden, 1965 (Spilogona)
Muscidae Spilogona dispar Fallén, 1823 (Musca)
Muscidae Spilogona dorsata Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Muscidae Spilogona leucogaster Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Spilogona litorea Fallén, 1823 (Musca)
Muscidae Spilogona longipes Ringdahl, 1918 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Spilogona malaisei Ringdahl, 1920 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Spilogona marginifera Hennig, 1959 (Spilogona)
Muscidae Spilogona megastoma Boheman, 1866 (Aricia)
Muscidae Spilogona micans Ringdahl, 1968 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Spilogona nigriventris Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Muscidae Spilogona nitidicauda Schnabl, 1911 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Spilogona norvegica Ringdahl, 1932 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Spilogona novemmaculata Zetterstedt, 1860 (Aricia)
Muscidae Spilogona obscuripennis Stein, 1916 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Spilogona opaca Schnabl, 1915 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Spilogona pacifica Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Spilogona pseudodispar Frey, 1915 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Spilogona puberula Ringdahl, 1918 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Spilogona quinquelineata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Spilogona semiglobosa Ringdahl
Muscidae Spilogona setigera Stein, 1907 (Limnophora)
Muscidae Spilogona sororcula Zetterstedt
Muscidae Spilogona surda Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Muscidae Spilogona tornensis Ringdahl
Muscidae Spilogona triangulifera Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Spilogona tundrae Schnabl,
Muscidae Spilogona tundrica Schnabl, 1911 (Spilogona)
Muscidae Spilogona varsaviensis Schnabl, 1911 (Spilogona)
Muscidae Spilogona veterrima Zetterstedt
Muscidae Stomoxys calcitrans Linnaeus, 1758 (Conops )
Muscidae Synthesiomyia nudiseta Wulp, 1883 (Synthesiomyia)
Muscidae Thricops aculeipes Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Thricops albibasalis Zetterstedt, 1849 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Thricops beckeri Pokorny, 1893 (Syllegopterula)
Muscidae Thricops culminum Pokorny, 1889 (Trichopticus)
Muscidae Thricops cunctans Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Thricops diaphanus Wiedemann, 1817 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Thricops genarum Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Thricops hirsutus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Thricops hirtulus Zetterstedt, 1838
Muscidae Thricops innocuus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Thricops lividiventris Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Muscidae Thricops longipes Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Muscidae Thricops nigrifrons Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Fellaea)
Muscidae Thricops nigritellus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Thricops rostratus Meade, 1882 (Trichophthicus)
Muscidae Thricops semicinereus Wiedemann, 1817 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Thricops separ Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Muscidae Thricops simplex Wiedemann, 1817 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Thricops spiniger Stein, 1904 (Trichopticus)
Muscidae Thriocops furcatus Stein, 1916 (Trichopticus)
Muscidae Trichopticus decolor Fallén
Muscidae Trichopticus rostratus Meade
Muscidae Trichoptus aculeipes Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Trichoptus cunctans Meigen, 1826 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Trichoptus longipes Zetterstedt, 1845 (Aricia)
Muscidae Trichoptus nigritellus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Anthomyza)
Muscidae Trichoptus semicinereus Wiedemann, 1817 (Anthomyia)
Muscidae Trichoptus varians Zetterstedt
Muscidae Xenosina tarsalis Malloch, 1935 (Xenosina)
Mycetobiidae Mycetobia pallipes Meigen
Mycetophilidae Acnemia amoena Winnertz, 1863 (Acnemia)
Mycetophilidae Acnemia nitidicollis Meigen, 1818 (Leia)
Mycetophilidae Allodia alternans Zetterstedt, 1838 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Allodia discoidea Meigen
Mycetophilidae Allodia lugens Wiedemann
Mycetophilidae Allodia ornaticollis Meigen, 1818 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Allodia zaitzevi Kurina, 1997 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Allodiopsis cristata Staeger, 1840 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Allodiopsis domestica Meigen, 1830 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Allodiopsis maculosa Meigen
Mycetophilidae Boletina basalis Meigen
Mycetophilidae Boletina borealis Zetterstedt
Mycetophilidae Boletina cincticornis Walker
Mycetophilidae Boletina dubia Meigen
Mycetophilidae Boletina erythropyga Holmgren
Mycetophilidae Boletina groenlandica Staeger
Mycetophilidae Boletina nigricans Dziedzicki
Mycetophilidae Boletina nigricoxa Staeger, 1840 (Boletina)
Mycetophilidae Boletina sciarina Staeger, 1840 (Boletina)
Mycetophilidae Boletina trivittata Meigen, 1818 (Leia)
Mycetophilidae Bolitophila bimaculata Zetterstedt, xxxx
Mycetophilidae Bolitophila cinerea Meigen, xxxx
Mycetophilidae Bolitophila fusca Meigen, xxxx
Mycetophilidae Bolitophila hybrida Meigen
Mycetophilidae Bolitophila tenella Winnertz, xxxx
Mycetophilidae Brachypeza radiata Jenkinson, 1908 (xxxx)
Mycetophilidae Brevicornu crassicorne Stannius, 1831 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Brevicornu griseicolle Staeger, 1840 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Brevicornu griseicollis Staeger, 1840 (1840)
Mycetophilidae Brevicornu sericoma Meigen
Mycetophilidae Coelosia flava Staeger, xxxx (xxx)
Mycetophilidae Coelosia tenella Zetterstedt, 1852 (Boletina)
Mycetophilidae Cordyla brevicornis Staeger, 1840 (Pachypalpus)
Mycetophilidae Cordyla crassicornis Meigen, 1818 (Cordyla)
Mycetophilidae Cordyla fasciata Meigen, 1818 (Cordyla)
Mycetophilidae Cordyla fissa Edwards, 1925 (Cordyla)
Mycetophilidae Cordyla insons Lastouka & Matile, 1974 (Cordyla)
Mycetophilidae Cordyla murina Winnertz, 1863 (Cordyla)
Mycetophilidae Cordyla murina Winnertz, 1863 (Cordyla)
Mycetophilidae Cordyla nitens Winnertz, 1863 (Cordyla)
Mycetophilidae Cordyla nitens Winnertz, 1863 (Cordyla)
Mycetophilidae Cordyla nitidula Edwards, 1925 (Cordyla)
Mycetophilidae Cordyla pusilla Edwards, 1925 (Cordyla)
Mycetophilidae Docosia sciarina Meigen, 1830 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Dynatosoma fuscicorne Meigen, 1818 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Dynatosoma reciprocum Walker, 1848 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Dynatostoma rufescens Zetterstedt, 1838 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Ectrepesthoneura hirta Winnertz, 1846 (Tetragoneura)
Mycetophilidae Epicypta punctum Stannius, 1831 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Epicypta scatophora Perris, 1849 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Exechia bicincta Staeger, 1840 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Exechia concinna Winnertz, 1863 (Exechia)
Mycetophilidae Exechia contaminata Winnertz, 1863 (Exechia)
Mycetophilidae Exechia fusca Meigen, 1804 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Exechia seriata Meigen, 1830 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Exechia spinigera Winnertz, 1863 (Exechia)
Mycetophilidae Exechia spinuligera Lundström
Mycetophilidae Exechiopsis indecisa Walker, 1856 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Exechiopsis leptura Meigen
Mycetophilidae Exechiopsis pulchella Winnertz, 1863 (Exechia)
Mycetophilidae Exechiopsis subulata Winnertz, 1863 (Exechiopsis)
Mycetophilidae Gnoriste apicalis Meigen, 1818 (Gnoriste)
Mycetophilidae Gnoriste bilineata Zetterstedt, 1852 (Gnoriste)
Mycetophilidae Greenomyia borealis Winnertz
Mycetophilidae Hadroneura palmeni Lundström, 1906 (Hadroneura)
Mycetophilidae Leia bilineata Winnertz, 1863 (Glaphyroptera)
Mycetophilidae Leia bimaculata Meigen, 1804 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Leia fascipennis Meigen, 1818 (Leia)
Mycetophilidae Leia subfasciata Meigen, 1818 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Leia winthemi Lehmann, 1822 (Leia)
Mycetophilidae Leptomorphus walkeri Curtis, 1931 (Leptomorphus)
Mycetophilidae Megalopelma nigroclavatus Stobl, 1909 (Lasiosoma)
Mycetophilidae Monoclona rufilatera Walker, 1837 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila arnaudi Laffoon, 1957 (Fungivora)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila bialorussica Dziedzicki, 1884 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila bicolor Macquart, 1834 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila biusta Meigen, 1818 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila blanda Winnertz, 1863 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila caudata Staeger, 1840 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila contigua Walker, 1848 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila estonica Kurina, 1992 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila falcata Johannsen, 1912 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila fisherae Laffoon, 1957 (Fungivora)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila fungorum De Geer, 1776 (Tipula)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila ichneumonea Say, 1823 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila lineola Meigen, 1818 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila luctuosa Meigen, 1830 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila lunata Meigen, 1804 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila mitis Johannsen, 1912 (Mycothera)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila ocellus Walker, 1848 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila pictula Meigen, 1830 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila pinguis Loew, 1869 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila propinqua Walker, 1848 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila punctipennis Stannius
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila rudis Winnertz, 1863 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila ruficollis Meigen, 1818 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila semifusca Meigen, 1818 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila sepulta Laffoon, 1957 (Fungivora)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila shawi Laffoon, 1957 (Fungivora)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila signata Meigen, 1830 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila signatoides Dziedzicki, 1884 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila sordida van der Wulp, 1874 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila spectabilis Winnertz, 1863 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila stolida Walker, 1856 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila trinotata Staeger, 1840 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila unicolor Stannius, 1831 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila unipunctata Meigen, 1818 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila vegeta Laffoon, 1957 (Fungivora)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila venusta Laffoon, 1957 (Fungivora)
Mycetophilidae Mycetophila verecunda Laffoon, 1957 (Fungivora)
Mycetophilidae Mycomya cinerascens Macquart, 1826 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycomya decorosa Winnertz, 1863 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycomya exigua Winnertz, 1863 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycomya fasciata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycomya flavicollis Zetterstedt, 1852 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycomya fusca Meigen, 1818 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycomya gimmerthali Landrock
Mycetophilidae Mycomya hyalinata Meigen, 1830 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycomya incisurata Zetterstedt
Mycetophilidae Mycomya maculata Meigen
Mycetophilidae Mycomya marginata Meigen, 1818 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycomya melanoceras Edwards, 1924 (Mycomya)
Mycetophilidae Mycomya nigricornis Zetterstedt
Mycetophilidae Mycomya nitida Zetterstedt
Mycetophilidae Mycomya notabilis Staeger, 1840 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycomya occultans Winnertz, 1863 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycomya ornata Meigen, 1818 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycomya pallida Winnertz, 1863 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycomya pseudoapicalis Landrock, 1925 (Mycomya)
Mycetophilidae Mycomya punctata Meigen, 1804 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycomya ruficollis Zetterstedt
Mycetophilidae Mycomya tenuis Walker
Mycetophilidae Mycomya trilineata Zetterstedt, xxxx1 (xxxx)
Mycetophilidae Mycomya trivittata Zetterstedt
Mycetophilidae Mycomya winnertzi Dziedziki, 1885 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Mycomya vittiventris Zetterstedt
Mycetophilidae Neoemphera lineola Meigen, 1818 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Neoemphera pictipennis Haliday, 1833 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Neuratelia nemoralis Meigen, 1818 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Paratina sciarina Mik, 1874 (Paratina)
Mycetophilidae Phronia exigua Zetterstedt, 1852 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Phronia humeralis Winnertz, 1863 (Phronia)
Mycetophilidae Phronia nitidiventris van der Wulp, 1858 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Phronia tenuis Winnertz, 1863 (Phronia)
Mycetophilidae Polylepta guttiventris Zetterstedt, 1852 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Polylepta undulata Winnertz
Mycetophilidae Rondaniella dimidiata Meigen, 1804 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Rymosia affinis Winnertz, 1863 (Rymosia)
Mycetophilidae Rymosia connexa Winnertz, 1863 (Rymosia)
Mycetophilidae Rymosia fasciata Meigen, 1804 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Rymosia spinipes Winnertz, 1863 (Rymosia)
Mycetophilidae Sceptonia concolor Winnertz, 1863 (Sceptonia)
Mycetophilidae Sceptonia nigra Meigen, 1804 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Sciophila geniculata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Sciophila hirta Meigen, 1818 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Sciophila lutea Macquart, 1826 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Sciophila robusta Winnertz, 1863 (Lariosoma)
Mycetophilidae Sciophila rufa Meigen, 1830 (Sciophila)
Mycetophilidae Sciophila varia Winnertz, 1863 (Lariosoma)
Mycetophilidae Trichonta melanura Staeger, 1840 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Trichonta simplex Winnertz, 1863 (Trichonta)
Mycetophilidae Trichonta vitta Meigen, 1830 (Mycetophila)
Mycetophilidae Zygomyia valida Winnertz, 1863 (Zygomyia)
Mycetophilidae Zygomyia vara Staeger, 1840 (Mycetophila)
Nemestrinidae Nemestrina ruficaudis Lichtwardt
Nemestrinidae Prosoeca accincta Wiedemann, 1830 (Nemestrina)
Nemestrinidae Prosoeca longipennis H. Loew, 1858 (Nemestrina)
Nemestrinidae Trichophthalma commutata Philippi, 1865 (Hermoneura)
Nothybidae Nothybus longicollis Walker, 1856 (Cardiacephala)
Nycteribiidae Cyclopodia horsfieldi Meijere, 1899 (Cyclopodia)
Nycteribiidae Eucampsipoda africana Theodor, 1955 (Eucampsipoda)
Nycteribiidae Nycteribia integrum Theodor & Moscona, 1954 (Nycteribia)
Nycteribiidae Nycteribia kolenatii Theodor & Moscona, 1954 (Nycteribia)
Nycteribiidae Nycteribia latreilli Leach, 1817 (Phthiridium)
Nycteribiidae Nycteribia schmidlii Schiner, 1835 (Nycteribia)
Nycteribiidae Nycteribia vexata Westwood, 1835 (Nycteribia)
Nycteribiidae Penicillidia conspicua Speiser, 1901 (Penicillidia)
Nycteribiidae Phthiridium biarticulatum Herman, 1804 (Phthiridium)
Nymphomyiidae Felicitomyia brundini Kevan, 1970 (Felicitomyia)
Odiniidae Neoalticomerus formosus H. Loew, 1844 (Milichia)
Odiniidae Odinia boletina Zetterstedt, 1848 (Milichia)
Odiniidae Odinia maculata Meigen, 1830 (Milichia)
Oestridae Cephenemya auribarbis Meigen, 1824 (Oestrus)
Oestridae Cephenemya phobifer Clark, 1815 (Oestrus)
Oestridae Cephenemya stimulator Clark, 1815 (Oestrus)
Oestridae Cephenemyia apicata Bennett & Sabrosky, 1962 (Cephenemyia)
Oestridae Cephenemyia jellisoni Townsend, 1941 (Cephenemyia)
Oestridae Cephenemyia trompe Modeer, 1786 (Oestrus)
Oestridae Cephenemyia ulrichi Brauer, 1862 (Cephenemyia)
Oestridae Cobboldia loxodontis Brauer, 1896 (Cobboldia)
Oestridae Cobboldia roverei Gedoelst, 1915 (Cobboldia)
Oestridae Crivellia silenius Brauer, 1858 (Hypoderma)
Oestridae Cuterebra austeni Sabrosky, 1986 (Cuterebra)
Oestridae Dermatobia hominis Linnaeus Jr.
Oestridae Gasterophilus haemorrhoidalis Linnaeus, 1758 (Oestrus)
Oestridae Gasterophilus intestinalis De Geer, 1776 (Oestrus)
Oestridae Gasterophilus pecorum Fabricius, 1794 (Oestrus)
Oestridae Gastrophilus haemorrhoidalis Linnaeus, 1758 (Oestrus)
Oestridae Gastrophilus inermis Brauer, 1858 (Gastrus)
Oestridae Gastrophilus nasalis Linnaeus, 1758 (Oestrus)
Oestridae Gastrophilus pecorum Fabricius, 1794 (Oestrus)
Oestridae Gedoelstia cristata Rodhain & Bequaert, 1913 (Gedoelstia)
Oestridae Gedoelstia haessleri Gedoelst, 1915 (Gedoelstia)
Oestridae Gyrostigma rhinocerontis Hope, 1840 (Oestrus)
Oestridae Hypoderma actaeon Brauer, 1858 (Hypoderma)
Oestridae Hypoderma bovis Linnaeus, 1758 (Oestrus)
Oestridae Hypoderma diana Brauer, 1858 (Hypoderma)
Oestridae Hypoderma lineatum De Villers, 1789 (Oestrus)
Oestridae Hypoderma tarandi Linnaeus, 1758 (Oestrus)
Oestridae Oestromyia leporina Pallas, 1778 (Oestrus)
Oestridae Oestrus macdonaldi Gedoelst, 1912 (Oestrus)
Oestridae Oestrus ovis Linnaeus, 1758 (Oestrus)
Oestridae Pavlovskiata subgutturosae Grunin, 1949 (Pavlovskiata)
Oestridae Pharyngomyia picta Meigen, 1824 (Oestrus)
Oestridae Rhinoestrus latifrons Gan, 1947 (Rhinoestrus)
Oestridae Rhinoestrus sp.Rhamphomyia pilifer Meigen, 1838
Oestridae Rhinoestrus usbekistanikus Gan, 1947 (Rhinoestrus)
Oestridae Tracheomyia macropi Froggatt, 1913 (Oestrus)
Opetiidae Opetia nigra Meigen, 1830 (Opetia)
Opomyzidae Anomalochaeta guttipennis Zetterstedt
Opomyzidae Geomyza angustipennis Zetterstedt, 1847 (Geomyza)
Opomyzidae Geomyza apicalis Meigen, 1830 (Opomyza)
Opomyzidae Geomyza combinata Linnaeus, 1767 (Musca)
Opomyzidae Geomyza hackmani Nartshuk, 1984 (Geomyza)
Opomyzidae Geomyza paganettii Strobl, 1909 (Balioptera)
Opomyzidae Geomyza tripunctata Fallén, 1823 (Geomyza)
Opomyzidae Geomyza unipunctatum Zetterstedt
Opomyzidae Geomyza venusta Meigen, 1830 (Opomyza)
Opomyzidae Opomyza florum Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Opomyzidae Opomyza germinationis Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Opomyzidae Opomyza lineatopunctata von Roser, 1840 (Opomyza)
Opomyzidae Opomyza petrei Mesnil, 1934 (Opomyza)
Opomyzidae Opomyza punctella Fallén, 1820 (Opomyza)
Opomyzidae Trixoscelis marginella Fallén, 1823 (Geomyza)
Opomyzidae Trixoscelis obscurella Fallén, 1823 (Geomyza)
Pachyneuridae Cramptonomyia spenceri Alexander, 1931 (Cramptonomyia)
Pachyneuridae Pachyneura fasciata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Pachyneura)
Pallopteridae Eurygnathomyia bicolor Zetterstedt, 1837 (Sciomyza)
Pallopteridae Heloparia bicolor Walker, 1837 (Sciomyza)
Pallopteridae Palloptera formosa Frey, xxx (xxx)
Pallopteridae Palloptera marginata Meigen, 1826 (Sapromyza)
Pallopteridae Palloptera quinquemaculata Macquart, 1835 (Sapromyza)
Pallopteridae Palloptera trimacula Meigen, 1826 (Sapromyza)
Pallopteridae Palloptera umbellatarum Fabricius, 1775 (Musca)
Pallopteridae Palloptera ustulata Fallén, 1820 (Palloptera)
Pallopteridae Temnosia ambusta Meigen, xxx (xxxx)
Pallopteridae Temnosita saltuum Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Pallopteridae Toxoneura ephippium Zetterstedt, 1860 (Palloptera)
Pallopteridae Toxoneura modesta Meigen, 1830 (Opomyza)
Pallopteridae Toxoneura trimacula Meigen, xxx (xxxx)
Pallopteridae Toxoneura usta Meigen, 1826 (Sapromyza)
Pelecorhynchidae Glutops sp.
Periscelididae Periscelis annulata Fallén, 1813 (Notiphilia)
Periscelididae Periscelis annulipes H. Loew, 1858 (Periscelis)
Periscelididae Periscelis nigra Zetterstedt, xxxx (xxx)
Phoridae Anevrina curvinervis Becker, 1901 (Phora)
Phoridae Anevrina sphaeropyge Beyer, 1958 (Anevrina)
Phoridae Anevrina thoracica Meigen, 1804 (Trineura)
Phoridae Anevrina unispinosa Zetterstedt, 1860 (Trineura)
Phoridae Anevrina urbana Meigen, 1830 (Phora)
Phoridae Borophaga carinifrons Zetterstedt, 1848 (Phora)
Phoridae Borophaga femorata Meigen, 1830 (Phora)
Phoridae Borophaga incrassata Meigen, 1830 (Phora)
Phoridae Burmaphora comans Beyer, 1958 (Burmaphora)
Phoridae Chaetopleurophora bohemanni Becker, 1901 (Phora)
Phoridae Chaetopleurophora erythronota Strobl, 1892 (Phora)
Phoridae Conicera dauci Meigen, 1830 (Phora)
Phoridae Conicera similis Haliday, 1833 (Phora)
Phoridae Diplonevra abbreviata von Roser, 1840 (Phora)
Phoridae Diplonevra concinna Meigen, 1830 (Phora)
Phoridae Diplonevra crassicornis Meigen, 1830 (Phora)
Phoridae Diplonevra florea Fabricius, 1794 (Bibio)
Phoridae Diplonevra funebris Meigen
Phoridae Diplonevra nitidula Meigen
Phoridae Egregiophora curiosa Beyer, 1958 (Egregiophora)
Phoridae Gymnophora arcuata Meigen, 1830 (Phora)
Phoridae Gymnophora disparita Brown, 1998 (Gymnophora)
Phoridae Gymnophora inexpectata Beyer, 1958 (Gymnophora)
Phoridae Gymnophora vitripennis Meigen
Phoridae Hypocera mordellaria Fallén, 1823 (Trineura)
Phoridae Hypocera rectangulata Malloch, 1912 (Hypocera)
Phoridae Hypocera semifusca Beyer, 1958 (Hypocera)
Phoridae Megaselia bicolor Meigen, 1830 (Phora)
Phoridae Megaselia ciliata Zetterstedt, 1848 (Trineura)
Phoridae Megaselia costalis von Roser, 1840 (Phora)
Phoridae Megaselia dahli Becker, 1901 (Phora)
Phoridae Megaselia flava Fallén, 1823 (Trineura)
Phoridae Megaselia flavicoxa Zetterstedt, 1848 (Trineura)
Phoridae Megaselia giraudii Egger, 1862 (Phora)
Phoridae Megaselia humeralis Zetterstedt
Phoridae Megaselia latifemorata Becker, 1901 (Phora)
Phoridae Megaselia lutea Meigen, 1830 (Phora)
Phoridae Megaselia masatierrana Enderlein, 1938 (Megaselia)
Phoridae Megaselia meigeni Becker
Phoridae Megaselia melanocephala von Roser, 1840 (Phora)
Phoridae Megaselia minor Zetterstedt, 1848 (Trineura)
Phoridae Megaselia nigriceps H. Loew, 1866 (Phora)
Phoridae Megaselia picta Lehmann
Phoridae Megaselia plurispinulosa Zetterstedt, 1860 (Trineura)
Phoridae Megaselia pulicaria Fallén, 1823 (Trineura)
Phoridae Megaselia pumila Meigen, 1830 (Phora)
Phoridae Megaselia pusilla Meigen, 1830 (Phora)
Phoridae Megaselia pygmaea Zetterstedt, 1848 (Trineura)
Phoridae Megaselia ruficornis Meigen, 1830 (Phora)
Phoridae Megaselia rufipes Meigen, 1804 (Trineura)
Phoridae Megaselia sordida Zetterstedt, 1838 (Trineura)
Phoridae Megaselia xanthozona Strobl, 1892 (Phora)
Phoridae Megaselia zonata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Trineura)
Phoridae Phalacrotophora fasciata Fallén, 1823 (Trineura)
Phoridae Phora atra Meigen, 1804 (Trineura)
Phoridae Phora dubia Zetterstedt, 1848 (Trineura)
Phoridae Phora stictica Meigen, 1830 (Phora)
Phoridae Phora velutina Meigen, 1830 (Phora)
Phoridae Pulicaria koghiensis Disney, 2002 (Pulicaria)
Phoridae Pulicaria viklundi Disney, 2002 (Pulicaria)
Phoridae Spiniphora bergenstammi Mik, 1864 (Phora)
Phoridae Spiniphora maculata Meigen, 1830 (Phora)
Phoridae Triphleba autumnalis Becker, 1901 (Phora)
Phoridae Triphleba bicornuta Strobl
Phoridae Triphleba lugubris Meigen, 1830 (Phora)
Phoridae Triphleba opaca Meigen, 1830 (Phora)
Phoridae Triphleba palposa Zetterstedt, 1848 (Trineura)
Phoridae Triphleba trinervis Becker, 1901 (Phora)
Piophilidae Allopiophila luteata Haliday
Piophilidae Amphipogon flavum Zetterstedt, 1838 (Macrochira)
Piophilidae Centrophlebomyia anthropophaga Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Thyreophora)
Piophilidae Centrophlebomyia furcata Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Piophilidae Lasiopiophila pilosa Staeger
Piophilidae Liopiophila varipes Meigen, 1830 (Piophila)
Piophilidae Mycetaulus bipunctatus Fallén, 1823 (Geomyza)
Piophilidae Parapiophila caerulescens Zetterstedt
Piophilidae Parapiophila flavipes Zetterstedt
Piophilidae Parapiophila lonchaeoides Zetterstedt
Piophilidae Piophila casei Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Piophilidae Piophila flavitarsis Meigen
Piophilidae Piophila vulgaris Fallén
Piophilidae Prochyliza nigricornis Meigen
Piophilidae Prochyliza nigrimana Meigen, 1826 (Piophila)
Piophilidae Protopiophila latipes Meigen, 1838 (Piophila)
Piophilidae Pseudoseps signata Fallén
Piophilidae Stearibia nigriceps Meigen, 1826 (Piophila)
Piophilidae Thyreophora cynophila Panzer, 1798 (Musca)
Pipunculidae Cephalops aeneus Fallén, 1810 (Cephalops)
Pipunculidae Cephalops braueri Strobl, 1880 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Cephalops obtusinervis Zetterstedt, 1844 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Cephalops pratorum Fallén, 1816 (Cephalops)
Pipunculidae Cephalops semifumosus Kowarz, 1887 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Cephalops seminitidus Becker, 1898 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Chalarus spurius Fallén, 1816 (Cephalops)
Pipunculidae Dorylomorpha albitarsis Zetterstedt
Pipunculidae Dorylomorpha borealis Wahlberg, 1910 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Dorylomorpha burmanica Albrecht, 1990 (Dorylomorpha)
Pipunculidae Dorylomorpha confusa Verrall, 1901 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Dorylomorpha fennica Albrecht, xxxx (Dorylomorpha)
Pipunculidae Dorylomorpha flavoscutellaris Albrecht, 1990 (Dorylomorpha)
Pipunculidae Dorylomorpha haemorrhoidalis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Dorylomorpha incognita Verrall, 1901 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Dorylomorpha maculata Walker, 1834 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Dorylomorpha malaisei Albrecht, 1990 (Dorylomorpha)
Pipunculidae Dorylomorpha occidens Hardy
Pipunculidae Dorylomorpha rufipes Meigen, 1824 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Dorylomorpha stenozona Hardy, 1972 (Dorylomorpha)
Pipunculidae Dorylomorpha xanthocera Kowarz, 1887 (Dorylomorpha)
Pipunculidae Dorylomorpha xanthopus Thomson, 1869 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Eudorylas arcanus Coe, 1966 (Eudorylas)
Pipunculidae Eudorylas caledonicus Ackland, 1999 (Eudorylas)
Pipunculidae Eudorylas fascipes Zetterstedt, 1844 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Eudorylas fuscipes Zetterstedt, 1844 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Eudorylas fusculus Zetterstedt, 1844 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Eudorylas halteratus Meigen, 1838 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Eudorylas jenkinsoni Coe, 1966 (Eudorylas)
Pipunculidae Eudorylas kowarzi Becker, 1898 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Eudorylas montium Becker, 1898 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Eudorylas opacus Fallén, 1816 (Cephalops)
Pipunculidae Eudorylas restrictus Coe, 1966 (Eudorylas)
Pipunculidae Eudorylas ruralis Meigen, 1824 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Eudorylas subfascipes Collin, 1956 (Eudorulas)
Pipunculidae Eudorylas subterminalis Collin, 1956 (Eudorylas)
Pipunculidae Eudorylas terminalis Thomson, 1869 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Eudorylas unicolor Zetterstedt
Pipunculidae Eudorylas zermattensis Becker, 1898 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Eudorylas zonatus Zetterstedt, 1849 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Microcephalops opacus xxxxx (xxxxx)
Pipunculidae Nephrocerus lapponicus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Nephrocerus)
Pipunculidae Nephrocerus scutellatus Macquart
Pipunculidae Pipunculus aduntatus Hardy, 1972 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus argutus Hardy, 1968 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus burmanicus Hardy, 1972 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus campestris Latreille, 1805 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus dolosus Hardy, 1972 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus filicornins Brunetti, 1912 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus fimbriatus Hardy, 1972 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus fusculus Zetterstedt
Pipunculidae Pipunculus giganteus Hardy, 1972 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus imparilis Hardy, 1968 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus lentiger Kertész, 1915 (Dorylas)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus longipennis Brunetti, 1927 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus maculiventris Brunetti, 1927 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus malasei Hardy, 1972 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus monothrix Hardy, 1968 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus mutillatus H. Loew, 1857 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus orientalis Koizumi, 1959 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus pulvillatus Kertész, 1915 (Dorylas)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus spurius Fallén, 1816 (Cephalops)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus thomsoni Becker, 1898 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus tingens Hardy, 1972 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus uniformis Brunetti, 1915 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus validus Hardy, 1972 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus varipes Meigen, 1824 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus xanthosternum Hardy, 1969 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Pipunculus zugmayeriae Kowarz, 1887 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Tomosvaryella cilitarsis Strobl, 1910 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Tomosvaryella geniculata Meigen, 1824 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Tomosvaryella kuthyi Aczel, 1944 (Alloneura)
Pipunculidae Tomosvaryella littoralis Becker, 1897 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Tomosvaryella sylvatica Meigen, 1824 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Verrallia argentisegmentata? Brunetti, 1912 (Verrallia)
Pipunculidae Verrallia aucta Fallén, 1817 (Cephalops)
Pipunculidae Verrallia pilosa Zetterstedt, 1838 (Pipunculus)
Pipunculidae Verrallia plumbella Brunetti, 1912 (Verrallia)
Pipunculidae Verrallia villosa von Roser, 1840 (Pipunculus)
Platypezidae Agathimyia zetterstedti Wahlberg, 1844 (Callomyia)
Platypezidae Agathomyia antennata Zetterstedt, 1819 (Callomyza)
Platypezidae Agathomyia elegantula Fallén, 1815 (Callomyza)
Platypezidae Agathomyia falleni Zetterstedt, 1819 (Callomyza)
Platypezidae Agathomyia wankowiczii Schnabl, 1884 (Callomyia)
Platypezidae Agathomyia viduella Zetterstedt, 1838 (Callomyza)
Platypezidae Bolopus furcatus Fallén, 1826 (Platypeza)
Platypezidae Callomyia amoena Meigen, 1824 (Callomyia)
Platypezidae Callomyia elegans Meigen, 1804 (Callomyia)
Platypezidae Callomyia speciosa Meigen, 1824 (Callomyia)
Platypezidae Lindneuromyia dorsalis Meigen, 1804 (Platypeza)
Platypezidae Paraplatypeza atra Meigen, 1804 (Platypeza)
Platypezidae Platypeza aterrima Walker, 1836 (Platypeza)
Platypezidae Platypeza consobrina Zetterstedt, 1844 (Platypeza)
Platypezidae Platypeza fasciata Meigen, 1804 (Platypeza)
Platypezidae Platypeza hirticeps Verrall, 1901 (Platypeza)
Platypezidae Platypezina connexa Boheman, 1858 (Platypeza)
Platypezidae Polyporivora boletina Fallén, 1815 (Platypeza)
Platypezidae Polyporivora ornata Meigen, 1838 (Platypeza)
Platypezidae Polyporivora picta Meigen, 1830 (Platypeza)
Platypezidae Protoclythia modesta Zetterstedt, 1844 (Platypeza)
Platypezidae Protoclythia rufa Meigen, 1830 (Platypeza)
Platystomatidae Achias longividens Walker, 1859 (Achias)
Platystomatidae Achias rothschildi Austen, 1910 (Achias)
Platystomatidae Bromophila caffra Macquart, 1846 (Dichromyia)
Platystomatidae Clitodoca fenestralis Macquart, 1843 (Eniconevra)
Platystomatidae Engistoneura catogastera Bigot, 1891 (Megaglossa)
Platystomatidae Euprosopia
Platystomatidae Lule corioptera Speiser, 1910 (Lule)
Platystomatidae Mezona proxenus Speiser, 1910 (Mezona)
Platystomatidae Naupoda inscripta Speiser, 1910 (Naupoda)
Platystomatidae Palpomya asphaltina Wiedemann, 1824 (Platystoma)
Platystomatidae Peltacanthina excellens Enderlein, 1912 (Peltacanthina)
Platystomatidae Plagiostenopterina submetallica H. Loew, 1852 (Senopterina)
Platystomatidae Platystoma biseta Loew, 1868 (Platystoma)
Platystomatidae Platystoma seminationis Fabricius, 1775 (Musca)
Platystomatidae Platystoma tegularum H. Loew, 1857 (Platystoma)
Platystomatidae Platystoma umbrarum Meigen, 1826 (Platystoma)
Platystomatidae Rivellia basilaris Wiedemann, 1830 (Trypeta)
Platystomatidae Rivellia fusca Thomson,1869 (Herina)
Platystomatidae Rivellia scutellaris Hendel, 1933 (Rivellia)
Platystomatidae Rivellia syngenesiae Fabricius, 1781 (Musca)
Platystomatidae Scholastes cinctus Guérin-Méneville, 1831 (Platystoma)
Platystomatidae Xiria obliqua Osten Sacken, 1881 (Xiria)
Psilidae Chamaepsila atra Meigen, 1826 (Psila)
Psilidae Chamaepsila bicolor Meigen, 1826 (Psila)
Psilidae Chamaepsila gracilis Meigen, 1826 (Psila)
Psilidae Chamaepsila humeralis Zetterstedt, 1847 (Scatophaga)
Psilidae Chamaepsila morio Zetterstedt, 1835 (Scatophaga)
Psilidae Chamaepsila nigra Fallén, 1820 (Scatophaga)
Psilidae Chamaepsila nigricornis Meigen, 1826 (Psila)
Psilidae Chamaepsila pallida Fallén, 1820 (Scatophaga)
Psilidae Chamaepsila pectoralis Meigen, 1826 (Psila)
Psilidae Chamaepsila rosae Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Psilidae Chamaepsila rufa Meigen, 1826 (Psila)
Psilidae Chamaepsila villosula Meigen, 1826 (Psila)
Psilidae Chyliza annulipes Macquart, 1835 (Chyliza)
Psilidae Chyliza leptogaster Panzer, 1798 (Musca)
Psilidae Chyliza vittata Meigen, 1826 (Chyliza)
Psilidae Loxocera albiseta Schrank, 1803 (Nemotelus)
Psilidae Loxocera aristata Panzer, 1801 (Musca)
Psilidae Loxocera fulviventris Meigen, 1826 (Loxocera)
Psilidae Loxocera ichneumonea Linnaeus
Psilidae Loxocera nigrifrons Macquart
Psilidae Loxocera sylvatica Meigen, 1826 (Loxocera)
Psilidae Psila fimetaria Linnaeus, 1761 (Musca)
Psilidae Psilosoma audouini Zetterstedt, 1835 (Scatophaga)
Psilidae Psilosoma lefebvrei Zetterstedt, 1835 (Scatophaga)
Psychodidae Clytocerus ocellaris Meigen, 1818 (Psychoda)
Psychodidae Jungiella soleata Walker, 1856 (Pericoma)
Psychodidae Mormia cornuta Tonnoir, 1919 (Pericoma)
Psychodidae Panimerus albomaculatus Wahlberg, 1904 (Pericoma)
Psychodidae Panimerus notabilis Eaton, 1893 (Pericoma)
Psychodidae Pericoma trifasciata Meigen, 1818 (Psychoda)
Psychodidae Peripsychoda fusca Macquart, 1826 (Psychoda)
Psychodidae Philosepedon humeralis Meigen, 1818 (Psychoda)
Psychodidae Phlebotomus papatasi Scopoli, 1786 (Bibio)
Psychodidae Psychoda albipennis Zetterstedt, 1850 (Psychoda)
Psychodidae Psychoda alticola Vaillant, 1973 (Psychoda)
Psychodidae Psychoda humeralis Meigen
Psychodidae Psychoda phallaenoides Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Psychodidae Satchelliella canescens Meigen, 1818 (Pericoma)
Psychodidae Satchelliella nubida Meigen, 1818 (Psychoda)
Psychodidae Satchelliella palustris Meigen, 1818 (Psychoda)
Psychodidae Tinearia alternata Say, 1824 (Psychoda)
Psychodidae Trichomyia urbica Haliday, 1839 (Trichomyia)
Psychodidae Ulomyia fuliginosa Meigen, 1818 (Psychoda)
Psychodidae Ulomyia undulata Tonnoir, 1919 (Pericoma)
Ptychopteridae Bittacomorpha clavipes Fabricius, 1781 (Tipula)
Ptychopteridae Ptychoptera albimana Fabricius, 1787 (Tipula)
Ptychopteridae Ptychoptera contaminata Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Ptychopteridae Ptychoptera longicauda Tonnoir, 1919 (Paraptychoptera)
Ptychopteridae Ptychoptera minuta Tonnoir
Ptychopteridae Ptychoptera quadrifasciata Say, 1924 (Ptychoptera)
Ptychopteridae Ptychoptera scutellaris Meigen, 1818 (Ptychoptera)
Pyrgotidae Adapsila coarctata Waga, 1842 (Adapsila)
Rhagionidae Chrysopilus alpicola Pokorny, 1886 (Chrysopilus)
Rhagionidae Chrysopilus auratus Fabricius, 1805 (Atheri)
Rhagionidae Chrysopilus aureus Meigen, 1804 (Rhagio)
Rhagionidae Chrysopilus basifasciatus Paramonov, 1962 (Chrysopilus)
Rhagionidae Chrysopilus nubecula Fallén, 1814 (Leptis)
Rhagionidae Chrysopilus palparis Loew, 1869 (Chrysopilus)
Rhagionidae Chrysopilus splendidus Meigen, 1820 (Leptis)
Rhagionidae Dasyomma caeruleum Macquart, 1840 (Dasyomma)
Rhagionidae Ptiolina cinereofasciata Schummel, 1837 (Leptis)
Rhagionidae Ptiolina nitida Wahlberg, 1854 (Ptiolina)
Rhagionidae Ptiolina obscura Fallén, 1814 (Leptis)
Rhagionidae Rhagio annulatus De Geer, 1776 (Nemotelus)
Rhagionidae Rhagio cinerascens von Röder, 1884 (Leptis)
Rhagionidae Rhagio cingulatus H. Loew, 1856 (Leptis)
Rhagionidae Rhagio conspicuus Meigen, 1804 (Rhagio)
Rhagionidae Rhagio immaculatus Meigen, 1804 (Leptis)
Rhagionidae Rhagio lineola monticola Egger, 1860 (Leptis)
Rhagionidae Rhagio lineolus Fabricius, 1794 (Rhagio)
Rhagionidae Rhagio maculatus De Geer, 1776 (Nemotelus)
Rhagionidae Rhagio monticolus Egger, 1860 (Leptis)
Rhagionidae Rhagio notatus Meigen, 1820 (Leptis)
Rhagionidae Rhagio scolopaceus Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Rhagionidae Rhagio strigosus Meigen, 1804 (Leptis)
Rhagionidae Rhagio tringarius Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Rhagionidae Rhagio vitripennis Meigen, 1820 (Leptis)
Rhagionidae Spania nigra Meigen, 1830 (Leptis)
Rhagionidae Symphoromyia crassicornis Panzer, 1806 (Atheri)
Rhagionidae Symphoromyia hirta Johnson, 1897 (Symphoromyia)
Rhagionidae Symphoromyia kainkaudi Aldrich, 1915 (Symphoromyia)
Rhagionidae Symphoromyia melaena Meigen, 1820 (Atheri)
Rhinophoridae Acompomintho lobata Villeneuve, 1927 (Wagneriopsis)
Rhinophoridae Axinia arenaria Colless, 1994 (Axinia)
Rhinophoridae Axinia lucaris Colless, 1994 (Axinia)
Rhinophoridae Axinia zentae Colless, 1994 (Axinia)
Rhinophoridae Macrotarsina longimana Egger, 1856 (Zelleria)
Rhinophoridae Malayia fuscinervis Malloch, 1926 (Malayia)
Rhinophoridae Melanomyia Meigen, 1826 (Dexia)
Rhinophoridae Melanophora roralis Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Rhinophoridae Morinia melanoptera Fallén, 1816 (Musca)
Rhinophoridae Oplisa aterrima Strobl, 1899 (Melanomelia)
Rhinophoridae Oplisa japonica Pape & Kurahashi, 1994 (Oplisa)
Rhinophoridae Oplisa tergestina Schiner, 1862 (Morinia)
Rhinophoridae Paykullia brevicornis Zetterstedt, 1844 (Leucostoma)
Rhinophoridae Paykullia maculata Fallén, 1815 (Ocyptera)
Rhinophoridae Paykullia umbratica Fallén, 1820 (Ocyptera)
Rhinophoridae Phyto celer Rondani, 1862 (Morinia)
Rhinophoridae Phyto cingulata Zetterstedt, 1844 (Tachina)
Rhinophoridae Phyto discrepans Pandellé, 1896 (Phyto)
Rhinophoridae Phyto lactineala Pape, 1997 (Phyto)
Rhinophoridae Phyto longirostis Crosskey, 1977 (Phyto)
Rhinophoridae Phyto melanocephala Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Rhinophoridae Phyto nigrobarbata Becker, 1908 (Phyto)
Rhinophoridae Phyto royi Pape, 1997 (Phyto)
Rhinophoridae Phyto sordidisquama Villeneuve, 1920 (Phyto)
Rhinophoridae Phyto subalpida Herting, 1961 (Phyto)
Rhinophoridae Rhinomorinia sarcophagina Shiner, 1862 (Morinia)
Rhinophoridae Rhinomorinia xanthocephala Bezzi, 1908 (Hoplisa)
Rhinophoridae Rhinophora lepida Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Rhinophoridae Stevenia acutangula Villeneuve, 1910 (Rhinophora)
Rhinophoridae Stevenia angustifrons Villeneuve, 1912 (Stevenia)
Rhinophoridae Stevenia atramentaria Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Rhinophoridae Stevenia deceptoria H. Loew, 1847 (Rhinophora)
Rhinophoridae Stevenia eggeri Strobl, 1906 (Rhinophora)
Rhinophoridae Stevenia fernandezi Baez, 1979 (Stevenia)
Rhinophoridae Stevenia maculata Fallén, 1815 (Ocyptera)
Rhinophoridae Stevenia obscuripennis Loew, 1847 (Rhinophora)
Rhinophoridae Stevenia signata Mik, 1886 (Rhinophora)
Rhinophoridae Stevenia umbratica Fallén, 1820 (Ocyptera)
Rhinophoridae Tricogena rubricosa Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Rhinophoridae Tromodesia angustifrons Kugler, 1978 (Tromodesia)
Rhinophoridae Ventrops incisus Pape, 1987 (Ventrops)
Ropalomeridae Ropalomera femorata Fabricius, 1805 (Dictya)
Ropalomeridae Ropalomera nudipes Frey, 1959 (Ropalomera)
Ropalomeridae Ropalomera stictica Wiedemann,1830 (Ropalomera)
Ropalomeridae Willistoniella pleuropunctata Wiedemann, 1824 (Ropalomera)
Ropalomeridae Willistoniella sp.
Sarcophagidae Agria affinis Fallén, 1817 (Musca)
Sarcophagidae Agria housei Shewell, 1971 (Agria)
Sarcophagidae Agria mamillata Pandellé, 1896 (Sarcophila)
Sarcophagidae Agria monachae Kramer, 1908 (Pseudosarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Amobia africa Curran, 1936 (Amobia)
Sarcophagidae Amobia auriceps Baranov, 1935 (Pachyophthalmus)
Sarcophagidae Amobia aurifrons Townsend, 1891 (Pachyopthalmus)
Sarcophagidae Amobia erythrura van der Wulp, 1890 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Amobia floridensis Townsend, 1892 (Pachyopthalmus)
Sarcophagidae Amobia oculata Zetterstedt, 1844 (Tachina)
Sarcophagidae Amobia signata Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Sarcophagidae Angiometopa bajkalensis Kolomyietz & Artamonov, 1981 (Angiometopa)
Sarcophagidae Angiometopa falleni Pape, 1986 (Angiometopa)
Sarcophagidae Angiometopa flavisquama Villeneuve, 1911 (Angiometopa)
Sarcophagidae Apodacra cyprica Rondani, 1859 (Apodacra)
Sarcophagidae Apodacra dispar Villeneuve, 1916 (Apodacra)
Sarcophagidae Apodacra natalensis Villeneuve, 1916 (Apodacra)
Sarcophagidae Apodacra pulchra Egger, 1861 (Apodacra)
Sarcophagidae Apodacra seriemaculata Macquart, 1854 (Apodacra)
Sarcophagidae Archimimus brevigaster Lopes & Tibana, 1988 (Archimimus)
Sarcophagidae Argoravinia alvarengai Lopes, 1976 (Argoravinia)
Sarcophagidae Argoravinia rufiventris Wiedemann, 1830 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Asiosarcophila kaszabi Rohdendorf & Verves, 1978 (Asiosarcophila)
Sarcophagidae Bahamiola gregori Rohdendorf, 1971 (Bahamiola)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha acridiophagoides Lopes & Downs, 1951 (Acanthodotheca)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha aculeata Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha aix Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha alcedo Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha aldrichia Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha amblycoryphae Coquillet, 1904 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha americana Brauer, 1898 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha anceps Villeneuve, 1930 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha angul Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha angustifrons Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha apoxa Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha arizona Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha arktozophos Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha arnaudi Lopes, 1976 (Acanthodotheca)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha batilligera Séguy, 1941 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha beameri Hall, 1931 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha bellula Dodge, 1965 (Abapa)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha blandita Brèthes, 1920 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha blodgeti Dodge, 1964 (Socorromyia)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha boreas Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha butte Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha cactus Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha calliste Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha caridei Brèthes, 1906 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha casuarius Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha cekalovici Lopes, 1990 (Acathodotheca)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha cerkyma Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha cessator Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha chilena Lopes, 1990 (Acanthodotheca)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha chubutina Blanchard, 1955 (Neotephromyiella)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha cigana Lopes, 1976 (Acanthodotheca)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha cochlearis Pandellé, 1896 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha coloradensis Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha colorata Verves, 1985 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha complosa Reinhard, 1947 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha convena Reinhard, 1947 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha costaricensis Lopes, 1990 (Acanthodotheca)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha currani Hall, 1930 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha dampfi Hall, 1937 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha deleta van der Wulp, 1895 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha descosseae Léonide & Léonide, 1983 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha dolosa Dodge, 1966 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha dupuisi Léonide & Léonide, 1973 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha ebi Hall, 1937 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha ejuncida Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha eleodis Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha enotah Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha erythrura Meigen, 1826 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha excisa Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha falciformis Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha falx Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha fazi Hall, 1937 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha flavipes Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha fossoria Pandellé, 1896 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha gibberis Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha gracilis Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha grisea Meigen, 1826 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha guanacaste Lopes, 1990 (Acantodotheca)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha hamata Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha hunteri Hough, 1898 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha ibe Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha indicata Lopes, 1990 (Acanthodotheca)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha janzeni Lopes, 1990 (Acanthodotheca)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha kellyi Aldrich, 1914 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha kivu Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha kyrton Pape, 1994 (Acridiophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha kyrtonidion Pape, 1994 (Acridiophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha laguna Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha lanei Lopes, 1938 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha lapidosa Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha laticornis Meigen, 1826 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha lillooet Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha littoralis Villeneuve, 1911 (Gesneriodes)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha magna Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha malgache Zumpt, 1967 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha mankurta Verves, 1985 (Servaisia)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha masculina Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha matilei Léonide & Léonide, 1983 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha mcalpinei Lopes, 1990 (Acanthodotheca)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha mex Pape, 1994 (Kurtomyia)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha minensis Lopes & Downs, 1951 (Acanthodotheca)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha mona Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha mystica Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha neuquenensis Blanchard, 1942 (Tephromyiella)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha occatrix Pandellé, 1896 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha occidens Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha omani Hall, 1931 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha opifera Coquillet, 1892 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha papuana Lopes, 1990 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha plinthopyga Wiedemann, 1830 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha plumicornis Fallén, 1817 (Musca)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha pygmaea Zetterstedt, 1844 (Sarcophaga )
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha quaesita Hall, 1937 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha ragg Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha redempta Pandellé, 1896 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha reperta Reinhard, 1947 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha reversa Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha rocciai Lopes, 1981 (Acanthodotheca)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha rossica Villeneuve, 1912 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha rudis Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha rufescens Villeneuve, 1928 (Anablaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha rufipes Macquart, 1839 (Agria)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha saccata Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha sagittarius Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha savoryi Parker, 1920 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha setiforceps Hall, 1930 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha setosa Salem, 1938 (Agriella)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha singularis Lopes, 1976 (Acanthodotheca)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha spiniger Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha steyskali Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha subamericana Rohdendorf, 1932 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha subcochlearis Séguy, 1932 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha taediosa Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha tingomaria Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha transcaspia Rohdendorf, 1928 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha uncata van der Wulp, 1895 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha ungulata Pandellé, 1896 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha unicolor Villeneuve, 1912 (Gesneriella)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha utah Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha valangae Aldrich, 1932 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha websteri Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha vesper Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha violenta Walker, 1849 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha xiphura Rohdendorf & Verves, 1978 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Blaesoxiphella brevicornis Villeneuve, 1912 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Boettcheria aurifera Lopes, 1950 (Boettcheria)
Sarcophagidae Boettcheria bisetosa Parker, 1914 (Boettcheria)
Sarcophagidae Boettcheria calceata Dodge, 1967 (Winthemiola)
Sarcophagidae Boettcheria cimbicis Townsend, 1892 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Boettcheria holmani Rohdendorf, 1971 (Boettcheria)
Sarcophagidae Boettcheria latisterna Parker, 1914 (Boettcheria)
Sarcophagidae Boettcheria litorosa Reinhard, 1947 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Boettcheria maerens Townsend, 1916 (Melanophyto)
Sarcophagidae Boettcheria marstoni Dodge, 1966 (Boettcheria)
Sarcophagidae Boettcheria melanderi Dodge, 1967 (Boettcheria)
Sarcophagidae Boettcheria mexicana Lopes, 1970 (Boettcheria)
Sarcophagidae Boettcheria parkeriana Lopes, 1976 (Boettcheria)
Sarcophagidae Boettcheria praevolans van der Wulp, 1895 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Boettcheria retroversa Lopes, 1935 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Boettcheria solo Pape, 1990 (Boettcheria)
Sarcophagidae Boettcheria taurus Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Brachicoma asiatica Rohdendorf & Verves, 1979 (Brachicoma)
Sarcophagidae Brachicoma borealis Ringdahl, 1932 (Brachicoma)
Sarcophagidae Brachicoma devia Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Sarcophagidae Brachicoma papei Verves, 1990 (Brachicoma)
Sarcophagidae Brachicoma sarcophagina Townsend, 1891 (Laccoprosopa)
Sarcophagidae Brachicoma setosa Coquillet, 1902 (Brachicoma)
Sarcophagidae Chauliooestrus denudatus Villeneuve, 1920 (Pododexia)
Sarcophagidae Chrysagria alticophaga Lopes & Achoy, 1986 (Chrysagria)
Sarcophagidae Chrysagria andina Lopes & Achoy, 1986 (Chrysagria)
Sarcophagidae Chrysagria duodecimpunctata Townsend, 1935 (Chrysagria)
Sarcophagidae Comasarcophaga longespina Lopes, 1988 (Archimimus)
Sarcophagidae Craticulina diffusa Villeneuve, 1934 (Craticulina)
Sarcophagidae Craticulina seriata Speiser, 1910 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Dexagria ushinskyi Rohdendorf, 1978 (Dexagria)
Sarcophagidae Dexosarcophaga aurescens Lopes, 1975 (Bezzisca)
Sarcophagidae Dexosarcophaga globulosa Lopes, 1946 (Dexosarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Dexosarcophaga transita Townsend, 1917 (Dexosarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Dexosarcophaga venezuelana Mello, 1988 (Farrimyia)
Sarcophagidae Dodgeisca paramerata Rohdendorf, 1971 (Dodgeisca)
Sarcophagidae Dolichotachina bechuanae Zumpt, 1961 (Dolichotachina)
Sarcophagidae Dolichotachina cuthbertsoni Rohdendorf, 1935 (Dolichotachina)
Sarcophagidae Dolichotachina marginella Meigen, 1830 (Tachina )
Sarcophagidae Dolichotachina melanura Verves, 1979 (Dolichotachina)
Sarcophagidae Dolichotachina musiva Séguy, 1953 (Dolichotachina)
Sarcophagidae Dolichotachina tenuis Zumpt, 1976 (Metopodiella)
Sarcophagidae Duckemyia latifrons Kano & Lopes, 1969 (Duckemyia)
Sarcophagidae Emblemasoma erro Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Emdenimyia korytkowskii Lopes, 1969 (Emdenimyia)
Sarcophagidae Emdenimyia lanei Lopes, 1969 (Emdenimyia)
Sarcophagidae Emdenimyia limai Lopes, 1969 (Emdenimyia)
Sarcophagidae Emdenimyia meyersi Curran, 1938 (Dexomyophora)
Sarcophagidae Emdenimyia spinosa Lopes, 1948 (Emdenimyia)
Sarcophagidae Engelimyia bosqi Blanchard, 1939 (Paraphrissopoda)
Sarcophagidae Engelimyia inops Walker, 1849 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Eremasiomyia macularis Wiedemann, 1824 (Tachina)
Sarcophagidae Erythrandra distincta Townsend, 1892 (Trixoclista)
Sarcophagidae Erythrandra picipes Brauer & Bergenstamm, 1891 (Erythrandra)
Sarcophagidae Eumacronychia crassipalpis Reinhard, 1939 (Eumacronychia)
Sarcophagidae Eumacronychia rohweri Allen, 1926 (Eumacronychia)
Sarcophagidae Eumacronychia sternalis Allen, 1926 (Eumacronychia)
Sarcophagidae Fletcherimyia abdita Pape, 1990 (Fletcherimyia)
Sarcophagidae Fletcherimyia fletcheri Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Fletcherimyia jonesi Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Fletcherimyia rileyi Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Goniophyto honshuensis Rohdendorf, 1962 (Goniophyto)
Sarcophagidae Goniophyto horii Kurahashi & Suenaga, 1994 (Goniophyto)
Sarcophagidae Goniophyto suenagai Kurahashi, 1994 (Wohlfahrtiodes)
Sarcophagidae Gymnoprosopa filipalpis Allen, 1926 (Gymnoprosopa)
Sarcophagidae Gymnoprosopa milanoensis Reinhard, 1945 (Gymnoprosopa)
Sarcophagidae Helicobia chapadensis Tibana & Lopes, 1985 (Helicobiomima)
Sarcophagidae Helicobia haydeni Dodge, 1965 (Helicobia)
Sarcophagidae Helicobia iheringi Lopes, 1939 (Helicobia)
Sarcophagidae Helicobia lagunicula Hall, 1933 (Johnsonia)
Sarcophagidae Helicobia morionella Aldrich, 1930 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Helicobia pilipleura Lopes, 1939 (Helicobia)
Sarcophagidae Helicobia rapax Walker, 1849 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Helicobia surrubea van der Wulp, 1895 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Hilarella hilarella Zetterstedt, 1844 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Hoplacephala excisa Villeneuve, 1913 (Sankisius)
Sarcophagidae Hoplacephala hirtifrons Villeneuve, 1929 (Hoplocephalonea)
Sarcophagidae Hoplacephala inermis Villeneuve, 1913 (Hoplacephala)
Sarcophagidae Hoplacephala inermis Villeneuve, 1913 (Hoplocephala)
Sarcophagidae Hoplacephala insularis Verves, 1980 (Synorbitomyia)
Sarcophagidae Hoplacephala linearis Villeneuve, 1929 (Hoplocephala)
Sarcophagidae Hoplacephala mirabilis Verves, 1979 (Krombeinomyia)
Sarcophagidae Hoplacephala nathani Verves, 1988 (Hoplocephalomima)
Sarcophagidae Hoplacephala retroseta Villeneuve, 1913 (Hoplacephala)
Sarcophagidae Hoplacephala schistacea Villeneuve, 1913 (Hoplocephalopsis)
Sarcophagidae Hoplacephala tessellata Macquart, 1846 (Hoplacephala)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia andina Townsend, 1912 (Chloronesia)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia aragua Dodge, 1966 (Chloronesia)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia bocainensis Lopes, 1980 (Pachygraphia)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia bufonivora Lopes & Vogelsang, 1953 (Notochaeta)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia carchiana Lopes, 1991 (Lepidodexia)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia cognata Walker, 1853 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia confusa Lopes, 1946 (Notochaeta)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia cubana Lopes, 1951 (Harpagopyga)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia distincta Lopes, 1947 (Notochaeta)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia elegans Coquillett, 1895 (Johnsonia)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia fascialis Townsend, 1927 (Dexomyophora)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia fuscianalis van der Wulp, 1895 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia grisescens Townsend, 1927 (Gymnocamptops)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia ignota Lopes, 1947 (Notochaeta)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia nigropilosa Lopes, 1951 (Lepidodexia)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia obscura Lopes, 1950 (Notochaeta)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia opima Wiedemann, 1830 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia retusa Hall, 1933 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia sarcophagina Townsend, 1927 (Xylocampta)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia similis Lopes, 1984 (Notochaeta)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia teffeensis Townsend, 1927 (Xylocamptopsis)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia virgata Wiedemann, 1830 (Dexia)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia woodi Lopes, 1985 (Notochaeta)
Sarcophagidae Lepidodexia woodorum Pape, 1989 (Johnsonia)
Sarcophagidae Macronychia agrestis Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Sarcophagidae Macronychia alpestris Rondani, 1965 (Macronychia)
Sarcophagidae Macronychia aurata Coquillet, 1902 (Amobia)
Sarcophagidae Macronychia confundens Townsend, 1915 (Amobiopsis)
Sarcophagidae Macronychia griseola Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Sarcophagidae Macronychia kanoi Kurahashi, 1972 (Macronychia)
Sarcophagidae Macronychia malayana Kurahashi & Pape, 1996 (Macronychia)
Sarcophagidae Macronychia polydon Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Sarcophagidae Macronychia striginervis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Xysta )
Sarcophagidae Macronychia utahensis Smith, 1916 (Amobia)
Sarcophagidae Malacophagomyia filamenta Dodge, 1964 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Malacophagomyia kesselringi Kano & Lopes, 1968 (Malacophagomyia)
Sarcophagidae Mesomelena mesomelaena H. Loew, 1848 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Metopia argentata Macquart, 1850 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Metopia argyrocephala Rossi, 1790 (Musca)
Sarcophagidae Metopia aurigans Pape,, 1987 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Metopia brasiliana Townsend, 1929 (Anicia)
Sarcophagidae Metopia campestris Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Sarcophagidae Metopia cubitosetigera Pape, 1987 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Metopia deficiens Villeneuve, 1936 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Metopia grandii Venturi, 1953 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Metopia inermis Allen, 1926 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Metopia italiana Pape, 1985 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Metopia juquiana Townsend, 1934 (Juquianicia)
Sarcophagidae Metopia krombeini Sabrosky, 1953 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Metopia lateropili Allen, 1926 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Metopia nudibasis Malloch, 1930 (Opsidiopsis )
Sarcophagidae Metopia opaca Allen, 1926 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Metopia pauciseta Dodge, 1966 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Metopia perpendicularis van der Wulp, 1890 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Metopia polita Townsend, 1935 (Rupununia)
Sarcophagidae Metopia pulverulenta Pape, 1987 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Metopia sauteri Townsend, 1933 (Chaetanicia)
Sarcophagidae Metopia sinensis Pape, 1986 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Metopia staegerii Rondani, 1859 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Metopia suifenhoensis Fan, 1965 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Metopia yunnanica Chao & Zhang, 1988 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Metopodia pilicornis Pandellé, 1895 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Metopodiella grandis Zumpt, 1976 (Metopodiella)
Sarcophagidae Microcerella adelphe Pape, 1990 (Microcerella)
Sarcophagidae Microcerella antonioi Mariluis, 1999 (Microcerella)
Sarcophagidae Microcerella aulacophyto Pape, 1990 (Microcerella)
Sarcophagidae Microcerella aulacophyto Pape, 1990 (Microcerella)
Sarcophagidae Microcerella boetia Pape, 1990 (Microcerella)
Sarcophagidae Microcerella chilena Dodge, 1967 (Aulacophyto)
Sarcophagidae Microcerella chilensis Hall, 1937 (Mimophytomyia)
Sarcophagidae Microcerella covai Dodge, 1965 (Boetia)
Sarcophagidae Microcerella halli Engel, 1931 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Microcerella matucanensis Lopes, 1974 (Townsendisca)
Sarcophagidae Microcerella muehni Blanchard, 1939 (Scopaedicus)
Sarcophagidae Microcerella pilicoxa Lopes, 1972 (Borgmeierisca)
Sarcophagidae Microcerella rusca Hall, 1937 (Aulacophyto)
Sarcophagidae Microcerella scrofa Aldrich, 1916 (Hypopelta)
Sarcophagidae Microcerella spinigena Rondani, 1864 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Microcerella tripartita Dodge, 1967 (Azuayia)
Sarcophagidae Microcerella valgata Reinhard, 1947 (Xenoppia)
Sarcophagidae Microcerella wygodzinskyi Lopes, 1954 (Xanthobrachycoma)
Sarcophagidae Miltogramma albidopilosa Rohdendorf, 1934 (Efflatounomyia)
Sarcophagidae Miltogramma algira Macquart, 1843 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Miltogramma aurifrons Dufour, 1850 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Miltogramma brevipila Villeneuve, 1911 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Miltogramma dzhungarica Rohdendorf, 1930 (Stephanodactylum)
Sarcophagidae Miltogramma germari Meigen, 1824 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Miltogramma hirtimana Bezzi, 1912 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Miltogramma iberica Villeneuve, 1912 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Miltogramma munroi Curran, 1936 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Miltogramma murina Meigen, 1824 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Miltogramma oestracea Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Sarcophagidae Miltogramma punctata Meigen, 1824 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Miltogramma rutilans Meigen, 1824 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Miltogramma taeniata Meigen, 1824 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Miltogramma testaceifrons Roser, 1840 (Tachina)
Sarcophagidae Nyctia halterata Panzer, 1798 (Musca)
Sarcophagidae Nyctia lugubris Macquart, 1843 (Anthracia)
Sarcophagidae Oebalia aristalis Coquillet, 1897 (Hilarella)
Sarcophagidae Oebalia cylindrica Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Sarcophagidae Oebalia minuta Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Sarcophagidae Oebalia praeclusa Pandellé, 1895 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Opsidia diadema Pape, 2002 (Opsidia)
Sarcophagidae Opsidia eknomekostoma Pape, 2002 (Opsidia)
Sarcophagidae Opsidia grisea Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Araba)
Sarcophagidae Opsidia intonsa Aldrich, 1928 (Opsidia)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia admixta Lopes, 1933 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia aduncta Lopes, 1975 (Oxysarcodexia)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia afficta van der Wulp, 1895 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia amorosa Schiner, 1868 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia angrensis Lopes, 1933 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia angusta Lopes, 1946 (Oxysarcodexia)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia aura Hall, 1937 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia avuncula Lopes, 1933 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia bakeri Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia berlai Lopes, 1975 (Oxysarcodexia)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia bicolor Lopes, 1946 (Oxysarcodexia)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia carvalhoi Lopes, 1946 (Oxysarcodexia)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia cingarus Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia conclausa Walker, 1861 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia confusa Lopes, 1946 (Oxysarcodexia)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia culminata Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia diana Lopes, 1933 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia fluminensis Lopes, 1946 (Oxysarcodexia)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia fringidea Curran & Walley, 1934 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia galeata Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia injuncta Walker, 1858 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia insolita Lopes, 1946 (Oxysarcodexia)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia intona Curran & Walley, 1934 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia modesta Lopes, 1946 (Oxysarcodexia)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia paulistanensis Mattos, 1919 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia similata Lopes & Tibana, 1987 (Oxysarcodexia)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia taitensis Schiner, 1868 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia terminalis Wiedemann, 1830 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia thornax Walker, 1849 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia timida Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia varia Walker, 1836 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia ventricosa van der Wulp, 1895 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia xanthosoma Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxysarcodexia zayasi Dodge, 1956 (Oxysarcodexia)
Sarcophagidae Oxyvinia angolensis Hall, 1937 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxyvinia excisa Lopes, 1950 (Dexosarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Oxyvinia xanthophora Schiner, 1868 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Pacatuba matthewsi Lopes, 1975 (Pacatuba)
Sarcophagidae Panava inflata Dodge, 1968 (Panava)
Sarcophagidae Paramacronychia flavipalpis Girschner, 1881 (Macronychia)
Sarcophagidae Peckia abrupta Lopes, 1955 (Paraphrissopoda)
Sarcophagidae Peckia aequata van der Wulp, 1895 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia alvarengai Lopes & Tibana, 1982 (Euboettcheria)
Sarcophagidae Peckia amoena Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia anguilla Curran & Walley, 1934 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia bifurcata Dodge, 1965 (Peckia)
Sarcophagidae Peckia capitata Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia chirotheca Hall, 1933 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia chrysostoma Wiedemann, 1830 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia chrysostomata Hall, 1933 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia collusor Curran & Walley, 1934 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia craigi Dodge, 1964 (Peckia)
Sarcophagidae Peckia ecuatoriana Lopes, 1958 (Paraphrissopoda)
Sarcophagidae Peckia enderleini Engel, 1931 (Adiscochaeta)
Sarcophagidae Peckia epimelia Lopes, 1938 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia florencioi Prado & Fonseca, 1932 (Ctenoprosballia)
Sarcophagidae Peckia gagnei Lopes, 1971 (Euboettcheria)
Sarcophagidae Peckia glyphis Pape & Andersen, 2001 (Peckia)
Sarcophagidae Peckia gulo Fabricius, 1805 (Musca)
Sarcophagidae Peckia hillifera Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia hirsuta Hall, 1933 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia ingens Walker, 1849 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia intermutans Walker, 1861 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia keyensis Dodge, 1965 (Peckia)
Sarcophagidae Peckia naides Townsend, 1931 (Ctenoprosballia)
Sarcophagidae Peckia nigricauda Dodge, 1964 (Peckia)
Sarcophagidae Peckia pallidipilosa Curran & Walley, 1934 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia pascoensis Lopes, 1989 (Paraphrissopoda)
Sarcophagidae Peckia percussa Lopes, 1938 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia pexata van der Wulp, 1895 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia praeceps Wiedemann, 1830 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia resona Lopes, 1935 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia roppai Lopes & Tibana, 1982 (Euboettcheria)
Sarcophagidae Peckia smarti Lopes, 1941 (Pattonella)
Sarcophagidae Peckia spectabilis Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia subducta Lopes, 1935 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia trejosi Lopes, 1955 (Paraphrissopoda)
Sarcophagidae Peckia trivittata Curran, 1927 (Squamatodes)
Sarcophagidae Peckia uncinata Hall, 1933 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia urceola Hall, 1938 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckia virgo Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophagidae Peckia volucris van der Wulp, 1895 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckiamyia abnormalis Hall, 1937 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckiamyia calx Hall, 1933 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckiamyia expunctata Lopes, 1935 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Peckiamyia minutipenis Hall, 1937 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Phrosinella fedtshenkoi Rohdendorf, 1925 (Pedimyia)
Sarcophagidae Phrosinella nasuta Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Sarcophagidae Phrosinella sannio Zetterstedt, 1838 (Tachina)
Sarcophagidae Phrosinella tadzhika Rohdendorf, 1935 (Asiometopia)
Sarcophagidae Phylloteles argyrozoster Pape, 1989 (Phylloteles)
Sarcophagidae Phylloteles ballucapitatis Pape, 1989 (Phylloteles)
Sarcophagidae Phylloteles brunnipennis Pape, 1985 (Phylloteles)
Sarcophagidae Phylloteles degener Zumpt, 1961 (Paraphylloteles)
Sarcophagidae Phylloteles eos Zumpt, 1973 (Phylloteles)
Sarcophagidae Phylloteles hessei Zumpt, 1952 (Paraphylloteles)
Sarcophagidae Phylloteles hyalipennis Baranov, 1934 (Trichophylloteles)
Sarcophagidae Phylloteles longiunguis Pape, 1989 (Phylloteles)
Sarcophagidae Phylloteles picifrons Pape, 1985 (Phylloteles)
Sarcophagidae Phylloteles pictipennis H. Loew, 1844 (Phylloteles)
Sarcophagidae Phylloteles similis Zumpt, 1973 (Phylloteles)
Sarcophagidae Phylloteles socialis Zumpt, 1976 (Phylloteles)
Sarcophagidae Protomiltogramma cincta Townsend, 1916 (Protomiltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Protomiltogramma fasciata Meigen, 1824 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Protomiltogramma obscurior Villeneuve, 1916 (Setulia )
Sarcophagidae Protomiltogramma plebeia Malloch, 1930 (Protomiltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Pterella grisea Meigen, 1824 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Pterella melanura Meigen, 1824 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Pterella vadoni Séguy, 1963 (Setulia)
Sarcophagidae Ravinia acerba Walker, 1849 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Ravinia anandra Dodge, 1956 (Chaetoravinia)
Sarcophagidae Ravinia anxia Walker, 1849 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Ravinia aureopyga Hall, 1928 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Ravinia belforti Prado & Fonseca, 1932 (Euravinia)
Sarcophagidae Ravinia derelicta Walker, 1853 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Ravinia effrenata Walker, 1861 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Ravinia errabunda van der Wulp, 1895 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Ravinia floridensis Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Ravinia heithausi Lopes, 1975 (Ravinia)
Sarcophagidae Ravinia lherminieri Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Myophora)
Sarcophagidae Ravinia pernix Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Sarcophagidae Ravinia planifrons Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Ravinia pusiola van der Wulp, 1895 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Ravinia querula Walker, 1849 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Ravinia rufipes Townsend, 1917 (Andinoravinia)
Sarcophagidae Ravinia stimulans Walker, 1849 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Ravinia sueta van der Wulp, 1895 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Ravinia tancituro Roback, 1952 (Ravinia)
Sarcophagidae Ravinia vagabunda van der Wulp, 1895 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Retrocitomyia retrocita Hall, 1933 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Rettenmeyerina serrata Dodge, 1968 (Rettenmeyerina)
Sarcophagidae Sarcodexia lambens Wiedemann, 1830 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcodexia notata Lopes, 1953 (Sarcodexia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcodexiopsis salutarensis Dodge, 1965 (Sarcodexiopsis)
Sarcophagidae Sarcodexiopsis welchi Hall, 1930 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcofahrtiopsis capitata Curran, 1928 (Sarcofahrtia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcofahrtiopsis carcini Pape & Méndez, 2002 (Sarcofahrtia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcofahrtiopsis cuneata Townsend, 1935 (Cataphyto)
Sarcophagidae Sarcofahrtiopsis thyropterontos Pape, Deckmann & Vonhof (Sarcofahrtiopsis)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga adriatica Böttcher, 1913 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga aegyptica Salem, 1935 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga africa Wiedemann, 1824 (Musca)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga agnata Rondani, 1860 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga alba Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga albiceps Meigen, 1826 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga alcicornis Hardy, 1932 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga aldrichi Parker, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga allisoni Sugiyama, Shinonaga & Kano, 1988 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga alpha johnston & Tiegs, 1921 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga altitudinis Sugiyama, 1989 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga amica Peris, González-Mora & Mingo, 1998 (Heteronychia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga amita Rondani, 1860 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga amputata Pape, 1990 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga anaces Walker, 1849 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga annandalei Senior-White, 1924 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga antilope Böttcher, 1913 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga aquila Sugiyama, 1990 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga aratrix Pandellé, 1896 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga arcipes Pandellé, 1896 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga argyrostoma Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Myophora)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga arno Curran, 1934 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga aureolata Pape & Kurahashi 2000 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga australis Johnston & Tiegs, 1921 (Helicobia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga balanina Pandellé, 1896 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga bancroftorum Johnston & Tiegs, 1921 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga bangkokensis Shinonaga & Tumrasvin, 1979 (Kanomyia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga baranoffi Rohdendorf, 1937 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga basiseta Baranov, 1931 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga basuto Zumpt, 1951 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga batissa Curran, 1928 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga belgiana Lehrer, 1976 (Thyrsocnema)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga bellae Lehrer 2000 (Boettcheriola)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga bengalensis Nandi, 1992 (Boettcherisca)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga bergi Rohdendorf, 1937 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga beta Johnston & Tiegs, 1921 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga bidentata Lopes, 1953 (Tricholioproctia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga bifrons Walker, 1853 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga birganjensis Sugiyama, 1988 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga booersiana Engel, 1925 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga brevicornis Ho, 1934 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga bulamatadi Curran, 1934 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga bulgarica Enderlein, 1936 (Helicobia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga bullata Parker, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga burungae Curran, 1934 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga caerulescens Zetterstedt, 1838 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga calicifera Böttcher, 1912 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga canadensis Hall, 1929 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga carnaria Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga caudagalli Böttcher, 1912 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga cockerellae Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga coei Rohdendorf, 1966 (Robineauella)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga consanguinea Rondani, 1860 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga cooleyi Parker, 1914 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga corsicana Villeneuve, 1911 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga crassimargo Pandellé, 1896 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga crassipalpis Macquart, 1839 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga crinita Parker, 1917 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga crispina Lopes, 1938 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga crispula Lopes, 1938 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga cucullans Pandellé, 1896 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga cultellata Pandellé, 1896 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga currani Verves, 1989 (Aethiopisca)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga davidsonii Coquillet, 1892 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga depressifrons Zetterstedt, 1845 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga destructor Malloch, 1929 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga deviedmai Lehrer & Baez, 1986 (Parasarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga dimidiatipes Villeneuve, 1913 (Angiometopa)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga dingaani Zumpt, 1950 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga dissimilis Meigen, 1826 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga djakonovi Rohdendorf, 1937 (Parasarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga dreyfusi Lehrer, 1994 (Ahavanella)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga dumoga Sugiyama & Kurahashi, 1988 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga dux Thomson, 1864 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga dysderci Villeneuve, 1936 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga elongata Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga emdeni Rohdendorf, 1969 (Parasarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga exuberansoides Zumpt, 1964 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga ferox Villeneuve, 1908 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga filia Rondani, 1860 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga flagellifera Grunin, 1964 (Rohdendorfisca)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga forceps Blackith & Blackith, 1988 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga formosensis Kirner & Lopes, 1961 (Boettcherisca)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga fortisa Reinhard, 1947 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga freedmani Zumpt, 1956 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga froggatti Taylor, 1917 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga furcadorsalis Rohdendorf, 1931 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga furcoides Zumpt, 1967 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga ganura Bezzi, 1927 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga giganta Pape, 1996 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga globovesica Ye, 1980 (Pierretia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga gorodkovi Grunin, 1964 (Bellieria)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga gracilis Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga gravelyi Böttcher, 1912 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga gressitti Hall & Bohart, 1948 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga haemorrhoa Meigen, 1826 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga haemorrhoides Böttcher, 1913 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga hainanensis Ho, 1936 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga harinasutai Kano & Sooksri, 1977 (Sarcosolomonia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga harpax Pandellé, 1896 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga hervebazini Séguy, 1934 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga hinei Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga hirticrus Pandellé, 1896 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga hirtipes Wiedemann, 1830 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga hokurikuensis Hori, 1955 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga horti Blackith & Blackith, 1988 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga houghi Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga hugoi Pape, 1991 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga idonea Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga imita Pape, 1996 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga impatiens Walker, 1849 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga inaequalis Austen, 1909 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga incisilobata Pandellé, 1896 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga inextricata Walker, 1859 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga insula Pape, 1996 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga invaria Walker, 1859 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga inzi Curran, 1934 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga iota Johnston & Tiegs, 1921 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga iulicida Pape, 1990 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga iwuensis Ho, 1934 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga jacobsoni Rohdendorf, 1937 (Parasarcophaga (Liosarcophaga))
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga javana Macquart, 1851 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga javanica Lopes, 1961 (Boettcherisca)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga javita Peris, Gonzáles-Mora & Mingo, 1998 (Heteronychia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga jeanleclercqi Lehrer, 1975 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga juncta Lopes, 1967 (Parasarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga karnyi Hardy, 1927 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga kempi Senior-White, 1924 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga kentejana Rohdendorf, 1937 (Thyrsocnema)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga kerteszi Villeneuve, 1912 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga khasiensis Senior-White, 1924 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga koimani Kano & Shinonaga, 1977 (Boettcherisca)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga konakovi Rohdendorf, 1938 (Phallosphaera)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga kopetdaghica Verves, 1979 (Robineauella)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga krathonmai Pape & Bänziger 2000 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga kunonis Pape, 1986 (Discachaeta)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga lanei Townsend, 1934 (Lipoptilocnema)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga langi Curran, 1934 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga lehmanni Müller, 1922 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga libera Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga liberia Curran, 1934 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga lincta Lopes, 1959 (Johnstonimyia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga lindneriana Zumpt, 1954 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga longestylata Strobl, 1906 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga longifilia Salem, 1946 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga lunigera Böttcher, 1914 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga macroauriculata Ho, 1932 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga macrura Rohdendorf, 1937 (Bellieria)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga maculata Meigen, 1835 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga madeirensis Schiner, 1868 (Cynomya)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga marcelleclercqi Lehrer, 1975 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga margaretae Lahille, 1907 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga mariobezzii Pape, 1991 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga maritima Engel, 1925 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga marshalli Parker, 1923 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga matilei Blackith, Richet, Pape & Andrei-Ruiz (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga megafilosia Pape, McKillup & McKillip 2000 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga meiofilosia Pape, McKillup & McKillup 2000 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga melanura Meigen, 1826 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga membranocorporis Sugiyama, 1987 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga metallescens Bezzi, 1923 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga mimoris Reinhard, 1947 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga minima Rondani, 1862 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga minor Rohdendorf, 1937 (Phallocheira)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga misera Walker, 1849 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga moldavica Rohdendorf, 1937 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga monospila Bezzi, 1908 (Angiometopa)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga monspellensia Böttcher, 1913 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga multicolor Johnston & Tiegs, 1922 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga multivillosa Shinonaga & Tumrasvin, 1979 (Sarcorohdendorfia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga munronis Pape, 1996 (Helicobia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga musashinensis Kano & Okazaki, 1956 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga mutila Villeneuve, 1912 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga namibia Reed, 1974 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga nathani Lopes, 1961 (Boettcherisca)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga nearctica Parker, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga nemoralis Kramer, 1908 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga nigribasicosta Chen, 1975 (Dinemomyia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga nigricauda Povolnœ & Slamecková, 1959 (Pierretia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga nigriventris Meigen, 1826 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga nodosa Engel, 1925 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga notabilis Kano & Lopes, 1969 (Burmanomyia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga noverca Pandellé, 1860 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga novercoides Böttcher, 1913 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga octomaculata Jaennicke, 1867 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga okaliana Lehrer, 1975 (Bellieria)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga omikron Johnston & Tiegs, 1921 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga orientalis Parker, 1917 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga ornatijuxta Richet, Pape, Blackith & Blackith, 1995 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga ostensackeni Rohdendorf, 1937 (Pierretia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga pachyura Rohdendorf, 1937 (Bellieria)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga pagensis Baranov, 1939 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga palestinensis Lehrer, 1998 (Liosarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga pandellei Rohdendorf, 1937 (Pierretia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga pandifera Blackith & Pape, 1999 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga panormi Povolnœ, 1998 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga parasurcoufi Zumpt, 1972 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga parkeri Rohdendorf, 1937 (Parasarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga pattoni Senior-White, 1924 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga paulina Hall, 1937 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga penicillata Villeneuve, 1907 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga peregrina Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Myophora)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga pharaonis Rohdendorf, 1934 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga picibasicosta Pape, 1996 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga platariae Povolnœ, 1992 (Thyrsocnema)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga pleskei Rohdendorf, 1937 (Parasarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga plotnikovi Rohdendorf, 1925 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga polistensis Hall, 1933 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga porrecta Böttcher, 1913 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga portschinskyi Rohdendorf, 1937 (Parasarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga praedatrix Walker, 1849 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga pratti Dodge, 1956 (Idoneamima)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga princeps Wiedemann, 1830 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga propinqua Le Guillou, 1842
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga prosbaliina Baranov, 1931 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga protuberans Pandellé, 1896 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga proxima Rondani, 1860 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga pseudoscoparia Kramer, 1911 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga pulla Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga pumila Meigen, 1826 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga pyrenaica Séguy, 1941 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga quinqueramosa Sugiyama, 1990 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga redux Walker, 1849 (Sarcophaga )
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga reposita Lopes, 1959 (Parasarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga rohdendorfi Salem, 1936 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga rondaniana Rohdendorf, 1937 (Pierretia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga rosellei Böttcher, 1912 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga ruficornis Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga sabroskyi Dodge, 1956 (Idoneamima)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga salobrensis Lopes, 1942 (Lipotilocnema)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga santospintosi Lehrer & Baez, 1986 (Mediterranisca)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga saprianovae Pape & Bänziger 2000 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga sarraceniae Riley, 1874 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga sarracenioides Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga schineri Bezzi, 1891 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga schuetzei Kramer, 1909 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga scopariiformis Senior-White, 1927 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga sedlaceki Shinonaga & Kurahashi, 1969 (Sarcosolomonia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga semenovi Rohdendorf, 1925 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga seniorwhitei Ho, 1938 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga septentrionalis Rohdendorf, 1937 (Boettcherisca)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga serrata Ho, 1938 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga setifacies Lopes, 1967 (Bezziola)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga setinervis Rondani, 1860 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga sexpunctata Fabricius, 1805 (Musca)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga shermani Parker, 1923 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga shinonagai Kano & Sooksri, 1977 (Sarcosolomonia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga shiratakaensis Hori, 1954 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga shnitnikovi Rohdendorf, 1937 (Pierretia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga sicilia Pape, 1996 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga siciliana Enderlein, 1928 (Sarcoctenia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga siciliensis Böttcher, 1913 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga sigma Johnston & Tiegs, 1921 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga silvai Zumpt, 1952 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga similis Meade, 1876 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga simplex Lopes, 1967 (Heteronychia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga sinuata Meigen, 1826 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga sisyphus Zumpt, 1952 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga socrus Rondani, 1860 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga solitaria Povolnœ, 1998 (Thyrsocnema)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga solomonica Verves, 1982 (Parasarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga soror Rondani, 1860 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga sororcula Rohdendorf, 1937 (Thyrsocnema)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga souzalopesi Pape, 1996 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga spilargyra Bezzi, 1923 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga spilogaster Wiedemann, 1824 (Musca)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga spinosa Villeneuve, 1912 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga stackelbergi Rohdendorf, 1937 (Athyrsomima)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga strumiana Lehrer, 1995 (Liosarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga stylata Pape, 1996 (Tricholioproctia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga subulata Pandellé, 1896 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga subvicina Rohdendorf, 1937 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga sudanica Zumpt, 1951 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga surcoufi Villeneuve, 1913 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga synia Johnson & Hardy, 1923 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga taenionota Wiedemann, 1819 (Musca)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga talomoensis Magpayo & Kano, 1986 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga taurica Rohdendorf, 1937 (Pierretia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga tephrura Bezzi, 1927 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga teretirostris Pandellé, 1896 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga tetra Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga thalhammeri Bötttcher, 1913 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga tibialis Macquart, 1851 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga timorensis Kano & Shinonaga, 1977 (Boettcherisca)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga transvaalensis Zumpt, 1950 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga tricolor Villeneuve, 1908 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga triplasia van der Wulp, 1895 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga tristylata Böttcher, 1912 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga tuberosa Pandellé, 1896 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga tulagiensis Baranov, 1938 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga uemotoi Kano & Field, 1964 (Robineauella)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga ukrainica Rohdendorf, 1937 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga uliginosa Kramer, 1908 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga uncicurva Pandellé, 1896 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga unguitigris Rohdendorf, 1938 (Parasarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga urceola Shinonaga & Beaver, 1979 (Pierretia)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga utilis Aldrich, 1915 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga vagans Meigen, 1826 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga wagneri Kano & Zumpt, 1968 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga walshi Ho, 1938 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga vancouverensis Parker, 1918 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga vanriebeecki Zumpt, 1953 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga vansoni Zumpt, 1950 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga variegata Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga versatilis Lopes, 1959 (Bezziola)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga verstraeteni Lehrer, 1975 (Bellieria)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga weyeri Zumpt, 1972 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga vicaria Curran, 1934 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga vicina Macquart, 1835 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga villa Curran, 1934 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga villeneuveana Enderlein, 1928 (Asceloctis)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga villeneuvei Böttcher, 1912 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga villisterna Salem, 1946 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga yunnanensis Fan, 1964 (Parasarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga zeta Johnston & Tiegs, 1921 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga zhelochovtzevi Rohdendorf, 1925 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga zumpti Engel, 1938 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophila japonica Rohdendorf, 1962 (Agria)
Sarcophagidae Sarcophila latifrons Fallén, 1817 (Musca)
Sarcophagidae Sarcotachina subcylindrica Portschinsky, 1881 (Sarcotachina)
Sarcophagidae Sarcotachina umbrinervis Villeneuve, 1910 (Sarcotachina)
Sarcophagidae Sarothromyiops dasycnemis Thomson, 1869 (Myobia)
Sarcophagidae Senotainia albifrons Rondani, 1859 (Sphixapata)
Sarcophagidae Senotainia chivica Rohdendorf, 1935 (Senotainia)
Sarcophagidae Senotainia conica Fallén, 1810 (Musca)
Sarcophagidae Senotainia dubiosa Zumpt, 1961 (Senotainia)
Sarcophagidae Senotainia efflatouni Rohdendorf, 1935 (Afrosenotainia)
Sarcophagidae Senotainia egregia Zimin, 1928 (Nyctella)
Sarcophagidae Senotainia navigatrix de Meijere, 1910 (Macronychia)
Sarcophagidae Senotainia pretoria Curran, 1936 (Lamprometopia)
Sarcophagidae Senotainia puncticornis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Tachina)
Sarcophagidae Senotainia rubriventris Macquart, 1846 (Senotainia)
Sarcophagidae Senotainia tricuspis Meigen, 1838 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Senotainia trifida Pape, 1989 (Senotainia)
Sarcophagidae Senotainia trilineata van der Wulp, 1890 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Senotainia wilkini Zumpt, 1961 (Senotainia)
Sarcophagidae Sinopiella rufopilosa Lopes & Tibana, 1982 (Sinopiella)
Sarcophagidae Sphecapatoclea mujunkumensis Rohdendorf, 1925 (Paraparthomyia)
Sarcophagidae Sphecapatodes fursovi Rohdendorf, 1975 (Turkmenisca)
Sarcophagidae Sphecapatodes ornatus Villeneuve, 1912 (Sphecapatpdes)
Sarcophagidae Sphenometopa claripennis Villeneuve, 1933 (Araba)
Sarcophagidae Sphenometopa eluta Pandellé, 1895 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Sphenometopa fastuosa Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Sarcophagidae Sphenometopa jacobsoni Rohdendorf, 1967 (Asiaraba)
Sarcophagidae Sphenometopa mannii Brauer & Bergenstamm, 1891 (Eumetopia)
Sarcophagidae Sphenometopa matsumurai Rohdendorf, 1967 (Sphenometopa)
Sarcophagidae Sphenometopa mongolica Fan, 1965 (Araba)
Sarcophagidae Sphenometopa nevskii Rohdendorf, 1967 (Asiaraba)
Sarcophagidae Sphenometopa przewalskii Rohdendorf, 1967 (Tarsaraba)
Sarcophagidae Sphenometopa steinii Schiner, 1862 (Metopia)
Sarcophagidae Sphenometopa stelviana Brauer & Bergenstamm, 1891 (Eumetopia)
Sarcophagidae Sphenometopa tergata Coquillet, 1895 (Araba)
Sarcophagidae Sphenometopa variegata Stein, 1924 (Araba)
Sarcophagidae Spirobolomyia flavipalpis Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Spirobolomyia ohioensis Hall, 1927 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Tapacura mexicana Lopes, 1988 (Tapacura)
Sarcophagidae Taxigramma elegantula Zetterstedt, 1844 (Tachina)
Sarcophagidae Taxigramma fuscula Zumpt, 1976 (Senotainia )
Sarcophagidae Taxigramma helva Villeneuve, 1922 (Hilarella)
Sarcophagidae Taxigramma heteroneura Meigen, 1830 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Taxigramma hilarella Zetterstedt, 1844 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Taxigramma multipunctata Rondani, 1859 (Heteropterina )
Sarcophagidae Taxigramma pluriseta Pandellé, 1895 (Heteropterina )
Sarcophagidae Taxigramma stictica Meigen, 1830 (Miltogramma)
Sarcophagidae Thomazomyia adunca Lopes, 1988 (Thomazomyia)
Sarcophagidae Titanogrypa alata Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Titanogrypa cryptopyga Lopes, 1956 (Titanogrypta)
Sarcophagidae Titanogrypa fimbriata Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Titanogrypa larvicida Lopes, 1935 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Titanogrypa luculenta Lopes, 1935 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Titanogrypa melampyga Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Titanogrypa pedunculata Hall, 1931 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Titanogrypa placida Aldrich, 1925 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Titanogrypa steyskali Lopes, 1975 (Sarconeiva)
Sarcophagidae Toxonagria arnaudi Pape, 1992 (Toxonagria)
Sarcophagidae Toxonagria montanensis Parker, 1919 (Sarcofahrtia)
Sarcophagidae Tricharaea femoralis Schiner, 1868 (Sarcophila)
Sarcophagidae Tricharaea occidua Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Sarcophagidae Tricharaea ramirezi Lopes, 1990 (Anapunaphyto)
Sarcophagidae Tripanurga albicans Wiedemann, 1830 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Tripanurga arizonica Parker, 1921 (Sabinata)
Sarcophagidae Tripanurga aurea Townsend, 1917 (Zygastropyga)
Sarcophagidae Tripanurga beameri Reinhard, 1947 (Cacotrophus)
Sarcophagidae Tripanurga guatemala Pape, 1990 (Tripanurga)
Sarcophagidae Tripanurga villipes van der Wulp, 1895 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Tulaeopoda pervillosa Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Turanomyia fedtshenkoi Rohdendorf & Verves, 1979 (Turanomyia)
Sarcophagidae Udamopyga declinata Hall, 1933 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Udamopyga neivai Lopes, 1940 (Udamopyga)
Sarcophagidae Udamopyga percita Lopes, 1938 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Udamopyga setigena Enderlein, 1928 (Udamoctis)
Sarcophagidae Villegasia almeidai Lopes, 1938 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Villegasia postuncinnata Hall, 1933 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Wohlfahrtia africana Verves, 1985 (Wohlfarthia)
Sarcophagidae Wohlfahrtia balassogloi Portschinsky, 1881 (Sarcophila)
Sarcophagidae Wohlfahrtia bella Macquart, 1839 (Agria )
Sarcophagidae Wohlfahrtia erythrocera Villeneuve, 1910 (Wohlfahrtia)
Sarcophagidae Wohlfahrtia fedtshenkoi Rohdendorf, 1956 (Wohlfahrtia)
Sarcophagidae Wohlfahrtia indigens Villeneuve, 1928 (Wohlfahrtia )
Sarcophagidae Wohlfahrtia nuba Wiedemann, 1830 (Tachina)
Sarcophagidae Wohlfahrtia pachytyli Townsend, 1919 (Afrowohlfahrtia)
Sarcophagidae Wohlfahrtia stackelbergi Rohdendorf, 1956 (Wohlfahrtia)
Sarcophagidae Wohlfahrtia vigil Walker, 1849 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophagidae Wohlfahrtia villeneuvi Salem, 1938 (Wohlfahrtia )
Sarcophagidae Wohlfahrtiodes marzinowskyi Rohdendorf, 1962 (Wohlfahrtiodes)
Sarcophagidae Xiphidiella anorubra Villeneuve, 1920 (Hoplocephalella)
Sarcophagidae Xiphidiella menuhini Lehrer, 1993 (Xiphidiella)
Sarcophgaidae Rafaelia ampulla Aldrich, 1916 (Sarcophaga)
Sarcophgidae Blaesoxipha brazil Pape, 1994 (Blaesoxipha)
Sarcophgidae Oxysarcodexia sarcinata Lopes, 1953 (Oxysarcodexia)
Sarcophgidae Sarcofahrtiopsis spathor Mello-Patiu & Pape, 2000 (Sarcofahrtiopsis)
Scathophagidae Acanthocnema longispina Vockeroth
Scathophagidae Acanthocnema nigrimana Zetterstedt
Scathophagidae Acerocnema malaisei Vockeroth
Scathophagidae Allomyella albipennis Zetterstedt
Scathophagidae Allomyella crinipes Ringdahl, 1928 (Microprosoma)
Scathophagidae Allomyella frigida Holmgren, 1883 (Cordilura)
Scathophagidae Allomyella unguiculata Malloch, 1919 (Allomyia)
Scathophagidae Americina adusta Loew, 1863 (Cordilura)
Scathophagidae Bostrichopyga crassipes Zetterstedt
Scathophagidae Ceratinostoma ostiorum Haliday
Scathophagidae Chaetosa churchilli Malloch, 1931 (Chaetosa)
Scathophagidae Chaetosa punctipes Meigen, 1826 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Cleigastra apicalis Meigen, 1826 (Cordyrula)
Scathophagidae Cochliarium albipila Zetterstedt
Scathophagidae Cochliarium cuneiventris Zetterstedt
Scathophagidae Cordilura aberrans Becker, 1894 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Cordilura albipes Fallén, 1819 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Cordilura atra Zetterstedt
Scathophagidae Cordilura atrata Zetterstedt, 1846 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Cordilura breviseta Zetterstedt, 1846 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Cordilura ciliata Meigen, 1826 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Cordilura fuscipes Zetterstedt, 1838 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Cordilura fuscitibia Rondani, 1867 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Cordilura latifrons Loew, 1869 (Cordilura)
Scathophagidae Cordilura ontario Curran, 1929 (Cordilura)
Scathophagidae Cordilura picipes Meigen, 1826 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Cordilura picticornis Loew, 1864 (Cordilura)
Scathophagidae Cordilura proboscidea Zetterstedt, 1838 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Cordilura pubera Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Scathophagidae Cordilura pudica Meigen, 1826 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Cordilura rufimana Meigen, 1826 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Cordilura setosa Leow, 1860 (Cordilura)
Scathophagidae Cordilura umbrosa Loew, 1873 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Cordilura ustulata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Cordilura varipes Walker, 1849 (Lissa)
Scathophagidae Cosmetopus dentimanus Zetterstedt
Scathophagidae Delina carbonaria Pokorny, 1887 (Cleigastra)
Scathophagidae Delina nigrita Fallén, 1819 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Ernoneura argus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Scatomyza)
Scathophagidae Gonarcticus abdominalis Zetterstedt
Scathophagidae Gonarcticus antennata Zetterstedt
Scathophagidae Gonarcticus arcticus Becker, 1907 (Pselaphephila)
Scathophagidae Gonatherus planiceps Fallén
Scathophagidae Gymnomera dorsata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Gymnomera tarsea Fallén, 1819 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Hexamitocera loxocerata Fallén, 1826 (Cordilura)
Scathophagidae Hydromyza livens Fabricius
Scathophagidae Leptopa filiformis Zetterstedt
Scathophagidae Megaphthalma pallida Fallén
Scathophagidae Megaphthalmoides unilineata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Microprosopa haemorrhoidalis Meigen, 1826 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Microprosopa lacteipennis Ringdahl, 1920 (Microprosoma)
Scathophagidae Microprosopa lineata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Microprosopa pallidicauda Zetterstedt, 1838 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Micropselapha filiformis Zetterstedt
Scathophagidae Nanna armillata Zetterstedt
Scathophagidae Nanna articulata Becker, 1894 (Amaurosoma)
Scathophagidae Nanna brevifrons Zetterstedt
Scathophagidae Nanna fasciata Meigen, 1826 (Cordyrula)
Scathophagidae Nanna flavipes Fallén, 1819 (Cordyrula)
Scathophagidae Nanna katmaiensis Malloch, 1920 (Amaurosoma)
Scathophagidae Nanna leucostoma Zetterstedt, 1946 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Nanna loewi Becker, 1894 (Pselaphephila)
Scathophagidae Nanna multisetosum Hackman, 1956 (Amaurosoma)
Scathophagidae Nanna tibiella Zetterstedt, 1838 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Norellia alpestris Schiner, 1864 (Norellia)
Scathophagidae Norellia burmensis Vockeroth
Scathophagidae Norellia liturata Wiedemann, 1826 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Norellia nervosa Meigen, 1826 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Norellia spinimana Fallén, 1819 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Norellia striolata Meigen, 1826 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Norellisoma spinimana Fallén, 1819 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Okeniella caudata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Okeniella dasyprocta H. Loew, 1864 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Orthachaeta cornuta Loew, 1863 (Cordilura)
Scathophagidae Orthachaeta pilosa Zetterstedt, 1838 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Parallelomma nigrifrons Vockeroth
Scathophagidae Parallelomma paridis Hering, 1923 (Parallelomma)
Scathophagidae Parallelomma vittata Meigen, 1826 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Phrosia albilabris Fabricius, 1805 (Ocyptera)
Scathophagidae Pleurochaetella simplicipes Becker, 1900 (Cosmetopus)
Scathophagidae Pogonota barbata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Pogonota immunda Zetterstedt, 1838 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Pogonota sahlbergi Becker, 1900 (Lasioscelus)
Scathophagidae Scathophaga apicalis Curtis, 1835 (Scatophaga)
Scathophagidae Scathophaga calida Haliday
Scathophagidae Scathophaga cineraria Meigen, 1826 (Scathophaga)
Scathophagidae Scathophaga dalmatica Becker, 1894 (Scathophaga)
Scathophagidae Scathophaga furcata Say, 1823 (Pyropa)
Scathophagidae Scathophaga inquinata Meigen
Scathophagidae Scathophaga intermedia Walker, 1849 (Scatophaga)
Scathophagidae Scathophaga litorea Fallén, 1819 (Scatomyza)
Scathophagidae Scathophaga lutaria Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Scathophagidae Scathophaga mollis Becker, 1894 (Scatophaga)
Scathophagidae Scathophaga nigripalpis Becker, 1907 (Scatophaga)
Scathophagidae Scathophaga nigrohirta Czerny, 1909 (Coniosternum)
Scathophagidae Scathophaga nigrolimbata Cresson, 1918 (Scatophaga)
Scathophagidae Scathophaga obscura Fallén, 1819 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Scathophaga obscurinervis Becker, 1900 (Scatophaga)
Scathophagidae Scathophaga scybalaria Linaneus
Scathophagidae Scathophaga stercoraria Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Scathophagidae Scathophaga suilla Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Scathophagidae Spaziphora cincta Loew, 1863 (Cordilura)
Scathophagidae Spaziphora hydromyzina Fallén, 1819 (Cordyrula)
Scathophagidae Staegeria kunzei Zetterstedt, 1821 (Cordylura)
Scathophagidae Trichopalpus fraterna Meigen, 1826 (Cordyrula)
Scathophagidae Trichopalpus nigribasis Curran, 1927 (Trichopalpus)
Scathophagidae Trichopalpus obscurella Zetterstedt
Scatopsidae Anapausis soluta H. Loew, 1846 (Scatopse)
Scatopsidae Apiloscatopse flavicollis Meigen, 1818 (Scatopse)
Scatopsidae Apiloscatopse picea Meigen
Scatopsidae Apiloscatopse scutellata Loew, 1846 (Scatopse)
Scatopsidae Arthria analis Kirby
Scatopsidae Aspistes berolinensis Meigen, 1818 (Aspistes)
Scatopsidae Colobostema triste Zetterstedt
Scatopsidae Ectaetia clavipes H. Loew, 1846 (Scatopse)
Scatopsidae Holoplagia albitarsis Zetterstedt
Scatopsidae Holoplagia transversalis Loew
Scatopsidae Parascatopse litorea Edwards
Scatopsidae Penthetria holosericea Meigen
Scatopsidae Reichertella geniculata Zetterstedt
Scatopsidae Reichertella nigra Meigen
Scatopsidae Reichertella pulicaria H. Loew, 1846 (Scatopse)
Scatopsidae Rhegmoclema collini Cook
Scatopsidae Rhegmoclema halteratum Meigen, 1838 (Scatopse)
Scatopsidae Scatopse leucopeza Meigen, 1818 (xxxx)
Scatopsidae Scatopse notata Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Scatopsidae Swammerdamella brevicornis Meigen, 1830 (Scatopse)
Scenopinidae Scenopinus fenestralis Linnaeus
Scenopinidae Scenopinus niger De Geer, 1776 (Nemotelus)
Sciadoceridae Genus sp.
Sciaridae Bradysia bicolor Meigen, 1818 (Sciara)
Sciaridae Bradysia picipes Zetterstedt, 1838 (Sciara)
Sciaridae Phytosciara flavipes Meigen, 1804 (Sciara)
Sciaridae Schwenckfeldina carbonaria Meigen, 1830 (Sciara)
Sciaridae Sciara analis Schiner, 1864 (Sciara)
Sciaridae Sciara thomae Linnaeus, 1767 (Tipula)
Sciaridae Trichosia caudata Walker, 1848 (Sciara)
Sciaridae Trichosia hirtipennis Zetterstedt, 1848 (Sciara)
Sciaridae Zygoneura sciarina Meigen, 1830 (Zygoneura)
Sciomyzidae Antichaeta analis Meigen, 1830 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Antichaeta atriseta H. Loew, 1849 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Antichaeta brevipennis Zetterstedt, 1846 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Atrichomelina pubera Loew, 1862 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Colobaea bifasciella Fallén, 1820 (Opomyza)
Sciomyzidae Colobaea distincta Meigen, 1830 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Colobaea pectoralis Zetterstedt, 1847 (Opomyza)
Sciomyzidae Colobaea punctata Lundbeck, 1923 (Ctenulus)
Sciomyzidae Coremacera fabricii Rozkosný, 1981 (Coremacera)
Sciomyzidae Coremacera marginata Fabricius, 1775 (Musca)
Sciomyzidae Coremacera trivittata H. Loew, 1860 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Dichetophora finlandica Verbeke, 1964 (Dichetophora)
Sciomyzidae Dichetophora obliterata Fabricius, 1805 (Scatophaga)
Sciomyzidae Dictya borealis Curran, 1932 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Dictya expansa Steyskal, 1938 (Dictya)
Sciomyzidae Dictya umbrarum Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Sciomyzidae Dictyacium ambiguum H. Loew, 1864 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Ectinocera borealis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Ectinocera)
Sciomyzidae Elgiva connexa Steyskal, 1954 (Hedroneura)
Sciomyzidae Elgiva cucularia Linnaeus, 1767 (Musca)
Sciomyzidae Elgiva divisa H. Loew, 1845 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Elgiva rufina Hendel, 1932 (Hedroneura)
Sciomyzidae Elgiva solicita Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Sciomyzidae Euthycera arcuata H. Loew, 1859 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Euthycera chaerophylli Fabricius, 1798 (Musca)
Sciomyzidae Euthycera fumigata Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Sciomyzidae Euthycera zelleri H. Loew
Sciomyzidae Hoplodictya setosa Coquillet, 1901 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Hoplodictya spinicornis Loew, 1866 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Hydromya dorsalis Fabricius, 1775 (Musca)
Sciomyzidae Ilione albiseta Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Sciomyzidae Ilione lineata Fallén, 1820 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Limnia pacifica Elberg, 1965 (Limnia)
Sciomyzidae Limnia paludicola Elberg, 1965 (Limnia)
Sciomyzidae Limnia unguicornis Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Sciomyzidae Pelidnoptera fuscipennis Meigen, 1830 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Pelidnoptera nigripennis Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Sciomyzidae Pherbellia albocostata Fallén, 1820 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Pherbellia annulipes Zetterstedt, 1846 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Pherbellia austera Meigen, 1830 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Pherbellia brunnipes Meigen, 1838 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Pherbellia cinerella Fallén, 1820 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Pherbellia dubia Fallén, 1820 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Pherbellia griseola Fallén, 1820 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Pherbellia grisescens Meigen, 1830 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Pherbellia limbata Meigen, 1830 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Pherbellia nana Fallén, 1820 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Pherbellia obscura Ringdahl, 1948 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Pherbellia obtusa Fallén, 1820 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Pherbellia pallidiventris Fallén, 1820 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Pherbellia schoenherri Fallén, 1826 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Pherbellia scutellaris von Roser, 1840 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Pherbellia seticoxa Steyskal, 1961 (Pherbellia)
Sciomyzidae Pherbellia sordida Hendel
Sciomyzidae Pherbellia terminalis Walker, 1858 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Pherbellia trabeculata Loew, 1872 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Pherbellia ventralis Fallén, 1820 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Pherbina coryleti Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Sciomyzidae Pherbina intermedia Verbeke, 1948 (Pherbina)
Sciomyzidae Poecilographa decora Loew, 1864 (Sapromyza)
Sciomyzidae Protodictya guttularis Wiedemann, 1830 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Protodictya nubilipennis Wulp, 1897 (Sepedon)
Sciomyzidae Psacadina vittigera Schiner, 1864 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Psacadina zernyi Mayer, 1953 (Pherbina)
Sciomyzidae Pteromicra glabricula Fallén, 1820 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Pteromicra leucopeza Meigen, 1838 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Pteromicra oldenbergi Hendel, 1902 (Dichrochira)
Sciomyzidae Pteromicra pectorosa Hendel, 1902 (Dichrochira)
Sciomyzidae Renocera pallida Fallén, 1820 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Renocera striata Meigen, 1830 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Renocera stricta Meigen, 1830 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Renocera stroblii Hendel, 1900 (Renocera)
Sciomyzidae Salticella fasciata Meigen, 1830 (Lucina)
Sciomyzidae Salticella nigripennis Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Sciomyzidae Sciomyza dorsata Zetterstedt
Sciomyzidae Sciomyza dryomyzina Zetterstedt, 1846 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Sciomyza simplex Fallén, 1820 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Sciomyza testacea Macquart, 1835 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Sepedomerus caeruleus Melander, 1920 (Sepedon)
Sciomyzidae Sepedomerus macropus Walker, 1849 (Sepedon)
Sciomyzidae Sepedon aenescens Wiedemann, 1830 (Sepedon)
Sciomyzidae Sepedon armipes H. Loew, 1859 (Sepedon)
Sciomyzidae Sepedon borealis Steyskal, 1951 (Sepedon)
Sciomyzidae Sepedon fuscipennis H. Loew, 1859 (Sepedon)
Sciomyzidae Sepedon magerae Verbeke, 1959 (Sepedon)
Sciomyzidae Sepedon neili Steyskal, 1951 (Sepedon)
Sciomyzidae Sepedon plumbella Wiedemann, 1830 (Sepedon)
Sciomyzidae Sepedon praemiosa Giglio-Tos, 1893 (Sepedon)
Sciomyzidae Sepedon schoutedeni Verbeke, 1950 (Sepedon)
Sciomyzidae Sepedon senex Wiedemann, 1830 (Sepedon)
Sciomyzidae Sepedon sphegea Fabricius, 1775 (Syrphus)
Sciomyzidae Sepedon spinipes Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Sciomyzidae Sepedon spinipes Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Sciomyzidae Sepedon tenuicornis Cresson, 1920 (Sepedon)
Sciomyzidae Sepedon trichooscelis Speiser, 1910 (Sepedon)
Sciomyzidae Sepenonea guatemalana Steyskal, 1951 (Sepedon)
Sciomyzidae Tetanocera annae Steyskal, 1938 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Tetanocera arrogans Meigen, 1830 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Tetanocera elata Fabricius, 1781 (Musca)
Sciomyzidae Tetanocera ferruginea Fallén, 1820 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Tetanocera fuscinervis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Sciomyza)
Sciomyzidae Tetanocera griseicollis Frey, 1924 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Tetanocera hyalipennis von Roser, 1840 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Tetanocera loewi Steyskal, 1959 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Tetanocera montana Day, 1881 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Tetanocera nanciae Brimley, 1925 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Tetanocera phyllophora Melander, 1920 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Tetanocera plebeja H. Loew, 1862 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Tetanocera plumosa H. Loew, 1847 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Tetanocera punctifrons Rondani, 1868 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Tetanocera robusta H. Loew, 1847 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Tetanocera rotundicornis Loew, 1861 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Tetanocera silvatica Meigen, 1830 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Tetanocera valida H. Loew, 1862 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Trypetoptera canadensis Macquart, 1843 (Tetanocera)
Sciomyzidae Trypetoptera punctulata Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Sepsidae Adriapontia capensis Hennig, 1960 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Brachythoracosepsis nodosa Walker, 1849 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Decachaetophora aeneipes Meijere, 1913 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Dudamira abyssinica Duda, 1926 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Meroplius hastifer Séguy, 1938 (Meroplius)
Sepsidae Meroplius minutus Wiedemann, 1830 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Nemopoda nitidula Fallén, 1820 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Nemopoda pectinulata Loew, 1873 (Nemopoda)
Sepsidae Orygma luctuosum Meigen, 1830 (Orygma)
Sepsidae Saltella sphondylii Schrank, 1803 (Trupanea)
Sepsidae Sepsis arotrolabis Duda, 1925 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Sepsis cynipsea Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Sepsidae Sepsis duplicata Haliday, 1838 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Sepsis flavimana Meigen, 1826 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Sepsis fulgens Meigen, 1826 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Sepsis indica Wiedemann, 1824 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Sepsis lateralis Wiedemann, 1830 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Sepsis lusilubensis Vanschuytbroeck, 1963 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Sepsis neocynipsea Melander, 1917 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Sepsis orthocnemis Frey, 1908 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Sepsis punctum Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Sepsidae Sepsis sternopleuralis Duda, 1926 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Sepsis thoracica Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Micropeza)
Sepsidae Sepsis validiseta Duda, 1926 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Sepsis violacea Meigen, 1826 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Themira annulipes Meigen, 1826 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Themira leachi Meigen, 1826 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Themira lucida Staeger, 1844 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Themira minor Haliday, 1833 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Themira nigricornis Meigen, 1826 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Themira putris Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Sepsidae Themira superba Haliday, 1833 (Sepsis)
Sepsidae Toxopoda viduata Thomson, 1869 (Toxopoda)
Simuliidae Astega lyra Lundström
Simuliidae Boophthora erythrocephala De Geer, 1776 (Tipula)
Simuliidae Byssodon maculatus Meigen, 1804 (Atractocera)
Simuliidae Cnetha latipes Meigen, 1804 (Atractocera)
Simuliidae Helodon ferrugineus Wahlberg, 1844 (Simulia)
Simuliidae Metacnepia pallipes Fries, 1824 (Simulia)
Simuliidae Odagmia ornata Meigen, 1818 (Simulia)
Simuliidae Prosimulium hirtipes Fries, 1824 (Simulia)
Simuliidae Prosimulium macropygum Lundström
Simuliidae Prosimulium rufipes Meigen
Simuliidae Psilotzia vittata Zetterstedt
Simuliidae Psilozia vittata Zetterstedt
Simuliidae Simulium incanum H. Loew, 1840 (Simulia)
Simuliidae Simulium minutissimum Zetterstedt, 1850 (Simulia)
Simuliidae Simulium morsitans Edwards
Simuliidae Simulium noelleri Rubzov, 1963 (Simulium)
Simuliidae Simulium reptans Linnaeus, 1758 (Culex)
Simuliidae Wilhelmia equina Linnaeus, 1758 (Culex)
Simuliidae Wilhelmia lineata Meigen
Sphaeroceridae Anatalanta crozetensis Enderlein, 1909 (Anatalanta)
Sphaeroceridae Antrops truncipennis Enderlein, 1909 (Antrops)
Sphaeroceridae Borborus pumilio Meigen
Sphaeroceridae Chaetopodella scutellaris Haliday, 1836 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Chaetopodella scutellaris Haliday, 1836 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Coproica acutangula Zetterstedt, 1847 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Coproica ferruginata Stenhammar, 1854 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Coproica hirticula Collin, 1956 (Coproica)
Sphaeroceridae Coproica hirtula Rondani, 1880 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Coproica lugubris Haliday, 1836 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Coproica pusio Zetterstedt, 1847 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Coproica vagans Haliday, 1833 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Copromyza annulus Walker, 1849 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Copromyza atra Meigen, 1830 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Copromyza borealis Zetterstedt, 1847 (Copromyza)
Sphaeroceridae Copromyza costalis Zetterstedt, 1847 (Copromyza)
Sphaeroceridae Copromyza equina Fallén, 1820 (Copromyza)
Sphaeroceridae Copromyza fimetaria Meigen, 1830 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Copromyza fumipennis Stenhammar, 1854 (Copromyza)
Sphaeroceridae Copromyza fuscipennis Zetterstedt
Sphaeroceridae Copromyza glabrifrons Meigen, 1830 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Copromyza neglecta Malloch, 1913 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Copromyza nigra Meigen, 1830 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Copromyza nitida Meigen, 1830 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Copromyza notabilis Collin, 1902 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Copromyza pallifrons Fallén
Sphaeroceridae Copromyza similis Collin, 1930 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Copromyza sordida Zetterstedt
Sphaeroceridae Copromyza stercoraria Meigen, 1830 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Copromyza uncinata Duda, 1923 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Copromyza vitripennis Meigen, 1830 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Coprophila insulaepasqualis Enderlein, 1938 (Coprophila)
Sphaeroceridae Elachisoma aterrimum Haliday, 1833 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Elachisoma pilosum Duda, 1924 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Halidayina spinipennis Haliday, 1836 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Ischiolepta crenata Meigen
Sphaeroceridae Ischiolepta denticulata Meigen, 1830 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Ischiolepta micropyga Duda, 1938 (Sphaerocera)
Sphaeroceridae Ischiolepta nitida Duda, 1920 (Sphaerocera)
Sphaeroceridae Ischiolepta pusilla Fallén, 1820 (Copromyza)
Sphaeroceridae Ischiolepta scabricula Haliday, 1836 (Sphaerocera)
Sphaeroceridae Ischiolepta vaporariorum Haliday, 1836 (Sphaerocera)
Sphaeroceridae Leptocera anceps Stenhammar, 1855 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Leptocera breviceps Stenhammar, 1854 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Leptocera caenosa Rondani, 1880 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Leptocera finalis Collin, 1956 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Leptocera fontinalis Fallén, 1826 (Copromyza)
Sphaeroceridae Leptocera fuscipennis Haliday, 1833 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Leptocera gel Papp, 1978 (Leptocera)
Sphaeroceridae Leptocera hostica Villeneuve, 1917 (Leptocera)
Sphaeroceridae Leptocera limosa Fallén, 1820 (Copromyza)
Sphaeroceridae Leptocera lutosa Stenhammar, 1854 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Leptocera lutosoidea Duda, 1938 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Leptocera modesta Duda, 1924 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Leptocera nigra Olivier, 1813 (Leptocera)
Sphaeroceridae Leptocera nigrolimbata Duda, 1925 (Leptocera)
Sphaeroceridae Leptocera oldenbergi Duda, 1918 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Leptocera tulosa Stenhammar
Sphaeroceridae Limosina antennata Duda, 1918 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina bequaerti Villeneuve, 1917 (Leptocera)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina bifrons Stenhammar, 1854 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina calcarifera Rohácek, 1975 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina cambrica Richards, 1929 (Spelobia)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina claviventris Strobl, 1909 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina clunipes Meigen, 1830 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina collini Richards, 1929 (Leptocera)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina denticulata Duda, 1924 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina empirica Hutton, 1901 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina flaviceps Zetterstedt
Sphaeroceridae Limosina flavipes Meigen, 1830 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina fungicola Haliday, 1836 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina heteroneura Haliday, 1836 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina liliputana Rondani, 1880 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina longisetosa Dahl, 1909 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina luteilabris Rondani, 1880 (Spelobia)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina manicata Richards, 1927 (Leptocera)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina meijerei Duda, 1918 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina mirabilis Collin, 1902 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina moesta Villeneuve, 1918 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina nana Rondani, 1880 (Spelobia)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina ochripes Meigen, 1830 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina palmata Richards, 1927 (Leptocera)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina parapusio Dahl, 1909 (Spelobia)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina parvula Stenhammar, 1854 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina plumosula Rondani, 1880 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina pseudoleucoptera Duda, 1924 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina pseudosetaria Duda, 1918 (Spelobia)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina pullula Zetterstedt, 1847 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina racovitzai Bezzi, 1911 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina retracta Rondani, 1880 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina rufilabris Stenhammar, 1854 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina schmitzi Duda, 1918 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina secundaria Duda, 1918 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina silvatica Meigen, 1830 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina simplex Richards, 1929 (Leptocera)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina spinosa Collin, 1930 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina splendens Duda, 1928 (Scotophilella)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina talparum Richards, 1927 (Spelobia)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina unica Papp, 1973 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina v-atrum Villeneuve, 1917 (Leptocera)
Sphaeroceridae Limosina verticella Stenhammar
Sphaeroceridae Limosina vitripennis Zetterstedt, 1847 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Minilimosina hispidula Rohácek, 1988 (Minilimosina)
Sphaeroceridae Opacifrons coxata Stenhammar, 1854 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Opacifrons flavilabris Hackman, 1968 (Leptocera)
Sphaeroceridae Opacifrons humida Haliday, 1836 (Limosina )
Sphaeroceridae Opacifrons septentrionalis Stenhammar, xxxxq (xxxx)
Sphaeroceridae Paralimosina fucata Rondani, 1880 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Paralimosina kaszabi Papp, 1973 (Paralimosina)
Sphaeroceridae Poecilosomella albipes Duda, 1925 (Poecilosomella)
Sphaeroceridae Poecilosomella angulata Thomson, 1869 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Poecilosomella furcata Duda, 1925 (Poecilosomella)
Sphaeroceridae Poecilosomella longinervis Duda, 1925 (Poecilosomella)
Sphaeroceridae Poecilosomella nigrotibia Duda, 1925 (Poecilosomella)
Sphaeroceridae Poecilosomella rectinervis Duda, 1925 (Poecilosomella)
Sphaeroceridae Poecilosomella varians Duda, 1925 (Poecilosomella)
Sphaeroceridae Pteremis fenestralis Fallén, 1820 (Copromyza)
Sphaeroceridae Spelobia pappi Rohácek, 1983 (Spelobia)
Sphaeroceridae Sphaerocera curvipes Latreille, 1805 (Sphaerocera)
Sphaeroceridae Sphaerocera hallux Rohácek & Florén, 1987 (Sphaerocera)
Sphaeroceridae Sphaerocera monilis Haliday, 1836 (Sphaerocera)
Sphaeroceridae Sphaerocera pseudomonilis Nishihima & Yamazaki, 1984 (Sphaerocera)
Sphaeroceridae Telomerina levifrons Spuler, 1925 (Leptocera)
Sphaeroceridae Thoracochaeta brachystoma Stenhammar, 1854 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Thoracochaeta lugubrina Zetterstedt, 1847 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Thoracochaeta seticosta Spuler, 1925 (Leptocera)
Sphaeroceridae Thoracochaeta zosterae Haliday, 1833 (Borborus)
Sphaeroceridae Trachyopella atoma Rondani, 1880 (Elachisoma)
Sphaeroceridae Trachyopella bovilla Collin, 1954 (Trachyopella)
Sphaeroceridae Trachyopella kuntzei Duda, 1918 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Trachyopella leucoptera Haliday, 1836 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Trachyopella lineafrons Spuler, 1925 (Leptocera)
Sphaeroceridae Trachyopella melania Haliday, 1836 (Limosina)
Sphaeroceridae Trachyopella minuscula Collin, 1956 (Trachyopella)
Stratiomyidae Acanthinomyia longa Wiedemann, 1830 (Acanthina)
Stratiomyidae Actina amoena Enderlein, 1921 (Hoplocantha)
Stratiomyidae Actina apicalis Frey, 1960 (Choriops)
Stratiomyidae Actina fraterna Frey, 1960 (Chorisops)
Stratiomyidae Actina viridis Say, 1824 (Beris)
Stratiomyidae Adoxomyia dahlii Meigen, 1830 (Clitellaria)
Stratiomyidae Adoxomyia flavipes Fabricius, 1798 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Adoxomyia heminopla Wiedemann
Stratiomyidae Alliocera graeca Saunders, 1845 (Alliocera)
Stratiomyidae Alliophleps elliptica Becker, 1908 (Alliophleps)
Stratiomyidae Allognosta burmanica Frey, 1960 (Allognosta)
Stratiomyidae Allognosta caloptera Frey, 1960 (Allognosta)
Stratiomyidae Allognosta flavopleuralis Frey, 1960 (Allognosta)
Stratiomyidae Allognosta foveifrons Frey, 1960 (Allognosta)
Stratiomyidae Allognosta fuscitarsis Say, 1823 (Allognosta)
Stratiomyidae Allognosta luteistigma Frey, 1960 (Allognosta)
Stratiomyidae Allognosta maculipleura Frey, 1960 (Allognosta)
Stratiomyidae Allognosta malasei Frey, 1960 (Allognosta)
Stratiomyidae Allognosta nigripes Frey, 1960 (Allognosta)
Stratiomyidae Allognosta njombe Woodley, 2000 (Allognosta)
Stratiomyidae Allognosta obscuriventris H. Loew, 1863 (Metoponia)
Stratiomyidae Allognosta partita Enderlein, 1920 (Allognosta)
Stratiomyidae Allognosta pulchella Frey, 1960 (Allognosta)
Stratiomyidae Allognosta stuckenbergae Lindner, 1961 (Allognosta)
Stratiomyidae Allognosta tessmanni Enderlein, 1921 (Allognosta)
Stratiomyidae Allognosta vagans Loew, 1873 (Metoponia)
Stratiomyidae Anoplodonta nigrirostris H. Loew, 1866 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Archistratiomys rufipalpis Wiedemann, 1830 (Xylophagus)
Stratiomyidae Argyrobrithes sp.
Stratiomyidae Berideps maculipennis Blanchard, 1852 (Berideps)
Stratiomyidae Beris annulifera Bigot, 1887 (Oplacantha)
Stratiomyidae Beris burmanica Frey, 1960 (Beris)
Stratiomyidae Beris chalybata Forster, 1771 (Musca)
Stratiomyidae Beris clavipes Linnaeus, 1767 (Musca)
Stratiomyidae Beris dolichocera Frey, 1960 (Beris)
Stratiomyidae Beris excellens Frey, 1960 (Beris)
Stratiomyidae Beris fuscipes Meigen, 1820 (Beris)
Stratiomyidae Beris hildebrandtae Pleske, 1930 (Beris)
Stratiomyidae Beris luteistigma Frey, 1960 (Beris)
Stratiomyidae Beris malaisei Frey, 1960 (Beris)
Stratiomyidae Beris morrisii Dale, 1841 (Beris)
Stratiomyidae Beris potanini Pleske, 1899 (Beris)
Stratiomyidae Beris pulchipennis Frey, 1960 (Beris)
Stratiomyidae Beris singularior Linnaeus, 1767 (Musca)
Stratiomyidae Beris vallata Forster, 1771 (Musca)
Stratiomyidae Berkshiria hungarica Kertész, 1921 (Pseudowallacea)
Stratiomyidae Brachycara ventralis Thomson, 1869 (Brachycara)
Stratiomyidae Caloparyphus crucigerus Coquillet, 1902 (Euparyphus)
Stratiomyidae Campeprosopa longispina Brunetti, 1913 (Ampsalis)
Stratiomyidae Cechorismenus flavicornis Kertész, 1916 (Cechorismenus)
Stratiomyidae Cephalochrysa nigricornis H. Loew, 1866 (Chrysochroma)
Stratiomyidae Chiromyza ochracea Wiedemann, 1820 (Chiromyza)
Stratiomyidae Chiromyza sp.
Stratiomyidae Chloromyia formosa Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Stratiomyidae Chloromyia speciosa Macquart, 1834 (Chrysomyia)
Stratiomyidae Chrysochlorina fasciata Thomson, 1867 (Chrysochlora)
Stratiomyidae Chrysochlorina sp.
Stratiomyidae Cibotogaster azurea Gerstäcker, 1857 (Acanthina)
Stratiomyidae Cibotogaster sp.
Stratiomyidae Clitellaria bergeri Pleske, 1925 (Potamida)
Stratiomyidae Clitellaria bilineata Fabricius, 1805 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Clitellaria ephippium Fabricius, 1775 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Craspedometopodon frontale Kertész, 1909 (Craspedometopodon)
Stratiomyidae Cyphomyia albitarsis Fabricius, 1805 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Cyphomyia auriflamma Wiedemann, 1819 (Cyphomyia)
Stratiomyidae Cyphomyia aurifrons Wiedemann, 1830 (Cyphomyia)
Stratiomyidae Cyphomyia bicarinata Williston, 1900 (Cyphomyia)
Stratiomyidae Cyphomyia brevis James, 1940 (Cyphomyia)
Stratiomyidae Cyphomyia cyanea Fabricius, 1794 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Cyphomyia gracilicornis Gerstäcker, 1857 (Cyphomyia)
Stratiomyidae Cyphomyia leucocephala Wiedemann, 1819 (Cyphomyia)
Stratiomyidae Cyphomyia peruana Lindner, 1933 (Cyphomyia)
Stratiomyidae Cyphomyia picta Schiner, 1868 (Cyphomyia)
Stratiomyidae Cyphomyia unicolor Walker, 1854 (Clitellaria)
Stratiomyidae Cyphomyia varipes Gerstaecker, 1857 (Cyphomyia)
Stratiomyidae Dicyphoma schaefferi Coquillet, 1904 (Cyphomyia)
Stratiomyidae Eupachygaster tarsalis Zetterstedt, 1842 (Pachygaster)
Stratiomyidae Evaza bipars Walker, 1857 (Evaza)
Stratiomyidae Evaza discolor de Meijere, 1916 (Evaza)
Stratiomyidae Evaza fulviventris Bigot, 1879 (Evaza)
Stratiomyidae Evaza scenopinoides Walker, 1858 (Nerua)
Stratiomyidae Exaireta spinigera Wiedemann, 1830 (Xylophagus)
Stratiomyidae Exodontha dubia Zetterstedt, 1838 (Beris)
Stratiomyidae Gobertina sp.
Stratiomyidae Hedriodiscus pulcher Wiedemann, 1824 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Hedriodiscus trivittatus Say, 1829 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Hedriodiscus truquii Bellardi, 1859 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Hedriodiscus vertebratus Say, 1824 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Hermetia albitarsis Fabricius, 1805 (Hermetia)
Stratiomyidae Hermetia currani Lindner, 1949 (Hermetia)
Stratiomyidae Hermetia flavipes Wiedemann, 1830 (Hermetia)
Stratiomyidae Hermetia formica Osten-Sacken, 1886 (Hermetia)
Stratiomyidae Hermetia illucens Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Stratiomyidae Hermetia pterocausta Osten-Sacken, 1886 (Hermetia)
Stratiomyidae Hermetia sexmaculata Macquart, 1834 (Hermetia)
Stratiomyidae Hoplitimyia constans Loew, 1872 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Hoplitimyia fasciata Fabricius, 1787 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Hoplitimyia mutabilis Fabricius, 1787 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Inopus sp.
Stratiomyidae Isomerocera quadrilineata Fabricius, 1787 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Kolomania pilosa Pleske, 1922 (Artemita)
Stratiomyidae Labostigmina flavicornis Olivier, 1812 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Labostigmina johnsoni Curran, 1925 (Labostigmina)
Stratiomyidae Labostigmina obscura Olivier, 1812 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Labostigmina texasiana Johnson, 1895 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Labostigmina viridis Bellardi, 1859 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Lasiopa balius Walker, 1849 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Lasiopa calva Meigen, 1822 (Clitellaria)
Stratiomyidae Lasiopa krkensis Lindner, 1938 (Lasiopa)
Stratiomyidae Lasiopa pseudovillosa Rozkosný, 1983 (Lasiopa)
Stratiomyidae Lasiopa rhodesiensis Lindner, 1952 (Lasiopa)
Stratiomyidae Lasiopa villosa Fabricius, 1794 (Nemotelus)
Stratiomyidae Leucoptilum plaumanni James, 1943 (Leucoptilum)
Stratiomyidae Merosargus cingulatus Schiner, 1868 (Merosargus)
Stratiomyidae Microchrysa bicolor Wiedemann, 1830 (Sargus)
Stratiomyidae Microchrysa flavicornis Meigen, 1822 (Sargus)
Stratiomyidae Microchrysa flavipes Meigen, 1822 (Sargus)
Stratiomyidae Microchrysa flaviventris Wiedemann, 1824 (Sargus)
Stratiomyidae Microchrysa fuscistigma de Meijere, 1913 (Microchrysa)
Stratiomyidae Microchrysa ghesquierei Lindner, 1938 (Microchrysa)
Stratiomyidae Microchrysa laodunensis Pleske, 1926 (Microchrysa)
Stratiomyidae Microchrysa polita Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Stratiomyidae Nemotelus albirostris Macquart, 1850 (Nemotelus)
Stratiomyidae Nemotelus anchora H. Loew, 1846 (Nemotelus)
Stratiomyidae Nemotelus anchora H. Loew, 1846 (Nemotelus)
Stratiomyidae Nemotelus annulipes Pleske, 1937 (Nemotelus)
Stratiomyidae Nemotelus brachystomus H. Loew, 1846 (Nemotelus)
Stratiomyidae Nemotelus brevirostris Meigen, 1822 (Nemotelus)
Stratiomyidae Nemotelus communis Hanson, 1958 (Nemotelus)
Stratiomyidae Nemotelus consentiens Lindner, 1959 (Nemotelus)
Stratiomyidae Nemotelus haemorrhous H. Loew, 1856 (Nemotelus)
Stratiomyidae Nemotelus insularis Becker, 1908 (Nemotelus)
Stratiomyidae Nemotelus lasiops H. Loew, 1846 (Nemotelus)
Stratiomyidae Nemotelus nigrifrons H. Loew, 1846 (Nemotelus)
Stratiomyidae Nemotelus nigrimanus Lindner, 1966 (Nemotelus)
Stratiomyidae Nemotelus nigrinus Fallén, 1817 (Nemotelus)
Stratiomyidae Nemotelus notatus Zetterstedt, 1842 (Nemotelus)
Stratiomyidae Nemotelus pantherinus Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Stratiomyidae Nemotelus punctatus Fabricius, 1794 (Nemotelus)
Stratiomyidae Nemotelus signatus Frivalszky, 1855 (Nemotelus)
Stratiomyidae Nemotelus uliginosus Linnaeus, 1767 (Musca)
Stratiomyidae Neopachygaster meromelaena Dufour, 1841 (Pachygaster)
Stratiomyidae Nigritomyia consobrina Bigot, 1879 (Ephippuim)
Stratiomyidae Nigritomyia maculipennis Macquart, 1850 (Ephippium)
Stratiomyidae Nigritomyia pygmaea Fallén, 1817 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Nigritomyia rara Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Stratiomyidae Nigritomyia separata James, 1969 (Nigritomyia)
Stratiomyidae Nothomyia parvicornis James, 1939 (Nothomyia)
Stratiomyidae Octarthria sp.
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia angulata Panzer, 1798 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia annulata Meigen, 1822 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia argentata Fabricius, 1794 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia borealis James, 1936 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia cincta Olivier, 1812 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia colei James, 1936 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia communis James, 1939 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia discolor H. Loew, 1846 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia flavissima Rossi, 1790 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia frontalis Macquart, 1838 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia garatas Walker, 1849 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia hirayamae Matsumura, 1916 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia hydroleon Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia hydroleonoides Johnson, 1895 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia interrupta Olivier, 1812 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia limbata Meigen, 1822 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia microleon Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia ornata Meigen, 1822 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia pilimana H. Loew, 1866 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia pilosa Day, 1882 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia plebeja Loew, 1872 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia pubescens Day, 1882 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia regisgeorgii Macquart, 1838 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia tigrina Fabricius, 1775 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia tumida Banks, 1926 (Odontomyia)
Stratiomyidae Odontomyia virgo Wiedemann, 1830 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Oplodontha viridula Fabricius, 1775 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Oxycera albovittata Malloch, 1917 (Oxycera)
Stratiomyidae Oxycera dives H. Loew, 1845 (Oxycera)
Stratiomyidae Oxycera fallenii Staeger, 1844 (Oxycera)
Stratiomyidae Oxycera grancanariensis Frey, 1936 (Oxycera)
Stratiomyidae Oxycera leonina Panzer, 1798 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Oxycera meigenii Staeger, 1844 (Oxycera)
Stratiomyidae Oxycera nigricornis Olivier, 1812 (Oxycera)
Stratiomyidae Oxycera pygmaea Fallén, 1817 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Oxycera rara Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Stratiomyidae Oxycera terminata Meigen, 1822 (Oxycera)
Stratiomyidae Oxycera trilineata Linnaeus, 1767 (Musca)
Stratiomyidae Pachygaster atra Panzer, 1798 (Nemotelus)
Stratiomyidae Pachygaster leachii Curtis, 1824 (Pachygaster)
Stratiomyidae Panacris nigribasis Lindner, 1949 (Panacris)
Stratiomyidae Parastratiosphecomyia stratiosphecomyiodides Brunetti, 1923 (Parastratiosphecomyia)
Stratiomyidae Patagiomyia cyphomyioides Lindner, 1933 (Patagiomyia)
Stratiomyidae Pedinocerops sp.
Stratiomyidae Pegadomyia nuda James, 1948 (Pegadomyia)
Stratiomyidae Platyna hastata Fabricius, 1805 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Prosopochrysa chuanensis Ôuchi, 1938 (Prosopochrysa)
Stratiomyidae Ptecticus aurifer Walker, 1854 (Sargus)
Stratiomyidae Ptecticus australis Schiner, 1868 (Ptecticus)
Stratiomyidae Ptecticus cyanifrons Rondani, 1848 (Ptecticus)
Stratiomyidae Ptecticus elongatus Fabricius, 1787 (Musca)
Stratiomyidae Ptecticus inversus Curran, 1934 (Ptecticus)
Stratiomyidae Ptecticus longipennis Wiedemann, 1824 (Sargus)
Stratiomyidae Ptecticus melanurus Walker, 1848 (Ctenophora)
Stratiomyidae Ptecticus tenebrifer Walker, 1849 (Sargus)
Stratiomyidae Ptecticus testaceus Fabricius, 1805 (Sargus)
Stratiomyidae Ptecticus trivittatus Say, 1829 (Sargus)
Stratiomyidae Ptilocera continua Walker, 1851 (Ptilocera)
Stratiomyidae Ptilocera continua Walker, 1857 (Ptecticus)
Stratiomyidae Ptilocera fastuosa Gerstäcker, 1857 (Ptecticus)
Stratiomyidae Ptilocera quadridentata Fabricius, 1805 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Rhaphiocera armata Wiedemann, 1830 (Sargus)
Stratiomyidae Rhingiopsis sp.
Stratiomyidae Rosapha bicolor Bigot, 1879 (Calcochaetis)
Stratiomyidae Rosapha flagellicornis Enderlein, 1914 (Rosapha)
Stratiomyidae Salduba sp.
Stratiomyidae Saldubella margaritifera Lindner, 1938 (Saldubella)
Stratiomyidae Saldubella signatipennis van der Wulp, 1898 (Saldubella)
Stratiomyidae Sargus bipunctatus Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Stratiomyidae Sargus chrysis H. Loew, 1855 (Sargus)
Stratiomyidae Sargus cuprarius Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Stratiomyidae Sargus decorus Say, 1824 (Sargus)
Stratiomyidae Sargus elegans H. Loew, 1866 (Sargus)
Stratiomyidae Sargus flavipes Meigen, 1822 (Sargus)
Stratiomyidae Sargus gemmifer Walker, 1849 (Sargus)
Stratiomyidae Sargus iridatus Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Stratiomyidae Sargus mandarinus Schiner, 1868 (Sargus)
Stratiomyidae Sargus metallinus Fabricius, 1805 (Sargus)
Stratiomyidae Sargus rufipes Wahlberg, 1854 (Sargus)
Stratiomyidae Sargus speciosus Macquart, 1846 (Sargus)
Stratiomyidae Sargus thoracicus Macquart, 1834 (Sargus)
Stratiomyidae Sargus viridis Say, 1823 (Sargus)
Stratiomyidae Straiomys discaloides Curran, 1922 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Stratiomys adelpha Steyskal, 1952 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Stratiomys barbata H. Loew, 1866 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Stratiomys cenisia Meigen, 1822 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Stratiomys chamaeleon Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Stratiomyidae Stratiomys currani James, 1932 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Stratiomys equestris Meigen, 1835 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Stratiomys hispanica Pleske, 1901 (Stratiomyia)
Stratiomyidae Stratiomys laticeps H. Loew, 1866 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Stratiomys longicornis Scopoli, 1763 (Hirtea)
Stratiomyidae Stratiomys maculosa H. Loew, 1866 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Stratiomys meigenii Wiedemann, 1830 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Stratiomys norma Wiedemann, 1830 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Stratiomys normula H. Loew, 1866 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Stratiomys ohioensis Steyskal, 1952 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Stratiomys potamida Meigen, 1822 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Stratiomys potamida Meigen, 1822 (Stratiomys)
Stratiomyidae Stratiomys singularior Harris, 1776 (Musca)
Stratiomyidae Stratiosphecomyia variegata Brunetti, 1913 (Stratiosphecomyia)
Stratiomyidae Taurocera orientalis Lindner, 1951 (Taurocera)
Stratiomyidae Tinda indica Walker, 1851 (Biastes)
Stratiomyidae Tinda javana Macquart, 1838 (Beris)
Stratiomyidae Tinda nigra Macquart, 1835 (Phyllophora)
Stratiomyidae Wallacea argentea Doleschall, 1858 (Wallacea)
Stratiomyidae Wallacea nigrotibialis Pleske, 1930 (Wallacea)
Stratiomyidae Zabrachia minutissima Zetterstedt, 1838 (Pachygaster)
Stratiomyidae Zabrachia tenella Jaennicke, 1866 (Pachygaster)
Streblidae Nycteribosca africana Walker, 1849 (Strebla)
Streblidae Raymondia alulata Speiser, 1908 (Raymondia)
Strongylophthalmidae Strongylophthalmyia angustipennis Melander, 1920 (Strongylophthalmus)
Strongylophthalmidae Strongylophthalmyia ustulata Zetterstedt
Strongylophthalmyiidae indet.
Syrphidae Allobaccha denhoedi Doesburg, 1959 (Baccha)
Syrphidae Allobaccha meijerei Kertész, 1913 (Baccha)
Syrphidae Allobaccha monobia Terry, 1905 (Baccha)
Syrphidae Allobaccha pulchrifrons Austen, 1893 (Baccha)
Syrphidae Allobaccha rubella van der Wulp, 1898 (Baccha)
Syrphidae Allobaccha siphanticida Terry, 1905 (Baccha)
Syrphidae Allograpta eupeltata Bigot, 1884 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Allograpta fuscotibialis Macquart
Syrphidae Allograpta javana Wiedemann, 1824 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Allograpta marinum Mutin
Syrphidae Allograpta micrurum Osten-Sacken, 1877 (Sphaerophoria)
Syrphidae Allograpta obliqua Say, 1823 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Arctophila bombiformis Fallén, 1810 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Arctophila flagrans Osten-Sacken, 1875 (Arctophila)
Syrphidae Arctophila mussitans Fabricius, 1776 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Asarkina biroi Bezzi, 1908 (Asarkina)
Syrphidae Asarkina porcina Coquillett, 1898 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Asemosyrphus arquatus Say, 1829 (Xylota)
Syrphidae Asemosyrphus polygrammus Loew, 1872 (Helophilus)
Syrphidae Axona chalopyga Wiedemann, 1830 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Baccha apicalis H. Loew, 1858 (Baccha)
Syrphidae Baccha elongata Fabricius, 1775 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Baccha funebris Macquart, 1834 (Ocyptamus)
Syrphidae Baccha maculata Walker, 1852 (Baccha)
Syrphidae Baccha obscuripennis Meigen, 1822 (Baccha)
Syrphidae Baccha sachalinica Violovitsh, 1976 (Baccha)
Syrphidae Betasyrphus nipponensis van*der Goot, 1964 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Betasyrphus serarius Wiedemann, 1830 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Blera fallax Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Blera pictipes Bigot, 1883 (Caliprobola)
Syrphidae Blera scitula Williston, 1882 (Criorhina)
Syrphidae Brachymyia berberina Fabricius
Syrphidae Brachyopa bicolor Fallén, 1817 (Rhingia)
Syrphidae Brachyopa cinerea Wahlberg, 1844 (Brachyopa)
Syrphidae Brachyopa dorsata Zetterstedt, 1837 (Brachyopa)
Syrphidae Brachyopa maculipennis Thompson, 1980 (Musca)
Syrphidae Brachyopa testacea Fallén, 1817 (Rhingia)
Syrphidae Brachyopa vittata Zetterstedt, 1843 (Brachyopa)
Syrphidae Brachypalpoides lentus Meigen, 1822 (Xylota)
Syrphidae Brachypalpoides lentus Meigen, 1822 (Xylota)
Syrphidae Brachypalpus laphriformis Fallén, 1816 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Brachypalpus meigeni Schiner, 1857 (Brachypalpus)
Syrphidae Caliprobola speciosa Rossi, 1790 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Callicera aenea Fabricius, 1781 (Bibio)
Syrphidae Callicera spinolae Rondani
Syrphidae Ceriana conopsoides Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Ceriana similis Kertesz
Syrphidae Ceriana vespiformis Latreille, 1804 (Ceria)
Syrphidae Chalcosyrphus amurensis Stackelberg
Syrphidae Chalcosyrphus curvipes H. Loew, 1854 (Xylota)
Syrphidae Chalcosyrphus femoratus Linnaeus
Syrphidae Chalcosyrphus nemorum Fabricius, 1805 (Milesia)
Syrphidae Chalcosyrphus nigripes Zetterstedt, 1838 (Xylota)
Syrphidae Chalcosyrphus piger Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Syrphidae Chalcosyrphus rufipes Loew, 1873 (Xylota)
Syrphidae Chalcosyrphus tuberculifemur Stackelberg, 1963 (Xylota)
Syrphidae Chalcosyrphus valgus Gmelin, 1790 (Musca)
Syrphidae Chamaesyrphus scaevoides Fallén, 1817 (Rhingia)
Syrphidae Cheilosia albipila Meigen, 1838 (Cheilosia)
Syrphidae Cheilosia albitarsis Meigen, 1822 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Cheilosia alpina Zetterstedt, 1838 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Cheilosia antiqua Meigen, 1822 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Cheilosia barbata H. Loew, 1857 (Cheilosia)
Syrphidae Cheilosia brachysoma Egger, 1860 (Cheilosia)
Syrphidae Cheilosia canicularis Panzer, 1801 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Cheilosia canicularis Panzer, 1801 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Cheilosia chloris Meigen, 1822 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Cheilosia chrysocoma Meigen, 1822 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Cheilosia cynocephala H. Loew, 1840 (Cheilosia)
Syrphidae Cheilosia derasa H. Loew, 1857 (Cheilosia)
Syrphidae Cheilosia flavipes Panzer, 1798 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Cheilosia fraterna Meigen, 1822 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Cheilosia frontalis H. Loew, 1857 (Cheilosia)
Syrphidae Cheilosia gigantea Zetterstedt, 1838 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Cheilosia grossa Fallén, 1817 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Cheilosia illustrata Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Syrphidae Cheilosia impressa H. Loew, 1840 (Cheilosia)
Syrphidae Cheilosia intonsa Loew
Syrphidae Cheilosia latifrons Zetterstedt, 1843 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Cheilosia longula Zetterstedt, 1838 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Cheilosia melanopa Zetterstedt, 1843 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Cheilosia melanura Becker, 1894 (Chilosia)
Syrphidae Cheilosia morio Zetterstedt, 1838 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Cheilosia mutabilis Fallén, 1817 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Cheilosia nigripes Meigen, 1822 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Cheilosia nuda Shiraki, 1930 (Chilosia)
Syrphidae Cheilosia pagana Meigen, 1822 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Cheilosia pallipes H. Loew, 1863 (Cheilosia)
Syrphidae Cheilosia praecox Zetterstedt, 1843 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Cheilosia proxima Zetterstedt, 1843 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Cheilosia pubera Zetterstedt, 1838 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Cheilosia rufimana Becker, 1894 (Cheilosia)
Syrphidae Cheilosia ruralis Meigen
Syrphidae Cheilosia scutellata Fallén, 1817 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Cheilosia soror Zetterstedt, 1843 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Cheilosia splendida Shiraki
Syrphidae Cheilosia variabilis Panzer, 1798 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Cheilosia velutina H. Loew, 1840 (Cheilosia)
Syrphidae Cheilosia vernalis Fallén, 1817 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Cheilosia vicina Zetterstedt, 1849 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Cheilosia vulnerata Panzer, 1798 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Cheilosia vulpina Meigen, 1822 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Chrysogaster aerosa H. Loew, 1843 (Chrysogaster)
Syrphidae Chrysogaster cemiteriorum Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Chrysogaster chalybeata Meigen, 1822 (Chrysogaster)
Syrphidae Chrysogaster hirtella H. Loew, 1843 (Chrysogaster)
Syrphidae Chrysogaster hirtella H. Loew, 1843 (Chrysogaster)
Syrphidae Chrysogaster solstitialis Fallén, 1817 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Chrysogaster viduata Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Chrysotoxum arcuatum Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Chrysotoxum bicinctum Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Chrysotoxum cautum Harris, 1776 (Musca)
Syrphidae Chrysotoxum coreanum Shirxxxx
Syrphidae Chrysotoxum elegans H. Loew, 1841 (Chrysotoxum)
Syrphidae Chrysotoxum fasciatum Müller, 1764 (Musca)
Syrphidae Chrysotoxum fasciolatum De Geer, 1776 (Musca)
Syrphidae Chrysotoxum festivum Linnaeus
Syrphidae Chrysotoxum intermedium Meigen, 1822 (Chrysotoxum)
Syrphidae Chrysotoxum lineare Zetterstedt, 1819 (Mulio)
Syrphidae Chrysotoxum octomaculatum Curtis, 1837 (Chrysotoxum)
Syrphidae Chrysotoxum sapporense Matsumura, 1916 (Chrysotoxum)
Syrphidae Chrysotoxum testaceum Sack, 1913 (Chrysotoxum)
Syrphidae Chrysotoxum vernale H. Loew, 1841 (Chrysotoxum)
Syrphidae Copestylum xxxxx xxxxx (xxxxx)
Syrphidae Criorhina asilica Fallén, 1816 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Criorhina berberina Fabricius, 1805 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Criorhina bombycina Frey
Syrphidae Criorhina conoidea Frey
Syrphidae Criorhina floccosa Meigen, 1822 (Milesia)
Syrphidae Criorhina ranunculi Panzer, 1804 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Dasysyrphus albostriatus Fallén, 1817 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Dasysyrphus eggeri Schiner, 1862 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Dasysyrphus hilaris Zetterstedt, 1843 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Dasysyrphus lunulatus Meigen
Syrphidae Dasysyrphus nigricornis Verrall, 1873 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Dasysyrphus pinastri De Geer, 1776 (Musca)
Syrphidae Dasysyrphus postclaviger Stys et Moucha, 1962 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Dasysyrphus tricinctus Fallén, 1817 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Dasysyrphus venustus Meigen, 1822 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Dasysyrphus venustus Meigen
Syrphidae Didea alneti Fallén, 1817 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Didea fasciata Macquart, 1834 (Didea)
Syrphidae Didea fuscipes H. Loew, 1863 (Didea)
Syrphidae Didea intermedia H. Loew, 1854 (Didea)
Syrphidae Dideoides formosanus Matsumura, 1910 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Dideopsis aegrota Fabricius, 1805 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Doros conopseus Fabricius, 1775 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Doros profuges Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Syrphidae Epistrophe cryptica Doczkal & Schmid, 1994 (Epistrophe)
Syrphidae Epistrophe diaphana Zetterstedt, 1843 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Epistrophe eligans Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Syrphidae Epistrophe euchroma Kowarz, 1885 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Epistrophe flava Doczkal & Schmid, 1994 (Epistrophe)
Syrphidae Epistrophe grossulariae Meigen, 1822 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Epistrophe liophthalmus Schiner & Egger, 1853 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Epistrophe melanostoma Zetterstedt, 1843 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Epistrophe nitidicollis Meigen, 1822 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Epistrophe ochrostoma Zetterstedt, 1849 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Epistrophe similis Doczkal & Schmid, 1994 (Epistrophe)
Syrphidae Episyrphus balteatus De Geer, 1776 (Musca)
Syrphidae Episyrphus nectarinus Wiedemann, 1830 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Eriozona syrphoides Fallén, 1817 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Eristalinus aeneus Scopoli, 1763 (Conops)
Syrphidae Eristalinus arvorum Fabricius, 1787 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Eristalinus punctulatus Macquart, 1847 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Eristalinus quinquestriatus Fabricius, 1794 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Eristalinus sepulchralis Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Eristalinus suavissimus Walker, 1858 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Eristalinus taeniops Wiedemann, 1818 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Eristalinus tarsalis Macquart, 1855 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Eristalis alpina Panzer, 1798 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Eristalis anthophorina Fallén, 1817 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Eristalis arbustorum Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Eristalis bardus Say, 1829 (Milesia)
Syrphidae Eristalis bastardii Macquart, 1842 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Eristalis cerealis Fabricius, 1805 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Eristalis copiosa Walker, 1852 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Eristalis cryptarum Fabricius, 1794 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Eristalis dimidiatus Wiedemann, 1830 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Eristalis horticola De Geer, 1776 (Musca)
Syrphidae Eristalis interrupta Poda, 1761 (Conops)
Syrphidae Eristalis interrupta Poda, 1761 (Conops)
Syrphidae Eristalis intricaria Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Eristalis latifrons H. Loew, 1866 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Eristalis muscoides Walker, 1858 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Eristalis ocularius Coquillett, 1898 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Eristalis oestracea Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Eristalis pertinax Scopoli, 1763 (Conops)
Syrphidae Eristalis picea Fallén, 1817 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Eristalis pratorum Meigen, 1822 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Eristalis pusillus Macquart, 1842 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Eristalis resoluta Walker, 1858 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Eristalis rossica Stackelberg, 1958 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Eristalis rupium Fabricius, 1805 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Eristalis smaragdi Walker, 1849 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Eristalis tenax Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Eristalis testaceicornis Macquart, 1850 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Eristalis transversus Wiedemann, 1830 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Eristalis tundrarum Frey, 1932 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Eristalis vinetorum Fabricius, 1798 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Eristalis vitripennis Strobl, 1893 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Eumerus argentipes Walker, 1861 (Eumerus)
Syrphidae Eumerus barbarus Coquebert, 1804 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Eumerus figurans Walker, 1859 (Eumerus)
Syrphidae Eumerus flavitarsis Zetterstedt, 1843 (Eumerus)
Syrphidae Eumerus grandis Meigen, 1822 (Eumerus)
Syrphidae Eumerus latipes Macquart, 1846 (Eumerus)
Syrphidae Eumerus latitarsis Macquart, 1839 (Eumerus)
Syrphidae Eumerus ornatus Meigen, 1822 (Eumerus)
Syrphidae Eumerus ovatus H. Loew, 1848 (Eumerus)
Syrphidae Eumerus pusillus H. Loew, 1848 (Eumerus)
Syrphidae Eumerus ruficornis Meigen, 1822 (Eumerus)
Syrphidae Eumerus sabulonum Fallén, 1817 (Pipiza)
Syrphidae Eumerus strigatus Fallén, 1817 (Pipiza)
Syrphidae Eumerus tarsalis Loew
Syrphidae Eumerus tricolor Fabricius, 1798 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Eumerus tuberculatus Rondani, 1857 (Eumerus)
Syrphidae Eupeodes corollae Fabricius, 1794 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Eupeodes lapponicus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Eupeodes latifasciatus Macquart, 1829 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Eupeodes latilunulatus Collin, 1931 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Eupeodes lundbecki Soot-Ryen, 1946 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Eupeodes luniger Meigen, 1822 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Eupeodes nielseni Dusek & Láska, 1976 (Metasyrphus)
Syrphidae Eupeodes nitens Zetterstedt, 1843 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Eupeodes volucris Osten-Sacken, 1877 (Eupedes)
Syrphidae Ferdinandea cuprea Scopoli, 1763 (Conops)
Syrphidae Ferdinandea luteola Mutin
Syrphidae Ferdinandea nigrifrons Egger, 1860 (Chrysochlamys)
Syrphidae Ferdinandea ruficornis Fabricius, 1775 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Ferdinandea ruficornis Fabricius, 1775 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Graphomyza chaetomelas Doesburg
Syrphidae Hadromyia crawfordi Shannon, 1916 (Hadromyia)
Syrphidae Hadromyia pulchra Williston, 1882 (Brachypalpus)
Syrphidae Hammerschmidtia ferruginea Fallén, 1817 (Rhingia)
Syrphidae Helophilus affinis Wahlberg, 1844 (Helophilus)
Syrphidae Helophilus borealis Staeger
Syrphidae Helophilus fasciatus Walker, 1849 (Helophilus)
Syrphidae Helophilus groenlandicus Fabricius, 1780 (Tabanus)
Syrphidae Helophilus hybridus H. Loew, 1846 (Helophilus)
Syrphidae Helophilus laetus H. Loew, 1863 (Helophilus)
Syrphidae Helophilus lapponicus Wahlberg, 1844 (Helophilus)
Syrphidae Helophilus latifrons H. Loew, 1863 (Helophilus)
Syrphidae Helophilus lineatus Fabricius
Syrphidae Helophilus lunulatus Meigen
Syrphidae Helophilus pendulus Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Helophilus sapporensis Matsumura, 1911 (Helophilus)
Syrphidae Helophilus trivittatus Fabricius, 1805 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Heringia heringi Zetterstedt, 1843 (Pipiza)
Syrphidae Ischiodon scutellaris Fabricius, 1805 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Ischyrosyrphus glaucius Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Ischyrosyrphus laternarius Müller, 1776 (Musca)
Syrphidae Keda orientalis Rondani, 1875 (Eristalomyia)
Syrphidae Lejogaster metallina Fabricius, 1781 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Lejogaster splendida Meigen, 1822 (Chrysogaster)
Syrphidae Lejops contracta Claussen & Torp, 1980 (Anasimyia)
Syrphidae Lejops interpunctata Harris, 1776 (Musca)
Syrphidae Lejops lineatus Fabricius, 1787 (Rhingia)
Syrphidae Lejops lunulatus Meigen, 1822 (Helophilus)
Syrphidae Lejops transfuga Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Lejops vittatus Meigen
Syrphidae Lejota ruficornis Zetterstedt, 1843 (Psilota)
Syrphidae Leucozona lucorum Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Mallota bicolor Sack
Syrphidae Mallota cimbiciformis Fallén, 1817 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Mallota fuciformis Fabricius, 1794 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Mallota megilliformis Fallén, 1817 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Mallota tricolor Loew, 1871 (Mallota)
Syrphidae Megasyrphus erraticus Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Megasyrphus laxus Osten-Sacken, 1875 (Megasyrphus)
Syrphidae Melangyna arctica Zetterstedt, 1838 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Melangyna barbifrons Fallén, 1817 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Melangyna cincta Fallén, 1817 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Melangyna compositarum Verrall, 1873 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Melangyna damastor Walker, 1849 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Melangyna guttata Fallén, 1817 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Melangyna lasiophthalma Zetterstedt, 1843 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Melangyna quadrimaculata Verrall, 1873 (Melanostoma)
Syrphidae Melangyna triangulifera Zetterstedt, 1843 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Melangyna umbellatarum Fabricius, 1794 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Melanogaster macquarti H. Loew, 1843 (Chrysogaster)
Syrphidae Melanogaster viduata Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Melanostoma dubium Zetterstedt, 1837 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Melanostoma mellinum Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Melanostoma orientale Wiedeman, 1824 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Melanostoma scalare Fabricius, 1794 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Melanostoma univittatum Wiedemann, 1824 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Meliscaeva auricollis Meigen, 1822 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Meliscaeva cinctella Zetterstedt, 1843 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Merodon aberrans Egger, 1860 (Merodon)
Syrphidae Merodon albifrons Meigen, 1822 (Merodon)
Syrphidae Merodon aureus Fabricius, 1805 (Merodon)
Syrphidae Merodon avidus Rossi, 1790 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Merodon cinereus Fabricius, 1794 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Merodon clavipes Fabricius, 1781 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Merodon equestris Fabricius, 1794 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Merodon funestus Fabricius, 1794 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Merodon geniculatus Strobl, 1909 (Merodon)
Syrphidae Merodon spinipes Fabricius, 1794 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Meromachus acutus Fabricius, 1805 (Milesia)
Syrphidae Mesembrius peregrinus H. Loew, 1846 (Helophilus)
Syrphidae Metasyrphus aberrantis Curran, 1925 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Metasyrphus corollae Fabricius
Syrphidae Metasyrphus luniger Meigen
Syrphidae Metasyrphus nitens Zetterstedt
Syrphidae Microdon devius Linnaeus, 1761 (Musca)
Syrphidae Microdon eggeri Mik, 1897 (Microdon)
Syrphidae Microdon latifrons H. Loew, 1856 (Microdon)
Syrphidae Microdon latifrons H. Loew, 1856 (Microdon)
Syrphidae Microdon mutabilis Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Microdon painteri Hull, 1922 (Microdon)
Syrphidae Microdon rieki Paramonov, 1957 (Microdon)
Syrphidae Milesia crabroniformis Fabricius, 1775 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Milesia semiluctifera Villers, 1789 (Musca)
Syrphidae Milesia virginiensis Drury, 1773 (Musca)
Syrphidae Myathropa florea Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Myiatropa mallotiformis Frey, 1939 (Myiatropa)
Syrphidae Myolepta luteola Gmelin, 1790 (Musca)
Syrphidae Myolepta strigilata Loew, 1872 (Myolepta)
Syrphidae Myolepta vara Panzer, 1798 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Neoascia aenea Meigen, 1822 (Ascia)
Syrphidae Neoascia dispar Meigen, 1822 (Ascia)
Syrphidae Neoascia floralis Meigen, xxx
Syrphidae Neoascia geniculata Meigen, 1822 (Ascia)
Syrphidae Neoascia interrupta Meigen, 1822 (Ascia)
Syrphidae Neoascia meticulosa Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Syrphidae Neoascia pubescens Delucchi & Pschorn-Walcher, 1955 (Cnemodon)
Syrphidae Neoascia tenur Harris, 1780 (Ascia)
Syrphidae Neoascia tenur Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Syrphidae Neocnemodon fulvimanus Zetterstedt
Syrphidae Neocnemodon ruficornis Meigen, 1822 (Pipiza)
Syrphidae Neocnemodon vitripennis Meigen, 1822 (Pipiza)
Syrphidae Ocyptamus druida Hull
Syrphidae Ocyptamus gastrostactus Wiedemann
Syrphidae Ornidia obesa Fabricius
Syrphidae Orthonevra brevicornis H. Loew, 1843 (Chrysogaster)
Syrphidae Orthonevra elegans Meigen, 1822 (Chrysogaster)
Syrphidae Orthonevra erythrogona Malm, 1863 (Chrysogaster)
Syrphidae Orthonevra geniculata Meigen, 1822 (Ascia)
Syrphidae Orthonevra intermedia Lundbeck, 1916 (Orthonevra)
Syrphidae Orthonevra nobilis Fallén, 1817 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Orthonevra stackelbergi Thompson & Torp Pedersen, 1982 (Orthonevra)
Syrphidae Paragus albifrons Fallén, 1817 (Pipiza)
Syrphidae Paragus bicolor Fabricius, 1794 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Paragus crenulatus Thomson, 1869 (Paragus)
Syrphidae Paragus fasciatus Coquillett
Syrphidae Paragus finitimus Goeldlin de Tiefenau, 1971 (Paragus)
Syrphidae Paragus haemorrhous Meigen, 1822 (Paragus)
Syrphidae Paragus majoranae Rondani, 1857 (Paragus)
Syrphidae Paragus politus Wiedemann
Syrphidae Paragus tibialis Fallén, 1817 (Pipiza)
Syrphidae Parasyrphus annulatus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Parasyrphus dryadis Holmgren
Syrphidae Parasyrphus genualis Williston, 1887 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Parasyrphus groenlandicus xxxxx (xxxxx)
Syrphidae Parasyrphus johnsoni Curran, 1924 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Parasyrphus lineolus Zetterstedt, 1843 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Parasyrphus macularis Zetterstedt, 1843 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Parasyrphus nigritarsis Zetterstedt, 1843 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Parasyrphus punctulatus Verrall, 1873 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Parasyrphus tarsatus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Parasyrphus vittiger Zetterstedt, 1843 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Parhelophilus consimilis Malm, 1863 (Helophilus)
Syrphidae Parhelophilus frutetorum Fabricius, 1775 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Parhelophilus versicolor Fabricius, 1794 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Pelecocera tricincta Meigen, 1822 (Pelecocera)
Syrphidae Penium sp.
Syrphidae Phytomia chrysopyga Wiedemann, 1819 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Phytomia errans Fabricius, 1787 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Phytomia zonata Fabricius, 1787 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Pipiza austriaca Meigen, 1822 (Pipiza)
Syrphidae Pipiza bimaculata Meigen, 1822 (Pipiza)
Syrphidae Pipiza bimaculata Meigen, 1822 (Pipiza)
Syrphidae Pipiza fasciata Meigen, 1822 (Pipiza)
Syrphidae Pipiza festiva Meigen, 1822 (Pipiza)
Syrphidae Pipiza luteitarsis Zetterstedt, 1843 (Pipiza)
Syrphidae Pipiza noctiluca Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Pipiza notata Meigen, 1822 (Pipiza)
Syrphidae Pipiza quadrimaculata Panzer, 1804 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Pipiza signata Meigen, 1822 (Pipiza)
Syrphidae Pipizella virens Fabricius, 1805 (Mulio)
Syrphidae Platycheirus albimanus Fabricius, 1781 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Platycheirus ambiguus Fallén, 1817 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Platycheirus amplus Curran, 1927 (Platycheirus)
Syrphidae Platycheirus angustatus Zetterstedt, 1843 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Platycheirus austriaca Meigen, 1822 (Pipiza)
Syrphidae Platycheirus clypeatus Meigen, 1822 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Platycheirus complicatus Becker, 1889 (Platichinus)
Syrphidae Platycheirus discimanus Loew, 1871 (Platychirus)
Syrphidae Platycheirus fulviventris Macquart, 1829 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Platycheirus granditarsis Forster, 1771 (Musca)
Syrphidae Platycheirus holarcticus Vockeroth, 1986 (Platycheirus)
Syrphidae Platycheirus hyperboreus Staeger, 1845 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Platycheirus immarginatus Zetterstedt, 1849 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Platycheirus jaerensis Nielsen, 1971 (Platycheirus)
Syrphidae Platycheirus latimanus Wahlberg, 1844 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Platycheirus lugubris Fabricius, 1775 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Platycheirus manicatus Meigen, 1822 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Platycheirus nielseni Violovitsh, 1982 (Melangyna)
Syrphidae Platycheirus nielseni Vockeroth, 1986 (Platycheirus)
Syrphidae Platycheirus noctiluca Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Platycheirus peltatus Meigen, 1822 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Platycheirus perpallidus Verrall, 1901 (Platycheirus)
Syrphidae Platycheirus podagratus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Platycheirus rosarum Fabricius, 1787 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Platycheirus scambus Staeger, 1843 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Platycheirus scutatus Meigen, 1822 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Platycheirus transfugus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Platycherius holarcticus Vockeroth, 1990 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Pocota personata Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Syrphidae Polydontomyia curvipes Wiedemann, 1830 (Merodon)
Syrphidae Portevinia maculata Fallén, 1817 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Psarus abdominalis Fabricius, 1794 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Pseuderistalis conducta Walker, 1858 (Eristalis)
Syrphidae Pseuderistalis nigra Wiedemann, 1824 (Pseuderistalis)
Syrphidae Pseudodoros clavatus Fabiricus, 1794 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Pseudovolucella mimica Shiraki, 1930 (Pseudovolucella)
Syrphidae Psilota anthracina Meigen, 1922 (Psilota)
Syrphidae Rhingia campestris Meigen, 1822 (Rhingia)
Syrphidae Rhingia laevigata H. Loew, 1858 (Rhingia)
Syrphidae Rhingia rostrata Linnaeus, 1758 (Conops)
Syrphidae Rhingia testacea Fallén, 1817 (Rhingia)
Syrphidae Rhinotropidia rostrata Shiraki, 1930 (Tropidia)
Syrphidae Scaeva albomaculata Macquart
Syrphidae Scaeva komabensis Matsumura, 1918 (Metasyrphus)
Syrphidae Scaeva lunata Wiedemann
Syrphidae Scaeva pyrastri Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Scaeva selenitica Meigen, 1822 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Sericomyia arctica Schirmer, 1913 (Sericomyia)
Syrphidae Sericomyia chalcopyga H. Loew, 1863 (Sericomyia)
Syrphidae Sericomyia chrysotoxoides Macquart, 1842 (Sericomyia)
Syrphidae Sericomyia dux Stackelberg
Syrphidae Sericomyia lappona Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Sericomyia silentis Harris, 1776 (Musca)
Syrphidae Simosyrphus grandicornis Macquart, 1842 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Somula mississippiensis Hull, 1922 (Somula)
Syrphidae Sphaerophoria contigua Macquart, 1847 (Sphaerophoria)
Syrphidae Sphaerophoria macrogaster Thomson, 1869 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Sphaerophoria menthastri Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Sphaerophoria philanthus Meigen, 1822 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Sphaerophoria rueppelli Wiedemann, 1830 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Sphaerophoria scripta Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Sphaerophoria sulphuripes Thomson, 1869 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Sphaerophoria taeniata Meigen, 1822 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Sphecomyia vespiformis Gorski, 1852 (Tyzenhauzia)
Syrphidae Sphegina claviventris Stackelberg, 1956 (Sphegina)
Syrphidae Sphegina clunipes Fallén, 1816 (Milesia)
Syrphidae Sphegina elegans Schummel, 1843 (Sphegina)
Syrphidae Sphegina montana Becker, 1921 (Sphegina)
Syrphidae Sphegina sibirica Stackelberg, 1953 (Sphegina)
Syrphidae Spheginobaccha macropoda Bigot, 1883 (Sphegina)
Syrphidae Sphiximorpha subsessilis Illiger, 1807 (Ceria)
Syrphidae Spilomyia diophthalma Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Spilomyia fusca H. Loew, 1864 (Spilomyia)
Syrphidae Spilomyia maxima Sack
Syrphidae Spilomyia saltuum Fabricius, 1794 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Stilbosoma cyaneum Philippi
Syrphidae Syritta pipiens Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Syrphus attenuatus Hine, 1922 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Syrphus demeijerei Curran, 1947 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Syrphus knabi Shannon, 1916 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Syrphus opinator Osten-Sacken, 1877 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Syrphus rectus Osten-Sacken, 1875 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Syrphus ribesii Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Syrphus sexmaculatus Zetterstedt, 1838 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Syrphus torvus Osten-Sacken, 1875 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Syrphus vitripennis Meigen, 1822 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Temnostoma apiforme Fabricius, 1794 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Temnostoma bombylans Fabricius, 1805 (Milesia)
Syrphidae Temnostoma nitobei Matsumura, 1916 (Temnostoma)
Syrphidae Temnostoma vespiforme Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Teuchocnemis literatus H. Loew, 1863 (Pterallastes)
Syrphidae Toxomerus boscii Macquart, 1842 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Toxomerus geminatus Say, 1823 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Toxomerus margarinata Say, 1823 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Toxomerus occidentalis Curran, 1922 (Toxomerus)
Syrphidae Toxomerus politus Say, 1823 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Trichopsomyia flavitarsis Meigen, 1822 (Pipiza)
Syrphidae Triglyphus primus H. Loew, 1840 (Triglyphus)
Syrphidae Tropidia fasciata Meigen, 1822 (Tropidia)
Syrphidae Tropidia mamillata H. Loew, 1861 (Tropidia)
Syrphidae Tropidia quadrata Say, 1824 (Xylota)
Syrphidae Tropidia scita Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Syrphidae Vollucella bombylans Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Volucella anastasia Hull, 1946 (Volucella)
Syrphidae Volucella bombylans Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Volucella caudata Curran, 1927 (Copestylum)
Syrphidae Volucella inanis Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Volucella inflata Fabricius, 1794 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Volucella jeddona Bigot
Syrphidae Volucella lenta Williston, 1887 (Copestylum)
Syrphidae Volucella mexicana Macquart, 1842 (Volucella)
Syrphidae Volucella pellucens Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Volucella tamaulipanna Townsend, 1898 (Volucella)
Syrphidae Volucella zonaria Poda, 1761 (Conops)
Syrphidae Xanthandrus babyssa Walker, 1849 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Xanthandrus comtus Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Syrphidae Xanthogramma festiva Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Xanthogramma laetum Fabricius, 1794 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Xanthogramma pedisequum Harris, 1776 (Musca)
Syrphidae Xylota abiens Meigen, 1822 (Xylota)
Syrphidae Xylota aethusa Walker, 1849 (Xylota)
Syrphidae Xylota brachypalpoides Shiraki, 1930 (Zelima)
Syrphidae Xylota coeruleiventris Zetterstedt, 1838 (Xylota)
Syrphidae Xylota femoratus Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Xylota filipjevi Stackelberg, 1952 (Zelima)
Syrphidae Xylota flavitibia Bigot, 1883 (Xylota)
Syrphidae Xylota florum Fabricius, 1805 (Scaeva)
Syrphidae Xylota ignava Panzer, 1798 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Xylota meigeniana Stackelberg, 1964 (Xylota)
Syrphidae Xylota metallica Wiedemann, 1930 (Xylota)
Syrphidae Xylota piger Fabricius, 1794 (Syrphus)
Syrphidae Xylota segnis Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Xylota semulatra Harris, 1780 (Musca)
Syrphidae Xylota sibirica Loew, 1871 (Xylota)
Syrphidae Xylota sylvarum Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Syrphidae Xylota tarda Meigen, 1822 (Xylota)
Syrphidae Xylota triangularis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Xylota)
Syrphidae Xylota umbrosa Violovitsh, 1975 (Xylota)
Tabanidae Acanthocera marginalis Walker, 1854 (Acanthocera)
Tabanidae Aegophagamyia completa Oldroyd, 1957 (Aegophagamyia)
Tabanidae Ancala africana Gray, 1832 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Ancala fasciata Fabricius, 1775 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Apatoteles comastes Williston, 1885 (Apatoteles)
Tabanidae Atylotus agrestis Wiedemann, 1828 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Atylotus bicolor Wiedemann, 1821 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Atylotus fulvus Meigen, 1804 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Atylotus incisuralis Macquart, 1847 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Atylotus miser Szilády, 1915 (Ochrops)
Tabanidae Atylotus plebeius Fallén, 1817 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Atylotus plebiceps Fallén, 1817 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Atylotus rusticus Linnaeus, 1767 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Catachlorops fulmineus Hine, 1920 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Catachlorops fumipennis Kröber, 1931 (Catachlorops)
Tabanidae Catachlorops furcatus Wiedemann, 1828 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Catachlorops psolopterus Wiedemann, 1828 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Catachlorops umbratus Hine, 1920 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Chlorotabanus crepuscularis Bequaert, 1926 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Chlorotabanus inanis Fabricius, 1787 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Chlorotabanus mexicanus Linnaeus, 1758 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Chrysops aberrans Philip, 1941 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops aestuans Wulp, 1867 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops ater Macquart, 1850 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops atlanticus Pechuman, 1949 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops brucei Austen, 1907 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops brunneus Hine, 1903 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops caecutiens Linnaeus, 1758 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Chrysops callidus Osten-Sacken, 1875 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops carbonarius Walker, 1848 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops carbonarius Walker, 1848 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops centurionis Austen, 1911 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops chiriquensis Fairchild, 1939 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops clavus Pechuman & Teskey, 1967 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops compactus Austen, 1924 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops crucians Wiedemann, 1828 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops cuclux Whitney, 1879 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops dacne Philip, 1955 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops discalis Williston, 1880 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops distinctipennis Austen, 1906 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops divisus Walker, 1848 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops excitans Walker, 1850 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops fixissimus Walker, 1857 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops flavidus Wiedemann, 1821 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops flavipennis Kröber, 1925 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops flavipes Meigen, 1804 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops frigidus Osten-Sacken, 1875 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops fuliginosus Wiedemann, 1821 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops fulvaster Osten-Sacken, 1877 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops hirsuticallus Philip, 1941 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops italicus Meigen, 1804 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops laetus Fabricius, 1805 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops laniger H. Loew, 1860 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops lateralis Wiedemann, 1828 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops latifrons Brennan, 1935 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops leucospilus Wiedemann, 1828 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops longicornis Macquart, 1838 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops macquarti Philip, 1961 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops madagaskarensis Ricardo, 1902 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops mitis Osten-Sacken, 1875 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops molestus Wiedemann, 1828 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops niger Macquart, 1838 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops nigripes Zetterstedt, 1838 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops noctifer Osten-Sacken, 1877 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops obliquefasciatus Macquart, 1838 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops obsoletus Wiedemann, 1821 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops parallelogrammus Zeller, 1842 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops peruvianus Kröber, 1925 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops pikei Whitney, 1904 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops proclivis Osten-Sacken, 1877 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops relictus Meigen, 1820 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops rufipes Meigen, 1820 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops scalaratus Bellardi, 1859 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops sepulcralis Fabricius, 1794 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Chrysops sequax Williston, 1887 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops signifer Walker, 1861 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops silaceus Austen, 1907 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops silvifacies Philip, 1963 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops striatus Osten-Sacken, 1875 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops suavis Loew, 1858 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops univittatus Macquart, 1855 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops variegatus De Geer, 1776 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Chrysops weberi Bequaert, 1946 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Chrysops viduatus Fabricius, 1794 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Chrysops vittatus Wiedemann, 1821 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Cryptotylus unicolor Wiedemann, 1828 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Cydistomyia doddi Taylor, 1917 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Cydistomyia longirostis Schuurmans Stekhoven, 1926 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Cydistomyia lorentzi Ricardo, 1913 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Cydistomyia nigropicta Macquart, 1855 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Cydistomyia pseudoardens Taylor, 1913 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Dasybasis chilensis Macquart, 1838 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Dasybasis constans Walker, 1848 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Dasybasis gagatina Philippi, 1865 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Dasybasis missionum Macquart, 1865 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Dasybasis oculata Ricardo, 1915 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Dasybasis tritus Walker, 1857 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Dasyrhamphis alginus Macquart, 1838 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Dasyrhamphis algirus Macquart, 1838 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Dasyrhamphis anthracinus Meigen, 1820 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Dasyrhamphis ater Rossi, 1790 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Dasyrhamphis nigritus Fabricius, 1794 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Dasyrhamphis tomentosus Macquart, 1846 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Dasyrhamphis umbrinus Meigen, 1820 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Dasyrhamphis villosus Macquart, 1838 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Diachlorus bivittatus Wiedemann, 1828 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Diachlorus curvipes Fabricius, 1805 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Diachlorus distinctus Lutz, 1913 (Diachlorus)
Tabanidae Diachlorus ferruginatus Fabricius, 1805 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Diachlorus fuscistigma Lutz, 1913 (Diachlorus)
Tabanidae Diachlorus leucotibialis Wilkerson & Fairchild, 1982 (Diachlorus)
Tabanidae Diachlorus trevori Wilkerson & Fairchild, 1982 (Diachlorus)
Tabanidae Diachlorus varipes Rondani, 1848 (Diabasis)
Tabanidae Dichelacera alcicornis Wiedemann, 1828 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Dichelacera cervicornis Fabricius, 1805 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Dichelacera damicornis Fabricius, 1805 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Dichelacera fasciata Walker, 1850 (Dichelacera)
Tabanidae Dichelacera hartmanni Fairchild & Philip, 1960 (Dichelacera)
Tabanidae Dichelacera januarii Wiedemann, 1819 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Dichelacera marginata Macquart, 1847 (Dichelacera)
Tabanidae Dichelacera regina Fairchild, 1940 (Dichelacera)
Tabanidae Dichelacera rubrofemorta Burger, 1999 (Dichelacera)
Tabanidae Dichelacera scapularis Macquart, 1847 (Dichelacera)
Tabanidae Dichelacera subcallosa Fairchild & Philip, 1960 (Dichelacera)
Tabanidae Dicladocera curta Kröber, 1931 (Dicladocera)
Tabanidae Dicladocera guttipennis Wiedemann, 1828 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Dicladocera nigrocoerulea Rondani, 1850 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Elaphella cervus Wiedemann, 1828 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Esenbeckia fuscipennis Wiedemann, 1828 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Esenbeckia planiventris Macquart, 1850 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Esenbeckia prasiniventris Macquart, 1846 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Esenbeckia semiflava Wiedemann, 1830 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Esenbeckia translucens Macquart, 1846 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Esenbeckia tucumana Brèthes, 1910 (Esenbeckia)
Tabanidae Esenbeckia vulpes Wiedemann, 1828 (Silivius)
Tabanidae Esenbeckia yepocapa Fairchild, 1951 (Esenbeckia)
Tabanidae Euancala irrorata Surcouf, 1909 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Euancala maculatissima Macquart, 1838 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Fidena albibarba Enderlein, 1925 (Fidena)
Tabanidae Fidena auribarba Enderlein, 1925 (Melpia)
Tabanidae Fidena brachycephala Kröber, 1931 (Fidena)
Tabanidae Fidena castaneiventris Kröber, 1934 (Fidena)
Tabanidae Fidena erythronotata Bigot, 1892 (Mycteromyia)
Tabanidae Fidena howardi Fairchild, 1941 (Fidena)
Tabanidae Fidena leucopogon Wiedemann, 1828 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Fidena loricornis Kröber, 1931 (Fidena)
Tabanidae Fidena pseudoaurimaculata Kutz, 1909 (Erephopsis)
Tabanidae Fidena rhinophora Bellardi, 1859 (Pangoria)
Tabanidae Fidena schildi Hine, 1925 (Erephopsis)
Tabanidae Fidena schildi Hine, 1925 (Erephopsis)
Tabanidae Fidena winthemi Wiedemann, 1819 (Pangoria)
Tabanidae Haematopota abbreviata Philip, 1959 (Chrysozona)
Tabanidae Haematopota albihirta Karsch, 1888 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota alluaudi Surcouf, 1908 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota americana Osten-Sacken, 1875 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota burmanica Senior-White, 1922 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota crassicornis Wahlberg, 1848 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota decora Walker, 1856 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota denshamii Austen, 1908 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota desertorum Szilády, 1923 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota distincta Ricardo, 1906 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota duplicata H. Loew, 1858 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota furva Austen, 1912 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota fusca Austen, 1908 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota grahami Austen, 1912 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota imbrium Wiedemann, 1828 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota inornata Austen, 1908 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota irrorata Macquart, 1838 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota italica Meigen, 1804 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota javana Wiedemann, 1821 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota lunulata Macquart, 1848 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota marakuetana Séguy, 1938 (Chrysozona)
Tabanidae Haematopota patellicornis Enderlein, 1922 (Tylopelma)
Tabanidae Haematopota paucipunctata Schuurmans Stekhoven, 1926 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota pluvialis Linnaeus, 1758 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Haematopota rubicicornis Oldroyd, 1952 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota similis Ricardo, 1906 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota taciturna Austen, 1908 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota ugandae Ricardo, 1906 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota unicolor Ricardo, 1906 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota vittata H. Loew, 1858 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota vittata H. Loew, 1858 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Haematopota vulnicifica Séguy, 1938 (Chrysozona)
Tabanidae Heptatoma pellucens Fabricius, 1776 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra aatos Philip, 1941 (Hybomitra)
Tabanidae Hybomitra aequetincta Becker, 1900 (Therioplectes)
Tabanidae Hybomitra affinis Kirby, 1837 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra aterrima Meigen, 1820 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra atrobasis McDunnough, 1921 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra auripila Meigen, 1820 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra bimaculata Macquart, 1826 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra borealis Fabricius, 1781 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra californica Marten, 1882 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra captonis Marten, 1882 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra decora H. Loew, 1858 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra epistates Osten-Sacken, 1878 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra frontalis Walker, 1848 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra fulvilateralis Macquart, 1838 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra hinei Johnson, 1904 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra lasiophthalma Macquart, 1838 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra lurida Fallén, 1817 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra micans Meigen, 1804 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra montana Meigen, 1820 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra muehlfeldi Brauer, 1880 (Therioplectes)
Tabanidae Hybomitra nigricornis Zetterstedt, 1842 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra rhombica Osten-Sacken, 1876 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra rupestris McDunnough, 1921 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra sachalinensis Enderlein, 1925 (Therioplectes)
Tabanidae Hybomitra solstitialis Meigen, 1820 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra tarandina Linnaeus, 1758 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra trispila Wiedemann, 1828 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra tropica Linnaeus, 1758 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Hybomitra zonalis Kirby, 1837 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Lepiselaga crassipes Fabricius, 1805 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Leucotabanus albovarius Walker, 1854 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Leucotabanus annulatus Say, 1823 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Leucotabanus exaestuans Linnaeus, 1758 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Leucotabanus pauculus Fairchild, 1951 (Leucotabanus)
Tabanidae Mesomyia decora Macquart, 1850 (Mesomyia)
Tabanidae Mesomyia doddi Ricardo, 1915 (Silvius)
Tabanidae Mesomyia femoralis Ricardo, 1913 (Silvius)
Tabanidae Oldroydiella fallax Macquart, 1846 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Orgizomyia zigzag Macquart, 1855 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Pangonius fulvipes H. Loew, 1859 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Pangonius haustellatus Fabricius, 1781 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Pangonius pyritosus H. Loew, 1859 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Pangonius variegatus Fabricius, 1805 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Phaeotabanus cajennensis Fabricius, 1787 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Phaeotabanus limpidapex Wiedemann, 1820 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Philipomyia aprica Meigen, 1820 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Philipomyia graeca Fabricius, 1794 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Philipotabanus magnificus Kröber, 1934 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Philipotabanus medius Kröber, 1934 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Philipotabanus nigrinubilus Fairchild, 1953 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Philipotabanus pallidetinctus Kröber, 1930 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Philipotabanus tenuifasciatus Kröber, 1930 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Philoliche aethiopica Thunberg, 1789 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Philoliche alternans Macquart, 1855 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Philoliche angulata Fabricius, 1805 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Philoliche rostrata Linnaeus, 1764 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Philoliche rubramarginata Macquart, 1855 (Cadicera)
Tabanidae Philoliche suavis H. Loew, 1858 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Pityocera cervus Wiedemann, 1828 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Pityocera festae Giglio-Tos, 1896 (Pityocera)
Tabanidae Poeciloderas quadripunctatus Fabricius, 1805 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Poeciloderas seclusus Brèthes, 1910 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Pseudotabanus equinus Ferguson & Hill, 1922 (Silvius)
Tabanidae Pseudotabanus silvester Bergroth, 1894 (Silvius)
Tabanidae Rhigioglossa edentula Wiedemann, 1828 (Rhinomyza)
Tabanidae Scaptia auriflua Donovan, 1805 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Scaptia bancrofti Austen, 1912 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Scaptia brevirostris Macquart, 1850 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Scaptia dorsoguttata Macquart, 1850 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Scaptia guttata Donovan, 1805 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Scaptia lata Guérin-Meneville, 1835 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Scaptia monticola Mackerras, 1960 (Scaptia)
Tabanidae Scaptia orientalis Mackerras, 1960 (Scaptia)
Tabanidae Scaptia pulchra Ricardo, 1915 (Diatomineura)
Tabanidae Scaptia quadrimacula Walker, 1848 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Scaptia tricolor Walker, 1848 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Scaptia violacea Macquart, 1850 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Scione aurulans Wiedemann, 1830 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Scione maculipennis Schiner, 1868 (Diclisa)
Tabanidae Scione minor Macquart, 1847 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Selasoma tibiale Fabricius, 1805 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Silvius gigantulus Loew, 1872 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Silvius quadrivittatus Say, 1823 (Chrysops)
Tabanidae Silvius variegatus Fabricius, 1805 (Haematopota)
Tabanidae Stenotabanus hyalinalis Chainey, Hall & Gorayeb, 1999 (Stenotabanus)
Tabanidae Stenotabanus incipiens Walker, 1860 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Stenotabanus jamaicensis Newstead, 1909 (Atylotus)
Tabanidae Stenotabanus psammophilus Osten-Sacken, 1876 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Stibasoma apicimacula Fairchild, 1940 (Stibasoma)
Tabanidae Stibasoma flavivente Macquart, 1848 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Stibasoma fulvohirtum Wiedemann, 1828 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Stibasoma theotaenis Wiedemann, 1828 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Stonemyia californicus Bigot, 1892 (Diatomineura)
Tabanidae Stonemyia tranquilla Osten-Sacken, 1875 (Pangonia)
Tabanidae Stypommisa captiroptera Kröber, 1930 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Stypommisa captiroptera Kröber, 1930 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Stypommisa changena Fairchild & Wilkerson, 1986 (Stypommisa)
Tabanidae Stypommisa pequeniensis Fairchild, 1942 (Stenotabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanocella denticornis Wiedemann, 1828 (Silvius)
Tabanidae Tabanocella zoulouensis Ricardo, 1914 (Rhinomyza)
Tabanidae Tabanus aar Philip, 1941 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus abactor Philip, 1942 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus abdominalis Fabricius, 1805 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus albocirculus Hine, 1907 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus amaenus Walker, 1848 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus americanus Forster, 1771 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus argenteus Surcouf, 1907 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus argentivittatus Fairchild, 1976 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus atratus Fabricius, 1775 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus autumnalis Linnaeus, 1761 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus bakeri Philip, 1959 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus barbarus Coquebert, 1804 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus bifarius H. Loew, 1858 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus biguttatus Wiedemann, 1830 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus bovinus Linnaeus, 1758 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus brevicallus Philip, 1959 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus bromius Linnaeus, 1758 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus brunnicolor Philip, 1960 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus calens Linnaeus, 1758 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus campestris Brèthes, 1910 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus canus Karsch, 1879 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus catenatus Walker, 1848 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus ceylonicus Schiner, 1868 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus chrysums H. Loew, 1858 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus cinerascens Macleay, 1826 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus claripennis Bigot, 1892 (Atylotus)
Tabanidae Tabanus colombensis Macquart, 1846 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus columbus Fairchild, 1942 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus conformis Walker, 1848 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus congoiensis Ricardo, 1908 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus conius Philip, 1959 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus cordiger Meigen, 1820 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus cymatophorus Osten-Sacken, 1876 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus discifer Walker, 1850 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus dorsovittatus Macquart, 1855 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus effilatanus Philip, 1959 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus equalis Hine, 1923 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus erebus Osten-Sacken, 1886 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus exclusus Pandellé, 1883 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus exoticus Ricardo, 1913 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus fairchildi Stone, 1938 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus flavicoxa Oldroyd, 1954 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus fraternus Macquart, 1846 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus fulvulus Wiedemann, 1828 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus fumifer Walker, 1857 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus fuscofasciatus Macquart, 1838 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus fusconervosus Macquart, 1838 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus fuscus Wiedemann, 1819 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus geminus Szilády, 1923 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus glaucopis Meigen, 1820 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus griseinus Philip, 1960 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus guyanensis Macquart, 1846 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus hinellus Philip, 1960 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus hititibia Walker, 1850 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus imitans Walker, 1848 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus importunus Wiedemann, 1828 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus insignis H. Loew, 1858 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus ixion Osten-Sacken, 1882 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus jucundus Walker, 1848 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus kesseli Philip, 1950 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus leleani Austen, 1920 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus lenticulatus Oldroyd, 1949 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus limbatineuris Macquart, 1847 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus lineola Fabricius, 1794 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus lubutuensis Bequaert, 1930 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus maculicornis Zetterstedt, 1842 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus mandarinus Schiner, 1868 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus marmorosus Surcouf, 1909 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus melanocerus Wiedemann, 1828 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus miki Brauer, 1880 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus modestus Wiedemann, 1828 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus molestus Say, 1823 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus mongolensis Kröber, 1933 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus mularis Stone, 1935 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus nebulosus De Geer, 1776 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus nemoralis Meigen, 1820 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus nigrovittatus Macquart, 1847 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus novascotiae Macquart, 1847 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus obscurehirtus Ricardo, 1908 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus occidentalis Linnaeus, 1758 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus oculus Walker
Tabanidae Tabanus orientis Walker, 1848 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus pachypalpus Bigot, 1892 (Dichelacera)
Tabanidae Tabanus pallidifacies Surcouf, 1906 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus pallipennis Macquart, 1846 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus par Walker, 1854 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus pellucidus Fabricius, 1805 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus pendelburgyi Philip, 1960 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus perakiensis Ricardo, 1911 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus peruvianus Macquart, 1843 (Gymnochela)
Tabanidae Tabanus pleskei Kröber, 1925 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus proximus Walker, 1848 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus pseudoculus Fairchild, 1942 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus punctifer Osten-Sacken, 1876 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus punctipleura Hine, 1920 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus quatuornotatus Meigen, 1820 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus quinquevittatus Wiedemann, 1821 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus recusans Walker, 1858 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus reducens Walker, 1860 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus rubidus Wiedemann, 1821 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus rubripes Macquart, 1838 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus rubriventris Macquart, 1838 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus rufipes Palisot de Beauvois, 1806 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus sabuletorum Loew, 1874 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus schwardti Philip, 1942 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus secedens Walker, 1854 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus secundus Walker, 1848 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus sericiventris H. Loew, 1858 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus similis Macquart, 1850 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus sorbillans Wiedemann, 1828 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus sparus Whitney, 1879 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus spodopterus Meigen, 1820 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus stonei Philip, 1941 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus strangmanni Ricardo, 1914 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus striatus Fabricius, 1787 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus subimmanis Philip, 1959 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus subruber Bellardi, 1859 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus subsimilis Bellardi, 1859 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus sudeticus Zeller, 1842 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus sulcifrons Macquart, 1855 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus surifer Fairchild, 1964 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus taeniatus Macquart, 1834 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus taeniola Palisot de Beauvois, 1806 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus thiemeana Enderlein, 1925 (Ommallia)
Tabanidae Tabanus thoracinus Palisot de Beauvois, 1806 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus tinctus Walker, 1850 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus triangulum Wiedemann, 1828 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus trilineatus Latreille, 1817 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus trimaculatus Palisot de Beauvois, 1806 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus trivittatus Fabricius, 1805 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus unifasciens Philip, 1959 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus unipunctatus Bigot, 1892 (Atylotus)
Tabanidae Tabanus unistriatus Hine, 1906 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus ustus Walker, 1850 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus variabilis H. Loew, 1858 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus xanthomelas Austen, 1912 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus xuthopogon Fairchild, 1985 (Tahanus)
Tabanidae Tabanus yao Maequart, 1855 (Tabanus)
Tabanidae Thaumastocera akwa Grünberg, 1906 (Thaumastocera)
Tabanidae Therioplectes gigas Herbst, 1787 (Tabanus)
Tachinidae Acemya acuticornis Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Acemya rufitibia von Roser, 1840 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Actia crassicornis Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Actia fulvicauda Malloch, 1935 (Actia)
Tachinidae Actia infantula Zetterstedt, 1844 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Actia lamia Meigen, 1838 (Roeselia)
Tachinidae Actia nigroscutellata Lundbeck, 1927 (Actia)
Tachinidae Actia pilipennis Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Admontia antractica Thomson, 1869 (Degeeria)
Tachinidae Admontia blanda Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Admontia gracilipes Mesnil, 1953 (Trichopareia)
Tachinidae Admontia grandicornis Zetterstedt, 1849 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Admontia maculisquama Zetterstedt, 1859 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Admontia podomyia Brauer & Bergenstamm, 1889 (Admontia)
Tachinidae Admontia seria Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Allophorocera ferruginea Meigen
Tachinidae Angiorhina fulvicornis Zetterstedt, 1849 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Anthomyiopsis nigrisquamata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Aphria latifrons Villeneuve, 1907 (Aphria)
Tachinidae Aphria longirostris Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Aplomya confinis Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Aplomya distincta Baranov, 1931 (Exorista)
Tachinidae Aplomya flavisquama Wulp, 1893 (Leiosia)
Tachinidae Aplomya metallica Wiedemann, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Appendicia truncata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Athrycia curvinervis Zetterstedt, 1844 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Athrycia impressa Wulp, 1869 (Plagia)
Tachinidae Athrycia trepida Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Atylostoma javanum Brauer & Bergenstamm, 1894 (Chaetomyiobia)
Tachinidae Aulacephala hervei Bequaert, 1922 (Aulacephala)
Tachinidae Austrophorocera grandis Macquart, 1851 (Phorocera)
Tachinidae Bactromyia aurulenta Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Baumhaueria goniaeformis Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Belida angelicae Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Belida chaetoneura Coquillett, 1897 (Masicera)
Tachinidae Bessa parallela Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Bessa selecta Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Besseria anthophila Loew, 1871 (Apostrophus)
Tachinidae Besseria melanura Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Besseria reflexa Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Besseria)
Tachinidae Billaea adelpha Loew, 1873 (Phorostoma)
Tachinidae Billaea atkinsoni Baranov, 1934 (Gymnodexia)
Tachinidae Billaea fasciata Townsend, 1928 (Trichostylum)
Tachinidae Billaea fortis Rondani, 1862 (Omalostoma)
Tachinidae Billaea malayana Malloch, 1929 (Billaea)
Tachinidae Billaea pectinata Meigen, 1826 (Dexia)
Tachinidae Billaea steini Brauer & Bergenstam, 1891 (Gymnodexia)
Tachinidae Billaea triangulifera Zetterstedt, 1844 (Dexia)
Tachinidae Bithia geniculata Zetterstedt, 1844 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Bithia modesta Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Bithia spreta Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Blepharella lateralis Macquart, 1851 (Blepharella)
Tachinidae Blepharipa pratensis Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Blepharipa schineri Mesnil, 1939 (Blepharipoda)
Tachinidae Blepharipa zebina Walker, 1849 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Blepharomyia pagana Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Blepharomyia piliceps Zetterstedt, 1859 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Blondelia inclusa Hartig, 1838 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Blondelia nigripes Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Bogosia helva Wiedemann, 1818 (Phasia)
Tachinidae Bothria subalpina Villeneuve, 1910 (Bothria)
Tachinidae Brachychaeta strigata Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Campylocheta inepta Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Campylocheta malaisei Mesnil, 1953 (Frivaldzkia)
Tachinidae Campylocheta praecox Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Carcelia atricosta Herting, 1961 (Carcelia)
Tachinidae Carcelia bombylans Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Carcelia)
Tachinidae Carcelia excisa Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Carcelia falenaria Rondani, 1859 (Exorista)
Tachinidae Carcelia gnava Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Carcelia kowarzii Villeneuve, 1912 (Carcelia)
Tachinidae Carcelia laxifrons Villeneuve, 1912 (Carcelia)
Tachinidae Carcelia longimana Mesnil, 1953 (Calocarcelia)
Tachinidae Carcelia lucorum Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Carcelia pilosella Baranov, 1931 (Carcelia)
Tachinidae Carcelia rasa Macquart, 1849 (Exorista)
Tachinidae Carcelia septoma Baranov, 1931 (Carcelia)
Tachinidae Carcelia sumatrensis Townsend, 1927 (Carceliopsis)
Tachinidae Carceliella octava Baranov, 1931 (Carcelia)
Tachinidae Catharosia pygmaea Fallén, 1815 (Thereva)
Tachinidae Ceranthia abdominalis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Ceromya)
Tachinidae Ceranthia lichtwardtiana Villeneuve, 1931 (Actia)
Tachinidae Ceranthia verneri Andersen, 1996 (Ceranthia)
Tachinidae Ceromasia rubrifrons Macquart, 1834 (Phorocera)
Tachinidae Ceromya bicolor Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Ceromya bicolor Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Ceromya capitata Mesnil, 1957 (Ceromya)
Tachinidae Ceromya dubia Malloch, 1930 (Actia)
Tachinidae Ceromya mellina Mesnil, 1953 (Actia)
Tachinidae Ceromya punctipennis Malloch, 1930 (Actia)
Tachinidae Ceromya silacea Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Chaetogaedia monticola Bigot, 1887 (Blepharipeza)
Tachinidae Chaetoptilia burmanica Baranov, 1938 (Chaetoptiliopsis)
Tachinidae Chetogena filipalpis Rondani, 1859 (Chetogena)
Tachinidae Chetogena obliquata Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Chetogena scutellaris Wulp, 1890 (Phorocera)
Tachinidae Chromatophania picta Wiedemann, 1830 (Gonia)
Tachinidae Chrysomopsis auratus Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Chrysotachina alcedo Loew, 1869 (Gymnochaeta)
Tachinidae Cinochira atra Zetterstedt, 1845 (Cinochira)
Tachinidae Cistogaster globosa Fabricius, 1775 (Syrphus)
Tachinidae Clairvillia biguttata Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Clemelis pullata Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Cleonice callida Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Cleonice nitidiuscula Zetterstedt, 1859 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Clytiomya continua Panzer, 1798 (Musca)
Tachinidae Compsilura concinnata Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Compsiluroides communis Mesnil, 1953 (Compsiluroides)
Tachinidae Cylindromyia auriceps Meigen, 1838 (Ocyptera)
Tachinidae Cylindromyia bicolor Olivier, 1812 (Ocyptera)
Tachinidae Cylindromyia brassicaria Fabricius, 1775 (Musca)
Tachinidae Cylindromyia intermedia Meigen, 1824 (Ocyptera)
Tachinidae Cylindromyia interrupta Meigen, 1824 (Ocyptera)
Tachinidae Cylindromyia pusilla Meigen, 1824 (Ocyptera)
Tachinidae Cylindromyia rufifrons H. Loew, 1844 (Ocyptera)
Tachinidae Cyrtophleba ruricola Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Cyzenis albicans Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Cyzenis jucunda Meigen, 1838 (Exorista)
Tachinidae Degeeriopsis xanthogastra Mesnil, 1953 (Degeeriopsis)
Tachinidae Dejeania bombylans Fabricius, 1798 (Stomoxys)
Tachinidae Demoticus plebejus Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Dexia caldwelli Curran, 1927 (Dexia)
Tachinidae Dexia divergens Walker, 1856 (Dexia)
Tachinidae Dexia fulvifera Röder, 1893 (Dexia)
Tachinidae Dexia rustica Fabricius, 1775 (Musca)
Tachinidae Dexia sumatrensis Townsend, 1926 (Eomyoceropsis)
Tachinidae Dexia vacua Fallén, 1817 (Musca)
Tachinidae Dexiomimops flavipes Shima, 1987 (Dexiomimops)
Tachinidae Dexiomimops pallipes Mesnil, 1957 (Dexiomimops)
Tachinidae Dexiosoma canina Fabricius, 1781 (Musca)
Tachinidae Dexiosoma lineatum Mesnil, 1970 (Dexiosoma)
Tachinidae Dinera carinifrons Fallén, 1817 (Musca)
Tachinidae Dinera ferina Fallén, 1817 (Musca)
Tachinidae Dinera grisescens Fallén, 1817 (Musca)
Tachinidae Dionaea aurifrons Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Diplostichus janitrix Hartig, 1837 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Doleschalla cylindrica Walker, 1861 (Dexia)
Tachinidae Dolichopodomintho dolichopiformis Townsend, 1927 (Dolichopodomintho)
Tachinidae Drino inconspicua Meigen, 1830 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Drino lota Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Drino vicina Zetterstedt, 1849 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Dufouria chalybeata Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Dufouria nigrita Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Ectophasia crassipennis Fabricius, 1794 (Syrphus)
Tachinidae Ectophasia leucoptera Rondani, 1865 (Phasia)
Tachinidae Elfia bohemica Kramer, 1907 (Craspedothri)
Tachinidae Elfia minutissima Zetterstedt, 1844 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Elfia zonella Zetterstedt, 1844 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Eliozeta helluo Fabricius, 1805 (Musca)
Tachinidae Eliozeta pellucens Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Eloceria angustrifrons Mesnil, 1953 (Helocera)
Tachinidae Eloceria delecta Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Eloceria delecta Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Elodia ambulatoria Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Elodia morio Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Entomophaga sufferta Villeneuve, 1942 (Actia)
Tachinidae Eophyllophila elegans Townsend, 1926 (Eophyllophila)
Tachinidae Eophyllophila filipes Townsend, 1927 (Eophyllophila)
Tachinidae Eophyllophila includens Walker, 1859 (Dexia)
Tachinidae Epalpus signifer Walker, 1849 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Epicampocera succincta Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Eriothrix apenninus Rondani, 1862 (Rhynchista)
Tachinidae Eriothrix monticola Egger, 1856 (Macquartia)
Tachinidae Eriothrix prolixa Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Eriothrix rufomaculatus De Geer, 1776 (Musca)
Tachinidae Ernestia ampelus Walker, 1849 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Ernestia argentifera Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Ernestia laevigata Meigen, 1838 (Nemoraea)
Tachinidae Ernestia puparum Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Tachinidae Ernestia rudis Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Erycia festinans Meigen, 1824
Tachinidae Erycilla ferruginea Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Erycilla rutila Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Erynnia ocypterata Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Erythrocera nigripes Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Phryno)
Tachinidae Estheria bohemani Rondani, 1862 (Zeuxia)
Tachinidae Estheria cinerea Townsend, 1919 (Neoerigone)
Tachinidae Estheria microcera Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Myiostoma)
Tachinidae Estheria petiolata Bonsdorff, 1866 (Dexia)
Tachinidae Ethilla aemula Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Eumea linearicornis Zetterstedt, 1844 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Eumea mitis Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Eumea puberula Robineau-Desvoidy, 1863 (Eumena)
Tachinidae Eurithia anthophila Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Erigone)
Tachinidae Eurithia caesia Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Eurithia connivens Zetterstedt, 1844 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Eurithia consobrina Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Eurithia intermedia Zetterstedt, 1844 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Eurithia vivida Zetterstedt, 1838 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Exorista dydas Walker, 1849 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Exorista fasciata Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Exorista grandis Zetterstedt, 1844 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Exorista hyalipennis Baranov, 1932 (Eutachina)
Tachinidae Exorista larvarum Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Tachinidae Exorista mimula Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Exorista rustica Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Exorista sorbillans Wiedemann, 1830 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Fausta nemorum Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Feriola longicornis Mesnil, 1957 (Feriola)
Tachinidae Freraea gagatea Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Freraea)
Tachinidae Frivaldszkia malaisei Mesnil, 1953 (Frivaldszkia)
Tachinidae Frontina laeta Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Gaedia connexa Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Germaria angustata Zetterstedt, 1844 (Gonia)
Tachinidae Germaria ruficeps Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Gonia atra Meigen, 1826 (Gonia)
Tachinidae Gonia bimaculata Wiedemann, 1819 (Gonia)
Tachinidae Gonia capitata De Geer, 1776 (Musca)
Tachinidae Gonia chinensis Wiedemann, 1824 (Gonia)
Tachinidae Gonia divisa Meigen, 1826 (Gonia)
Tachinidae Gonia frontosa Say, 1829 (Gonia)
Tachinidae Gonia klapperichi Mesnil, 1956 (Gonia)
Tachinidae Gonia ornata Meigen, 1826 (Gonia)
Tachinidae Gonia picea Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Spallanzania)
Tachinidae Goniocera versicolor Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Graphogaster brunnescens Villeneuve, 1907 (Graphogaster)
Tachinidae Gymnochaeta magna Zimin, 1958 (Gymnochaeta )
Tachinidae Gymnochaeta viridis Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Gymnosoma clavata Rohdendorf, 1947 (Rhodogyna)
Tachinidae Gymnosoma dolycoridis Dupuis, 1961 (Gymnosoma)
Tachinidae Gymnosoma nitens Meigen, 1824 (Gymnosoma)
Tachinidae Gymnosoma nudifrons Herting, 1966 (Gymnosoma)
Tachinidae Gymnosoma rotundata Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Tachinidae Hebia flavipes Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Hebia)
Tachinidae Hemyda vittata Meigen, 1824 (Phania)
Tachinidae Hermya regalis Villeneuve, 1915 (Deuteroclara)
Tachinidae Hubneria affinis Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Hyadesimyia clausa Bigot, 1888 (Hyadesimyia)
Tachinidae Hyalurgus crucigera Zetterstedt, 1838 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Hyalurgus lucidus Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Hygiella pygidialis Mesnil, 1957 (Hygiella)
Tachinidae Imitomyia sugens Loew, 1863 (Himantostoma)
Tachinidae Isosturmia inversa Townsend, 1927 (Isosturmia)
Tachinidae Istochaeta longicornis Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Istocheta bicolor Villeneuve, 1937 (Urophylloides)
Tachinidae Istocheta pulchra Townsend, 1926 (Prosopofrontina)
Tachinidae Kambaitimyia carbonata Mesnil, 1953 (Kambaitimyia)
Tachinidae Kambaitimyia rufipes Mesnil, 1957 (Kambaitimyia)
Tachinidae Kirbya moerens Meigen, 1830 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Klugia marginata Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Labigastera forcipata Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Lecanipa bicincta Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Lecanipa leucomelas Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Leiophora innoxia Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Leptothelaira latistrata Schiner
Tachinidae Leschenaultia leucophrys Wiedemann, 1830 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Leskia aurea Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Leskiola palpata Mesnil, 1957 (Leskiola)
Tachinidae Lespesia archippivora Riley, 1871 (Lespesia)
Tachinidae Leucostoma simplex Fallén, 1815 (Ocyptera)
Tachinidae Linnaemya amicula Mesnil, 1957 (Linnaemyia)
Tachinidae Linnaemya atriventris Malloch, 1935 (Palpina)
Tachinidae Linnaemya bella Mesnil, 1970 (Linnaemya)
Tachinidae Linnaemya comta Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Linnaemya felis Mesnil, 1957 (Linnaemyia)
Tachinidae Linnaemya haemorrhoidalis Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Linnaemya impudica Rondani, 1859 (Micropalpus)
Tachinidae Linnaemya lateralis Townsend, 1927 (Eugymnochaetopsis)
Tachinidae Linnaemya linguicerca Chao & Shi, 1980 (Linnaemya)
Tachinidae Linnaemya lithosiophaga Rondani, 1859 (Micropalpus)
Tachinidae Linnaemya melancholia Mesnil, 1957 (Linnaemyia)
Tachinidae Linnaemya omega Zimin, 1954 (Linnaemyia)
Tachinidae Linnaemya oralis Townsend, 1927 (Xanthoeriogone)
Tachinidae Linnaemya picta Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Linnaemya pullior Shima, 1986 (Linnaemya)
Tachinidae Linnaemya rossica Zimin, 1954 (Linnaemya)
Tachinidae Linnaemya tessellans Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Bonellia)
Tachinidae Linnaemya vulpina Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Litophasia hyalipennis Fallén, 1815 (Thereva)
Tachinidae Loewia foeda Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Loewia phaeoptera Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Loewia submetallica Macquart, 1855 (Rhinophora)
Tachinidae Lophosia fasciata Meigen, 1824 (Lophosia)
Tachinidae Lydella grisescens Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Lydella)
Tachinidae Lydella ripae Brischke, 1885 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Lydella stabulans Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Lydina aenea Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Lypha dubia Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Lypha ruficauda Zetterstedt, 1838 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Macquartia buccalis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Albinia)
Tachinidae Macquartia chalconata Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Macquartia dispar Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Macquartia grisea Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Macquartia nudigena Mesnil, 1972 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Macquartia praefica Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Macquartia pubiceps Zetterstedt, 1845 (Musca)
Tachinidae Macquartia tenebricosa Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Macroprosopa atrata Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Masicera silvatica Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Masistylum arcuatum Mik, 1863 (Pachystylum)
Tachinidae Medina collaris Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Medina fuscisquama Mesnil, 1953 (Medina)
Tachinidae Medina luctuosa Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Meigenia dorsalis Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Meigenia incana Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Meigenia majuscula Rondani , 1859 (Spylosia)
Tachinidae Meigenia mutabilis Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Meigenia velutina Mesnil, 1952 (Meigenia)
Tachinidae Melisoneura leucoptera Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Metopomintho pubiseta Mesnil, 1953 (Hypostena)
Tachinidae Micropthalma europea Egger, 1860 (Micropthalma)
Tachinidae Microsoma exiguum Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Mintho compressa Fabricius, 1787 (Musca)
Tachinidae Mintho rufiventris Fallén, 1817 (Musca)
Tachinidae Minthodes picta Zetterstedt, 1844 (Scopolia)
Tachinidae Myxexoristops bicolor Villeneuve, 1908 (Exorista)
Tachinidae Myxexoristops blondeli Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Phryxe)
Tachinidae Myxexoristops bonsdorffi Zetterstedt, 1859 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Myxexoristops stolida Stein, 1924 (Exorista)
Tachinidae Nemoraea angustecarinata Macquart, 1848 (Rutilia)
Tachinidae Nemoraea echinata Mesnil, 1953 (Nemoraea)
Tachinidae Nemoraea fenestrata Mesnil, 1971 (Hypotachina)
Tachinidae Nemoraea javana Brauer & Bergenstamm, 1894 (Dexiomima)
Tachinidae Nemoraea ornata Bigot, 1889 (Exorista)
Tachinidae Nemoraea pellucida Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Nemoraea titan Walker, 1849 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Nemorilla floralis Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Nemorilla maculosa Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Nilea hortulana Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Nilea innoxa Robineau-Desvoidy, 1863 (Nilea)
Tachinidae Nilea rufiscutellaris Zetterstedt, 1859 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Nowickia alpina Zetterstedt, 1849 (Echinomyia)
Tachinidae Nowickia ferox Panzer, 1809 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Nowickia marklini Zetterstedt, 1838 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Ocytata pallipes Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Onychogonia flaviceps Zetterstedt, 1838 (Gonia)
Tachinidae Opesia cana Meigen, 1824 (Phasia)
Tachinidae Opesia grandis Egger, 1860 (Musca)
Tachinidae Oswaldia eggeri Brauer & Bergenstamm, 1889 (Dexodes)
Tachinidae Oswaldia muscaria Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Oswaldia spectabilis Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Pachystylum bremii Macquart, 1848 (Pachystylum)
Tachinidae Pales exsulans Tiensuu, 1939 (Pales)
Tachinidae Pales pavida Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Paraclara magnifica Bezzi, 1908 (Paraclara)
Tachinidae Parasetigena silvestris Robineau-Desvoidy, 1863 (Duponchelia)
Tachinidae Paratrixa polonica Brauer & Bergenstamm, 1891 (Paratrixa)
Tachinidae Paratryphera barbatula Rondani, 1859 (Exorista)
Tachinidae Patelloa pachypyga Aldrich & Webber, 1924 (Phorocera)
Tachinidae Pelatachina tibialis Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Peleteria aenea Zetterstedt, 1849 (Echinomyia)
Tachinidae Peleteria cornigera Curran, 1925 (Peleteria)
Tachinidae Peleteria ferina Zetterstedt, 1844 (Echinomyia)
Tachinidae Peleteria popelii Portschinsky, 1882 (Echinomyia)
Tachinidae Peleteria prompta Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Peleteria rubescens Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Echinomyia)
Tachinidae Peleteria varia Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Tachinidae Periarchiclops scutellaris Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Peribaea fissicornis Strobl
Tachinidae Peribaea tibialis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1851 (Herbstia)
Tachinidae Perichaeta unicolor Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Perigymnosoma rubidum Mesnil, 1953 (Perigymnosoma)
Tachinidae Periscepsia carbonaria Panzer, 1798 (Musca)
Tachinidae Periscepsia laevigata Wulp, 1890 (Rhinophora)
Tachinidae Peteina erinaceus Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Tachinidae Pexopsis aprica Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Phania curvicauda Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Phania funesta Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Phania incrassata Pandelle, 1894 (Phania)
Tachinidae Phania thoracica Meigen, 1824 (Phania)
Tachinidae Phasia aeneoventris Williston, 1886 (Hyalomya)
Tachinidae Phasia aldrichii Townsend, 1919 (Hyalomya)
Tachinidae Phasia aurigera Egger, 1860 (Alophora)
Tachinidae Phasia aurulans Meigen, 1824 (Phasia)
Tachinidae Phasia hemiptera Fabricius, 1794 (Syrphus)
Tachinidae Phasia obesa Fabricius, 1789 (Phasia)
Tachinidae Phasia obesa Fabricius, 1798 (Thereva)
Tachinidae Phasia pusilla Meigen, 1824 (Phasia)
Tachinidae Phasia subcoleoptrata Linnaeus, 1767 (Conops)
Tachinidae Phebellia clavellariae Brauer & Bergenstamm, 1891 (Parexorista)
Tachinidae Phebellia glauca Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Phebellia glauca Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Phebellia glirina Rondani, 1859 (Exorista)
Tachinidae Phebellia nigripalpis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1847 (Huebneria)
Tachinidae Phebellia strigifrons Zetterstedt, 1838 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Phebellia stulta Zetterstedt, 1844 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Phillippodexia major Malloch, 1935 (Phillippodexia)
Tachinidae Phorinia aurifrons Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Phorinia)
Tachinidae Phorocera assimilis Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Phorocera obscura Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Phorocera webberi Smith, 1917 (Pseudotachinomyia)
Tachinidae Phorocerosoma postulans Walker, 1861 (Nemoraea)
Tachinidae Phryno vetula Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Phryxe erythrostoma Hartig, 1837 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Phryxe heraclei Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Phryxe magnicornis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Phryxe nemea Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Phryxe vulgaris Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Phyllomyia volvulus Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Tachinidae Phytomyptera minutissima Zetterstedt, 1844 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Phytomyptera nigrina Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Phytomyptera zonella Zetterstedt, 1844 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Picconia incurva Zetterstedt, 1844 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Platymya fimbriata Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Polygastropteryx bicoloripes Mesnil, 1953 (Polygastroptery)
Tachinidae Prosena siberita Fabricius, 1775 (Stomoxys)
Tachinidae Pseudominthodes scutellaris Townsend, 1933 (Pseudominthodes)
Tachinidae Pseudopachystylum gonioides Zetterstedt, 1838 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Pseudoperichaeta nigrolineata Walker, 1853 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Pseudoperichaeta palesoidea Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Phryxe)
Tachinidae Ptesiomyia alacris Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Ramonda latifrons Zetterstedt, 1844 (Scopolia)
Tachinidae Ramonda prunaria Rondani, 1861 (Phorichaeta)
Tachinidae Ramonda ringdahli Villeneuve, 1822 (Wagneria)
Tachinidae Ramonda spatulata Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Redtenbacheria insignis Egger, 1861 (Redtenbacheria)
Tachinidae Rhaphiochaeta breviseta Zetterstedt, 1838 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Rhinaplomyia echinata Mesnil, 1957 (Rhinaplomyia)
Tachinidae Rhinaplomyia nasuta Villeneuve, 1937 (Carcelia)
Tachinidae Rondania dimidiata Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Rondania dimidiata Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Rondania dispar Dufour, 1851 (Hyalomya)
Tachinidae Rondania rubescens Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Echinomyia)
Tachinidae Senometopia confundens Rondani, 1859 (Exorista)
Tachinidae Senometopia excisa Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Senometopia nitidapex Mesnil, 1953 (Senometopia)
Tachinidae Senometopia pollinosa Mesnil, 1941 (Carcelia)
Tachinidae Senometopia subferrifera Walker, 1856 (Eurygaaster)
Tachinidae Siphona alticola Mesnil, 1953 (Crocuta)
Tachinidae Siphona boreata Mesnil, 1960 (Siphona)
Tachinidae Siphona collini Mesnil, 1960 (Siphona)
Tachinidae Siphona confusa Mesnil, 1961 (Siphona)
Tachinidae Siphona crassulata Mesnil, 1953 (Crocuta)
Tachinidae Siphona cristata Fabricius, 1805 (Stomoxys)
Tachinidae Siphona flavifrons Staeger, 1849 (Siphona)
Tachinidae Siphona foliacea Mesnil, 1953 (Crocuta)
Tachinidae Siphona geniculata De Geer, 1776 (Musca)
Tachinidae Siphona grandistyla Pandellé, 1894 (Siphona)
Tachinidae Siphona grandistyla Pandellé, 1894 (Siphona)
Tachinidae Siphona maculata Zetterstedt, 1849 (Siphona)
Tachinidae Siphona malaisei Mesnil, 1953 (Crocuta)
Tachinidae Siphona pauciseta Rondani, 1865 (Siphona)
Tachinidae Siphona pellex Mesnil, 1953 (Crocuta)
Tachinidae Siphona rossica Mesnil, 1961 (Siphona)
Tachinidae Siphona setosa Mesnil, 1960 (Siphona)
Tachinidae Sirostoma pectinatum Meigen
Tachinidae Smidtia conspersa Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Smidtia fumiferanae Tothill, 1912 (Winthemia)
Tachinidae Smidtia varipes Mesnil, 1957 (Smidtiola)
Tachinidae Smidtiola varipes Mesnil, 1957 (Smidtiola)
Tachinidae Solieria fenestrata Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Solieria festiva Robineau-Desvoidy, 1848 (Solieria)
Tachinidae Solieria inanis Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Solieria pacifica Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Spallanzania hebes Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Staurochaeta albocingulata Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Stomina tachinoides Fallén, 1817 (Musca)
Tachinidae Strongygaster celer Meigen, 1838 (Cistogaster)
Tachinidae Strongygaster globula Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Sturmia bella Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Subclytia rotundiventris Fallén, 1820 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Sumpigaster equatorialis Townsend, 1926 (Eomintho)
Tachinidae Sumpigaster sumatrensis Townsend, 1926 (Sumpigaster)
Tachinidae Synactia parvula Rondani, 1861 (Phorocera)
Tachinidae Tachina brevipennis Walker, 1856 (Echinomyia)
Tachinidae Tachina canariensis Macquart, 1839 (Echinomyia)
Tachinidae Tachina corsicana Villeneuve, 1931 (Echinomyia)
Tachinidae Tachina dakotensis Townsend, 1892 (Echinomyia)
Tachinidae Tachina fera Linnaeus, 1761 (Musca)
Tachinidae Tachina flavipilosa Bigot, 1888 (Echinomyia)
Tachinidae Tachina fulva Walker, 1852 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Tachina grossa Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Tachinidae Tachina haemorrhoa Mesnil, 1953 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Tachina jakovlevi Portschinsky, 1882 (Echinomyia)
Tachinidae Tachina lurida Fabricius, 1781 (Musca)
Tachinidae Tachina magnicornis Zetterstedt, 1844 (Echinomyia)
Tachinidae Tachina sobrina Walker, 1852 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Tachina stackelbergi Zimin, 1926 (Kiritshenkia)
Tachinidae Tachina ursina Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Tachina variata Curran, 1926 (Tachinomyia)
Tachinidae Tachinomyia apicata Curran, 1926 (Tachinomyia)
Tachinidae Tachinomyia nigricans Webber, 1941 (Tachinomyia)
Tachinidae Takanomyia grisea Shima, xxxx (Takanomyia)
Tachinidae Thelaira haematodes Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Thelaira leucozona Panzer, 1809 (Musca)
Tachinidae Thelaira nigripes Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Tachinidae Thelymorpha marmorata Fabricius, 1805 (Musca)
Tachinidae Thelymyia saltuum Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Timavia amoena Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Torocca munda Walker, 1856 (Dexia)
Tachinidae Triarthria setipennis Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Trichactia pictiventris Zetterstedt, 1852 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Trichoformosomyia sauteri Baranov, 1934 (Trichoformosomyia)
Tachinidae Tritaxys braueri de Meijere, 1924 (Goniophora)
Tachinidae Trixa alpina Meigen, 1824 (Trixa)
Tachinidae Trixa caerulescens Meigen, 1824 (Trixa)
Tachinidae Trixa conspersa Harris, 1776 (Musca)
Tachinidae Trixoclea metallica Villeneuve, 1916 (Trixoclea)
Tachinidae Urodexia penicillum Osten Sacken, 1882 (Urodexia)
Tachinidae Urodexia uramyoides Townsend, 1927 (Oxydexiops)
Tachinidae Uroeuantha longipes Townsend, 1927 (Uroeuantha)
Tachinidae Uromedina atrata Townsend, 1927 (Arhinodexia)
Tachinidae Uromedina atrata Townsend, 1927 (Arrhinodexia)
Tachinidae Uromedina caudata Townsend, 1926 (Uromedina)
Tachinidae Ursophyto nigriceps Bigot, 1888 (Myostoma)
Tachinidae Wagneria alpina Villeneuve (xxxx)
Tachinidae Wagneria costata Fallén, 1815 (Ocyptera)
Tachinidae Wagneria cunctans Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Wagneria gagatea Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Wagneria)
Tachinidae Weberia digramma Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Weingartneriella longiseta Wulp, 1881 (Masicera)
Tachinidae Vibrissina debilitata Pandellé, 1896 (Latreillia)
Tachinidae Villanovia villicornis Zetterstedt, 1849 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Winthemia bohemani Zetterstedt, 1844 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Winthemia erythrura Meigen, 1838 (Nemoraea)
Tachinidae Winthemia peruviana Townsend, 1928 (Olenochaeta)
Tachinidae Winthemia quadripustulata Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Tachinidae Winthemia rufiventris Macquart, 1849 (Exorista)
Tachinidae Winthemia speciosa Egger, 1861 (Nemoraea)
Tachinidae Winthemia venusta Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Voria ruralis Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Xylotachina diluta Meigen, 1824 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Zaira cinerea Fallén, 1810 (Tachina)
Tachinidae Zerillia libatrix Panzer, 1798 (Musca)
Tachinidae Zeuxia cinerea Meigen, 1826 (Zeuxia)
Tachinidae Zophomyia temula Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Tanypezidae Tanypeza longimana Fallén, 1820 (Tanypeza)
Tephritidae Acanthiophilus helianthi Rossi, 1790 (Musca)
Tephritidae Acanthonevra dunlopi Wulp, 1880 (Ptilona)
Tephritidae Acanthonevra formosana Enderlein, 1911 (Acanthonevra)
Tephritidae Acidia cognata Wiedemann, 1817 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Acidia corniculata Zetterstedt, 1819 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Acidiella sepulcralis Hering, 1938 (Acidiella)
Tephritidae Acidiostigma brevigaster Han & Wang, 1997 (Acidiostigma)
Tephritidae Acroceratitis clavifera Hering, 1938 (Chelyophora)
Tephritidae Actinoptera discoidea Fallén, 1814 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Actinoptera formosana Shikari, 1933 (Actinoptera)
Tephritidae Anomoia brunneifemur Hering, 1938 (Phagocarpus)
Tephritidae Anomoia electa Hering, 1938 (Neanomoea)
Tephritidae Anomoia malaisei Hering, 1938 (Phagocarpus)
Tephritidae Anomoia permunda Harris, 1776 (Musca)
Tephritidae Anomoia pusilla Hering, 1938 (Phagocarpus)
Tephritidae Anomoia vulgaris Shiraki, 1933 (Phagocarpus)
Tephritidae Campiglossa argyrocephala Loew, 1844 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Campiglossa difficilis Hendel, 1927 (Paroxyna)
Tephritidae Campiglossa grandinata Rondani, 1870 (Oxyna)
Tephritidae Campiglossa guttella Rondani, 1870 (Oxyna)
Tephritidae Campiglossa hensanica Zia, 1939 (Campiglossa)
Tephritidae Campiglossa hirayamae Matsumura, 1916 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Campiglossa irrorata Fallén, 1814 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Campiglossa loewiana Hendel, 1927 (Paroxyna)
Tephritidae Campiglossa plantaginis Haliday, 1833 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Campiglossa punctella Fallén, 1814 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Carpophthorella semipennata Hering, 1938 (Carpophthorella)
Tephritidae Cerajocera ceratocera Hendel, 1913 (Musca)
Tephritidae Cerajocera plagiata Dahlbom, 1850 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Ceratitis capitata Wiedemann, 1824 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Chaetellipsis paradoxa Bezzi, 1938 (Chaetellipsis)
Tephritidae Chaetorellia jaceae Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Acinia)
Tephritidae Chaetorellia succinea Costa, 1844 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Chetostoma miraculosum Hering, 1938 (Chetostoma)
Tephritidae Crytptaciura rotundiventris Fallén,, 1814 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Dacus ciliatus Loew, 1862 (Dacus)
Tephritidae Dacus cucurbitae Coquillett, 1899 (Dacus)
Tephritidae Dacus incisa Walker, 1860 (Dacus)
Tephritidae Dacus longistylus Wiedemann, 1830 (Dacus)
Tephritidae Dacus nubilus Bezzi, 1912 (Dacus)
Tephritidae Dacus scutellaris Bezzi, 1913 (Bactrocera)
Tephritidae Dacus tau Walker, 1849 (Dasyneura)
Tephritidae Dacus venefica Hering, 1938 (Strumeta)
Tephritidae Dioxyna bidentis Robindeau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Stylia)
Tephritidae Dioxyna sororcula Wiedemann, 1830 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Dithryca guttularis Meigen, 1826 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Enicoptera sumatrana Hering, 1938 (Henicoptera)
Tephritidae Ensina sonchi Linnaeus, 1767 (Musca)
Tephritidae Euaresta bella H. Loew, 1862 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Euaresta festiva H. Loew, 1862 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Euleia heracleii Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Tephritidae Euphranta apicalis Hendel, 1915 (Euphranta)
Tephritidae Euphranta connexa Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Tephritidae Euphranta lemniscata Enderlein, 1911 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Euphranta macularis Wiedemann, 1830 (Chyliza)
Tephritidae Euphranta maculifemur Meijere, 1924 (Staurella)
Tephritidae Euphranta nigripeda Bezzi, 1913 (Staurella)
Tephritidae Euphranta nigrocingulata Hering, 1938 (Staurella)
Tephritidae Euphranta suspiciosa Hering, 1938 (Staurella)
Tephritidae Eurosta comma Wiedemann, 1830 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Eurosta solidaginis Fitch, 1855 (Acinia)
Tephritidae Eutreta angusta Banks, 1926 (Eutreta)
Tephritidae Eutreta frontalis Curran, 1932 (Eutreta)
Tephritidae Eutreta hespera Banks, 1926 (Eutreta)
Tephritidae Eutreta novaeboracensis Fitch, 1855 (Acinia)
Tephritidae Eutreta xanthochaeta Aldrich, 1923 (Eutreta)
Tephritidae Gastrozona isis Hering, 1938 (Gastrozona)
Tephritidae Gastrozona orbata Hering, 1938 (Gastrozona)
Tephritidae Gastrozona vulgaris Zia, 1937 (Gastrozona)
Tephritidae Gymnocarena diffusa Snow, 1894 (Oedeicarena)
Tephritidae Heringia guttata Fallén, 1814 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Hexaptilona hexacinioidea Hering, 1938 (Rioxoptilona)
Tephritidae Ictericodes zelleri H. Loew, 1844 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Leptoxyda longistylus Wiedemann, 1830 (Dacus)
Tephritidae Malaisinia pulcherrima Hering, 1938 (Malaisinia)
Tephritidae Myoleja caesio Harris, 1776 (Musca)
Tephritidae Myoleja lucida Fallén, 1826 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Myopites stylatus Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Tephritidae Neaspilota vernoniae H. Loew, 1861 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Noeeta pupillata Fallén, 1814 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Oedaspis chinensis Bezzi, 1920 (Oedaspis)
Tephritidae Orellia colon Meigen, 1826 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Orellia falcata Scopoli, 1763 (Musca)
Tephritidae Orellia occidentalis Snow, 1894 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Orellia punctata Schrank, 1781 (Musca)
Tephritidae Orellia ruficauda Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Tephritidae Orellia scorzonera Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Sitaraea)
Tephritidae Orellia tussilaginis Fabricius, 1775 (Musca)
Tephritidae Orellia weinigeri Meigen
Tephritidae Orellia winthemi Meigen, 1826 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Orotava senecionis Ito, 1953 (Paratephritis)
Tephritidae Oxyna flavipennis H. Loew, 1844 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Oxyna guttatofasciata Loew
Tephritidae Oxyna nebulosa Wiedemann, 1817 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Oxyna parietina Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Tephritidae Paracantha culta Wiedemann, 1830 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Paracantha cultaris Coquillet, 1894 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Paracantha gentilis Hering, 1940 (Paracantha)
Tephritidae Paratephritis xenia Hering, 1938 (Paratephritis)
Tephritidae Paroxyna absinthii Fabricius, 1805 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Paroxyna achyrophori Loew, 1869 (Oxyna)
Tephritidae Paroxyna albiceps Loew, 1873 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Paroxyna bidentis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Stylia)
Tephritidae Paroxyna difficilis Hendel, 1927 (Paroxyna)
Tephritidae Paroxyna doronici H. Loew, 1856 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Paroxyna duplex Becker, 1908 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Paroxyna loewiana Hendel, 1927 (Paroxyna)
Tephritidae Paroxyna misella Loew, 1869 (Oxyna)
Tephritidae Paroxyna plantaginis Haliday, 1833 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Paroxyna punctella Fallén, 1814 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Paroxyna tessellata H. Loew, 1844 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Philophylla heringi Han, 1999 (Philophylla)
Tephritidae Philophylla invida Hering, 1938 (Pseudospheniscus)
Tephritidae Philophylla nigroscutellata Hering, 1938 (Neanomoea)
Tephritidae Phorelliosoma hexachaeta Hendel, 1914 (Phorelliosoma)
Tephritidae Platensina zodiacalis Bezzi, 1913 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Platyparea discoidea Fabricius, 1787 (Musca)
Tephritidae Platyparea poeciloptera Schrank, 1776 (Musca)
Tephritidae Proanomoplomus formosanus Shiraki, 1933 (Paranoplomus)
Tephritidae Proanoplomus japonicus Shiraki, 1933 (Proanoplomus)
Tephritidae Prochetostoma contemnens Hering, 1938 (Euleia)
Tephritidae Protovidalia malaisei Hering, 1938 (Hemilea)
Tephritidae Pseudacidia maculinota Hering, 1938 (Pseudacidia)
Tephritidae Pseudacidia malaisei Hering, 1938 (Pseudacidia)
Tephritidae Pseudacidia scelesta Hering, 1938 (Pseudacidia)
Tephritidae Pseudacidia spinifera Hering, 1938 (Pseudacidia)
Tephritidae Pseudanomoia desparatus Hering, 1938 (Pseudospheniscus)
Tephritidae Pseudhemilea acrotoxa Hering, 1938 (Acrotoxa)
Tephritidae Ptilona armatipes Hering, 1953 (Ptilona)
Tephritidae Ptilona confinis Walker, 1856 (Rioxa)
Tephritidae Ptilona dolorosa Hering, 1938 (Ptilona)
Tephritidae Ptilona malaisei Hering, 1938 (Ptilona)
Tephritidae Ptilona maligna Hering, 1938 (Ptilona)
Tephritidae Rhagoletis alternata Fallén, 1814 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Rhagoletis cerasi Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Tephritidae Rhagoletis meigenii H. Loew, 1844 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Rhochmopterum munroi Bezzi, 1924 (Rhochmopterum)
Tephritidae Scedella spiloptera Bezzi, 1913 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Sitarea lurida H. Loew, 1844 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Sitarea scorzonerae Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Sitarea)
Tephritidae Sphaeniscus atilia Walker1849 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Sphaeniscus quadrincisus Wiedemann, 1824 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Sphenella hessei Munro, 1929 (Acanthiophilus)
Tephritidae Sphenella marginata Fallén, 1814 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Sphenella nigricornis Bezzi, 1924 (Sphenella)
Tephritidae Sphenella orbicula Munro, 1957 (Sphenella)
Tephritidae Sphenella sinensis Schiner, 1868 (Sphenella)
Tephritidae Stenopa vulnerata Loew, 1873 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Strauzia longipennis Wiedemann, 1830 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Tephrella decipiens Bezzi, 1913 (Tephrella)
Tephritidae Tephritis angustipennis H. Loew, 1844 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Tephritis arnicae Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Tephritidae Tephritis bardanae Schrank, 1803 (Trupanea)
Tephritidae Tephritis cometa H. Loew, 1840 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Tephritis conjuncta H. Loew, 1862 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Tephritis conura H. Loew, 1844 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Tephritis dilacerata H. Loew, 1846 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Tephritis dioscurea H. Loew, 1856 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Tephritis fallax Loew, 1844 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Tephritis hyoscyami Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Tephritidae Tephritis leontodontis De Geer, 1776 (Musca)
Tephritidae Tephritis multiguttulata Hering, 1953 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Tephritis neesii Meigen,, 1830 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Tephritis nigricauda H. Loew, 1856 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Tephritis praecox H. Loew, 1844 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Tephritis pulchra H. Loew, 1844 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Tephritis pura Boheman, 1864 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Tephritis ruralis H. Loew, 1844 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Tephritis stigmatica Coquillet, 1899 (Urellia)
Tephritidae Tephritis vespertina H. Loew, 1844 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Terellia ceratocera Hendel, 1913 (Ceriocera)
Tephritidae Terellia fuscicornis H. Loew, 1844 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Terellia plagiata Dahlbom, 1850 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Terellia serratulae Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Tephritidae Terellia tussilaginis Fabricius, 1775 (Musca)
Tephritidae Trupanea amoena Frauenfeld, 1857 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Trupanea crassipes Thomson, 1869 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Trupanea dacetoptera Phillips, 1923 (Trupanea)
Tephritidae Trupanea femoralis Thomson, 1869 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Trupanea stellata Fuessly, 1775 (Musca)
Tephritidae Trypeta artemisiae Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Tephritidae Trypeta immaculata Macquart, 1835 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Trypeta indica Hendel, 1915 (Phorellia)
Tephritidae Trypeta pseudozoe Hering, 1938 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Trypeta victrix Hering, 1938 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Trypeta zoe Meigen, 1826 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Urophora affinis Frauenfeld, 1857 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Urophora aprica Fallén, 1820 (Tephritis)
Tephritidae Urophora cardui Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Tephritidae Urophora congrua Loew, 1862 (Urophora)
Tephritidae Urophora cuspidata Meigen, 1826 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Urophora jaceana Hedring, 1935 (Euribia)
Tephritidae Urophora macrura H. Loew, 1855 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Urophora quadrifasciata Meigen, 1826 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Urophora solstitialis Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Tephritidae Urophora stigma Loew, 1840 (Trypeta)
Tephritidae Urophora stylata Fabricius, 1775 (Musca)
Tephritidae Urophora tenuis Becker, 1908 (Urophora)
Tephritidae Vidalia cornuta Scopoli, 1772 (Musca)
Tephritidae Vidalia crassiseta Hering, 1938 (Vidalia)
Tephritidae Vidalia himalayensis Bezzi, 1913 (Acidia)
Tephritidae Vidalia quadriseta Hering, 1938 (Vidalia)
Tephritidae Vidalia spinifrons Schroeder, 1913 (Spilographa)
Tephritidae Xyphosia malaisei Hering, 1938 (Xyphosia)
Tephritidae Xyphosia miliaria Schrank, 1781 (Musca)
Tethinidae Apetaenus
Tethinidae Listriomastax litorea Enderlein, 1909 (Listiomastax)
Thaumaleidae Protothaumalea tarda Loew, 1847 (Thaumalea)
Thaumaleidae Thaumalea testacea Ruthe, 1831 (Thaumalea)
Therevidae Acrosathe annulata Fabricius, 1805 (Bibio)
Therevidae Ammothereva laticornis H. Loew, 1856 (Thereva)
Therevidae Cliorismia ardea Fabricius, 1794 (Rhagio)
Therevidae Cliorismia rustica Panzer, 1804 (Bibio)
Therevidae Dialineura anilis Linnaeus, 1761 (Musca)
Therevidae Dichloglena nigripennis Ruthe, 1831 (Dichoglena)
Therevidae Melanacrosathe burmensis Lyneborg, 1999 (Melanacrosathe)
Therevidae Pachygenia anthracina H. Loew, 1858 (Thereua)
Therevidae Pandivirilia eximia Meigen, 1820 (Thereva)
Therevidae Pandivirilia melaleuca Loew, 1847 (Thereva)
Therevidae Pentheria alternans H. Loew, 1858 (Ectinorhyncus)
Therevidae Psilocephala imberbis Fallén, 1814 (Bibio)
Therevidae Schoutedenomyia sp.
Therevidae Spiriverpa lunulata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Thereva)
Therevidae Stenosathe brachycera H. Loew, 1858 (Thereua)
Therevidae Thereva atripes Loew, 1847 (Thereva)
Therevidae Thereva brevicornis H. Loew, 1847 (Thereva)
Therevidae Thereva cincta Meigen, 1820 (Thereva)
Therevidae Thereva cinifera Meigen, 1830 (Thereva)
Therevidae Thereva circumscripta H. Loew, 1847 (Thereva)
Therevidae Thereva fulva Meigen, 1804 (Bibio)
Therevidae Thereva funebris Meigen, 1820 (Thereva)
Therevidae Thereva fuscinervis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Thereva)
Therevidae Thereva handlirschi Kröber, 1912 (Thereva)
Therevidae Thereva lanata Zetterstedt, 1838 (Thereva)
Therevidae Thereva marginula Meigen, 1820 (Thereva)
Therevidae Thereva microcephala H. Loew, 1847 (Thereva)
Therevidae Thereva nobilitata Fabricius, 1775 (Bibio)
Therevidae Thereva plebeja Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Therevidae Thereva rustica H. Loew, 1840 (Thereva)
Therevidae Thereva strigata Fabricius, 1794 (Bibio)
Therevidae Thereva unica Harris, 1780 (Sylvicola)
Therevidae Thereva valida H. Loew, 1847 (Thereva)
Tipulidae Ctenophora festiva Meigen, 1804 (Ctenophora)
Tipulidae Ctenophora flaveolata Fabricius, 1794 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Ctenophora guttata Meigen, 1818 (Ctenophora)
Tipulidae Ctenophora nigriceps Tjeder, 1949 (Nephrotoma)
Tipulidae Ctenophora pectinicornis Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Dictenidia bimaculata Linnaeus, 1761 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Discobola annulata Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Dolichopeza albipes Ström, 1768 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Dolichopeza carolus Alexander, 1942 (Dolichopeza)
Tipulidae Dolichopeza obscura Johnson, 1909 (Oropeza)
Tipulidae Holorusia albovittata Macquart, 1838 (Holorusia)
Tipulidae Holorusia monochroa Wiedemann, 1828 (Holorusia)
Tipulidae Holorusia umbrina Wiedemann, 1828 (Holorusia)
Tipulidae Nephrotoma aculeata Loew, 1871 (Pachyrhina)
Tipulidae Nephrotoma analis Schummel, 1833 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Nephrotoma antennata Wiedemann, 1820 (Nephrotoma)
Tipulidae Nephrotoma appendiculata Pierre, 1919 (Pachyrhina)
Tipulidae Nephrotoma cornicina Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Nephrotoma crocata Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Nephrotoma dorsalis Fabricius, 1782 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Nephrotoma ferruginea Fabricius, 1805 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Nephrotoma flavescens Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Nephrotoma guestfalica Westhoff, 1879 (Pachyrhina)
Tipulidae Nephrotoma lunulicornis Schummel, 1883 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Nephrotoma petiolata Macquart, 1838 (Pachyrhina)
Tipulidae Nephrotoma pratensis Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Nephrotoma quadrifaria Meigen, 1804 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Nephrotoma quadristriata Schummel, 1833 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Nephrotoma ruwenzoriana Alexander, 1920 (Nephrotoma)
Tipulidae Nephrotoma scurra Meigen, 1818 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Nephrotoma virescens H. Loew, 1864 (Pachyrhina)
Tipulidae Nigrotipula nigra Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Prionocera dimidiata H. Loew, 1866 (Stygeropsis)
Tipulidae Prionocera pubescens H. Loew, 1844 (Prionocera)
Tipulidae Prionocera subserricornis Zetterstedt
Tipulidae Prionocera turcica Fabricius, 1787 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Pselliophora bifascipennis Brunetti, 1911 (Ctenophora)
Tipulidae Tanyptera atrata Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tanyptera nigricornis Meigen, 1818 (Ctenophora)
Tipulidae Tipula abdominalis Say, 1823 (Ctenophora)
Tipulidae Tipula affinis Schummel, 1833 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula alpium Bergroth
Tipulidae Tipula arctica Curtis, 1835 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula circumdata Siebke
Tipulidae Tipula coerulescens Lackschewitz
Tipulidae Tipula confusa van der Wulp, 1887 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula duplex Walker, 1848 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula duseni Alexander, 1920 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula excisa Schummel, 1833 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula fascipennis Meigen, 1818 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula flavolineata Meigen, 1804 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula fuliginosa Say, 1823 (Ctenophora)
Tipulidae Tipula fulvipennis De Geer, 1776 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula furca Walker, 1848 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula grisescens Zetterstedt, 1851 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula hedini Alexander, 1934 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula hirsuta Doane, 1901 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula irrorata Macquart, 1826 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula ismene Mannheims, 1969 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula kiangsuensis Alexander, 1939 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula laetabilis Zetterstedt, 1838 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula lateralis Meigen, 1804 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula limbata Zetterstedt
Tipulidae Tipula limitata Schummel
Tipulidae Tipula livida van der Wulp, 1858 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula longiventris H. Loew, 1863 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula lourensi Hollander, 1975 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula lunata Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula luridorostris Schummel
Tipulidae Tipula luteipennis Meigen, 1830 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula magellanicola Alexander, 1920 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula mallochi Alexander, 1920 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula marginella Theowald, 1980 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula maxima Poda, 1761 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula melanoceros Schummel (ss)
Tipulidae Tipula nebuculosa Meigen
Tipulidae Tipula neurotica Mannheims, 1966 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula nodicornis Meigen, 1818 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula nubeculosa Meigen, 1804 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula obsoleta Meigen, 1818 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula oleracea Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula pabulina Meigen, 1818 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula pagana Meigen, 1818 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula paludosa Meigen, 1830 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula patagonica Alexander, 1920 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula peliostigma Schummel, 1833 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula pierrei Tonnoir
Tipulidae Tipula pomposa Bergroth, 1888 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula pruinosa Wiedemann, 1817 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula pseudovariipennis Czizek, 1912 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula pubescens H. Loew
Tipulidae Tipula rufina Meigen
Tipulidae Tipula sallicetorum Siebke
Tipulidae Tipula scripta Meigen, 1830 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula selene Meigen, 1830 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula subcunctans Alexander
Tipulidae Tipula subexisa Lundström
Tipulidae Tipula submarmorata Schummel
Tipulidae Tipula subnodicornis Zetterstedt
Tipulidae Tipula tephrocephala H. Loew, 1864 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula trispinosa Lundström
Tipulidae Tipula trivittata Say, 1823 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula truncorum Meigen, 1830 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula ultima Alexander, 1915 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula unca Wiedemann, 1817 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula valida H. Loew, 1863 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula variicornis Schummel, 1833 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula varipennis Meigen, 1818 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula vernalis Meigen, 1804 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula virgatula Riedel, 1913 (Tipula)
Tipulidae Tipula vittata Meigen, 1804 (Tipula)
Trichoceridae Diazosma hirtipennis Siebke, 1863 (Trichocera)
Trichoceridae Trichocera hiemalis De Geer, 1760 (Tipula)
Trichoceridae Trichocera maculipennis Meigen, 1818 (Trichocera)
Trichoceridae Trichocera pappi Krzeminska, 2003 (Trichocera)
Trichoceridae Trichocera regelationis Linnaeus, 1758 (Tipula)
Trichoceridae Trichocera saltator Harris, 1776 (Tipula)
Trichoceridae Trichocera sibirica Edwards, 1920 (Trichocera)
Trixocelididae Trixoscelis frontalis Fallén, 1823 (Anthomyza)
Trixoscelididae Trixoscelis frontalis Fallén
Trixoscelididae Trixoscelis marginella Fallén, 1823 (Geomyza)
Trixoscelididae Trixoscelis obscurella Fallén, 1823 (Geomyza)
Uildiidae Herina frondescentiae Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Ulidiidae Ceroxys cinifera Loew, 1846 (Ortalis)
Ulidiidae Ceroxys urticae Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Ulidiidae Euxesta annonae Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Ulidiidae Herina conjuncta Meijere, 1914 (Rhadinomyia)
Ulidiidae Herina frondescentiae Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Ulidiidae Herina germinationis Rossi, 1790 (Musca)
Ulidiidae Herina lugubris Meigen, 1826 (Ortalis)
Ulidiidae Herina oscillans Meigen
Ulidiidae Herina paludum Fallén, 1820 (Ortalis)
Ulidiidae Herina palustris Meigen, 1826 (Ortalis)
Ulidiidae Homalocephala albitarsis Zetterstedt
Ulidiidae Homalocephala angustata Wahlberg
Ulidiidae Homalocephala apicalis Wahlberg
Ulidiidae Homalocephala bimaculata Wahlberg
Ulidiidae Hypochra parmensis Rondani, 1869 (Melieria)
Ulidiidae Meliera picta Meigen, 1826 (Ortalis)
Ulidiidae Melieria acuticornis H. Loew, 1854 (Ortalis)
Ulidiidae Melieria crassipennis Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Ulidiidae Melieria crassipennis Fabricius
Ulidiidae Melieria omissa Meigen, 1826 (Ortalis)
Ulidiidae Melieria omissa Meigen
Ulidiidae Melieria unicolor H. Loew, 1854 (Ortalis)
Ulidiidae Myennis octopunctata Cocquebert, 1798 (Musca)
Ulidiidae Otites centralis Fabricius, 1805 (Tephritis)
Ulidiidae Otites formosa Panzer, 1798 (Musca)
Ulidiidae Otites guttata Meigen, 1830 (Ortalis)
Ulidiidae Otites ruficeps Fabricius, 1805 (Scatophaga)
Ulidiidae Physiphora aenea Fabricius, 1794 (Musca)
Ulidiidae Physiphora demandata Fabricius, 1798 (Musca)
Ulidiidae Pterocalla plumitarsis Hendel, 1909 (Pterocalla)
Ulidiidae Rivellia syngenesiae Fabricius, 1781 (Musca)
Ulidiidae Seioptera vibrans Linnaeus, 1758 (Musca)
Ulidiidae Tetanops corsicana Becker, 1909 (Tetanops)
Ulidiidae Tetanops myopina Fallén, 1820 (Tetanops)
Ulidiidae Timia camillae Mik, 1889 (Empyelocera)
Ulidiidae Timia hirtipes Hendel, 1908 (Timia)
Ulidiidae Timia turgida Becker (Timia)
Ulidiidae Ulidia apicalis Meigen, 1826 (Timia)
Ulidiidae Ulidia erythrophthalma Meigen, 1826 (Ulidia)
Vermileonidae Lampromyia pallida Macquart, 1835 (Lampromyia)
Vermileonidae Vermileo degeeri Macquart
Xylomyidae Solva basalis Frey, 1960 (Solva)
Xylomyidae Solva fascipennis de Meijere, 1919 (Ceratosolva)
Xylomyidae Solva formosipes Frey, 1960 (Solva)
Xylomyidae Solva illustris Frey, 1960 (Solva)
Xylomyidae Solva kambaitiensis Frey, 1960 (Solva)
Xylomyidae Solva luzonesis Enderlein, 1921 (Hanauia)
Xylomyidae Solva marginata Meigen, 1820 (Xylophagus)
Xylomyidae Solva montium Frey, 1960 (Solva)
Xylomyidae Solva pallipes H. Loew, 1863 (Subula)
Xylomyidae Solva pulchrina Frey, 1960 (Ceratosolva)
Xylomyidae Xylomya czekanovskii Pleske
Xylomyidae Xylomya maculata Meigen
Xylomyidae Xylomya moiwana Matsumurai, 1915 (Xylomyia)
Xylophagidae Xylophagus cinctus De Geer, 1776 (Nemotelus)
Xylophagidae Xylophagus junki Szilády, 1932 (Erinna)

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